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Blue Sky Days quotes Blue Sky Days , litcharts Blue Sky Days , symbolism Blue Sky Days , summary shmoop Blue Sky Days , Blue Sky Days eb45608d A Year After Graduating From High School, Nineteen Year Old Emma Ward Feels Lost She Has Spent Most Of Her Life Trying To Please Her Frigid, Miserable Mother Studying Hard, Getting Good Grades, Avoiding The Whole Teenage Rebellion Thing And Now She Feels She Has No Identity Beyond That Because She Spent So Many Years Working Hard And Planning Every Moment Of Her Life, She Doesn T Have Any Friends, Has Never Had A Boyfriend, And Basically Doesn T Know Who She Is Or What She Really Wants From Life Working Two Part Time Jobs To Save Money For College Hasn T Helped Her Make Decisions About Her Future, So She Decides It S Time For A Change She Leaves Home To Live With Her Free Spirited, Slightly Eccentric Aunt Daisy In A Small Town That Makes Emma Feel Like She S Stepped Back In Time When Emma Meets Nicholas Shaw, Everything Changes He S Unlike Anyone She S Ever Met Before, The Kind Of Man She Didn T Even Know Existed In The St Century Carefree And Spirited Like Daisy, Nicholas Teaches Emma To Appreciate Life, The Beauty Around Her, And To Just Let Go And Live Between Daisy And Nicholas, Emma Feels Like She Belongs Somewhere For The First Time In Her Life, And Realizes That You Don T Always Need A Plan Sometimes Life Steers You Where You Re Meant To Be Life Is Wonderful, An Endless String Of Blue Sky Days, Until Nicholas Is Diagnosed With Cancer, And Life Changes Once Again For Emma In Ways She Never Thought Possible Now It S Time For Her To Help Nicholas The Way He S Helped Her Emma Will Have To Use Her New Found Strength, And Discover Along The Way If Love Really Is Enough To Get You Through

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    Okay, I m finally giving in and rating and reviewing my own book I ve seen other authors doing it for months, and I put it off, but here I am.Blue Sky Days is my baby I ve written other novels, but I wanted this to be the first I published, because it s always had a special place in my heart The characters, setting, and story are so real to me They re a part of me and always will be It took me seven years to complete this book, and it was definitely a labour of love.I think Emma is a very relatable character, and I hope other people feel the same way Anyone who s ever gone through an identity crisis, or had unforgiving parents, or were unsure of their future will probably see a bit of themselves in Emma Anyone who s ever felt lost, or friendless, or been stuck in a rut will hopefully sympathize with Emma We ve all had obstacles in our lives, and we ve all gone through transformations of some sort, and those obstacles and transformations are a large part of Emma s journey So is finding love and not just with Nicholas, but also with her family and new friends I hope you will love these characters as much as I do, and that this story will entertain you and touch your heart Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging on this journey it means the world to me.

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    I was really looking forward to reading this book I got excited when I read the summary of the novel, at first glance I thought it was such a fantastic premise I really thought to myself that this sounded like a book I would really enjoy reading but the novel didn t live up to my expectations There were so many things that bugged me about this novel I immensely disliked the character of Emma, who was the narrator of the novel I found her to be dull, self absorbed and incredibly whiny The character whines constantly about how her mother doesn t love her, about how she regrets spending too much time studying in high school because it meant she never had time to enjoy being a teenager, about how she has no friends, etc There are chapters and chapters of this It s annoying and extremely off putting Note to the author Emma hates her mother, we get it, we don t need to be told this a million times, enough already The reader doesn t need to read 100 pages of Emma moaning on and on about her hypercritical mother and her lack of a social life This persistent whinging is quite draining to your readers and drives them crazy The romance storyline is revoltingly sickly sweet and corny Emma and Nicholas s relationship is so perfect it s boring In fact, even the characters are too perfect None of them apart from Emma and her mother have any flaws at all They are all too unbelievable to be realistic Every single one of them is perky, cheerful and easy going ALL OF THE TIME The characters are completely infallible and can do no wrong The novel is chock full of Mary Sues People aren t like this in reality It makes all of Landry s characters, even Emma, seem one dimensional This made it impossible for me to connect with the characters Landry spend a lot of time describing how her characters LOOKED especially Nicholas but not enough time defining her characters personalities All the characters need roughing up The dialogue between Emma and Nicholas seemed false throughout the novel The relationship between the characters was cheesy and unbelievable Romantic moments, which I m sure the author meant to be touching and heart warming, turned out to be unintentionally hilarious as they were so far fetched and nonsensical Absolutely nothing happens in the first 48% of the novel Literally you could skip the first 150 pages and start reading from the middle and not miss a thing There s virtually no exciting twists and turns to keep the reader interested in the first half of the book I think the novel would have been much better if there were multiple narrators instead of one sole narrator I think it would have been interesting to see Emma and Nicholas through the eyes of the other characters This might have made it easier for me to connect with the characters of Emma and Nicholas, as well as help the supporting characters which were poorly developed evolve The second half of the book was better but I thought it seemed a bit rushed I think the author should have put focus on the leukaemia storyline I thought that Nicholas s illness should have been introduced a lot earlier in the novel It would have made the story so much compelling The author padded out the first half of the novel with nonsense that really shouldn t have been there in the first place and then the most interesting part of the story was just squeezed in at the end What was the point in that. I received no enjoyment what so ever from reading this novel At times, it really was a chore to read which is why I m only giving it one star Blue Sky Days is a ridiculously bad romance novel but it may be an excellent cure for insomnia though It s a total snooze fest

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    I really wanted to like this book The summary sounded full of promise young girl struggles to find herself after years of oppression from her mother, meets a young man and eventually has to help him through an extremely difficult situation However, shortly into the story I knew it was going to be a struggle to finish Emma left her home to live with her aunt Daisy after realizing that she will never live up to her overbearing mother s expectations Her goal was to find herself and figure out what she wanted to do with her life She rarely made any effort to do so though, instead she relied on Daisy and Nicholas and his friends to lead her around and make many of her decisions for her Additionally, other than Emma, who is whiny and appears very ignorant, all of the characters are so perfect that they are completely unrealistic Even the town is perfect with it s drive in theater, 50 s style diner and meticulous homes I found it very difficult to relate to the characters or setting and therefore had no connection with them or reason to care what happened.Emma s relationship with Nicholas is also too corny and contrived to be believable All the gazing into each other s eyes and holding hands and sharing their life stories for pages and pages and pages was very dull to read about There was absolutely no conflict to keep me interested As bad as it sounds, I was looking forward to Nicholas cancer diagnosis just to bring something substantial to the story line.As I have been both a cancer patient and a caregiver for a family member battling the disease I am very particular about details when a book uses the illness as a plot point I did not have high hopes for the author s ability to convey all the aspects of the disease and treatment accurately when they rest of the book had been written through such a rose colored filter However, I was mildly surprised at how the diagnosis and treatment was handled Although it doesn t appear that the author did much research into treating leukemia at least there were actual side effects from the chemo, both physically and emotionally The characters were allowed to be less than perfect and the story was readable, at least for a while Unfortunately, the plot twist was predictable and ruined by the cheesy way it was resolved The story once again turned saccharine sweet and annoying and it was with great relief that I finally finished the book.I wish I could say that I enjoyed this book because I admire anyone who has the courage to produce a story and put it out there for other people to read and hopefully be entertained.

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    I was sent this book via the Basically Books group in exchange for a review.I was really looking forward to reading it, the synopsis was really long and I was soon to realise it actually told the whole story the rest in the book was padding The story was about a young girl, who escapes her over protective, not very nice Mother and goes to live with her Aunt, Daisy in a town 3 hours away Emma, who previously had no social life and no friends, quickly falls in love and makes new friends Emma is loving her new life and her new confidence, until Nicholas becomes ill with Cancer and they have a battle to fight together.It was a little bit too padded out I got to 45% through and realised that nothing had happened, apart from a lot of exchanges of feelings and cooking of family dinners I just found this a little bit unrealistic and annoying The book could have cut 100 pages and it wouldn t have lost any of the main elements of the story Thank you for the opportunity to read, unfortunately it wasn t for me.

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    I always love a happy ending.I didn t know what to expect from this book but happy ending was certainly not one of them From the summary to the excerpt, it looks like a really emotional and sad story and I prepared myself for a heavy reading and heartbreaking one.When I started the book, I had a strong feeling that I m going to be one heck of a heart broken for the next couple of hours or days.But the ending Marie Landry made it beautiful She made it worthwhile I knew it didn t matter that I couldn t go back and change things I was right where I was supposed to be at just the right time Emma The story started when Emma decided to spend her summer with her Aunt Daisy and start her journey of self discovery Leaving her dad and her difficult and selfish mother, she went to Riverview and was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery and friendly neighborhood Living with her Aunt Daisy who is vibrant, always full of life, and a total opposite of her mom, Emma began to feel how much time she wasted trying to be a better person to please her mom but lost herself in the process Then she met Nicholas.Kind, caring, thoughtful, and selfless Nicholas The color of his eyes is the beautiful kind of blue and he always seems to radiate goodness and happiness and beauty Who wouldn t fall in love with a guy like Nicholas Shaw From the moment Emma met him, she was attracted to him immediately and though their relationship happened so fast, it feels like they ve been together for a lifetime Even Emma couldn t believe that a guy to good to be true like Nicholas exist in real life I can t help but smile whenever I imagine him and his blue eyes He was so charming and beautiful and everybody loves him He was the kind of man you would want to marry and spend your lifetime with Maybe that s the reason it was even painful to see him dying To see how little by little their blue sky days was taken away from them.The journey I went through by reading this book was a mixture of happiness, hope, love, sadness and heartbreaking moments The author wrote the book so well and her words were beautiful, the writing was detailed, the setting was wonderful and vivid that you would want to live in that place and experience the beauty in it The characters are so real, there s so much goodness in them, they re not perfect but their presence will make you feel all the love and care you need to feel life to live Many times I wished that I have Aunt Daisy with me You can t even ask for with friends like Vince and Maggie It was a refreshing breath of air to be surrounded by amazing characters whom I want to pull out from the book and surrounded myself by their kindness and love I can relate with Emma I actually saw a bit of my old self in her from what she d gone through the uncertainty of the future, the obstacles of dealing with family crisis and finding love Emma seems even real to me than any characters in this book And I promise that if I make it through this, I will be there for you for the rest of our lives If you ll have me If I beat this thing, I want you to marry me I buried my face in his chest, not knowing whether to laugh or cry I wanted to jump and scream and dance around because I was in love and had found the man of my dreams, someone I didn t think even existed outside of fairytales But at the same time, that dream man had just been diagnosed with cancer I couldn t believe I cried too early over this book I know it was expected that Nicholas would be diagnosed by cancer, but at that moment, I felt like I died with Emma I experienced everything that Emma and Nicholas went through and as if I was with them in every step of the way I was surrounded by emotions from Emma and Nicholas, from their family and friends It felt so real You re going to give him all you have, just like you ve been doing, and when you don t think you ve got anything left to give you re going to dig deeper and somehow find strength Daisy I know it won t be enough for me to say that this book is really good I really enjoyed it from the beginning up to the last page Especially the last page The sadness, the heartbreak, the sorrow of the possibility of losing someone you love it will make you appreciate life, it will make you love , and it will give you the strength to hold on And miracles I always believe in miracles And from now on, whenever I look at the sky, no matter what the season is, I will always remember the blue sky days.Note Pardon me for adding too much quotes, they re just so beautiful and meaningful to share xoxo.

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    Full review can be found here.I have to be honest as I start this review I think that this is one of the most difficult reviews that I have ever written Even in my own head I am very torn about this book On the one hand, I did like the story and the message that it conveys, but on the other hand it was lacking something for me But what, exactly, was it lacking Well, I m finding that I can t quite put my finger on that I m going to try to figure it out for myself as I write this.So what s the book about The synopsis covers that extensively Emma, having always lived in her mother s shadow as she strives for her approval, finally sets out to discover life and what she wants from it So she goes to live with her aunt Daisy in the small town of Riverview and there she embarks on a voyage of self discovery She soon meets Nicholas and her voyage of self discovery becomes the adventure of falling in love for the first time But her summer happiness is doomed when Nicholas is diagnosed with cancer and Emma has to find new pillars of strength inside herself in order to be the rock that Nicholas needs to help him weather this storm.I much preferred the second half of the story, but why I think that the answer lies in the fact that in the first half of Blue Sky Days there is no threat in any form There s nothing hanging over their heads as the reader knows that the cancer problem is coming, but the characters don t It s not even really the story of Emma and Nicholas falling in love as that happens right off the bat It s a chronicle of what they did together that summer There are two what I m going to term speeds Most of the time things were set on play and the reader would experience events as Emma lived them Other times it was like things were on fast forward as Emma gave the lowdown on what they d been doing until we re caught up with her present again.Because there was no threat to what was going on, to their happiness, I felt a bit like a voyeur standing at a window and looking in on these people, which in turn left me ill at ease More than this, though, the physical interactions between the characters left me uncomfortable Now, I consider myself to be a fairly touchy feely person and I m all about hugs and kisses much to my boyfriend s ever lasting frustration , but these characters took touchy feely to a whole new level They were constantly kissing each other on the cheek or forehead or hugging even when it was the first time they d met This may be a culture issue, I don t know Again, I just felt bordering on voyeuristic by the intimacy of it all.I didn t really feel the growing relationships between the characters at this point either Daisy and Emma already had a close relationship before the events of the book even started Maggie and Vince, Nicholas s friends, didn t really get much on page time and the reader just had to take Emma s word for it when she mentioned that they d become friends during one of the fast forward passages and I felt that the scenes between Emma and Nicholas were a way of chronicling the events of the summer than really showing the evolution of their feelings as the feelings just seemed to be there as of the get go.It was interesting to watch Emma come to find her own two feet with the help of these other characters but I found that my discomfort during this half of the story was often hard to overlook and the fact that for 50% of the book there was nothing to threaten their happiness meant that I felt that they had nothing to lose Consequently, it was hard to stay interested at times.The second half of the book really picked up I know that some readers were reduced to tears when reading this half of the book as Nicholas has to fight leukaemia Personally, I didn t cry but I suspect that this stems from my difficulties connecting with the characters in the first half of the book.Funnily enough this part of the story reflects events that took place in my boyfriend s family just before I was drawn into the fold We re talking almost the exact same trials and tribulations as Emma and Nicholas and the same mentality on coming out the other side It s very true that such an experience leaves you with a very different outlook on life There were a good number of quotes in this part of the book that really impacted me The most important of these was something that Daisy says to Emma when Emma s feeling close to breaking point as things go from bad to worse You re going to give him all you have, just like you ve been doing, and when you don t think you ve got anything left to give you re going to dig deeper and somehow find strength I loved this quote It meant so much to me I wish I knew how to add quotes to GoodReads so I could add that one to my favourites, alas I don t.This was a very poignant insight into the horror that people friends and family of cancer sufferers go through every day I ve been there, done that, got the t shirt, though my experience was diagnosed as terminal so there was never a point when raised hopes were dashed as they are in the book I think the most striking scene for me was when Emma climbed into her car and just broke down, she felt so powerless and that translated really well.In fact, the author s ability to portray these feelings as several of the characters end up feeling like ships without anchors was really admirable She s got great talent for bringing such emotions to life for the reader Had I connected with the characters better, I m sure that I too would have been reduced to a blubbering mess.Emma s dad also makes his appearance in the second half after having been or less absent for the first half of things He s supposedly breaking free from the chains that shackle him to his selfish, unfeeling wife but most of this goes on off page so the reader doesn t really get to observe his evolution I would have liked to have seen or it As it was it felt like it was a little too much in the way of tying things up with that bow of perfection It didn t help that I found the mother s character very hard to believe I just feel that had she really been jealous that her only child chose to spend her time with her aunt instead of her mother, the mother would have gone to lengths to get her back rather than just keep pushing her farther and farther away at each point.So I find that I m torn about this book I think really this is in part my own fault as the reader for not connecting very well with the book When I look at it from a distance, I m aware that this book is worth at least 4 stars, but it just didn t work that well for me I enjoyed it for the most part but I wasn t invested in it.The message, however, is perfect May we all strive to make every day a blue sky day.

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    The characters were so relatable in the beginning.As the story progressed it became too much of a good thing Nicholas was way too good to be true Basically all the characters were Daisy, Sam, Maggie, Vince I feel like I never really got to know anyone besides Emma Further, I thought that as the story progressed it got and unbelievable Of course when Emma picks up a camera for the first time she finds out she s an amazing photographer Of course the small town has magical healing powers Of course she meets the man of her dreams her very first night in town The only character that had any flaws was Emma s mother and she was almost cartoon evil It was all very Lifetime movieesk I even think the author could of done without the cancer storyline It took what could of been a happy love story into maudlin territory for no real reason except to tell the readers how much they Emma and Nicholas loved each other At that point their love for each other was already apparent I guess that s my main problem with the story The author seemed afraid to show the readers how the characters felt Instead she had to tell it in about 98 different ways In the beginning Nicholas was awesome and made me practically swoon I just wish he had developed some flaws as the story progressed I think it s a great book for the holiday season because people tend to be less cynical then and it has that sort of Hallmark Christmas movie feel.

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    3.5 5 wingsPart of the blog tour www.faeryinkpress.comWRITING 3 5So I ve been pretty busy this month editing and writing about editing and so when I crawl into bed at night and read something, it s pretty hard to turn off my editor s eye While the sentence structure was fine and Landry could often paint lovely pictures of characters with a giant stroke of her magical writing paintbrush, I was laying there with a giant red pen crossing out the redundant paragraphs of description telling that did not need to be there We know that Emma is learning to live a fuller life, and that moving to Riverview was the best thing that ever happened to her This is evident not just because you tell us it is so, but because of what she does and how she acts There s a point in the editing process where we have to remove the words that bog down the story so that it can really grow and shine.PLOT 4 5While the first half dragged on, about 45% the way through, things started to get interesting Nicholas was finally diagnosed with cancer I don t think it s a spoiler to say that, as it s in the description and the tension starts like a BANG In my opinion, I think the disease should have been introduced earlier or, he should have been diagnosed earlier, before the beginning of the book, and only reveal it to Emma half way through Having Nicholas know that he might die soon yet loving the life he is creating with Emma would have created a interesting character dilemma that Emma could ve sniffed out.If you read Landry s author bio acknowledgements, you ll see that fighting cancer is a subject that is personal to her, so, kudos for writing about a difficult subject and conveying the pain that one goes through when someone you love is suffering Near the end, I actually had no idea what would happen to Nicholas, and I was concerned for his well being It really made me think what I would do if something happened to Dave and I think that s probably what makes this book special its ability to allow the reader to place herself in the situation.And, I loved the idea of the Blue Sky Days I thought that was very real and did kind of tie the first half of the book to the second half.CHARACTERS 3 5Like I said above, Landry often had the ability to paint people with one stroke, and give you an image of a character The story was populated with several characters that loved each other very much and considered one another as family this was endearing in the second half of the book when there was real hardship, but in the first half when nothing was wrong I found it a little cheesy.In addition, everyone had a similar voice and it sometimes broke the illusion They would talk about their inner feelings in a way that seemed forced kind of like they were talking heads The exception would probably be Nicholas his dialogue seemed genuine, especially after his diagnosis.I found Emma relateable to a certain point again, the repetitious paragraphs about her learning how to live life to the fullest, etc, were a little much and I think got in the way of her character development Yes, her character developed, but I felt like I was an observer rather than a participant in the growth.OVERALL 3.5 5The writing was a little repetitious, but the story kept me going Second half held my attention much , and at times it was emotionally gripping Recommended for those who want to read about a romantic relationship that is tested through hardship.

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    See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts Amazing.That s my review just kidding Seriously though, this novel was amazing Purely and completely amazing I used to wonder what made people say that someone had a remarkable debut, but with Marie Landry I wonder this no Believe me, I m not just gushing because I ve gotten to know Marie a little bit over these last few months I am being truly honest her work can speak for itself.There is something about Emma that sincerely appeals to the side of me that wants to not only do , but be The journey she has taken on is entirely new to her a new place, new people, new life She s technically been an adult for a short time but it feels like much longer since she grew up fast She missed out on so many of the little things, like a sunrise, and she learns to appreciate them.Emma s relationship with Nicholas is one of the most beautiful ones I have read Even as I am typing up this review, I am tearing up thinking about it Nicholas sees how amazing Emma is, despite the fact that she feels she has nothing amazing about her at first He sees what she really is, the person she can be, the one that can break through the walls she built up over the years that hid that person They fall head over heels in love, and can you blame either of them No, you can see from the start they were destined for each other.When the knowledge of Nicholas having cancer comes into play, the entire focus of the story remains Emma is right by his side, and their love plays a role in how things progress They face the ups and downs of the illness, hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel Faint glimmers of hope appear and disappear Through thick and thin, Emma and Nicholas pull through just as strong as they were over the summer.The story isn t just a love story between Emma and Nicholas Emma s aunt Daisy plays a huge role that impacts Emma s very perspective Nicholas introduces her to his friends Maggie and Vince, who are really cool people, and she meets his father Sam, too, who is just as sweet as Nicholas.Along the way, Emma talks with her parents a little bit Her mother is still attempting to control her in any way possible Although her mother isn t very nice, her father tries to stay in touch The way things end up with her and her parents is a very accurate depiction of reality Not everything can be tied up into neat and pretty little bows, some things come undone and can never be put back together again It doesn t matter what happens, but how you choose to react to these situations Emma makes some brave choices that shape her into an incredible young woman.Blue Sky Days is a journey beyond compare A love story in every sense of the word, a larger than life lesson, a renewed sense of self Marie Landry s storytelling ability connects the reader to the story to the point where their eyes cannot stray from the page Yes, you will cry I did Yes, you may even sob oh boy, I certainly did But, you will never regret reading this novel and I mean never I, for one, am anxiously awaiting what else Marie has in store.My Rating Exceptional Stay up until at least 1 AM

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    Blue Sky Days by Marie Landry First I want to thank Marie Landry for giving me the opportunity to read and review her amazing novel This novel is about a young woman becoming her own person, finding herself and finding true love Emma is a 19 year old woman, who has been raised by a very controlling mother she is demanding and critical she has set impossible standards the no one including Emma could live up to But Emma tried she worked hard all way through high school, yet her mother never recognized one of her accomplishments Emma hoped one day her mother would at least show some pride in all Emma s hard work but that day never came Emma realized that she has lived most of her life trying to get her mother s approval and finally realizes she is never going to get it With nothing to show for all her hard work Emma knows she has lost herself along the way With all her unanswered question Emma decides to go visits her Aunt Daisy for the summer, Aunt Daisy is an artist, she has a carefree soul, lives life to the fullest and Emma wishes she could be like her Emma travels to Riverview with plans of spending the summer with her aunt learning how to enjoy herself and hopefully figuring out whom she is and what she wants to do with her future The small town of Riverview is comforting and Emma feels at home for the first time in her life Still not know what she is going to do with her life her aunt encourages her to just to relax and have fun Sitting in the park one afternoon Emma meets Nicholas Shaw, he is unlike any boy she has ever met He is kind, respectful and very handsome he enjoys life to the fullest he sees the small things around him and enjoys every moment Nicholas asks Emma out on a date to show her around town Emma is so nervous she has never gone out on a date she hasn t even had a first kiss The romance that sparks between these two is amazing it is what us girls say what dreams are made from Emma knows she is falling in love with Nicholas The romance between these two is fresh, romantic and inspiring Life is wonderful and for the first time in her life Emma is happy But things change, for two weeks Emma hasn t seen Nicholas, deep down Emma knows something is wrong she finally goes to his house and confronts him Nicholas has been diagnosed with cancer He offers her a way out but Emma knows she is in love with him and wants to be at his side every step of the way.This story is about love, courage and strength and I will say it is one of the best books I have read this year.Marie s writing is fantastic her words flowed so well you won t put the book down, well maybe a couple times to wipe your eyes or blow your nose I can honestly say I will be reading this book again and will be purchasing a hard copy of it when it is published.I recommend this book to everyone I know cancer is a deep subject but this isn t about the cancer this is about the strength of love Emma and Nicholas have for each other and the love of their family and friends who stand by them to help them through the hardest times of their lives The question is can love really heal all things

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