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Promise of Power txt Promise of Power, text ebook Promise of Power, adobe reader Promise of Power, chapter 2 Promise of Power, Promise of Power dbdecd This Short Story Is A Birthday Gift For The Artist, Jei Mondestin You All Know Him As Mewniverse Over At Raythe Reign Forums And Also As The Mangaka For Skeleton Closet And The Artifact Graphic Novel Jei Asked For The Pairing Of Michael Branish From The Artifact And Alric Koenig From The Erl King For His B Day Story I Was Too Intrigued By The Idea Of Those Two Uber Alpha Villains Together To Not Pursue It And As I Began To Write This Story Realized That His Choice Was Inspired For Multiple ReasonsI Warn You That This Short Story And Even The Description Contains SPOILERS For Both Novels So Do Not Read Unless You Re Anxious To Find Out Some SecretsThis Story Takes Place The Night Before The Bust On The Beach In The Artifact And A Few Months Before The Start Of The Erl King Branish Has Gone To The Gareis Industry Docks To Supervise His Men In The Theft Of The Ancient Ydrath Sarcophagus With The Sarcophagus In His Possession, Branish Believes He Can Force The Ydrath To Supply Him With Endless Amounts Of Powder Branish S Job As A Police Officer Is Only A Cover For The Deeper And Darker Part He Plays Only The Problem Is That Deeper And Darker Things Than Him Exist In This World And That Night, On The Gareis Industry Docks, He Meets One Of Them This Story Is COMPLETEIt Is Available To Members Only

About the Author: X. Aratare

X Aratare is the pseudonym for Raythe Reign s Gay M M books.

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    I really enjoyed this for several reasons FOr such a short story it reveals plenty and also twists some things around in that way that Raythe does so well This story is set from the POV of the villain How often do you get that And this man is unrepentantly going forward with his plan regardless of who it kills Not in an over the top super villain way he is simply a man who sees nothing wrong with stepping on others to get what he wants The strong rule the weak are crushed It is fascinating to see into his mind set It also lets us know how poisoned he is, especially in his thoughts of Sean.It gives an early glimpse into the idea of the Ydrath and the gods Are they gods Or just beings of power brought forth by the powder Is this a fantasy story with a religious bend, or a science fiction story with a new drug You can really construe things in a different way after reading this.What I most loved in this story is the reminder there are always powerful beings Branish, a powerful man, would do anything for just the promise of power Yet he is not the most powerful creature out there and there are those that would see him reminded of that and the way it happens is deliciously perfect in its cruelty An excellent side story that, while not an essential read, is well worth it

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