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❦ The Tanning of America  free download ➜ Author Steve Stoute – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Tanning of America , meaning The Tanning of America , genre The Tanning of America , book cover The Tanning of America , flies The Tanning of America , The Tanning of America 8192175475c66 The Business Marketing Genius At The Forefront Of Today S Entertainment Marketing Revolution Helps Corporate America Get Hip To Today S New Consumer The Tan Generation By Learning From Hip Hop And Youth Culture He Is The Conduit Between Corporate America And Rap And The Streets He Speaks Both Languages Jay Z It S Amazing To See The Direct Impact That Black Music, Videos And The Internet Have Had On Culture I Ve Seen So Many People Race To The Top Of Pop Stardom Using The Everyday Mannerisms Of The Hood In A Pop Setting It S Time To Embrace This Phenomenon Because It Ain T Going Nowhere Kanye West When Fortune Companies Need To Reenergize Or Reinvent A Lagging Brand, They Call Steve Stoute In Addition To Marrying Cultural Icons With Blue Chip Marketers Beyonc For Tommy Hilfiger S True Star Fragrance, And Justin Timberlake For Lovin It At McDonald S , Stoute Has Helped Identify And Activate A New Generation Of Consumers He Traces How The Tanning Phenomenon Raised A Generation Of Black, Hispanic, White, And Asian Consumers Who Have The Same Mental Complexion Based On Shared Experiences And Values This Consumer Is A Mindset Not A Race Or Age That Responds To Shared Values And Experiences, Rather Than The Increasingly Irrelevant Demographic Boxes That Have Been Used To A Fault By Corporate America And Stoute Believes There Is A Language Gap That Must Be Bridged In Order To Engage The Most Powerful Market Force In The History Of Commerce The Tanning Of America Provides That Very Translation Guide Drawing From His Company S Case Studies, As Well As From Extensive Interviews With Leading Figures Of Multiple Fields, Stoute Presents An Insider S View Of How The Transcendent Power Of Popular Culture Is Helping Reinvigorate And Revitalize The American Dream He Shows How He Bridges The Worlds Of Pop Culture, Brand Consulting, And Marketing In His Turnkey Campaigns Offers Keen Insight Into Other Successful Campaigns Including The Election Of Barack Obama To Illustrate The Power Of The Tan Generation, And How To Connect With It While Staying True To Your Core Brand

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    I have a lot of respect for the Commissioner, but this is one of the most poorly written non fiction books I have ever read Coming from someone who supposedly witnessed so much of hip hop s evolution first hand, it s frustrating to hear how canned and generic his retelling of history is From a marketing perspective, he brings up some broad ideas but never effectively illustrates them with examples In the end, he comes off as a self aggrandizing simpleton who has stumbled into success by having good relationships with famous people I m sure this is not actually true, but his complete failure to take his points beyond basic we are the world sentimentality makes it difficult to say for sure that there is any deeper understanding happening in his mind Part hip hop history, part memoir, part marketing manual, part cultural analysis, The Tanning of America fails to deliver on any of these counts.

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    After Pharrell recommended The Tanning of America How Hip Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy on Twitter, I instantly knew that this book would be would be authentic, professional, and fascinating Steve Stoute, the founder of Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging, specializes in connecting corporate brands with the community of hip hop, which is refers to as urban However, he advocates about how it is than using the popularity of different artists, where he introduces tanning It is the catalytic force majeure that went beyond musical boundaries and into the psyche of young America blurring cultural and demographic lines so permanently that it laid the foundation for a transformation Throughout the novel, Stoute connects the growing success of hip hop to commercialization He wrote about one of Sugar Hill s first and main successes, the record Rappers Delight, along with the famous 1986 concert in Madison Square Garden, which Run DMC s My Adidas, went viral it was the first time Adidas German executives heard their song, and signed a contract with them By the early 1990s, advertisers and large companies saw the effect of hip hop it was credible and marketable However, they needed translators, those who could expose what would be in and could potentially sell Stoute went from working in the music industry to advertisement he realized that the tanning effect was affecting every part of the consumer culture I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone curious about urban and youth marketing However, I felt some elements of the book were lengthy I m not surprised because I am just a 16 year old student, whose not quite sure what she wants to do in life At times, I felt like I was being educated in some college type course about business, but Stoute incorporated a lot of his personal experiences, along with many hip hop facts throughout history.This book was very informative as an artist, it has affected my mind on marketing and entrepreneurship It was also inspiring Stoute was not afraid of stating that he did not complete college during the beginning of the novel An automatic assumption or judgment would be negative, but Stoute used his street knowledge to build his own career He, not only affected the music industry, but also predisposed the advertising field, which allowed him to create his own agency He popularized hip hop even and proved that it is than just a music genre it s tanning The Tanning of America How Hip Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy was an unbelievable and engaging back story it is by far one of the greatest novels for hip hop literature.

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    About 75 pages into this book I realized that I had been expecting something much different than what I was actually getting from Stoute I had very high hopes for this book and was hoping for reflection upon hip hop s relationship with our culture rather than simply what it has caused us to buy After reworking my expectations for the book I was able to take it for what it was and found it to be a pleasant and interesting read My main issues with the book were that it sometimes seemed like all I was getting was Stoute s resume and felt that much of the book had been written to be used as his portfolio of work A lot of this book s main points didn t seem all that earth shattering I think much of what Stoute said could be summarized by saying that people buy into trends celebrities portray as cool not surprising Personally I think that because hip hop is such an appealing genre and there are and have been artists making really good music, it was just a matter of time before people accepted what they are wearing or the lifestyle they are portraying as normal Another thing that did bother me throughout the book was the term tanning I m not entirely sure why the term bothered me, but coming from such a savvy ad man I was surprised that the main catch phrase of the book didn t fit for me I m not entirely sure why, but it might just be as simple as being a white guy who when thinking about tanning thinks first about its prerequisite of a sunburn and the ever looming follow up, skin cancer All that being said this book was interesting enough It did make me thankful to live in a time that tanning has become possible and people of all backgrounds can enjoy great music from supremely cool artists even if they are secretly always trying to sell me something.

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    Wasn t sure at first but music marketing expert, Steve Stoute s book on the lessons corporate and even political America can learn from the US evolution to a poly ethnic cultural society is well worth your time Stoute s background in hip hop lends real credibility when he outlines how that music and it s surrounding culture has been instrumental in that evolution, a process he calls tanning Even impressive is Stoute s grasp of marketing and advertising thinking, especially for someone coming from a music industry background It s little wonder he has worked with so many blue chip, top tier brands advising on their urban and youth marketing strategies Early parts of the book dragged and felt overly long and some bits could have been edited a little better, but by mid way, he was connecting the dots and drawing together how the themes ideas he d laid out fit into his vision of how brands should be preparing for these changes I might have liked this a little better if he d gone into depth with some of the case studies of campaigns and projects he d worked on, but the book isn t really that kind of book On the other hand, if you re looking for a primer on youth marketing that understands the modern realities of this new America, I m not sure you could do much better than this book right now.

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    Steve Stoute, founder and CEO Translation Consulting Brand Imaging, is one of the most credible sources to discuss tanning He has a diverse background in the music industry, successful at brand marketing, and is in tune to the new generation of consumers Steve Stoute was also inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement His clients include McDonald s, State Farm, Target, Jay Z and Reebok, Lady Gaga and MAC Cosmetics He is also the managing director and CEO of popular hair and body care line Carol s Daughter Enough receipts Yes.TOA is an informative must read for entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and established companies who want to understand how to appeal to today s consumers It s also an interesting read for hip hop lovers and marketing gurus I learned a lot of tips that will help improve my own brand, as well as enjoy an interview with Eminem, stories of Jay Z and Run D.M.C., and the history of hip hop This book is a cost effective lesson Visit www.tanningofamerica.com for info.Literary Marie of Precision Reviews

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    I d like to thank Steve Stoute for writing what has been plain to me for so long Hip hop has altered the mental landscape of this country, and everywhere else in the world that has been touched by it More importantly, the way African Americans specifically speaking about those of us descendants of African slaves in the USA have influenced our country, by just being ourselves No one wants to be us, but everyone wants to be like us Every art form we ve created has been absorbed into mass culture with minimal credit given to the creators Thank you for giving credit, where credit is due.

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    Definitely a business book at times, the author does a great job integrating history personal experiences to show what he calls tanning roughly the breakdown of race as a qualifier, replaced by culture An interesting read, it puts a lot into perspective provides a guideline for ad execs marketers going after the millenials like myself who grew up with hip hop in the air and less awareness of race as a defining boundary marker.

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    It s rare, I write a review for a book even rarer I put a complete co sign on something This book was a pleasure to read Start to Finish Highly recommend it.

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    Mandatory reading for all hustlers of culture.

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    This book was incredibly interesting and I like it for its marketing outlook on things It brought up great discussions, but since I m reading a lot of pro black books I have to stop Steve at a couple or points Tanning in one form to me means assimilation into mainstream culture Because our culture was accepted it was marketers jobs to get it out and make it cool Job accomplished Steve said that now things that were being done in the Black community are finally getting shine it means that the mainstream has accepted us I don t believe that I think mainstream has took our ideas, our history, our cool and not given credit for it calling it their own He talked about Tommy Hilfiger and how he would have urban kids come and try on his clothes so he can see how they wear them In exchange for their help Tommy would then let the kids keep the merch, where they would wear it out and ultimately promote the brand Did Tommy say this is where I got my ideas from these kids no he kept all the profits etc for himself I posed this question of Facebook where is the line between culture appropriation and inspiration Steve also said that things that black women had like big butts, lips, etc were now culturally acceptable because you have people like Kim K, and Jessica Biel with that shape Steve, Black women are still being ridiculed for their looks which has become socially acceptable to everyone who isn t black Looking at this from a marketing eye I thought the book was amazing, looking at this from a black woman in 2018 I thought this book lacked depth of the struggle to market to mainstream and keep the authenticity and culture in the culture so the culture profits Need others to read this book to discuss.

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