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    Jamie is your typical super busy senior in high school, except for the fact that she is morbidly obese She feels that every fat girl book ends with the fat girl being skinny or well on her way to becoming skinny Will her story have that ending Jamie has a boyfriend, Burke, who is also obese, and he tells her he is going to be getting gastric bypass surgery Now Jamie has to wonder if she will keep her boyfriend once he gets thin on top of also worrying about studying for finals and how to pay for college So she writes a manifesto and tries to win a scholarship This paper is full of her stories of every day life living as a fat girl, her feelings about everything that goes on around her concerning her skinny friends, her boyfriend, and her family She describes how she feels in a world that she truly feels discriminates against fat girls The paper is full of humor as well, though, it s not a sob story Jamie has a great attitude The paper also has astounding statistics about the obesity problem in America,particularly with youths.While all of this is going on Jamie claims that she is okay with her size, and doesn t like the pressure of considering gastric bypass for herself She does consider it, but doesn t know if it s worth the risks She says she doesn t mind being a funny, fat girl, but does she really Vaught thoroughly does a superb job of showing Jamie s thoughts and emotions Hold on to your super sized butts, fat girls, because we re the last socially acceptable targets for bashing, snarking, and discrimination This is my second book by Susan Vaught, and I enjoyed this one as much as the first The first was Exposed and that book warned against the dangers of teens meeting people online Her books all deal with real teen issues, and she presents them in a way where they don t seem cliche Both of her novels packed a punch, and really make you think She s a very good YA writer, in my opinion, and I will continue to read her books.

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    I really wanted to like this I was totally psyched to read a book with a smart, non tragic, and unapologetically fat heroine But it did that weird annoying thing socially concerned YA books often do where they re like I m political, but not TOO crazy I just write stuff, I don t do any of that extreme activism like going to a rally It reminds me of the worst of the feminist blogosphere Actually, you can definitely trace the influence of the less interesting parts of the online fat acceptance sphere in Jamie s political rhetoric Anyway, when protestors turn up in support of Jamie, she laughs it off, doesn t go talk to them, thinks they re crazy She also has a neurotic skinny animal liberationist vegan friend who she seems to hate why are they friends I don t get it The way Vegan Friend s neuroses are played for laughs is appallingly cruel she spends hours trembling and glassy eyed because she touched a woolen jumper animal products , and we re supposed to find that funny maybe in a book where everything is that over the top, but this novel takes a generally realistic tone, and it just comes off as lacking in compassion for someone with a probable mental illness Plus the skinny neurotic left wing chick thing is part of the same body shaming culture that oppresses fat people, you know Disclaimer I am a neurotic left wing vegan This distaste for radicalism is pretty insulting to the reader your readers are probably going to be somewhat socially concerned young people, right They re at least going to be curious about activism Why ridicule it in an attempt to make yourself seem moderate, or whatever I also really disliked how she has NONE of her own friends Her two best friends are her boyfriend s friends who she hangs out with They are pretty flat and tokenistic the aforementioned vegan and a sassy lesbian whose sexuality never actually gets to impact the plot Similarly, her boyfriend is black but this doesn t affect the plot or characterisation except that his sisters think he shouldn t be dating a white chick It s kind of supposed to be a reverse racism thing, I think It s not very cool that that s the only time racial tension is touched on Ok, good points The way Vaught handled gastric band surgery was pretty cool Jamie is angry at her boyfriend for choosing the dangerous procedure, he s a shithead to her, but there are no pat answers I also liked that Jamie has an experience with being misquoted by a reporter that whole plot point was pretty realistic and a warning to us all At first Jamie came off as unrealistically self confident, but in fact she was shown to struggle sometimes with living as a fat girl in an anti fat world I loved the detail that she never ate at school because she was embarassed to eat in front of other people it was one of the few moments in the book that I found truly affecting, heartbreaking even mostly, though, this book just made me want to read no fat chicks by margaret clark instead check it out.

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    4.5.Jamie is a fat girl a very fat girl who writes about being a fat girl for her school s newspaper She sees it as a way to prove people like her are normal and have the same feelings and experiences anyone else does It s also, she hopes, a ticket to college since her family can t afford it otherwise This is my second Vaught book and I am sold her on as an author Her characters have real voice and real heart, despite being flawed Jamie isn t as confident as she makes herself sound in her column, but her insecurities don t stem from her weight They stem from many other things, including her relationship with Burke And Burke, who is himself obese, faces a dilemma of whether or not to undergo gastric bypass Vaught handled this so realistically and honestly there s no shying away from what bypass surgery is and the complications that can arise from it There are so many standout lines throughout the book about what it means to make choices and what it means to accept and love yourself despite your personal challenges But never once does it fall into being a book with a Message This and Everything Beautiful are by far the two best books about body image and body acceptance I ve read Not just thin bodies, not just fat bodies EVERY body Full review here

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    Where do I even start.I rarely fail to finish books When I do, it s usually because they are so mind bogglingly boring that I can t finish.And sometimes it s because they are so unbelievably infuriating that I actually get a headache and can t continue.This book falls under category two.I made it to about chapter three four before finally forcing myself to put the book away before I could throw it out a window if it were my own copy, I probably would have done just that, but it s a library book So, to recap Jamie doesn t know anything about business Just because 30% of the girls in your town can t buy clothing from a particular store does not mean their is a terrible injustice going on Businesses cater to the majority, not the minority, because that s how they make money, which is pretty much all they care about Bonus Bigger sizes are expensive well no shit Sherlock, the material and time to make it, the higher cost This is not rocket science This is basic frigging logic Jamie is a jackass who with Freddie triggers NoNo s anxiety panic issues regarding animal skin products to make a scene after promising her that she wouldn t have to touch any animal based products, after KNOWING that she was on the edge of freaking out the moment she stepped into the store, and KNOWING that she was on medication in the past Jamie is a jackass who thinks that because the word fat does not offend her means that it shouldn t offend anyone Because lol it s not like that word has been used to hurt and demean some people, currently overweight or not, and they might actually have legit issues with its usage, right Oh, and another bonus from Chapter Three, because it was just too good Burke, doesn t my opinion count for anything So basically what she s saying is, Doesn t my opinion of how you look count for what you choose to do with your body Do me a favor Reverse the genders Pretend it s Burke asking Jamie that Everyone would be screaming SEXISM in a heartbeat if a boy was telling a girl to do not do something because of what he thought of her appearance.And again Jamie is a jackass, because what Burke does with his body is his business Not hers And she s pissed of that he didn t discuss it with her first , because, you know, she deserves some control over her BOYFRIEND S body, right If he s unhappy with his weight, it s his prerogative to get something done about it But see, Jamie likes that he s overweight, so Jamie doesn t think he should do it This was the moment where I had to put down the book.Jamie tries to guilt and shame him out of making this decision which for better or worse is his to make It s Burke s body Not hers.And despite this, he tries to soothe her and say Go ahead and write about this in your column if you want, it s totally not shitty of you to guilt and shame me for a personal decision about my health, and it s totally not a bad sign that I didn t even feel safe telling you about this ahead of time because I was afraid that you would react exactly the way you have Because that is totally an indicator of a healthy relationship, right Fearing your partner s reaction to a personal decision you choose to make about your body Overall Jamie is a jackass Does she change Don t know, don t care, not going to subject myself to this book to find out.Especially not when I strongly suspect, just based on what I ve seen of Jamie thus far, that there s going to be body shaming against smaller girls which we get a glimpse of in Fat Girl Fuming Part II when she calls NoNo a stick bug crappy treatment of NoNo and her anxiety problems preaching about women preaching about obesity and how it s really just people being concerned about looks rather than health.

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    Being fat isn t easy Clothes don t fit you People stare at you or pretend that you are not there they feel uncomfortable around you They whisper, wondering if you know how big you are and, if so, why don t you just do something about it Jamie Carcaterra knows how it feels first hand how it feels to be fat, and frankly she is sick of how people act around her She knows she is overweight She is fat In fact, she is Fat Girl, author of the Fat Girl features in her school newspaper, The Wire Started as a way to win a journalism scholarship, she uses her column to explore what it s like to be fat in such a weight obsessed, skinny world, as well as to dispel myths such as Poor Fat Girl needs to be educated about her problem and all Poor Fat Girl wants to do is lose weight However, column and her life take an unforeseeable turn when her boyfriend Burke decided to undergo a risky gastric bypass surgery Now Jamie is forced to think about the questions that really matter Will Burke still love her when he s thin Is being fat all she is Is she really committed to being the fat girl activist spokesperson And why does it seem like Heath, her co editor on the paper, might like her as than just a friend Doesn t he know she s fat Although at times a bit predictable and preachy, Vaught has written a funny yet thoughtful look at what it s like to be a Fat Girl in today s world.

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    Eh Narrator is tired of everything, all the time, being about how fat she is so she starts writing a column for her school newspaper about being fat She hopes the column will be enough to get her a scholarship for college, because there s no other way she ll get to go, and I m like, there are these things called student loans that are not hard to get, and yeah, you don t want to go into crazy debt, but don t act like this one particular scholarship is the only possible way you can pay for college OK, now that that s off my chest the book was OK There were a lot of little things like the scholarship that struck me as just off enough that I couldn t really get into it Also, the friends were caricatures, not fully realized characters.

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    1.5 starsI had high expectations for this book, and was sorely disappointed The author was whiny, and I swear to god, every time she talked I wanted to violently hit my head against the wallA better, thorough review later

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    Jamie Carcaterra is fat not just overweight, but obese And she s sick of people thinking that it s ok to cut her and other fat people down for it While she s mostly well adjusted and self confident, Jamie feels that other people should know what it s like to be the fat girl, so she starts writing a column for her school newspaper as a means to air her feelings on the subject and educate others it also wouldn t hurt if she can use her column to win some scholarship money either Jamie s column becomes surprisingly popular and starts to attract a lot of attention even outside of school After the local news station learns about Jamie s column on Hot Chix a popular clothing store for thin teenage girls , they interview her and then edit the footage to make her look as bad as possible Jamie s incensed It doesn t stop there, however In the midst of all of this, Jamie s boyfriend Burke also fat , gets bariatric surgery to lose weight Jamie is scared that the surgery will kill him, and if it doesn t, she worries that once he s thin, he won t want her any.Jamie s fears aren t unwarranted The surgery totally changes Burke at least for the time being and all he can think about is how much weight he s losing and how others perceive the new him And this translates into pep talks for Jamie you know, you could lose weight, too And that really hurts her She worries about his health, too there can be lots of complications from the surgery and long term effects aren t known but it s too much to think about all the time Surprisingly and refreshingly it s Jamie who finds someone else first Her co editor, Heath, finds her attractive and doesn t think she needs fixing Burke goes ballistic when Jamie tells him, but it feels like it s for the best This was a really good and somewhat different look at the politics of fat Jamie s columns do than educate her schoolmates they educate her readers, too, and humanize the fat condition Jamie is still working through a lot of these issues, too, so her turmoil should bring up a lot of discussion It s easy to miss or dismiss these issues if you re not fat, and Jamie and Susan Vaught does a great job showing how the skinny mentality affects everyone and not just fat people For once, I was relieved to find that fat wasn t a size 12, and that the fat girl didn t suddenly lose lots of weight and become skinny and then find that her life was so much better She stays fat, and acknowledges that she wishes she weren t, but that changing her body isn t something she can do right now, or maybe ever , so she s trying to stay positive It s really hard to do that when everyone seems to be against you.I m not sure how many teenage girls will pick this one up It s really good, but the stigma of being fat is really bad And how many kids are going to care about Jamie s problems How many will be sympathetic to her cause It almost seems like this would appeal to college aged women or at least girls who are open to body image issues, feminism, etc It s not easy to be different or be an activist in high school At least, not about fat.

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    I m reading 5 6 YA books about body image and eating disorders for an honors course I was probably most excited about this one, and I took two pages of notes as I read it I ll try to compress them here.Pros Jamie is a confident fat girl whose confidence doesn t magically free her from cultural fatphobia, so sometimes she still struggles e.g., fitting room cries Introduces readers to the idea that most of the misery that comes with being fat is society s fault, not the fat person s Vaught addresses some really important examples of this in Jamie s life, such as receiving inadequate medical attention because it is assumed that all of a fat person s problems can be solved by losing weight One of Jamie s friends is gay or bi and it is presented very casually so yay for representationCons I know I kind of listed this as a pro, but I got frustrated with Jamie so much because she was actually rather insecure I think I came into this book expecting Fat Girl the character who writes her column , who doesn t always match Jamie Jamie still compares herself to her friends, still wants to lose weight, hasn t eaten in front of people since 5th grade, isn t actually totally opposed to surgery for herself, equates being fat with having cancer, does the whole denying that someone could be attracted to me thing, etc I understand the point of this and that it is important character complexity, but it s mostly why I didn t enjoy reading this So even though the very first column she writes addresses the myth that all fat people are miserable and hate themselves and want your advice about losing weight, Jamie herself sometimes fulfills that stereotype It s okay to be stereotypical, but I was overwhelmed by the knowledge that some people will read this and view it as evidence that the stereotype secretly does apply to everyone, and that confident fat people are just lying to themselves Another stereotype that this book doesn t handle well all fat people have wildly different eating habits than normal people, such as 4 chocolate bars as a regular snack, and it s totally everyone s business I have a feeling that the other books with fat protoganists on my list will make a much larger spectacle of the character s diet than this one, though Tired of this trope The few moments where her boyfriend s race is addressed His sisters essentially only dislike Jamie because she s white Is this supposed to be scary reverse racism Also, Jamie addresses the issue that black people are three times likely to die from bariatric surgery but doctors don t know why Well, sociologists do.Anyway, it was okay sums my feelings up pretty well, so 2 stars.

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    I read this book for my Pre AP English class It was actually pretty good, I enjoyed it Though it did get boring sometimes, so that s why I gave it four stars instead of five.The conflict of this book, involving the main character Jamie Carcaterra, dealt with her trying to finish up senior year and getting into a good college In which she would need and wanted to win the NFA National Feature Award for outstanding journalism promoting the public well being, a scholarship to the journalism program of her choice But alas, bigger problems erupt right when Jamie thought things were going to work out well Her boyfriend Burke Westin decides to go ahead with gastric bypass surgery to seem normal , leaving Jamie worried, confused, and angry Mixed feelings, nonetheless She even develops a crush on her partner of the school s newspaper, Heath Montel Along the way, Jamie s newspaper article, Fat Girl Manifesto is pushing huge publicity, forcing Jamie to struggle with everything on her mind The most dynamic characters in this story were Burke Westin and Jamie Carcaterra Burke with his major, life threatening surgery, and Jamie with her struggles throughout the entire book All the rest of the characters, even though many were very important, didn t exactly change in an important way In my opinion, the theme of this story was probably, even though you go through many struggles throughout your life, you can always make the best of it if you try your hardest Even though you ll make many mistakes, you will learn from them and move on to be a better you I m pretty sure you ll be happy with what you choose too I truly think that s how Jamie got through everything in the book She did have to make some tough decisions, and she struggled a lot But she got better at things and moved forward, hoping for the best.

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