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    While Parker s collection consists almost entirely of tales of domesticity, the reader is never bored or lulled by anything resembling the ordinary In fact, the stories are utterly distinct, each distinguished from the others not just by specific characters and details, but through the voice, form, and style The story Possession for example, is divided into segments bearing titles like Laundry, Holiday, and Toothbrush, which reflect different aspects of daily life.Read Literary Mama s complete review here

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    Kelcey Parker s debut collection of stories will leave you feeling, among other things, very surprised The surprise at work is not because of the material she works with the seemingly quotidian bricks of the domestic Midwestern suburbs but in the way she infuses those materials with a truly unique velocity and darkly playful touch The suburbs and soccer moms and unfaithful husbands aren t the ones you read about in books or watch on sitcoms, but the ones you yourself drive past every day and speculate about as your mind wanders To me these stories have done what few have managed, and that is to bypass what we think we mean with terms like realist that are supposed to reference a familiar framework our own real lives So we ll find ourselves or people we know in them, their stories are ours, and so goes their supposed and often effective premise But Parker has done the real trick, has reached a territory of the real that shows just how far fiction of this type might push when it bothers to stop and trouble itself first You might not find your story in this collection but they all seem close at hand, in the yelling from the neighbor s house or the lone woman you spot checking into a dingy motel I was also at all times enjoyably perplexed by the emotions and humor Parker has woven, complicating every thought and piece of dialogue such that it seems one might labor under the very real sensation of experiencing several, even conflicting emotions at once Are these stories hopeful Nihilistic Heartbreaking Heart affirming Every sentence seems to turn where you think they re going, which is the real key to this kind of reality, the one we genuinely recognize as our own the stories don t know, the characters don t, just as we often don t Sometimes we do feel affirmed or utterly broken, but such concrete places are few these stories aren t selling anything or playing dress up This notion leads to my final appreciation which is that this collection feels like it comes from a veteran source there s no lack of confidence or deftness to Parker s gesturing, a steadied hand at the wheel as she careens us around the burning suburbs of her sophisticated, sharply imagined inner world.

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    I must admit that I m not typically a fan of the short story form I much prefer fiction in its long form which, by the way, is why I m excited for Parker s soon to be released novel from Rose Metal Press entitled Liliane s Balcony What I often find lacking in short form fiction is the kind of engagement with character and theme that leaves a lasting impression after I ve put the book down I often find that short stories disappear from my memory as soon as I ve finished them There are certainly exceptions Cheever s Housebreaker of Shady Hill or Mark Winegardner s That s True of Everybody come to mind as personal favorites , and I would go ahead and declare Parker s For Sale by Owner another examplary exception Many of the stories not only remained in my memory long after I put the book down, but they even seemed to haunt me and I mean that in absolutely the best way Particular highlights include Domestic Air Quality, For Sale by Owner, The Complete Babysitter s Handbook, Mermaids, and Lent Even the experimental short shorts in the book Biography of Your Husband and Falling come to mind were engaging enough to be memorable Overall, this is a highly impressive debut, and I can t wait to see what can happen when Parker tries her hand at the novel form.

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    These are odd stories in the vein of Kelly Link or Kevin Wilson not quite magical realism, but definitely weird Quirky is a word that Parker probably hears a lot But they re also grounded in the domestic almost all of the protagonists are young wives and mothers, struggling to be happy in the lives they ve created.

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    When Hello Kitty devoted, dark hud girls grow up and raise families, they become the heroines of Kelcey Parker s grim and satisfying stories While I read this collection, I wept tears of joy over each obsessive scrapbooking, wedding vow bungling, baby shower ruining scene because it offered me permission to write down my own ugliest triumphs and my most evil dreams.

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    For Sale By Owner lets us see often hilariously the doubts and mishaps that swirl around the isolated modern family I enjoyed this book thoroughly I laughed aloud many times but these stories also made me think hard about what we expect from families,and how often our expectations fall short.

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    Absolutely loved these smart, sly, inventive stories.

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    Ms Parker s collection of stories is dazzling They are true and painful and funny She doesn t pull any punches about the joy and heartbreak that go hand in hand with love, marriage and children.

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    Well written, witty, some interesting experimental stories, but incredibly depressing depiction of white picket fence life.

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    I read this book then attended a reading done by Kelcey and I must say, her witty writing style shines through both on paper and in person A

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