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❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) Author Tara Sivec – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1), meaning Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1), genre Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1), book cover Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1), flies Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1), Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) b660319067859 This Is An Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BAZTUUClaire Is A Twenty Something, Single Mom That Grudgingly Helps Her Best Friend Sell Sex Toys While She Attempts To Make Enough Money To Start Her Own Business To Give Her Foul Mouthed, But Extremely Loveable When He S Asleep Toddler A Better Life When Carter, The One Night Stand From Her Past That Changed Her Life Forever, Shows Up In Her Hometown Bar Without Any Recollection Of Her Besides Her Unique Chocolate Scent, Claire Will Make It A Point That He Remembers Her This Time With Carter S Undisguised Shock At Suddenly Finding Out He Has A Four Year Old Son And Claire S Panic That Her Stretch Marks And Slim To None Bedroom Experience Will Send The Man Of Her Dreams Heading For The Hills, The Pair Will Do Whatever They Can To Get Their Happily Ever AfterWarning Contains Explicit Sex, Profanity And Enough Sarcasm To Choke A Horse

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    DNFThis book started out hilarious and I was having a blast reading it until I wasn t It stopped being funny and started to become annoying Very annoying, over the top, and ridiculous Just too much For me, this is one of those books that tries too hard to be funny and ends up failing because of it And, boy, was it crude Not a fun combination for me I believe whether or not this book works for a reader depends solely on what one considers humorous For those wondering if this book s humor will work for you, Searock s review gives a good example.

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    Tara Sivecmy vagina salutes youThe unfiltered hilarity of this book made me laugh and orgasm at the same time Can you laugh yourself into an orgasm Never in my life have I been so damn proud to have a vagina I normally don t like vagina it can be very territorial When vaginavaginasvagini When vagini get around each other, the pussy claws come out and everything becomes one big competition It s like the f king whoo ha olympics every twat for themselves But deep down inside we re all just looking for someone to high five our clean poonani with So why bring up age old twat wars Because Seduction Snacks punches every single nauseating female stereotype in the face It portrays the type of unfiltered, f k the world, this is me so deal with it type of woman that I want to be A woman that makes me want to jump up and yell, OOH OOH I HAVE A VAGINA TOO I m aware of my overuse of the word vagina, but I cunt help it SS was like the holy grail of vag one liners Tara Sivec is the vagina whisperer She is the f king Dali Lama of feminine humor Tara, I give you the double flap slap, the hymen high five You are a rock star This book came highly recommended to me because of it s real hilarity, but damn if I didn t fall for everything else too I fell in love with all the amazing characters I wanted to get knocked up just so I could have a Gavin Hell, just the intimate moments between Claire Carter were enough to turn the stick pink I felt like I needed a condom just to read it However, in the midst of all the hilarity was a story of intense passion and heart melting romance Even without the pantie soiling humor, Seduction Snacks would still be a five star book A book I would read again and again A book that should knock every other book on your TBR list to the bottom Thisright hereis why I read books READ ON Reviewed at www.toughcriticbookreviews.blogspot.com

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    Okay guys, this is, hands down, the most HILARIOUS romance I have ever read No book has EVER made me laugh this hard I giggled, squeed, snorted, and cried with laughter to the point where I d have to stop reading in order to catch my breath PURE FUN But the best part was that it wasn t just a funny story it had everything It was oh so swoony with some seriously omg fan yourself H.O.T and steamy bedroom scenes and an absolutely heart meltingly sweet and beautiful story about a family finding each other and coming together just all round WIN Easily one of my favorite reads of the year Claire doesn t want kids Ever However, one drunken college party one night stand with a gorgeous swoony guy whose name she doesn t even know later, she finds herself pregnant I took eleventy billion home pregnancy tests, after drinking a gallon of milk so I would have enough pee for all of them then I Googled milk and pregnancy tests to make sure I didn t just spend 37 minutes of my life staring in horror at positive pregnancy tests because pasteurization messed with the hormones and created a false positive.It doesn t, just in case you were wondering She searches everywhere trying to find the guy she slept with but with no luck At the same time, we get the alternate POV from Carter the gorgeous swoony guy she slept with who also has been searching everywhere trying to find her Fast forward 5 years later to present day, Claire is a single mom whose passion is baking but who now sells sex toys with her best friend so she can make money to care for her 4 year old son, Gavin Then one day, randomly, out of the blue, Carter shows up in her town and she then finds out that he too has been trying to find her since that night in college Granted, he s in a bit of shock to find out that he has a son, but soon takes it all in stride and wants nothing than to be the best father he can be and finally get a shot to be with the girl he s been dreaming about for the past 5 years.Beware, I don t think I ve ever read the word vagina or penis quite so many times There is nothing subtle or delicate about this book, but it totally works in the context of how the story unfolds.The characters were amazing, endearing and hysterical, the plot was fun and engaging, there was no bad guy, very little drama, no stupidity, the writing is witty, the sex is HOT no closed doors in this book , and the story will undoubtedly warm your heart and leave you with a delightfully happy feeling C mon, doesn t this make you laugh I decided I was going to be a labor and delivery consultant I was going to stand next to every single woman in labor and every time. the woman s husband said something stupid like, Just breathe through the pain, it would be my job to squeeze the living fuck out of their reproductive organs until they were curled up in the fetal position and I d say Just breathe through the pain, asshole I absolutely LOVED it It has a very happy ending, but its clear that there is to the story When I got to the end, I stupidly sat there trying to flip the last page of my kindle over and over again cuz I couldn t believe it had ended Book 2 Futures and Frosting can t come soon enough Seriously, everyone HAS to read it Highly recommended if you love to laugh For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    Seduction and Snacks is one of if not the funniest book I ve ever read It s an irreverent look at single parenting, dating, finding true love and well, it s a story about so much Claire and Carter are a great couple I loved that there was NOT a bunch of drama loved that Carter took on his role of father without hesitation, and those becoming a parent moments were some of the funniest scenes ever written Gavin is a precocious, too smart for his own good four year old with a potty mouth that doesn t quit The things that kid says are insightful while at the same time, funny as all get out Edited to add If there s a downside to the book it s that while reading, I often wondered if Claire did nothing to shelter Gavin from her own unparentlike behaviors When I allowed myself to think deeply about parts of the story, parts like what I mentioned and the amount of drinking alcohol consumption going on yeah, not the best storyline to have such a young kid in But when I just read it for the entertainment value, I couldn t put it down or stop laughing The bottom line this book had me laughing so hard I was crying Middle of the night, wake up the whole family because I was l laughing so hard I was screeching If you re looking for a story that won t leave you emotionally drained, one that will leave you with a smile on your face, and the only tears come from laughing so hard you ache, then definitely read Seduction and Snacks. You won t be disappointed.

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    Not only is this book pee your pants funny, it s incredibly hot It s also romantic, sweet, sassy, and fun I absolutely loved it, and I m going to make all of my friends read it Then I m going to make them text me their favorite lines, so I can laugh all over again

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    4 memorable and funny as hell STARS My main reaction while reading this book was pretty much this

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    I was either laughing out loud or shocked at something one of the characters said and that made me embarrased in their place for actually saying what they did out loud Random thoughts and highlights My favorite character of the book was by far Gavin He s probably the CUTEST, FUNNIEST four year old ever Some pf the things he did and said were just too cute and he never failed to crack me up Claire is a very likeable heroine that pretty much says whatever she s thinking at the moment Although her relationship with Carter had a pretty rockt start, they end up complementing each other perfectly Their encounters sure made for some hilariously embarrising moments especially for Claire, LOL Drew and Jenny just being Drew and Jenny Which means that Drew acted as a grown up child and Jenny was lacking a general knowledge of the English language which made for some memorable mispronunciations Together they make quite the pair and I m already looking forward to reading their story Claire s overprotective and again funny as hell dad George never failed to crack me up with his good natured overprotectiveness The whole Seduction and Snacks concept with Liz selling sex toys and Claire selling her chocolate and cookies was a nice, original touch to the story and made for some The story itself was of a 3 star for me, but because of the sense of humor and the originality of the characters and their hilarious conversations, this book deserves a solid 4 STAR rating It was the perfect relaxing, fun, in between read that will definitely stay with me because of all its hilarious oneliners There was no cliffhanger, but the ending did make me curious enough to continue with the rest of the series soon CASTING

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    10 02 2012 Full review posted Overall Rating 2Book Cover Book Blurb 1.5 3 2.25Writer s Voice 2.5Character Development 1.5Story Appreciation 2Worth the Chili 1.5Reviewed by Hope Helen s Review 2 StarsThis was a disappointing DNF for me I was almost finished, had about 30 pages to go, but it was just too absurd to keep me any longer and I knew I had lost all patience I was ready to scrap it about 30 pages in, but then it made me laugh I laughed so hard, in a few places in this thing, my sides ached So, you d think not a total waste And, you would be correct, but this author didn t know when to stop with the humor She used it as filler for a story seriously lacking Almost like having sex for the sake of sex in a book Same thing here with the humor And, if I had read the words vagina or penis one time I would have killed something I love those words, but seriously Also, I firmly believe I m very liberal in my views on most things I think one of the very things I have some rigidity about is how children are portrayed in books She had this poor kid 4 years old saying things a veteran trucker or sailor would have issue hearing come out of their own mouths The innuendo this 4 year old is supposed to understand and imply asinine I just felt really sorry for the parenting skills portrayed Then the very next minute they had him acting like a baby A four year old is not a baby and most talk very well with a large vocabulary at this age And his behavior, all very frustrating for me.I think this book has been marketed all wrong It is Saturday Night Live does romance If I had known this, may have been better and I may have had patience, but then again, I probably wouldn t have given it the few hours I did One suggestion for this author pick something Either focus on the humor or focus on the romance or develop your talents to balance the two much better than this debut demonstrates.I would not recommend the entire book to anybody There are places I thought very entertaining from a comedy perspective, but I wouldn t wade through the rest just for those glimmers of light Just sayin You won t be Happy Reading this one

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    I know this book has been out for several years but I just found it I loved loved loved it soooooo much I don t think that I have ever laughed so hard while reading a book.What s not to love Romance Fun Sex talk lots of talk Sex Great friends Laughing lots of laughing Seduction Snacks is definitely my favorite of the year so far

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    Ok, I have to say this WHAT IN GOD S AND HOT CHOCOLATE S NAME WAS THAT image error

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    H I L A R I O U S SEDUCTION AND SNACKS is a fantastic laugh out loud romance that will leave you snickering down to the final words of the book Imagine holding on to your virginity for 20 years only to loose it in a drunken, one night stand to a hot, but nameless guy at a fraternity party Yes, lots of things suck about that previous statement, but then top it off with the biggest suck factor of all Mr Nameless apparently had some super sperm that somehow escaped confines of the condom Yes, you guessed it, months later, after exactly one night of not so passionate love making you are left with a lasting gift in the form of a drooling, pooping, peeing, spewing bundle of er joy Meet Claire, the barely not a virgin, twenty something who has professed her extreme aversion to children and has sworn them off for life yes, she is the lucky recipient of the previously mentioned super sperm With the help of her close friends, Liz and Jim, Claire scours the college campus in search of her nameless, one night boy toy without success Although this is not the path she had planned to take, she pulls up her boot straps, revves up her sense of humor and makes the necessary adjustments to her life which includes dropping out of college and moving back home with her gruff, but loveable military father.The crazy, but loveable cast of characters suck you in from the beginning from the 4 year old devil s spawn with a mouth like a sailor to the potentially psychotic father grandfather and every character in between.Self Published Author, Tara Sivec definitely has a way with words quite unlike any author I have read What a refreshing change of pace in comparison to the loads of blah romances and erotic reads with no plot to choose from Sivec has done an excellent job conveying her unique, snarky humor while making her quirky characters come to life in this romantic comedy The pictures she paints with words are so vivid the images pop right off the page and you feel like you are experiencing the hilarious situations in real life I would recommend SEDUCTION AND SNACKS to anyone looking for a feel good story with great humor that is sure to make you laugh I LOVED it and I did not want it to end I hope you will love it too NOTE Self Published indicates no professional editing has occurred With the exception of some grammatical and spelling errors, Sivec has done a great job of giving the reader a lovely finished product I know some of you take off stars for editing errors, so I thought this was worth mentioning if the story is appealing to you, please don t let this deter you from snatching it up I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed. Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews ___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group

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