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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Hijabi Club  By Shaylene Haswar – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Hijabi Club , meaning The Hijabi Club , genre The Hijabi Club , book cover The Hijabi Club , flies The Hijabi Club , The Hijabi Club 40c24824f4bc8 Josephine And Yasmeen Are Muslim American Girls Living In Orange County, California Josephine Is Co Founder Of The Interfaith Club At Her School She Is An Outgoing Teenager Who Loves Hosting Slumber Parties With Her Friends, Working On Community Service Projects, Coming Up With Fun Ideas, And Trying To Live The Way God Wants Her To Live A Caucasian American, Josephine Lives With Her Single MomYasmeen Is Arab American And The Oldest Of Five Children She Wants To Live The Teenage Dream Before She Graduates From High School She Does Not Agree With How Her Family Has Raised Her, And Thinks It Is Unfair That She Doesn T Get To Experience The Freedom Other Kids Her Age Enjoy She Can T Wait To Graduate And Move Away From Home Her Goal Is To Become A CosmetologistThis Delightful Novel Is Filled With Fun, Happiness And Heartaches, Trials And Turmoil, And Important Life Lessons That Josephine, Yasmeen, And Their Friends Experience Throughout Their Teenage Years Josephine And Yasmeen Come From Distinctly Different Backgrounds, But They Join Their Girlfriends Every Friday Night For Great Times In The Hijabi Club

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    I absolutely loved this novel When i first saw the title and the book cover i felt it would be suitable only for Muslims or people who are interested in Islam and religion basically I was hoping it wouldn t be but i thought it would be about hardcore Islamic lessons and teachings However i was definitely proved wrong this book is written for all types of people religious or non religious, Muslim or non Muslim This book is targeted to all teenagers and adults with a bit of everything Their are points where i felt like crying but mostly i was in hysterics This book is full of humour and is very open minded AND definitely fun to read.I was extremely happy and impressed when i realised The Hijabi Club wasn t all about teaching about Islam but also about the lifestyle of common Muslims and non Muslims In fact the book introduces a lot of people from different religions and backgrounds and i have a feeling that in some ways or another all religions are similarand all parents are similar even though we all think other parents are way cooler than our own.I felt as if i could relate to the book from my own experiences and personal family life I am really glad i read this book at the beginning of Ramadan because this book really inspired me and i felt i understood the lives of the characters This book wasn t stereotypical and was open to everyone for their own opinions and that was the best thing about it The Hijabi Club was like a guide to how we all should be aware and open to everyone different or alike to us Finally i would like to thank the author and say you have done an awesome job and hats off to you And i would definitely like to meet some Arabian and Afghani people sometime in my life I hope they are as funny and full of life as Sister Shelly and Sheik Tariq I love Josephine and i wish i had a Hijabi club I felt sorry for Yasmeen many times throughout the novel and i understand why she wasn t as interested in Islam I thought my dad was strict but Alhamdulillah i am very grateful he has taught me the goodness of Islam in the correct wayi decided to wear my Hijab when i turned 13 and found out my dad was taking my whole family to Hajj I was also very glad Sister Shaylene Haswarey didn t conclude Yasmeen s story with Nick and Yasmeen having a happily ever after because i would have found it quite unrealistic I liked the whole aspect of the dream because i myself have seen dreams come true So i am even impressed with the ending So thank You again for this wonderful novel Sister and i will make duah for you and i hope you can give us another Islamic novel which can keep me awake throughout the night

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    Haven t read it yet but it does sound interesting Plus I ve known Shaylene my hole life and I know how big of a dream this was for her to write I want to support her and also learn a bit about her culture.

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