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  • Hardcover
  • 305 pages
  • One Day Itll All Make Sense
  • Common
  • English
  • 16 April 2017
  • 9781451625875

10 thoughts on “One Day Itll All Make Sense

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    First, I d like to say the reason I purchased this book is because I m a fan of Common s and has always enjoyed his music He s what I consider one of the clean rappers and socially adept to rap about life as he sees it, and he s one hell of a poet With that being said, it pains me to give his book a two star rating.I was extremely disappointed with this book, and it took me one week to read, so that, in and of itself, let me know immediately I didn t like it It was a painful struggle to get through I know Common or rather Rashid which is his birth name, is a mama s boy, and I don t have an issue with that But I do, however, have a problem with his mother inserting herself into Common s book I realize his mother is most definitely a staple and an important factor in his life, but she shouldn t have added her two cents to it I wanted to hear about Common s life in his own words, not from his mother s perspective.I didn t like the letters written at the beginning of each chapter Either Common or his mother would write letters to their loved ones or gave their opinion on how they viewed things Again, this was supposed to be Common s life story, so why is mama writing A huge turn off for me.Another painful factor was the fact the book was completely redundant and I was tired of Common writing the same thing, basically in each chapter, but switching the words around I felt like I was listening to an attorney grill a witness on the stand, only to be told by a judge, to redirect or rephrase the same question, that will yield the same answer The book was boring Common isn t one of those rappers who did a great deal of dirt to become the entertainer he is today, and that s a good thing But when he did start to speak on his personal love interests, it left the reader wanting , or let s say it left me wanting There were chapters where Common really wasn t talking about anything Just of the same stuff, only worded differently Being an author and poet myself, I play with words and I know how to write tons of them to make someone think I m saying something different, or in essence, give that appearance, only to be stating the same thing That s called loading words, and there were tons of them throughout this disappointing memoir I realize he had a pretty good upbringing and it shows by the way he carries himself and I applaud his mother for a job well done, but one thing I definitely learned is that Common is a rapper poet entertainer actor, but he is most certainly NOT a writer He should never attempt this feat again because he has a great deal to learn about how to make a story good, or at least to hold the reader s interest.There were times when the book was just downright preachy about the same things over and over, and it was giving me a headache I struggled to finish this book, and it pissed me off that my first purchase on my Kindle Fire was such a let down Maybe other readers didn t feel like I do about it, but you have to realize I ve read hundreds of memoirs and biographies, which were wonderfully written, and I have to say this was the first one that truly let me down, and that s sad because I do respect Common for the rapper he is and that won t change, but for God s sake, please do not ever attempt to write your life story again, unless you do some major editing and consider exactly what you want to say, and say it once and not force the same shit down the reader s throat If he mentioned once how he loved his mama or his love for his God, he mentioned it a hundred different ways, but it was the same result We don t need to know that in each and every chapter You stated your love, now move on to something else Unfortunately, I don t think he had much to write about so he just wrote the same things over and over, but worded differently.

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    You don t have to like hip hop, you just have to appreciate openness and honesty That s what Common s story is about a spirit of openness to the world Open to learning from books, people, and experiences That openness allows new ideas to take root in his soul, and through the lens of those new values he his open to reexamining his life and iterating a better version of himself.Common is a great rapper Jay Z raps a verse and says, I wanna rhyme like Common , but importantly, he is a person in evolution and includes us in his journey He confesses to hiding his talents under the guise of humility, being unbalanced and losing his identity in relationships, and articulates experiences that most of us go through and may not even have realized it.I like his declaration of being a man A man believes in something and stands for it does his best to practice what he believes can be honest and strong can be emotional without fear loves himself, knows himself and will be himself in every situation he s not afraid he s open open to growing.

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    Tras la lectura, One day it ll all make sense resulta ser exactamente lo que el t tulo indicaba un perfecto ejemplo de c mo hacer que al final todo cobre sentido en tu vida No ser el mejor libro que le is, pero si os gusta Common no deber ais perd roslo Rese a completo en espa ol

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    I stuck this one through to the end on principle than anything else I got the book from the library after seeing Common s appearance on The Daily Show, but now I think that appearance was a show of political support after the furor over Common s appearances at the White House and not a result of Jon Stewart thinking this was a particularly good book On the positive side, I learned a lot about rap and a little about Chicago s South Side On the negative side, Common spends most of the book telling us how thoughtful and conscious he is, and how much he has matured All I can say is, it s not a good sign when you have to tell people about your fine qualities rather than letting them draw their own conclusions.

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    A REMINDER TO ALL THIS REVIEW IS MY PERSONAL OPINIONIF YOU AGREE WITH IT..WONDERFULIF NOTWELL, I GUESS WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS ON THINGSTHATS WHAT MAKES THIS WORLD SO WONDERFULWE ALL DONT HAVE TO THINK OR BELIEVE THE SAME 0 I enjoyed the bookI dont know what it is with some books..I will get bored right in the middle of itEven if it s not really that boringThis one had some spots that made me skip a paragraph or two but in general, it was really good I wouldn t call myself a FAN of Common, but I do like him and familiar with some of his musicI dont remember if Ive watched any of his movies but him as a person, Ive always had some respect for..And what I loved about this book is that he was honest about who he was and isHe lets people know that just because he has positive music, doesnt mean he s perfect and that every aspect of his life was always positive..But he does his best to walk a positive life as much as humanly possibleLike so many of us doWe fall, we mess up, but we get up, dust off and keep trying to do our best in the moment I liked how he started each chapter with a letter to someoneThat to me, was a nice ideaBut I think my favorite parts of the book were when his mother put in her side of some situationsThis book opened my eyes on Common one other person in the book that I also enjoy watching and listening to.But it doesnt change my opinion of them..Good bad or otherCommon has given me new respect for him and his growth over his lifeAnd just KNOWING that there are people out here that have gone through some things I ve dealt with and gotten through it..You know people deal with things but sometimes, you can feel so alone until you talk to someone, hear a conversation, or read a book and really realize, ITS NOT JUST YOU Thats PART of the reason I like reading Memoirs Biographies, etcIt gives me a little insight on the people I like and even some that I dont even know and just helps me get through my own issues..And usually, it just gives me a whole new look on that person 0 okay, I know, I turned into about me sorry..lol

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    I saw this book on my library s new table and the cover is one of my favorite colors So I was intrigued I flipped to a random page and the author was talking about a personal experience with racism Well I could always stand to learn on that front, I thought to myself, and decided to check the book out.I d never heard of Common before mostly I steer clear of rap I ve definitely heard uplifting raps and some great hip hop, but most of what I get exposed to in that genre is really negative, woman hating, gay bashing, etc When I brought the book home, my boyfriend was like, OMG it s Common That also surprised me This is the guy who told me, Yeah, I m not really into music and then gave me the most awesome compilation CD in the world the next time I saw him So when he likes an artist I don t know, I listen up I d have to say that s the best thing about this book that it introduced me to Common s music I listened to it and I was like, damn that s awesome As far as the book itself it s not the greatest Personally I liked the input from his mother and thought I probably would ve liked to hear the story of her life a little than his She seems like a really awesome woman In the later part of the book, it just seems like Common is name dropping, or giving tons of shout outs or something.There was one part that kind of disturbed me when he s a kid and coerced a little girl into kissing him and letting him grind on her, and then tried to get his cousin in on it too He admits he coerced her but doesn t say how wrong that is I m not sure if we re supposed to think it s cute or something but I thought it was creepy and sad and it rubbed me the wrong way.Also he s talking about this sex he s having all the time but never once mentions protection.Maybe that s why you knocked three ladies up dude He s like I just knew she was gonna be the mother of my child Yeah well when you re not using protection birth control, making a prediction like that isn t, like, some Nostradamus level shit I just think that a lot of young guys and girls who look up to him could use that extra push to use condoms.

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    The most insightful thing I learned from One Day It ll All Make Sense is that I love Common s mother A lot At first I thought it mad gimmicky to write a memoir with constant interruptions from one s mother, but it really worked here Their bond is for real, and I felt like I really received a 360 degree perspective on Common by hearing from his mother I was also surprised by Common s intimate introspections, but I appreciated it I too, fell into the trap of thinking of him as a conscious rapper and an actor but not a real person who did his dirt and loved and hurt It also gave me insight into the Chicago born and raised men in my life I felt like through Common, I also got to know them better Then I reflected in general on the differences between men and women s upbringings and how gender, race, class, and geography play immense roles not only in your story but how you will one day choose to tell it Adam Bradley did a great job with Common and his life story If you re into memoirs, I d recommend it as a quick read.

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    common aka common sense is a well known hip hop mc and screen actor born lonnie rashid lynn, jr., common first came into rap prominence in the early mid 90s with his two earliest albums, can i borrow a dollar and resurrection the chicago bred rapper has garnered a loyal following, critical acclaim, and two grammy awards his ninth studio album is due at the end of november one day it ll all make sense, also the name of common s third album, is his autobiography co written with author adam bradley book of rhymes the poetics of hip hop beginning in childhood, common traces his ascendancy from chicago to the heights of the rap game uniquely formatted, each chapter begins with a letter to a prominent figure in his life or from the past including both his parents, his daughter, his younger self, hip hop itself, emmett till, and late producer jay dee j dilla , amongst others as well, within each chapter, common s mother, mahalia ann hines, offers her own perspectives on key moments of both rashid s childhood and his adult life most of the book focuses on common s ongoing quest to develop his art, his spiritual faith, and his commitment to affecting positive change both in his own life and in the lives of those around him as a chronicle of his childhood and career, one day it ll all make sense is a candid glimpse into common s personal life despite being a gifted lyricist, common s prose rarely demonstrates his dexterity with words while there are some moments of real intrigue in the book, a thin, hollow quality seems to define the rest of it common s message of continual growth and overcoming hardship is likely to resonate with young people seeking advice or direction, but for fans of his music, one day it ll all make sense may offer little than a personal history refreshingly consistent with the conscious message offered in his music.

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    Even though he is not quite 40, Common has written a thoughtful account of his life so far He covers his growing up in Chicago, the decision to leave college to pursue his rap career, diversifying into acting, and his much publicized love life What really makes this book shine is his mother s input she really should have been listed as co author and the letters that Common writes to loved ones at the beginning of each chapter I loved that throughout the book as he shares his life journey and the decisions he made, his mother writes about her reaction to those different points in his life Also, the letters he writes frame the subject matter of each chapter to give you insight into what is about to be told The book begins and ends with letters to the reader and includes others to his mother, father, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, his deceased cousin Ajile and others I thought that was a great choice.I would normally recommend a book like this to young men in high school and college because Common is really candid about his growth as a person, flaws and all The only thing holding me back is that he is also quite open about his sexual history, so discretion must be used.

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    I was surprised at how raw Common was willing to be with his life and his feelings There were a lot of things that struck me about this book When he was talking about remembering where he was when O.J Simpson has his famous car chase I was immediately taken back because I remeber exactly where I was when that happened I was at Disneyland with my family and we were stuck in in LA because we couldn t get on the freeway to go back to San Diego It s one of those moments where you remember that we really are all connected The saddest part of the book for me was his letter to his unborn I thought it was incredably brave of him to put that out there But I also felt so sad for what could have been I think this books opens up a whole new side to the person I only knew as Common for so many years I think that he really opened up and shows the reader his truth If you are a fan of Common the Rapper and Actor I would recomend this book for you.

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One Day Itll All Make Sense characters One Day Itll All Make Sense , audiobook One Day Itll All Make Sense , files book One Day Itll All Make Sense , today One Day Itll All Make Sense , One Day Itll All Make Sense 54d60 Common Has Earned A Reputation In The Hip Hop World As A Conscious Artist By Embracing Themes Of Love And Struggle In His Songs, And By Sharing His Own Search For Knowledge With His Listeners His Journey Toward Understanding Expressed In His Music And Now In His Roles In Film And Television Is Rooted In His Relationship With A Remarkable Woman, His Mother, Mahalia Ann HinesIn One Day It Ll All Make Sense, Common Holds Nothing Back He Tells What It Was Like For A Boy With Big Dreams Growing Up On The South Side Of Chicago He Reveals How He Almost Quit Rapping After His First Album, Can I Borrow A Dollar , Sold Only Two Thousand Copies He Recounts His Rise To Stardom, Giving A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Recording Studios, Concerts, Movie Sets, And After Parties Of A Hip Hop Celebrity And Movie Star He Reflects On His Controversial Invitation To Perform At The White House, A Story That Grabbed International Headlines And He Talks About The Challenges Of Balancing Fame, Love, And Fatherhood One Day It Ll All Make Sense Is A Gripping Memoir, Both Provocative And Funny Common Shares Never Before Told Stories About His Encounters With Everyone From Tupac To Biggie, Ice Cube To Lauryn Hill, Barack Obama To Nelson Mandela Drawing Upon His Own Lyrics For Inspiration, He Invites The Reader To Go Behind The Spotlight To See Him As He Really Is Not Just As Common But As Lonnie Rashid Lynn Each Chapter Begins With A Letter From Common Addressed To An Important Person In His Life From His Daughter To His Close Friend And Collaborator Kanye West, From His Former Love Erykah Badu To You, The Reader Through It All, Common Emerges As A Man In Full Rapper Actor Activist But Also Father, Son, And Friend Common S Story Offers A Living Example Of How, No Matter What You Ve Gone Through, One Day It Ll All Make Sense

About the Author: Common

Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., better known by his stage name Common previously Common Sense , is an American hip hop artist and actor.