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The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother pdf The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother, ebook The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother, epub The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother, doc The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother, e-pub The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother, The Truth About Aaron: My Journey to Understand My Brother 5c031d1f260 The Unvarnished True Story Of The Tragic Life And Death Of Aaron Hernandez, The College All American And New England Patriots Star Convicted Of Murder, Told By One Of The Few People Who Knew Him Best, His Brother To Football Fans, Aaron Hernandez Was A Superstar In The Making A Standout At The University Of Florida, He Helped The Gators Win The National Title InDrafted By The New England Patriots, In His Second Full Season With The Team He And Fellow Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski Set Records For Touchdowns And Yardage, And With Tom Brady, Led New England To Super Bowl XLVI InBut Aarons NFL Career Ended As Quickly As It Began On June , , He Was Arrested At His North Attleboro Home, Charged With The Murder Of Odin Lloyd, And Released By The Patriots Convicted Of First Degree Murder, Aaron Was Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Parole On May , , While On Trial For Lloyd S Murder,Aaron Was Indicted For Two Murders Five Days After Being Acquitted For Those Double Murders, He Committed Suicide In His Jail Cell Aaron Hernandez Was Twenty Seven Years Old In This Clear Eyed, Emotionally Devastating Biographya Family Memoir Combining Football And True CrimeJonathan Formerly Known By His Nickname DJ Hernandez Speaks Out Fully For The First Time About The Brother He Knew Jonathan Draws On His Own Recollections As Well As Thousands Of Pages Of Prison Letters And Other Sources To Give Us A Full Portrait Of A Star Athlete And Troubled Young Man Who Would Become A Murderer, And The Darkness That Consumed Him Jonathan Does Not Portray Aaron As A Victim He Does Not Lay The Blame For His Crimes On His Illness He Speaks Openly About Aarons Talent, His Sexuality, His Crimes And Incarceration, And The CTE That Ravaged Himscientists Found That Upon His Death, Aaron Had The Brain Of A Sixty Seven Year Old Suffering From The Same Condition Filled With Headline Making Revelations, The Truth About Aaron Is A Shocking And Moving Account Of Promise, Tragedy, And Lossof One Mans Descent Into Rage And Violence, As Told By The Person Who Knew Him Closely Than Anyone ElseJonathan Hernandezwas A Starting Quarterback At Bristol Central High School, Where He Was Named The Connecticuts Gatorade Player Of The Year InHe Went On To Play At The University Of Connecticut, Where He Became A X Team Captain And Earned His Masters Degree In Educational Psychology He Later Had Coaching Stints At Brown University, The University Of MiamiAnd The University Of Iowa He Is Currently The Head Coach At Ledyard High School In Ledyard, Connecticut

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    In a style that s simple and achingly raw, Jonathan Hernandez tells the story of his brother and best friend, Aaron He doesn t try to canonize Aaron or make excuses for his behavior, he simply lays out the story of a great athlete and loving kid brother whose downfall came fast and deadly Along the way, Mr Hernandez mixes everyday family stories with painful revelations about beatings from an otherwise loving father who died suddenly when Aaron was a teenager, Aaron s years long molestation by a male babysitter, his drug use, poor choices in friends, off the chart CTE numbers and self hatred due to his secret homosexuality As a writer myself, I admire the way Mr Hernandez takes a story we all know the ending of and tells it so compellingly that I flew through it in one sitting while dreading every new development Mr Hernandez also isn t afraid to turn the mirror on himself, admitting his own shortcomings, making us feel the pain he felt during the ordeal and wondering, than once, whether there was he could have done to save his brother Mr Hernandez says one of the main reasons he wrote The Truth About Aaron was to encourage people in pain to seek help I hope that happens, because in my opinion, it took a lot of courage to write this book.

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    This was an amazing read..Jonathan did such an amazing job telling his brother Aaron s story..If you are a fan of Aaron s on and off the field and you supported him even when his darkest times came about definitely read this book

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    I started reading this book and couldn t put it down Jonathon was truthful about his brother s changing personality, the struggles he had and the wrong people he chose to be friends with He was truthful about their upbringing, his Dad s violent temper and the struggles him and Aaron had growing up Very sad, but very realistic, at least with me I have never been able to wrap my head around why Aaron would do the things he did After reading this book, I understand a little better what CTE did to this young man I m not excusing at all what he did but I do believe CTE played a big role in what happened.I actually cried when I read what Jonathon did at seeing his dead brother for the first time A brother he loved, who was his best friend growing up, a brother he still loves despite all that happened with Aaron.This was one of the best and saddest books I have read in a long time I hope all the families, including Aaron s, may someday find peace Thank you Jonathon for helping me to better understand who Aaron was.This book was far better then the book Jose Baez wrote Even though it was a good read for me, I came away with the impression that Baez truly never spent that much time with Aaron I didn t feel he knew him as much as he would like the public to think he did.

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    Aaron s supporters waited a long time for one of Aarons family members to speak and share their opinion on everything that was happening As an MSW student who is learning the causes for certain behaviors I was not too surprised that Aaron had a difficult childhood However, it was sad to read all the beatings and sexual abuse that Aaron experienced NO CHILD SHOULD BE ABUSED I agree with Jonathan that Aaron s CTE had a significant affect on his behavior and I believe Aaron told the truth when he admitted that HE DID NOT pull that trigger He is guilty for bringing the wrong people in his life I think Jonathan did all he could to help his brother and I applaud him for writing this book I wish Aarons family nothing but the best as they continue to heal from losing Aaron.

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    I gave this 3 stars out of guilt Had this been written by a professional writer and contained than a scattered, cursory recounting of brief snapshots of Aaron s Life, my rating would have been lower.At only 168 pages, this is a quick, and disappointingly short read I had hoped to learn about Aaron s childhood, schooling, relationship with family and friends However, as I read I realized that this book wasn t really an attempt at full blown biography, it read like a therapeutic endeavor undertaken by a grieving brother to try and piece together major pieces events in Aaron s life that may illustrate better his life choices or lack thereof with the severe CTE and ultimately, his suicide.The writing will not win any prizes, but when considering the author is working through his own personal grief, and writing this book seems to be a part of this, it is hard not to view this book through the lens of what was intended.I genuinely felt for Jonathan Hernandez, and hope writing this book helped him work through his grief I respect his honesty in sharing what must have been a painful book for him to write.

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