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    Sometimes, a story is a painting made with words But even the best paint and brushes can lead to something that only feels partially done With The End of the Computer, all fears are abated It s a story that is well aware of itself, not unlike the so called artificial intelligence at the center of the narrative The author a term that I use questionably, because how can we be sure just who wrote this did an excellent job of weaving anecdotes with exposition and an increasingly tense plot This is science fiction at its finest a journey that asks you to leave your skepticism at the door, but rewards you with an adventure the likes of which you ve never seen, where something as innocuous as a teddy bear could hold the fate of the world in its hands And just when you think the story is going in one direction, it has the power to change course in surprising, interesting ways To really go off the grid, the intriguing cast a collection of players that represent various countries across the world need to work things out on a primal scale It s a definite change of locale and presence, but not any less appealing than the rest of the journey for the new residents of Thunder Valley I would definitely recommend this to fans of science fiction, and am looking forward to reading the stories that follow.

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    Review by Hall of Fame Reviewer Thomas Duff Duffbert This was a unique ride, to say the least The End of the Computer by Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Normally, anything deemed green lowers my interest and expectations a couple notches right from the start I definitely don t qualify as an environmentalist But, balance that against a sci fi novel involving the demise of the computer, and my interest is right back up there Solonitsyn the author takes the reader into a near future scenario where the accidental creation of a super intellient silicon being leads an eclectic group of characters to a decision point that could either save or doom civilization as they know it But regardless of what path they take, millions if not billions will dieThe story centers around a foursome of scientific geniuses who discovered a flaw in a small number of computer chips that would, if all the chips were combined, create a super intellingence that would be infinitely powerful than anyone could imagine They ve written the code that would run this new creation, but there s only one problem Once these chips are placed in the proper alignment to create the new entity, it will also fuse the chips into a burned out lump of silicon There s no second chances, and no additional chips to try it again Further, they ve borrowed money from some government accounts to fund their project, and now the various governments want their money back along with the disappearance of the chips and the people who have them They meet up with another computer genius who used to work for the government until he saw what his ideas were being used for weapons of mass destruction Now off the grid, he has to decide whether he can trust anyone enough to risk bringing the super intelligence to life even though it may put him back on the government s radar screen for elimination.Since it appears that nothing can be done to test the programs or theories before they try their one and only attempt, they put the chips together and get what they had feared melted silicon But in that split second of functioning, the spark of life happens, and they now have someone who has abilities beyond belief, and who can simulate and model everything that exists The results are not encouraging, and the fate of humanity could be at stake depending on which path is followed.As with much sci fi, there is some suspension of disbelief that needs to occur to make the story work In other words, just because something doesn t exist now doesn t mean it wouldn t exist in the future Further, if you accept the initial premise, you have to be willing to follow it into areas that only make sense if you took that first step The End of the Computer works well with that mindset The green aspect of the story comes into play when topics such as genetically modified food and ocean ecology come up There are a couple spots where the book tends to veer a bit into soapbox mode, but it gets back to the story relatively quick The characters are different than what you usually encounter, but I felt they belonged in this setting To top it all off, the problems brought to light in the story are all very real, and the choices are the same ones we all face but generally do very little to resolve It begs the question are we facing the same outcomes The End of the Computer wasn t quite what I expected, but it was definitely worth reading It delivers on the entertainment front, but it also left me wondering about the overall future of humanity and the planet given our current actions.

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    The synopsis boasts that this story is full of intriguing thoughts Yeah sure, I thought, in an action book It also promised whimsical humor, unexpected joy, and deep fulfillment High marks to achieve So, I decided to give it a whirl Besides, the cover was intriguing I love me some nukular splosions Turns out, the claim on the virtual jacket underestimated the impact this story had on me calling those thoughts intriguing was a very mild way of putting it and now, that deep thinking stays with me, and has actually had an impact on several conversations As one of the characters explains it s a little bit like dying, and entirely like being born I looked at where these ideas came from, what the dry facts are though I had to dig and now I have a sense that if we don t do something soon, drastic measures similar to some in this story might have to take place.But, I am not a resident of the Valley of Thunder yet, so let me tell you about the book Like precious carvings being placed in niches made specially for them, beautiful bits of speech are laid in here with simple care they stand out, but are set in their perfect environment When Berkeley is described, I know without a doubt the author sees it both as it is today, and as it was in times past When the women are conversing, they talk like actual women When men talk, even when they express things you don t often hear men verbalize, they sound like real men.A favorite line of mine is given by a fella who has seen too much and done too much, who is being asked to do it all over again bigger, and right this time who has a soul rendering, very personal revelation tissue box time, btw He gives this explanation that should be so obvious, and yet it s ignored all the time You can t fight for a noble cause with heinous actions I don t want to give away too much of the plot The truth is, I can t it s unique in many ways and has a cheeriness to it that belies it s origins and the deeper meaning behind the words Once the story starts gaining speed, you re treated to chapters so different from each other, there s no way of explaining how they form such a coherent whole Let s just say the payload is worth the wait Oh, and you must read all the way to the end Yes, the story ends about 20 pages before the book does, and it s easy to miss on first run through, but if you miss what comes after the story, you ll be very sad, and your tummy will stay empty.Despite everything that happens during the telling of this tale and there s a bunch of not good for our protagonists stuff going on there when you put it down, you feel fulfilled Happy, even Which is totally amazing, given what happens in the later chapters But it makes you want to read it again I ve already read it twice, and now I m a little sad that I ll have to put it down for a while for my brain to refresh so I can read it again for the third time I want to go back to Vallee de Tonnerre See you there.

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    Compare To Lord Of The Rings Really Isn t that a bit of a stretch for a modern book by an author back from the mists of time After all, the last sci fi fantasy piece published by Ballentine Books by the person responsible for this book was nearly forty years ago And that s where it gets fascinating Each book of the Thunder Valley Trilogy of 5 books was written by different persons but the editor for ALL of them is Patrick G Conner That is not lost on me Neither was the radio interview of him on Readers Entertainment Radio last year They asked him just how long he had been writing, and they brought out a place in the third book where it said for over a hundred years Quite insane of course He denied it of course, and said it was a typo Yet once you read the entire series you wonder As it rolls through the centuries you can t help wondering how so much insight could be gleaned from a normal lifespan The Trilogy gets set up in this first book, so in the first couple of chapters you meet people, get used to the way they think before they change It also has a lot about how artificial intelligence could actually happen.Then everything changes And keeps changing for the next many hundreds of pages throughout the five books There is always something surprising as the saga unfolds in intense action The panoply of characters, deep and realistic from the first, just keep getting deeper as you see and about why they are the astounding way they are I think this trilogy has even depth than Tolkien s Big claim Read at least the first two books and see if you don t agree As the blurbs for the books say, you re in for quite a ride.

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    I came across End of the Computer while looking for a unique book series that would be able to capture my attention I was definitely not disappointed with this one This book had me hooked practically from page one You can easily tell that it was written by a well seasoned author This thrilling read had everything you could want out of a book and was jam packed with tons of unexpected twists and turns that kept even me guessing throughout The character development was great and I can t wait to find out about them in the second book in the series If you didn t love a particular character you certainly loved to hate them.I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun book filled with action, adventure, drama, beautiful emotional connections, romance or just a plain good read.

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    An excellent beginning to what promises to be a good trilogy The beginning of the end, this book sets up the world for the end of the computer age and the beginning of something I love Jay, but I can see him going rogue He s already predicted the other AI s will go rogue I see no reason why he won t eventually turn his back on his family He s already illustrated his willingness to act cold towards them, and even with Andre s lecture, he might eventually see no alternative Either that, or his final solution is going to turn on him the next time he accesses the internet Well written, with characters that, while hard to connect to or even tell apart at the beginning, this book is definitely one of my new favourites 5 5

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    Conner s title The End of the Computer might be classified as sci fi or green thriller, but it is so much than that Through truly dynamic and lively characters, it teaches us lessons of life, love, happiness, risk, fear and even cooking But than that, it poses this all important question is this life of instant gratification that we live worth its trouble if it is quickly killing us and our world It was an incredible read, and the lessons and recipes it contained I will carry for life.

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    This book opens a portal It is the first in the series this group of authors is calling The Thunder Valley Trilogy When I first stepped through the portal, there was just this one book It ended somewhat abruptly, and one wondered why Now I know why There is much .The End Of The Computer s central character is a computer, an artificial intelligence who names himself Jay, actually Jefferson Numery, after his two fathers One gives the concept of two fathers little thought until you get further into the series and discover that some of the people are triples , a genetic improvement of human kind that lives a long time and sometimes is only partially dead , but requires two fathers.But that s later In this book, a group of highly intelligent people, including Jay, take on the world to save it from itself The first couple of dozen pages are basic setup for the characters in the series, and are interesting but not quick paced, but then the book pumps up the action until you get breathless just reading about it.And then there is the Black Queen Sequestered in Area 51 for 50 years Responsible for the deaths of the government s brightest scientists, which is not saying a lot, and a host of politicians one day This ultimately strange ship takes the group to Thunder Valley, where they hope to live out their lives peacefully.Small chance of that.This book, this series I m writing this review now because I saw that a fourth book in the trilogy is now available on line, and I thought that this is finally the time to write the review of the first book I ve been putting off for so long is, well, just like that Four books in a trilogy Odd Fun Smiles because things are so unpredictably real And yet there are some moments when there are such deep, poignant things said I use the word said because it doesn t seem like this book was written The characters are much too real The surprises that happen are the kind of surprises that happen in real life Well, maybe a bit bigger than life, sometimes.Anyway, I m in love with Thunder Valley Like so many people who have written about this book, this series, I want to go live there Chances are, if you are an intelligent person who tries to do good, so will you And you start at The End Of The Computer.

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    Day to day life in adventure of technology This book has everything that satifies my thirst for new topics in sci fi, will read the whole series.

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    I got this for free at the Rose City Comic Con Both the book, and my impressions of it, were a bit of a roller coaster My negative opinions about it are mostly because it s very much an agenda book Whether I agree or disagree with a book like that is beside the point the agendas in this book are so blatant as to flatten the characters, situations and plot think Ayn Rand The agendas here are about the harm of GMOs, the military industrial complex, and the pros of polygamy Huh While I m emptying on the negatives, it bugged me that the author used logarithmic growth when he meant exponential than once Finally, the rendering of the lead female characters is stereotypical and annoyingly flat.If it were as simple as those cons, I d have stopped reading very early on There are, sprinkled among the negatives, some lovely observations about love and long term relationships, and a fun page turner yet hopelessly implausible main plot about the ramifications of a hyperintelligent self aware computer that can model the future and control the present It s silly and somewhat fun, but I give it 2 stars because I can hardly say I liked it , but it s okay pretty much sum up my opinions The author seemed to want to cram every one of his opinions into one book I like that the last dozen or so pages are the recipes mentioned in the body of the book Adds some nice verisimilitude.

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About the Author: Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn

Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn was born in Canada, date uncertain see below His father, Mikhail Ivanovich Solonitsyn, was a Russian civil engineer on a long term building project in the far northern territories when he met and married Chantell du Jeunere, a Canadian citizen of French extraction Canada recognizes dual citizenship Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Russian law are both