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    I now make tea by adding the milk onto the teabag, before the water Just like Lucy s Nathan, who reminds me a little of my own little surfer boyfriend, now husband So this was a little reminiscent for me, light and fluffy, but actually it grew on me It was sweet, these things do happen, a young ish girl realising that maybe she shouldn t settle for what is just ok and sometimes we need to consider taking a leap A cute surfie boyfriend with not quite short hair either brings back memories It s always nice having settings in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, and equally as much as the castles in London I was assuming this would be a 3 star read, but I decided on 4, it was fun and that s always good.

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    Oh, this was not good Maybe after my Sophie Kinsella athon I expected too much out of some chick lit And evidently this particular chick lit did not come even close The premise of this made me happy because, as an Aussie, I love Aussie boys and Aussie places and because I love silly romances and clever chick lit, I thought I was onto something Sadly, I was not Firstly, smart chick lit Lucy, our dear protag, was anything but She swung back and forth between James fiance and Nathan Aussie boy toy with little hesitation Her attitude to hearing about James and his questioned fidelity was appalling, and she broke up with said fiance with some seriously wishy washy evidence and was happily in love with the boy toy in less than a day She has a cassette player from boy toy with some nice classic rock on it, and she d afraid that if James sees her with it he ll immediately jump to the conclusion she d in love with boy toy Why I have no idea Second, Australian stereotypes were running rampant and it made me hate Paige Toon and her stupid chick lit It was set in Sydney, fair enough, Sydney has the highest population But everyone was either a surfer, gardener or unemployed Yeah, that isn t right I just thought it would be nice if an Aussie book was set outside of the outback or Sydney for once Canberra is the capital, how about a little respect, yo And third, the writing was shit I couldn t even begin to like the characters because they were described as boringly as if they were a tea towel or something.And it was the old back and forth he said, she said with nothing remotely funny to keep me sane As a funny little thing, Paige Toon had Lucy and Nathan telling each other stupid jokes all The Time And they weren t funny or cute Just really stupid and annoying I m bitter aren t I I was not happy Why can t there be awesome chick lit

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    Lucy is one of the most annoying whining characters that I have ever came across There is nothing that I liked in this novel I obviously didn t like the protagonist just stated that, didn t I , but I cared neither for the plot, nor for the content The writing isn t particularly terrible, but it is far from being great writing The whole novel is unbelievably shallow and boring I did read this book from cover to cover, I just didn t like it I know it is a light read and I was not expecting it to be brilliant in any way, but even as a light reading, it was very very dull I m not a fan of romance genre, but I might pick up a romance once in a while I don t hate this genre, I m pretty open minded when it comes to reading It is just this novel that I strongly dislike I just didn t enjoy reading it Not at all I can t think of one thing that I liked about this one Not even one I guess that means one star.

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    Lucy In The Sky is Paige Toon s debut novel It s the story of Lucy who goes back to her native Australia for her best friends , Molly and Sam, wedding Just before her flight takes off, she gets a text message from her boyfriend James and her whole world comes crashing down Lucy In The Sky is one of my favourite books, along with Paige s other novel Johnny Be Good and others , and is a very impressive debut novel The writing style is told in first person so we hear all of Lucy s thoughts about the text message, going back to Aussie and her dilemma between her boyfriends of four years, and Sam s younger brother Nathan who she falls for while in Oz.Lucy is a brilliant character, sure she has flaws, and did string along both Nathan and James in a way but she did it for reason I think the fact that James was such a good liar made it easy for Lucy to believe she did love both him and Nathan You re with her every step of the way from the flight to Oz where she receives the text to the holiday and back to London and you just want to keep reading and reading and see what exactly happens next.Nathan was an equally good character and I loved how he was pretty much there during the whole novel whether it be telling stupid jokes to Lucy or it just being Lucy thinking of him.I loved Molly and Sam and while they were in Aussie for half the novel to Lucy s being in London they were also present and I like that they didn t fade away at all after the wedding.James irritated me through out which I m sure is what he was meant to do and I kept hoping Lucy would just dump him I have to say though, Paige wrote James well so it was easy to believe that Lucy would believe everything he was saying.I enjoyed all of the minor characters, Lucy s work colleagues, her old friends from Uni and her old friends from Australia Paige introduced us to some brilliant characters who all clicked together.I also enjoyed how the novel was set in both Australia and London and how both were described really really well.Oh and before I read Johnny Be Good I didn t realise that Meg was in Lucy In The Sky until my re read so it was nice to see her pop up before her novel was out Overall it was indeed an impressive debut Paige just has an easy writing style to her that, one minute you could be on page 1 and the next you re on 150 and halfway through the novel An absolutely brilliant novel and one I highly recommend.Rating 5 5

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    This book is about having the courage of following your heart no matter the odds, the obstacles, or what everybody else think you should be doing The beginning and the end of the book were 5 stars Gripping, filled with tension, and quick paced.The middle part was a little bit dull, 2 starish, it felt as if I wasn t reading about anything in particular, which is upsetting, and it was also slow Plus, the story of the father was a bit over the top of depressing for me So the mean would be 3.5 stars that I am rounding up to four.The story is predictable, but nonetheless enjoyable.

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    Review Originally Posted on Le Book Chronicles BlogI have really mixed feelings about this book Overall I enjoyed it, but there were too many things about it that pissed me off.For starters, I liked the overall idea of the plot, but I feel like it was just taken too far It was extremely repetitive throughout the whole book, especially with the whole romance and the do I love James or do I love Nathan By the end of it I didn t even know what I thought to be honest I feel like I ve been manipulated or brainwashed in a way because view spoiler every time James managed to convince Lucy he didn t cheat I believed him as well Honestly, I still have no idea because his excuses seem pretty valid to me And I don t know if it s just because I listened to it on Audible and the tone of the readers voice threw me off, but I quite liked James hide spoiler

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    Agony Heartbreak Gut feelings Indecision Such is life that we constantly face cross roads One choice may change everything So, the story starts out with Lucy returning home to Australia from England She meets Nathan, a younger brother of one of her best friends, and falls hopelessly in love with him When she must go back to England, she faces the prospect of being James long term, live in girlfriend As 7 months pass by, Lucy comes to the realization that she has deeper feelings for Nathan, especially since he decides to take a job in England for 3 months The situation intensifies What happens then True colours are revealed, although there were enough clues to foreshadow the inevitable It is a somewhat confusing surprising, yet believable ending All s well that ends well, like they say The agonizing parts of the story involve cheating, but over, the deceit and manipulation For me, it was a 4.5 because as painful as it was to read, Paige Toon s writing clicks with me Out of the 3 books I ve read by her, I have enjoyed all of them They were distinct books which were all compelling, and shows the realities of relationships All of them are heartbreaking This one is all about the importance of trust and acknowledging hard truths Just the way Lucy s relationship was so vastly different with Nathan and James shows that sometimes love cannot be measured by a pro and con list on paper , it s about the chemistry, the laughter, and sincerity openness truth worthiness Deep down, I think we find it hard to admit what we knew all along But, it s better to be hurt by the truth than be comforted by a lie This book proves just that In this love triangle, you ll find a HEA but a difficult route there Definitely not a light, easy read.

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    I dunno how that happened but this book went down the drain Like really It started so good and I had a good feeling that I finally picked up a funny, charming and wonderful book But in the end, I did get a boring, stupid and blahblahblah book WTF Usually I am all for the romance thing like a girl torn between 2 guys and stuff like that but here I really couldn t take it much longer As I said the beginning was fun, interesting and looked promising with Lucy receiving a sms from an anonymous person, but sent from her bf s cell phone But then this super boring flight and her even boring visit in Australia happened Which, in the end, weren t half as boring as her being back in London and even staying with her bf after everything that happened in Australia Girl, seriously In the end I was so so very bored, I skipped a lot of pages And I still fully understood what happened after all The most annyoing thing was that here nearly wasn t any reference to that sms She just lived her boring life, that s all So, why didn t she just left her bf and got back to Australia This was beyond me.This book story probably could have been way better when at least 150 pages were cut So, it is a boring and blah book, where you are just happy when you finished it Why everybody loved it so much is seriously beyond me.What a disappointment

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