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Their Winter Courtesan summary Their Winter Courtesan , series Their Winter Courtesan , book Their Winter Courtesan , pdf Their Winter Courtesan , Their Winter Courtesan c9c6266adb In January Of , The Oldest Profession Is Alive And Well Courtesans Lucinda Charles And Rae Miles Have Been Summoned To Castle Greymar To Satisfy The Varying Tastes Of Five Noblemen Each One Capturing Her Interest With Their Own Unique Bedroom Lusts Unimaginable Pleasure Turns To Terror When Howls Can Be Heard In The Night, A Nobleman Disappears And Lucinda S Companion, Rae, Mysteriously Leaves Without Saying A Word While Her Time Spent With The Masked Noblemen And Their Arousing Toys Takes Her To New Heights, She Worries About What Evil Lurks At The Seaside Estate Should Her Premonition Be True, Will It Overtake Her Before One Of The Noblemen Have A Chance To Claim Her Heart

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    I read this story for two reasons 1 the dark secrets intrigued me, this sounded like it would be gothic in tone and 2 the excerpt I read was promising I really wish this had lived up to that potential.You know how some erotica tries to dress up the fact its all about the sex by having interesting characters or interesting interactions or something that gives the reader something then sex here, there and everywhere Ella Vines didn t even attempt that.She s all over the place in terms of plot, character motivations and consistency in character actions Possibly the only character who remains true to her first impression is Rae and that s because she s in it for only a few pages Lucinda veers widely between I want love and affection to Sex sex sex so often I wasn t sure if I was missing something or if she was just that confused about what she wanted Rae was pretty up front about it she liked sex and being a Courtesan guaranteed her sex with different men.Lucinda s patron, Hugh, was justmenancing Not necessarily in a good way either He made all sorts of creepy comments, glared at anyone and everyone who touched her but liked watching and in general acted weird Considering first Lucinda is puppy eyed over him and thinks he s the sweetest man on Earth to finding him to be a monster I really have to wonder how differently he acted before the house party.The other guys are given broad strokes, with Thomas possibly getting development, but then acting even inconsistent The entire house suffered from a lack of common sense and logical thinking is what it all boiled down to Two things that REALLY bugged me though were paranormal elements were tossed about willy nilly yellow eyes in the dark crazy howling , but came to nothing The ending is rather abrupt and obvious This is really just not worth buying especially at 3.99 I m sorry to say.

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