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❰Ebook❯ ➣ When I Was A Kid Author Boey – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 When I Was A Kid, meaning When I Was A Kid, genre When I Was A Kid, book cover When I Was A Kid, flies When I Was A Kid, When I Was A Kid 5f16327dc7d3b Boey Is A Year Old Malaysian Animator Artist Based In The US And He Is Best Known For His Artwork On Styrofoam CupsThe Stories In The Book Are A Reflection Of His Childhood Spent Growing Up In Johor Bahru And Crossing The Causeway To Attend School In Singapore In The S At , He Packed His Bags And Headed To San Francisco To Study And Has Gone On To Establish His Career There The Stories First Appeared On His Blog Iamboey And The Number Of Followers Increased Over The Years Encouraging Boey To Compile Some Of The Stories Into His First BookFunny, Poignant, Honest, When I Was A Kid Is Illustrated In Simple Stick Figures Accompanied By Short Descriptions Each Story Is Self Contained And Can Be Read In Any Order

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    Finally, Malaysia s answer to Calvin and Hobbes This slice of life from the author s childhood in the pre internet 80 s is filled with hilarious recollections and accompanied by tiny, exquisite stick like drawings of himself and most commonly, his loving and garang fierce mom who also provides the most awesome foreword I ve ever read.For a lot of us who grew up in that era, this is a must read The descriptions of his childhood home, his pets, the hobbies and games that mostly used his imagination and basically whatever was lying around are particularly vivid and resonating There are jarring moments when he uses Americanisms to refer to certain things like first grade instead of standard one but these are minor I d think his best market would be Malaysians.This charming little picture biography deserves to be widely read It was self funded mostly through a kickstarter project and I hope there s a sequel Check out his blog iamboey.com

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    I loved it Drawings are super simple but so charming It s narrated in a straightforward, deadpan manner which I found hilarious and I laughed out loud snorted many times His recollection of childhood events is remarkable these memories are all familiar to me but it takes a special talent to recall and narrate them in such a funny and interesting way I love how he tells it as is without worrying about political correctness or how it might seem to others This is pretty much a Malaysian version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid I m a big fan and I ve read most of the sequels to this book, which are filled with of the same Nostalgic and hilarious, a must read for all Malaysians who grew up in the 80s 90s 5 stars

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    This book brought back thousands of memories Since I m a Malaysian and also Johorean Boey s hometown , i can relate to some of the things that he mentioned in this book like the dirty beach near the hospital and so on Loved and enjoyed reading this book.

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    I really love this book It is an enjoyable reading I couldn t stop laughing from the very beginning I read this book The book s cover itself is kinda catchy yet the inside is really awesome Yes, Boey is a good story teller.

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    Very entertaining I love the simplistic concept.But the RM30 price tag is way too high for a book that s mainly blank paper.

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    Very entertaining and LOVE IT so much..I continue reading the others books too.

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    I have no idea how I heard about this book, but it took me forever to track it down I finally had to use my connections working at a university to request an inter library loan.and got a copy from MN The book especially piqued my interest bc the author is Malaysian and.well, I love all things graphic I enjoyed the book his childhood stories are cute and sweet A reminder of how innocent we used to all be The story can be told on its own so if you are looking to teach especially to ESL students , this book could be fun The drawings are not noteworthy I don t envision him as much of an artist, but maybe that is his appeal I do have to say his stories make up for the lack of art.he obviously loves his family though they often told him he was fat and lazy , and you can see a lot of the Malaysian influence in how he was brought up Read if you enjoy stories of childhood.

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    This book has everything it needs to become a page turner and a timeless piece of art Of course he doesn t cover his whole life in one book but at the end, it feels as if the reader has just led an innocent yet courageous childhood, all in one perfectly packaged book It leaves the reader wanting and the reader will be sated because there are two books However, with all addiction, there comes withdrawal Only, the reader may peruse the books as often as they like until they become lumps of salted vegetables, like mine Good job, Boey I await material from you

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    I was loaned this book from a friend who lives in JB, Malaysia He probably enjoyed it even than I did but I really liked it I loved how Boey blends thinking about childhood as a grown up with strange unique one off experiences he remembers Very funny and heart warming I hope he writes books and I m for sure going to buy this myself as a good way to remember living in South East Asia.

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    haha I really like this book its so funny and cute I like the way he drew his pictures of him self and family and everything else I like how he talks about at the bad things he would do and steel from his parents, and talk about his favorite chips and the things he hated doing and all the things he imagined when he like 9 years old haha this book really made me smile, laught and think about the same things I would do when I was kid this book is really heartwarming I love it.

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