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Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life's Shackles txt Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life's Shackles, text ebook Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life's Shackles, adobe reader Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life's Shackles, chapter 2 Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life's Shackles, Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life's Shackles 14a2f2 Many Of Us Live Our Lives Entrapped By The Same Repeated Patterns Of Heartbreak And Disappointment Often, We Have No Idea Why This Happens Reclam Your Heart Is About Freeing The Heart From This Slavery It Is About The Journey In And Out Of Life S Most Deceptive Traps

About the Author: Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed received her B.S Degree in Psychology and her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin Madison After completing her graduate work, she taught Islamic Studies and worked as a writing instructor for Cardinal Stritch University, and a staff columnist for the Islam section of InFocus News Currently she s a freelance writer and international

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    Allah swt says The present world is only an illusory pleasure you are sure to be tested through your possessions and persons you are sure to hear much that is hurtful from those who were given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with God If you are steadfast have sabr and mindful of God have taqwa , that is the best course Quran, 3 185 186.Thus is the beauty of this book It keeps things simple so readers are able to make sense of how things happen the way it does, connecting the pieces of puzzle that we perceived were unrelated before and how these are all related back to the Creator Personally, I feel this book is not just a collection of personal essays and anecdotes but can actually act as a daily instruction manual for its readers For someone like me who is lacking in every way, I love the fact that this gem of a book doesn t lecture or point out my weaknesses It speaks to me, soothes my soul and acts as a guide Best of all, it provides me with comfort and a renewed faith.

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    Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves Qur an, 13 11 I am so happy I read this book through the whole month of Ramadan, it s the best time for it, indeed I am not a fan of self help books, but I am totally speechless about this book It made me feel new wonderful things It made me feel safe This book changed a lot in me Thank you Yasmin for writing this great book I will give the Arabic version a try next year Insha allah.

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    Reclaim Your Heart Book Review Over the years, I have read my fair share of self help books ranging from those of Deepak Chopra to the Secret Yet in my endeavors in the genre of self help books, I have never seen an author brave nay bold enough to incorporate religion into a self help book I was ecstatic, being a Muslim and seeing the author incorporating Islam into her book with various verses of the Quran and allusions in abundance Yasmin Mogahed does an amazing job relaying back to her readers It felt as though the author was sitting next to the reader and conversing rather than the reader simply reading line by line The advice within the actual book is simply outstanding Although many of the references are Islamic and verses of the Holy Quran are included to further supplement the advice, the words of the author can be applied by virtually anyone and anywhere The key message of Yasmin Mogahed is that one must detach themselves from materialistic things and see the true purpose of things Upon seeing the true purpose of the world, they will reach home Mogahed also stresses the need to pay heed to Allah Another stressed issue that Mogahed raises is moderation The word moderation sums up Mogahed s text Be it a part of the book that is religious or one that is secular, Mogahed recommends moderation and carefulness in all endeavors including marriage, love, and materialistic worship Reclaim Your Heart is an excellent read for both Muslims and others alike As I have stated earlier, the wise words of the author can be applied by all not just Muslims Mogahed is practical and that is what makes her words comforting As an author she seems to be patient and provides sufficient evidence to her words be it religious verses or scientific research My favorite part of the whole text would have to Mogahed s chapter on Hardships in which she states that we only look to God or a higher power when there is impending danger Other favorite selections would have to be the portion on Love With a mix of anecdotes, religious input, and practical advice, Reclaim Your Heart, should truly be noted by readers of all kind.

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    If i could, i would have rated this book a million stars I wasn t following Yasmin s blog or was aware of her writings until I noticed her name a lot on Facebook the latest RIS Conference in Canada.I went straight brought her newly published book once I found it in Diwan a book store in Egypt , otherwise I would have asked a friend living abroad to get it with him.Nevermind all this, Now to the book. Do you ever feel that you are disconnected of this world Or do you feel so attached to it Are you comfortable in your life or just living it day to day With fake dreams wishes Do you ever felt that comfortable feeling of sakeena when you are praying What s God to you What are your prayers supplications focusing on A means asta3 for Allah to reach such Worldly wishes, or God is your final destination all this is just a quick journy to the after life Simply put Read this book so you can change yourself Read this book so you can reclaim your heart soul from this Dunya and return back to God.P.S I never liked self healing improvements books , but this book is extraordinary

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    If you re a loyal reader of Sister Yasmin Mogahed s online work, then you must be familiar with this book as it is a compilation of her online articles At first, I was quite disappointed after knowing that it was something that I ve already read as I was expecting something new from the author However, I gave it a read anyway and subhanAllah,this book is not something you can read for just one time but you need to read it from time to time There may be some phases of life that you haven t gone through and that you cannot seem to grasp what the story is about, and that you would only find out at a later phase in your life, inshaAllah Hence, the need to read it from time to time, inshaAllah, for the sake of getting closer to Allah SWT A must read book to develop one s spiritual strength and relationship with the One Alhamdulillah for this book that is so rich with wisdom and spiritual intelligence Jazaki Allah khairan kathira, Sister Yasmin You ve given us such a wonderful treasure

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    I m a type of person who loves attachment I came to realize that all this while I have attached myself to something someone who is certainly not permanent Anything in this Dunya has been temporary, just to distract you from your true purpose of submitting Allah When you ve lost someone who is dearest to you, you lost your place of attachment because human believe that attachment is the one who fill them from emptiness Humans did not deal well with emptiness, any empty space must be filled immediately.That s why I seek from one attachment to another attachment and it keeps hurting me So, it is about time for me to change my navigation, from attachment to something temporary into permanent that is to the one and only, Allah s.w.t

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    This book is a collection of Yasmin Mogahed s articles on her website I only read the articles that I missed from her website but they are super inspiring You feel like she is talking to your soul heart I highly recommend it.

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    This book should be reviewed with my Heart This, doesn t mean it doesn t talk to the mind but it means there are some aspects we are missing deeply and that would be the heart and the soul The book is a mix of spirituality and psychology my favorite mix In my opinion every muslim and non muslim should read it because its nothing else than the Reality that s put in words We kind of lack those sort of books with this spirit in it though its meanings may be all known to muslims at least the ones truly seeking understanding Islam Though there is one point very crucial when something makes you move, makes you get up and do things, makes you really SEE the reality incarnated in front of youwell thats what is worth it, thats what does actually count, the rest is only accumulated information no This book does that, at least it did to me and I am still in euphoria and in action since I read whats in it The Truth The book is the reflections of Yasmin Mogahed on some Quranic verses and Prophet sayings s.a.w and things she learned in life I can say she imposes the true understanding of islam which comes from truly seeking God and faith in Him and really really hard work I would like to thank her for giving me the hope of One Can Really Do It, and she is the living example of that I have updated several status updates if you are interested in reading the book check them out, they will give you a very good idea of what I am talking about.I recommend this book to all muslim and non muslim friends looking for reality, for motivation, for a cause to live their lives for

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    Just another self help book That was what I thought when I first saw this book a couple of years ago ,and I refrained from reading it.It came by my sight many times till I decided to read it ,,and it turned to be ,,not another self help book.What I adored in this book is the subtle Sufi touch on the background ,,,she rephrased w lot of the Sufi teachings and complicated terms ,in simple good English ,,with a touch of experience she knows and feels what she wrote Her style of introducing the concepts in the listen to me world ,I am telling you that truth Is amazing.The main titles are lovely and dividing them into short subtitles as small doses to give you the chance for reflection and wander with your mind and apply what you just read to your life is awesome.Read it

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    This book is very inspirational I would ve given it five stars if some of the collected articles didn t get a bit redundant towards the end, never mind the fact that I had read some of them on the Internet before the book was even compiled Nevertheless, any Muslim seeking self help or a simple iman boost should check this out Yasmin M never fails to deliver with beautiful insights, similes, and metaphors Definitely worth a read.

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