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  • Kindle Edition
  • 325 pages
  • The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1)
  • Sabrina Chase
  • English
  • 15 October 2017

10 thoughts on “The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1)

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    3.5 really, rounded up for having a whole bunch of strong female characters, living in a world with zero apparent sexism Nobody underestimates anyone because they are female, nobody uses sexual wiles to get their way, and all professionals officers, mercenaries, criminals, pilots, etc are as likely to be female as male Bechtel test blown away And all without any author preaching or even calling your attention to it The universe just is not sexist Happy dance.If you just switched character sexes, it would have a worked perfectly well with hardly a blip and b been a solid, but not overwhelmingly excellent book So that s 3.5 Oddly, for me, I feel as though this book is too concise Too boiled down with extraneous words gone It s dense You get an enormous amount of action, plot and characters packed into 271 pages The author could have turned this book alone into three books It was tough at the start especially for me to get used to this speedy pacing Later I got used to it, but it robbed me of a bit of the immersive experience I enjoy with a good book Each time I d settle into one setting or situation, wham bam, it would change New planet New fight New secondary cast Lastly I hate the cover It s a major disappointment Here I am reading a book with a kick ass heroine and the cover shows her being all rescued victim, with an oddly large bust and what looks like lipstick, in someone s arms As I read, I thought I d come to a scene that justified or explained it I did not Finally I realized the cover represents action that took place BEFORE the book started And nowhere in the book are the big bust or lipstick explained Just weird.Les Petersen who did the cover art should be chastised.

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    The Long Way Home is the first book I have read by Sabrina Chase, and I thoroughly enjoyed it It provides a rollicking good story with a nice mix of mystery, action, and suspense It is a good example of what is being called human wave science fiction Human wave stories are not like the recently fashionable dystopian tales They are often space operatic, and, I would say, are restoring the sense of wonder to SF The book ends on a hopeful note, but with a lot of mysteries unsolved That is alright, however, because the story continues for two books in which I expect all will be revealed Raven s Children and Queen of Chaos, both now available.Who would like this book Well, if you liked Elizabeth Moon s Serrano Legacy and Vatta s War books or David Weber s Honor Harrington books, this might be a good book for you.

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    When I finished this book, I screamed OUT LOUD This is why I have this shelved under wtf ending My husband looked over and said books are supposed to be private ok because I was apoplectic This was last night So The thing is, I love this book The bad thing is the ending is just a punch in the gut in that while it isn t technically a cliff hangar it just..ends like having a movie end in the middle Oh wait, it is like having a book end..before it is supposed to be ending.I still love this book however Moira Cameron is the only survivor from her ship Bon Accord Being the pilot she was burdened by her commander and lover to return back to Earth with information about their discovery, meanwhile her crew died so that she may do this Obviously this information is terribly important that her entire crew would sacrifice their lives so she could make it back Somehow the usually minor adjustment they call Einstein s revenge that gives a 2 hour shift in time when exiting web space travel propels her 80 years in the future Instead of NASA to report to a huge nefarious corporation, Toren, exists and happens to be THE military contractor du jour Moira is essentially a fugitive from a tireless corporation that will do virtually anything to get to her This is her story, she is sad as you can only imagine being isolated so far in the future and removed from everything she held dear, having so little real reason to live any but wanting to tell anyone that would can be responsible for the burden she carries This book is full of harrowing events, an ensemble cast of characters, touching scenes Moira comes across as incredibly capable, very human and decent She doesn t seem so much as an angel of Mary Sue so much as an intelligent determined woman that is struggling to survive against the Goliath I love, Ennis, poor poor Ennis I love Alan, dear sweet Alan I am glad there is another book already available and I have already snatched it up I looked online immediately after reading this because of the ending and felt a serious dose of relief that this is a TRILOGY This book actually made me cry I love Moira and want to see how it all turns out BTW I m writing this really quickly I m on vacation..I ll come back and edit if I have to p

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    The scope of this book is magnificent From the frontlines of a war in space to the backwater planets on the Fringe, this book has a little bit of everything.Mercenaries, Fleet military, pirates, and pioneers The cast of characters are vast, varied and colorful The landscape is just as rich From planetside to ship life, you get a taste of everything All without missing a beat.The character development is phenomenal Moire is vulnerable in her pain at being stranded 80 years from her time Yet she shows a strength that is admirable Her resourcefulness causes even respect.I really felt her loneliness at being the only survivor from her crew and her determination to complete her mission I also felt her desperation as she felt the odds weigh against her as she realized how unlikely it would be for her to succeed against the giant corporation Toren with all its resources You can also feel her desperation as she struggles to survive despite these odds Her difficulties with adjusting to life in the present age with all its idiosyncrasies also makes it a very realistic story.Ennis is an intriguing character with his strength and his sensitivity His intelligence is something I admire, if not his ambition I really enjoyed reading about him as his story unfolded and intertwined with Moire s.There were unexpected plot twists that I appreciated as the book went on It kept me on my toes and kept me glued to the pages I look forward to the second book of the series which I ll be reviewing next.Sabrina Chase doesn t disappoint fans with The Long Way Home It was a very entertaining and satisfying read.

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    Wow, a great first novel Wonderful pacing and characters, good hard sci fi world building, just enough complexity in plotting to be compelling.Be warned, this book is really the first half of at least two books in the series.Very good stuff here And, WOW, Kudos for self publishing WELL DONE

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    Very good I liked Moira I hope she fulfills her mission

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    Sometimes my subscription to Bookbub really, really pays off The Long Way Home is a fantastic SF Space Opera adventure tale Chase takes the concept of in medias res and RUNS with it the preview on dropped me right into the middle of a battle, and dropped just enough hints about protagonist Moire Cameron s mysterious secret to reel me in By the time I reached the end of the sample chapters, I was thoroughly invested.It doesn t end there Chase is completely unafraid to skip big chunks of time and drop you right into something else exciting It s almost never disorienting, and a few shared threads Toren, Sequoyah, Alan keep it from feeling too episodic And the technique allows Chase to cover a lot of time and a lot of space, giving the book a great sense of scale.It also allows her to introduce lots of great secondary characters mercenaries, Fleet officers, planet dwellers, or ship crew They mostly all feel well fleshed out, even if they only appear once or twice Again, scale The primary characters are of course also great Moire and Ennis and Alan, I guess all get viewpoints that feel distinct, and true to their characterization.The writing is overall pretty strong I would hazard a guess that the manuscript was edited and or Ms Chase is a stronger writer than most of the indies on as my reading experience was very smooth and free of grammar errors Or at least none that jarred me from the story.I do think the book has a couple rough edges that an industry editor would have sanded down, but overall the book is charming, well written, and a LOT of fun.Fair warning while the ending isn t exactly a cliffhanger it ends at the end of a story beat it s not exactly super stand alone The overarching plot threads remain mostly unresolved Unless you have willpower than I do, you re probably going to want the next book right away Luckily the series is complete at three books.If you re looking for an inexpensive purchase, want to support and indie, and like SF, The Long Way Home is a good bet.

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    A very strong 4 stars This was an interesting variant on the wise old pilot from the past scifi story The characters and the story structure were both very solid Few data dumps, so the galaxy building was learn as you go, which was also well done.I ll read the next one, and I anticipate that it will be even better.

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    Excellent science fiction Good characterizations for the most part too I really cared about some of the characters First in a trilogy series I ll be looking for the sequels.

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    DNF PG 19Why Because I had no business reading it in the first place I mean, this is the kind of book I d usually just ignore but for some reason some time back, I bought it If I buy the book, I always at least try to read it I mean, I spent money on it, so I should at least give it a shot If I hadn t, I d still have this book sitting on my kindle five years from now always wondering what caused me to buy it I really don t know Anyway, the book is, quite simply, not for me The writing is too something Wordy, maybe Distancing is another choice, because I feel nothing but mild frustration towards these main characters.

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The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) characters The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) , audiobook The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) , files book The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) , today The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) , The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, #1) 6452d Webspace Pilot Moire Cameron Is One Of The Best But Even She Can T Fly Her Way Out Of A Catastrophic Drive Failure That Triggers A Time Dilation Bubble Left Suddenly Eighty Years Out Of Date, She Is On The Run In A World She No Longer Knows, Caught In The Middle Of A Human Alien War While Agents Of Toren Hunt Her For The Information Only She Has The Location Of The Pristine World Of SequoyahThe Long Way Home Is The First Book In The Sequoyah Trilogy

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