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Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) pdf Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) , ebook Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) , epub Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) , doc Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) , e-pub Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) , Called to Order (The Order of Vampyres, #1) 624db66c57a Vampires In An Amish Order A RomanceIsolated In The Quiet Hills Of Pennsylvania Is An Amish Order Unlike Any Other They Are Vampyre Adam Hartzler Has Always Been An Honorable Immortal, But When He Is Called To His True Mate The Line Between Right And Wrong Begins To Blur If He Does Not Find Her Soon He Will Lose His Soul And Die The Longer He Waits The Less He Is In Control With Only His Dreams To Guide Him, Adam Sets Out On A Journey To Claim His Mate And Return Home With Her Before It Is Too Late Annalise Snow Is Forced Into A Destiny She Did Not Choose When She Awakens On A Primitive Farm In The Arms Of A Man Determined To Have Her Passion And Emotion Collide When Two Strangers, Bound By Destiny, Become Each Other S Salvation, But Will Their Bond Survive The Ultimate Sacrifice Or Will Eternity Begin With Betrayal

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    I loved the Surrender Trilogy by this author and went straight from that to this series.I found this one to be very slow moving and almost stopped at 30%, but I struggled though to the end The combination of vampires, the Amish and the calling sounded better in the blurb On the fence about reading the next in the series.

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    Amish vampyres, Wow, never thought I would be typing that LOL After reading the blurb I just HAD to check out Called to Order And it was actually pretty darn awesome While the popular find your destined mate or be destroyed plot comes into play the rest of the story is very unique Evil, millionaire, playboy vampires NOPE Not going to find them here Adam s character is the epitome of everything good and honorable if you can forgive a little kidnapping LOL Our heroine, Anna, is a very normal 23 year old working nicely toward her five year plan The last thing she expects is a handsome man with a quirky accent invading her dreams and life.When Adam brings Anna to his community she must make the hard decision of committing to a new way of life or let Adam be destroyed.Lydia Michaels has a very poetic way with words From the first chapter I was engrossed with her beautifully detailed dream sequences The words seemed to flow off the pages until I found myself closing my eyes and wishing I was lounging in a meadow in the Amish country side With the talent and imagination shown in Called to Order I will be keeping eye on Ms Michaels I have a feeling she ll become quite popular in the years to come.

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    was an almost poetic element to Ms Michael s writing that turned this story into a living, breathing, thing I was sucked in with that first lyrical sentence I could taste the honeysuckle dancing along my tongue, and feel the pleasure quivering in my belly Her ability to seduce your senses aside, her ideals were mind blowing I m a supernatural buff I ve loved all things that go bump in the night since I was a little girl So, there aren t many ways you can shock me with versions of vampirism.

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    Originally posted at are three things that drew me to this novel erotic, vampires and Amish This is one mixture I never saw coming.In this new take on vampires, they live in a closed society They rebuff all the conveniences of the modern world and live solely unto themselves They grow and raise all their own food and live a quiet life that encompasses family and friends When a true mate calling occurs, a vampire must listen If they don t, they become what history has painted vampires to be mindless thirsty creatures hell bent on the filling their burning desire for blood and lust, one human at a time.Adam has been called When a vampire is called, his soul is reaching out to his mate and if he does not find her soon, he will lose himself and become feral Adam is running out of time He sets out into a foreign world he never dreamed of entering If he can t find her soon, his people will be forced to kill him There s only one hope for Adam s survival, his true mate.Annalise is alone in the world But she doesn t let that stop her from reaching her goals She has worked hard to get a college degree and is only weeks away from graduating All of her past sacrifices are about to pay off One moment she s relatively happy with the completion of her schooling, her job as a waitress and her also with her boyfriend The next moment she is in a strange new environment, forced to comply with rules she has no understanding of She s now living in an archaic society where men rule and women follow.While there is a strong mutual attraction between these two people their differences are a constant reminder of how dissimilar they are This is even before Annalise knows Adam s biggest secret, that he s a vampire If he can t convince her that they re fated to be together, he ll die The problem is if he does convince her, she will need to die in his place.According to the acknowledgments in this novel, this is the first published works of Ms Michaels I will have to say her all around style is wonderful and her idea behind this new series is quite unique She has blended three elements that I never realized might just work Her writing was exceptional, but the foundation of the story just didn t sing to me.I m not sure what I was expecting Personally when I think of an Amish type society I think that a religious base will be present Considering the other two elements of the novel are vampires and erotic, I am glad that I was wrong I think that that was one of my problems and I couldn t get past the preconceived idea I was expecting religion to pop up around every corner in this erotic novel.The pacing in the story was also slow for me Adam and Annalise s relationship was built slowly and it was not until the last quarter of the book, that I was finally immersed into the plot Considering the majority of the book was based on a look into their culture, it makes sense that it had a slower pace Then there was also the forcing of Annalise to live in a total alien society I had a really hard time with that Also the male female dynamics of this world were very hard for me to absorb.I believe people who have an understanding of this type of culture and know going in that erotic romance and religion do not play together in this book, may enjoy Called to Order immensely It just did not work for me.Though I wasn t enad with this book I do plan to read the next story in the series, Calling for a Miracle She has already built an amazing beginning for this next story and I likely will not have the same hang ups that I had from Called to Order In the next book, two vampires fall in love and they are set for some explosive interactions and I m looking forward to that very much.Called to Order is a very different take on vampires and Ms Michaels is an author to watch out for Her imagination and writing are exceptional I have a feeling she s going to be a rising star

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    Fantastic book, I love how it was wrote with the Amish community in mind, a brilliant ideal.

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    Completely unique Amish vampires might seem like an oxymoron but Lydia makes it work perfectly

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    See my review on the bookstrand site

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    I m fairly new to vampires Dracula and the twilight series are it but this might be the book to convert me It grabbed me from the first page and wouldn t let go until the end Lydia Michaels write beautifully she creates wonderful images of the farms of Pennsylvania and the life of the Amish, then somehow manages to put in an unlikely vampire order in the middle that is totally believable Adam the hero is very much the gentle hunk of many romance novels but the vampire edge which becomes really edgy as he has to delay his bonding for my tastes makes him much interesting, as does the family tensions over the heroine I won t do a spoiler but its very well done and keeps you wanting to read to find out what happens The heroine is gutsy and says what she thinks and often what we might say in some very unlikely and out there circumstances, which is great because it makes the whole scenario all the real The author treads a narrow line between making the hero s abilities to change her thoughts keep her there versus her own decisions because of what she actually feels for him, but manages it beautifully so we feel she is neither coerced nor a wimp, and that their love is real The darkness lurking in the background from the start threads through the book with a wonderful ending that makes this a complex book than some romances and all the enjoyable for it Keep on writing

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    I stumbled across this book on accident and I am so glad I did Called to Order is an awesome story about a modern girl, Anna, who is destined to be with a vampire, Adam However, the vampire is from an Amish Order That is how they keep their existence secret There are so many original and clever elements to this story I am not even sure what to list first For one, it reads almost like a time travel book When the characters are out and about in the modern world Called to Order is a contemporary romance, but once they are on the Amish farm they are without electricity and many other modern amenities There is also the change in dynamic and roles between men and women once on the farm Lydia Michaels actually had me laughing out loud at a few parts It was amusing to see a modern girl thrown into an Amish setting and vise versa with Adam, an Amish vampire tossed into the modern world The characters were well defined, the descriptions were beautiful Lydia Michaels has a way with words, that s for sure The plot will keep you guessing, the love scenes are outstanding, and the story was all together fantastic I cannot wait to read the second book in this series

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    Book Blurb Isolated in the quiet hills of Pennsylvania is an Amish order unlike any other they are vampyre Adam Hartzler has always been an honorable immortal, but when he is called to his true mate the line between right and wrong begins to blur If he does not find her soon he will lose his soul and die The longer he waits the less he is in control With only his dreams to guide him, Adam sets out on a journey to claim his mate and return home with her before it is too late Annalise Snow is forced into a destiny she did not choose when she awakens on a primitive farm in the arms of a man determined to have her Passion and emotion collide when two strangers, bound by destiny, become each other s salvation, but will their bond survive the ultimate sacrifice Or will eternity begin with betrayal

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