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Last Man Standing txt Last Man Standing, text ebook Last Man Standing, adobe reader Last Man Standing, chapter 2 Last Man Standing, Last Man Standing 6a6ca5 When Web London S FBI Hostage Rescue Team Is Ambushed In A Dark Alley, Web Is The Only Survivor As The FBI Investigates, Suspicion Surrounding Web Deepens Now, He Needs Help From An Unlikely Ally In His Desperate Search For The Killer Of His Friends, And Finds Himself Up Against A Force Intent On Finishing The Job That Began In The Alley

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Absolute Power, in 1996 it was subsequently adapted for film, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star In total, David has published 39 novels for adults all have been national and international bestsellers, and several have been adapted for film and television His novels have been translated into than 45 languages and sold in than 80 countries, with over 130 million worldwide sales David has also published seven novels for younger readers David and his wife, Michelle, are the co founders of the

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    This book was too long for me The plot convoluted in a way, I had problems with connecting with the protagonist that should have been a guy to really like He was a troubled but highly skilled FBI agent with issues, which were resolved in a way, but still lacking any final resolution Even a loosely possible romantic situation didn t eventuate I was disappointed with this, but as always, my audio cd s are limited as I only borrow from the library and never seem to choose anything decent Disappointing, and all I can really articulate is that it was okay.

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    David Baldacci never fails to amaze, another solid thriller A few chapters really seemed to drag and the story seemed to be going nowhere, but it was like connecting the dots, the antagonists are all a mystery until the very end, and they weren t who I was expecting This is however another book that I wish Baldacci had written a sequel to because it just ended too abruptly, and some things were left unanswered.But I m not gonna complain, it was a very enjoyable read, and highly recommended

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    The intrigue starts at the opening page when Web London, a highly trained sniper in the FBI s Hostage Rescue Team HRT , proceeds with his team into an ill fated operation When the dust and guns settle, he s the last man standing in the midst of some very strange circumstances What follows next is Web s struggle to not only understand what happened but to clear his name There are layers and layers of mystery and subterfuge, with a host of characters inside and outside of the Bureau along with some criminal elements and shady people Understanding them, their connections and possible motivations made this an interesting and exciting experience I looked forward to listening to this story daily and actually awakened in the middle of one night with the revelation of what happened to Web And, I was right I also enjoyed the narrator who had the tough task of distinguishing so many characters Jason Culp was excellent and enhanced my listening enjoyment I ll definitely look for of his titles I enjoyed this story that s classic Baldacci, even though the ending wasn t quite what I needed But, there was enough there for me to just use my imagination and finish it off 4.5 stars I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Decent for escapist reading, with a hero you can empathize with, some creative ideas for criminal schemes, and engaging plot twists I had read a recent Baldacci thriller, The Innocent , and liked it well enough to try this earlier one from 2001 Ultimately I was disappointed with too many plot elements, clich s, and implausible components.Web London is the sole survivor of an FBI hostage rescue squad s disastrous drug raid in Washington, DC His survival is the result of freezing up, which results in much shame and self doubt as well as disapprobation on the part of his supervisors His best lead is a young boy who was a witness on the scene of the raid who has been mysteriously swept away by some fake FBI agents.He begins to work with a female psychiatrist, who begins to dig painfully into abuse in his childhood and his guilt over a past raid on a religious cult that led to the death of a child hostage One of the leaders of the cult has escaped from prison and a set of murders suggests he is out for revenge Was the set up of the hostage squad related to drug dealer gangs or a targeting of the FBI over the old hostage case The set up also points to likely leaks from corrupted members of the FBI itself Web is not part of the investigation, but he keeps working on it while he assumes duty at a Virginia horse farm guarding the parents of the child killed in the cult raid.Thus, the tale involves a hero with psychological demons and high motivation to prove himself while in the doghouse These clich s are compounded by the sentimental additions of a sympathetic psychiatrist and a cute kid in danger I could have ridden okay with that if the bad guys were not so implausible in their complex and infallible machinations Am wondering if I should try others, such as Absolute Power , or instead keep mining either old favorites like Nelson DeMille or newer talent like Kyle Mills.

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    David Baldacci s Last Man Standing has elements of a good novel, but a couple of flaws and one in particular keep it from transcending mediocrity Web London, a member of the FBI s Hostage Rescue Team, freezes during a mission and watches as his team is gunned down While seeing a psychiatrist in an attempt to understand what made him hold back, he investigates the shooting and uncovers a conspiracy involving drug dealers, white supremacists, undercover feds and a horse ranch.Spoilers followThe biggest problem the book has is its hero Web London isn t likeable at all He s selfish, stubborn, refuses to listen to anyone, insults people who try to help him and bullies his own colleagues into giving him what he wants And this is our hero At one point, he all but forces the head of another HRT team to let him come along on a mission while he s supposed to be on leave , even implying he ll hurt him if the guy doesn t comply, and it leads to the man almost getting fired When the inevitable scene where the superior threatens to fire Web comes, I was on the bureaucrat s side When he questions Jerome, the uncle of a missing boy who figures into the shooting, he mocks him and belittles the idea that Jerome could have a job, which frankly makes him seem racist When he heads off to Billy Canfield s ranch, he goads Romano into going with him, knowing he s ruining the man s vacation and causing trouble with Romano s wife, but he shrugs this off and makes her out to be unreasonable Finally, toward the end, he has in his sniper sights a man who helped his investigation not to mention the guy was as much a victim of the conspiracy as Web and he threatens to kill him Right in front of his son When he ends up letting him go, he wonders what s wrong with him The man has zero honor There s an undercover agent names Randall Cove who would ve made a much better protagonist He s tough, but honorable, has a dark past that makes some of the real assholes at the FBI like Web suspect him of being part of the conspiracy, he s driven to seek justice at any cost and he s one of the people set up by the bad guys They could ve had Web die in the shootout and had Cove be the hero trying to figure out what happened They d need to get rid of the psychiatrist subplot and the title of the book, but it would ve made for a better reading experience Some of the writing is a bit subpar as well Baldacci repeats himself a lot, often in the same paragraph The dialogue is often very corny, especially when he s trying to be witty The expository dialogue is particularly rough as well It doesn t even attempt to come off naturally They may as well break the fourth wall and talk directly to the reader It s a problem I don t recall having with The Camel Club or The Collectors, but they were written later so maybe he s just grown as a writer One thing that bothered me was a particular setup that never got a payoff Nemo Straight, who is revealed to be the architect of the HRT murder and the takeover of the drug business on the Eastern seaboard, shoots Randall Cove, but has to run before he can make sure the undercover agent is dead Turns out that was a big mistake because Cove was wearing a bullet proof vest One would think he d pop up in the final shootout and help Web and Romano, right Well, he doesn t We find out in one of the final chapters that he made it to a hospital That s really lazy plotting Baldacci might as well have had Cove die He also sets up a reunion between Web and his father, but that happens after the book is over Very disappointing.The book isn t all bad, however The conspiracy, with all its different players each with their own motives is well thought out and parts of it are very original Having Dr O Bannon be the traitor, who not only sold the secrets agents and their wives told him to his paymasters but also hypnotized Web into freezing during the ill fated mission, is interesting than just another crooked agent It was foreshadowed well, with Web learning that many of the agents wives visit psychiatrists as well I also enjoyed the subplot where Web sees Claire Daniels and she attempts to help him figure out why he froze up I liked how calm she was, particularly since Web is so nasty to her I went back and forth between two and three stars for this one Ultimately, I think there s enough that s good about the book to make it worth reading I d never read it again, though And I m glad Baldacci never used Web London as a hero again.

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    I come from that school of stoic readers who feels that if he begins a book, he must see it through until the bitter end Alas, in this case, the terrible writing, clich d characters and macho stercore tauri defeated me I gave up after only 100 pages.One hundred pages was enough for me to grow utterly indifferent to the fate of the book s protagonist, Web London, the FBI superagent who battles mysterious forces in his attempt to unravel the mystery of a disappeared African American boy and the death by ambush of his elite team of shoot em up good guys.It was also enough for me to feel I had experienced every single clich in the genre The cop hero being ordered to stay the hell away from this investigation , the obligatory weeping widows to whom the hero vows he will find those responsible , the tougher than tough macho man who is slowly destroying himself on the insideIt was also enough for me to cringe, literally cringe, at the racial stereotypes and the contrived dialogue.No fear of plot spoilers from this reviewer In plot terms, I didn t get deeper into the story than the back page blurb And while I feel disappointed in myself for not sticking it through, there are too many good books in the world to waste time on this kind of garbage.

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    This really powerful FBI thriller was fast paced, suspenseful, vivid and exciting I found myself not wanting to put it down from the first page onwards and it was definitely worth reading.

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    This is the first Baldacci book I didn t enjoy.

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    6 10A run of the mill thriller story which was overly bloated with some interesting ideas which never really took off.The overall plot is quite a good idea with a SWAT team like leader taking his team into a situation which ends badly leaving him the Last Man Standing This all happened relatively quickly in the book to say it is just over 550 pages and then teased out things that happened after which made the pace slow and ponderous The pacing of the book, because of the above, was very slow and didn t move on and found itself trying to develop conspiracy theories that weren t interesting If there were 100 pages or so less and a bit action then it would have been enjoyable On the flip side of this though, the therapy sessions were pretty much the highlight with quick firing dialogue and a glimpse into the main characters back history with a good back and forth relationship between the main character and therapist.This is the first time I ve read a David Baldacci book and whilst I wasn t overly impressed it hasn t put me off trying some of his work I have this as part of an omnibus edition and will try the next book, Saving Faith , and get a better idea of his style If you like this try The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

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    I ve read several Baldacci novels and enjoyed them, but this one disappointed me.Cover blurbs call this book a killer thriller and the action nearly nonstop.I disagree A killer thriller should have me on the edge of my seat from page one This one didn t Yes, it had sections that had my heart racing and my breath rushing But those sections were separated by pages galore of exposition, long internal musings by the main character, and side trips into unnecessary info including a detailed tours of a horse farm, one character s taxidermy hobby, and horse trailers In the end, Baldacci tied most of these into the main story line, but dumping all that information in when he did almost brought this novel to a halt.I wonder if sometimes authors I m not singling out Baldacci here pad books this way to either meet some predetermined word count or show off their research efforts or just because they re in love with their own words Or they had all this neat stuff they couldn t use elsewhere but couldn t resist sharing.A thriller should run fast all the way This one starts that way with the sudden brutal slaughter of an HRT team But then that race morphs into a strange marathon, sprinting a ways then strolling then trotting then jogging then walking then sprinting then jogging then You get the picture The nonstop action claimed on the cover slows to a walk and sometimes stands on the sidewalk too often.I expect a thriller to be a page turner This one wasn t until I waded through five hundred pages of this 638 page novel Then things started happening at the break neck pace a thriller should have That s way too late in a thriller for the action to burst into a flat out run.Sorry, Mr Baldacci, you ll have to do better if you want me to read of your work.

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