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    This book was a huge disappointment I expected it to be like Rules, a Newberry Award winning book by Cynthia Lord This is like Rules evil twin It reads like a Middle Grade book, but the content is clearly YA It deals with Autism, spinal chord injuries, cancer, the death of a parent, cursing, Judaism, and sex with a paraplegic I m left wondering, who was this book written for It certainly wasn t written for paraplegics The boy, Harry, is a foul mouthed jerk He s no inspiration to anyone I d say the guy in Monkey Shines is inspirational than Harry It wasn t written for kids that have siblings with Autism It certainly wasn t written for Jews, cancer victims, or anyone else I think the problem with this book was that it had no audience It tries too hard to be Judy Blume, but it doesn t have the heart of a Judy Blume book It felt rushed and forced The premise of this book is that Allison has a twin brother, Adam, who has Autism Allison and Adam are bullied by this jerk, Harry Harry goes to camp and injures his spine, leaving him unable to walk We find out that Harry is a jerk because his mother died sarcastic sob and his father doesn t know how to communicate with him Harry s dad is a rabbi preparing Adam for his Bar Mitzvah Then surprise, surprise Harry and Allison fall in love for no good reason Adam says the Torah perfectly Happy ending Oh right, Allison explodes on her parents for no good reason The End.This book is so predictable, you could have seen the entire thing from a mile away Girl falls in love with her tormentor He has a tortured past This is like the Twilight Prequel, only Edward gets physically hurt and Bella must care for him while dealing with emotional abuse This book is an insult to all the parents of Autistic children Allison learns from Harry to be a brat and yell and scream and curse for what you want Harry never learns anything Well, he does learn one thing you have to be nice to the girl you want to make out with Otherwise, she might not sit in your lap Also, it s written in third person and it alternates between Harry POV and Allison POV It leaves you kind of detached from the characters and unable to really sympathize with them Especially when one of them is a self righteous jerk People loose their mothers everyday That doesn t give you the right to treat people like crap I know that everyone deals with things in their own way, but Harry is a jerk and Allison is an idiot for falling in love with him The character development is just so poor One minute Allison and Harry hate each other The next, they re in love It s like Beauty and the Beast gone horribly wrong.If you want a decent book dealing with all of the issues this one deals with and , try Rules by Cynthia Lord It s much better written and the characters actually have personalities If you want a book that deals with Judaism in a much better way try Sally J Freedman, Starring as Herself or Introducing Sasha Ambromitz Those are much better too 1.5 stars, because I liked the premise, but hated the execution.

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    This book was definitely TOO SHORT A one afternoon long book is not definitely long enough Not even close.I had this book in my wishlist for a very long time, but I couldn t make myself buy it, because, for me, the characters felt just too young to empathize However, once I started reading, that was not a problem Not a problem at all.Beautiful though too short love story, with the cute, serious prose that is definitely the trademark of Nancy Werlin After reading and, important enjoying three of her books, I m definitely going to lose all shame and include the rest of her books, finally, in my to read list.

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    Earlier this year I read Impossible and Rules for Survival by Nancy Werlin and fell completely in love I ve been reading all her books since then This was good Nice, enjoyable Very teen lit Which is not a bad thing Just a comment Some teen lit is great for adults Some is fine, just very teenish This was one of those Good, though, for kids who struggle with being different on the outside looking in And What teen doesn t feel like that, at least a little

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    Reread I loved this one yet again The thing missing from the story was some sort of conflict about what Alison was hanging out with Harry Otherwise, I loved this story once again and won t be surprised if this is a reread for me in the future This was on one of my Library Saturday s list It has a different cover I grew to like the library cover The other one doesn t have Harry who is also a main character So this one suits it better even if it isn t the greatest cover ever.Harry and Alison are NOT friends Harry is consistently bullying Alison because she is such an easy target She s a nerd who has only one friend and all she does is read books She also has an autistic twin brother named Adam Harry likes to play sports and has had to repeat the eighth grade book over again He s the son of a Rabbi who doesn t know what to say to him That s alright with him His father isn t the person he wants to talk to anyway His mother died years before and since then they have been on edge with each other It s mostly Harry because well his father frankly doesn t have the guts to say anything to him.One day a letter arrives and her mother drags her with her to see the Rabbi Harry s dad because he won t admit him to Hebrew school because they don t have anyone equipped with being able to handle him Her mother goes off in a tyrant and says something about Harry Something that made me wince because I knew he was going to become just thatcrippled She didn t say crippled exactly I don t think but she said something along the lines of I hope your kid becomes disabled than my son because he is a nasty mean little boy and like father like son Something like that And the same daySo Harry s father decided to tutor Adam one on one because he thinks God was punishing Harry for his dad not allowing Adam in Hebrew School He is actually mesmerized with him He does this but he still is tense with his boy and Alison sees that Not only does she feel bad because she wanted ill will on Harry but also because he is in a way like her Invisible Alone.Really loved this book I love how they became friends in the end I didn t expect Harry to start up with curse words I don t really care I just wasn t expecting it It s nice to see the bully conform but it is kind of disturbing to see it go down this way The book could have added a little More in general and about Adam Harry was a little too harsh in this and I thought it was a bit excessive but other than that I loved this story.The letters at the end I wish it was that easy Well that s it Happy Reading

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    I like this book At first, I wasn t sure what to make of it, and thought Harry was a jerk which he was at first , but then as I continued, the book grew on me.I m going to get my real quick dislike with this book out first There was some f bombs, my personal annoyance But not as much as in some of the author s other books that I ve read, for which I was grateful And really nothing about sex, which again extremely grateful because I really don t care to read about that sort of stuff.The rest of the story was interesting in the fact that it is very real That s the one thing I like about this author, is she isn t afraid to write about the hard things in life And I ve honestly learned quite a bit from reading her books, and I appreciate the way she tells people about life through her stories.This book was shorter than her others, but it still felt complete despite it s length I thought the whole thing between Alison and Harry was cute in the end, because Harry finally cleaned up his act and became nice and yeah And then the whole issue between Alison and her parents when I read her parent s letters in the end, I was this close to tears Which for me, meant I was bawling my eyes out, but really, they were just so amazing and so true.So in the end, it was actually a pretty cute read, but it was also realistic, sobering, and just overall a good glimpse into the lives of people suddenly handicapped and the living with an autistic sibling And despite my few dislikes at a few parts, I finished this book with a smile.

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    I gave this book 1 star I d give it 1.5 if I could, though This was book was HORRIBLE It was absolutely dreadful and I barely even liked it It lacked true emotion, and I felt that it had no conflict whatsoever Alison seems very shallow, and hate seems to be a strong word to use towards her autistic twin brother Adam At those times, she hated her brother I know that we all hate our siblings, but seriously She doesn t even feel a tiny bit of sympathy for her brother Who she has to defend and take care of And then comes Harry Roth, the man whore, the jerk..in a wheelchair I don t even think Alison and Harry are really in a relationship by the end of the book Alison claims that Harry is her boyfriend but I think they just like kissing each other And Harry is a jerk He never even thought twice when he insulted Alison and Adam before he fell in love with her or whatever Harry apparently has this accident and can never walk again Alison is somehow drawn to him and hangs out with him They begin to become friends and then something Crappiest book EVER Let s just say I won t be picking off Books A Million s sales rack any.

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    This book really took on all the key points in the Jerk and the Saint The main characters are a boy and a girl The girl has been raised as a goody good and has never really been that popular in life Her brother has a mental illness, so most of her misfortunes are founded by that After the boy goes to camp, he jumps into a pool or lake or something and becomes paralyzed from the waist down He comes home from the hospitol and is very resentful towards his father, who is a pastor, and everyone else who tries to show him compassion His friends leave him and the only person that tries to befriend him is the girl It takes off from there

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    This book was so motivational It showed me that I am lucky to have what I have and that love comes in all packages Ok so now about the book Alison has a brother, Adam, who is autistic There is this kid at Alison s school, Harry, who always makes fun of Alison and Adam because they are twins Alison is not autistic but she suffers through life because of her brother Then one day at a summer camp Harry gets in a diving accident and gets paralyzed from the belly button down This book shares the story of how Alison and Harry become friends and eventually they fall in love

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    Talk about revenge and redemption Or be careful what you wish for or it might just come true Yes, the plot may seem a bit farfetched, but Hardy and Dickens used happenstance coincidence all the time and they are revered for it Werlin uses dialog very well.

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    I loved this friendship romance story told by the main character who is confined to a wheelchair.

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