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When the Beat Was Born summary When the Beat Was Born , series When the Beat Was Born , book When the Beat Was Born , pdf When the Beat Was Born , When the Beat Was Born 964df0bcfb Before There Was Hip Hop, There Was DJ Kool HercOn A Hot Day At The End Of Summer In Cindy Campbell Threw A Back To School Party At A Park In The South Bronx Her Brother, Clive Campbell, Spun The Records He Had A New Way Of Playing The Music To Make The Breaks The Musical Interludes Between Verses Longer For Dancing He Called Himself DJ Kool Herc And This Is When The Beat Was Born From His Childhood In Jamaica To His Youth In The Bronx, Here S How Kool Herc Came To Be A DJ, How Kids In Gangs Stopped Fighting In Order To Breakdance, And How The Music He Invented Went On To Define A Culture And Transform The World

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    This book has many problems Lets start with the title I don t think that it is accurate to say that during the Harlem Renaissance the Beat was born Music has been around forever we all know that people where teaching themselves rhythm and such FAR before DJ Kool Herc developed the first turntables Another thing that got me pissed was that it just seemed like something that would be handed to a 2nd grader who had to do a brief school project on music and or had to write about an artist The book was focused on Herc s early years and home life than the development of the beat, which was what the title said it would be about All in all, the artwork was that rigid lined hipster scribble that makes you just want to gag, and the story itself wasn t that good I would only suggest this to somebody who needs to do a brief school paper on music and has to use textual evidence from a KIDS COLOR BOOK Although, I don t think you will find yourself in that situation anytime soon.

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    Reflection on ONE Text to text, text to self, text to world connection with the book Text to Text This text would connect very nicely with A Splash of Red The Life and Art of Horace Pippin They both tell the story of someone having a passion for something and following his dreams, not giving up on them These two books in the same unit would be amazing art and music being created by African Americans who have not traditionally been credited with making significant contributions when, actually, they have been behind some of the biggest artistic movements in American history Write six discussion questions using all six stages of Bloom s Taxonomy REMEMBERINGList two things that DJ Kool Herc changed about music to make it sound new and unique APPLYINGWhat questions would you ask DJ Kool Herc about how he makes his music EVALUATINGWhy is it better that people keep creating new music and new forms of music Why is it better than just sticking to the same music we already have UNDERSTANDINGRetell the story of how DJ Kool Herc came to be known as the man who created Hip Hop ANALYZINGWhat evidence can you find in the story that people like the new music he created CREATINGHow would you rewrite the story of DJ Kool Herc from the point of view of one of the people at the dance part who are hearing his music, his beats, for the first time An adapted book review citation 1 July 2013 Booklist.

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    This is a wonderful story for a children s book However, it misses the mark on being suitable for any particular level It looks like a picture book It reads mostly like an easy reader chapter book without the chapters Yet, at times, it goes beyond that into the earliest levels of juvenile nonfiction In the end, it is too wordy for a picture book, too dry for an easy reader, and too simple for juvenile non fiction.

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    This review was originally posted on As Told By TinaI ve been on a mission to read diversely to the Littles I recently saw When the Beat Was Born on different lists I found for diverse reads and was once again lucky that my library had it I mainly borrowed this book for myself I ve always loved to learn the history of Hip Hop and who the pioneers are When The Beat Was Born was a pretty good book about how DJ Kool Herc early life influenced his music I also loved the illustrations and how they related to the story They were very colorful and I felt it brought the story together My littles weren t as interested in this book but I think its because they don t really listen to hip hop or understand the history of it I personally really enjoyed it.

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    A beautifully illustrated picture book biography of the inventor of hip hop I hope to see by Theodore Taylor III I wish there had been about DJ Kool Herc However, any book that gets me, as a reader, so interested that I do further research is not necessarily a negative.

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    Interesting history of DJ Herc s influence on hip hop music Very stylized illustrations Would appeal to intermediate students who want to learn about music.

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    Great story about how Jamaican born DJ Kool Herc created Hip Hop in the Bronx in the early 1970s.

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    This book was really enlightening of the hip hop movement It s about a little boy named Clive who loved music He was influenced my a DJ in his neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica who use to throw house parties every week He moved to New York when he was a little older he noticed that there was some DJ in his new neighborhood that threw parties as well One day he snuck in one of those parties and was able to experience the party vibes and the DJ experience and he decided he wanted to be a DJ His father bought him some equipment and he practiced his skills, and then he and his sister decided to throw a house party and they started throwing house parties every week He became a great Dj and he was known for the house parties, and the invention of breakdance and he influenced some famous DJ s known today, with his scratching skills.

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    With narrative on each page that s as much picture book as biography, it s a historical walk and biographical understanding of DJ Kool Herc and how he became a DJ legend with his musical beats Pictures are vivid and the storytelling is fantastic about the beauty and fantasy of music and turning it into something you love.

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    BiographyThe pages in this book are incredible They are vibrant with color and draw you into the story.Grades 2 5This book could be used before a writing piece or to show children how different communities in New York looked and how DJ Kool Her helped them.

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