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[Read] ➪ American Hipster  By Hilary Holladay – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 American Hipster , meaning American Hipster , genre American Hipster , book cover American Hipster , flies American Hipster , American Hipster 3361937bf778f American Hipster The Life Of Herbert Huncke, The Times Square Hustler Who Inspired The Beat Movement Tells The Tale Of A New York Sex Worker And Heroin Addict Whose Unrepentant Deviance Caught The Imagination Of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, And William S Burroughs Teetering Between Exhaustion And Existential Despair, Huncke Rhymes With Junky Often Said, I M Beat, Man His Line Gave Kerouac The Label For A Down At The Heels Generation Seeking Spiritual Sustenance As Well As Kicks In Post War AmericaRecognizable Portraits Of Huncke Appear In Junky , Burroughs S Acerbic Account Of His Own Heroin Addiction Howl , The Long, Sexually Explicit Poem That Launched Ginsberg S Career And On The Road , Kerouac S Best Selling Novel That Immortalized The Beat Generation But It Wasn T Just Huncke The Character That Fascinated These Writers They Loved His Stories Kerouac Called Him A Genius Of A Storyteller And A Perfect Writer His Famous Friends Helped Huncke Find Publishers For His StoriesBiographies Of Kerouac And The Others Pay Glancing Tribute To Huncke S Role In Shaping The Beat Movement, Yet No One Until Now Has Told His Entire Life Story American Hipster Explores Huncke S Youthful Escapades In Chicago His Complicated Alliances With The Beat Writers And With Sex Researcher Alfred Kinsey And His Adventures On The Road, At Sea, And In Prison It Also Covers His Tumultuous Relationship With His Partner Louis Cartwright, Whose Murder Remains Unsolved, And His Idiosyncratic Career As An Author And Pop Culture IconWritten By Hilary Holladay, A Professor Of American Literature, The Book Offers A New Way Of Looking At The Whole Beat Movement It Draws On Holladay S Interviews With Huncke S Friends And Associates, Including Representatives Of The Literary Estates Of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, And Huncke Her Examination Of Huncke S Unpublished Correspondence And Journals At Columbia University And Her Longtime Study Of The Beat Movement

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    Huncke was the true inspiration to the beat movement, having a direct influence on Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs He was also the wordbook for the origination of the beatnik glossary However his beatness was purely centered around being down and out, weathered and torn, as a result of his 24 7 pursuit of a fix, with the spiritual literary connotations coming later with the rise of Ginsberg and Kerouac What I found particularly illuminating is that the origins of the beat movement actually start in Chicago, centered around Towertown, Chicago s bohemia in the early twentieth century and forerunner to Greenwich Village Living until age 82, he endured much longer than many of the other beats, ultimately dying in hospital where he was often found asleep with a straw in one hand and a dusty bag on his chest.

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    Before I began this book, I knew nothing about Herbert Huncke I was aware of and have read some of the Beats Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs but have never paid terribly close attention to them Suddenly, with this biography, I m intrigued Huncke was something of a minor planet in this solar system of writers, but still a remarkable figure This book tells a fascinating story.

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    This is an interesting read This is the man who inspired the Beat Movement , but is pretty much a detestable person He steals from his friends, is heavily addicted to drugs, and basically just lives off of others It s cool that he coined the term beat and that he was an impressive storyteller It s cool he shows up in so many literary books of the Beats It s cool he was part of the history of the Kinsey research on sex But he basically is just a leech Right till the end of his life In Jack Kerouac s works, he is Junkey in The Town and the City , and Elmer Hassel in On The Road In Go by John Clellon Holmes, he is Albert Anche For Allen Ginsberg, he is the man with shoes full of blood in Howl So, Huncke is a big piece of the Beat movement But a sad, sad piece too.

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    Well written, well researched, an extremely sympathetic portrait of the original beat Think An American Genet , with a smile enigmatic than the Mona Lisa s He seared his way into the minds of many who met him and was a muse for a great many writers, including Burroughs, Ginsberg who walked all night with their shoes full of blood on the snowbank docks and Kerouac, among others Roommate and houseguest of many, who apparently didn t mind terribly when their typewriter suddenly went missing He is immortalized in their books under many names In the book, he comes off as a sinister cuddle bunny if you can wrap your mind around that Excerpts of his own prose were electrically vivid, so much so that his works will be among my next reads.

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    Absolutely perfect book about an absolutely beautiful man My favorite piece I would like that my seed be blown to some inaccessible mountain crag and there become a sturdy bush or tree to cling there tenuously thru wind rain storm and seasons living in my aerie visited only by an occasional venturesome mountain beast or perhaps cast shade upon a visiting snake or hold the weightlessness of a high flying bird That is my prayer I love earth and would spend the next few centuries there above the tumult of the cities and away from people I am afraid God won t grant that wish since I been of such weak stuff here Why trust my roots to a wind swept mountain I d undoubtedly lack the stamina to push down deep enough to really hold and the first good wind would pull me loose and I would end up bleached and dead behind some boulder in some gully far below Herbert Huncke, When I Die 1960

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    Fascinating book and really fleshes out the life of a character that just flashes in an out of Beat Novels Recommended for anyone interested in the backstory of the Beats and that era.

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