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    There are a million stories in The Grudge and John McNee commits ten of them to paper in Grudge Punk.Not long ago, Arthur Graham, knowing my love of free stuff, detective fiction, and Bizarro fiction, tipped me off that this was free on Hard to pass up free.Grudgehaven is a city of automatons, acid rain, and deception In Grudge Punk, John McNee takes ten fairly standard setups for noir stories and places them in his bizarre city A detective is hired to find the only flesh and blood woman in the Grudge A crime lord hires a woman to be his biographer A mayoral candidate has a fondness for killing hookers Two lovers conspire to murder the female of the pair s husband Now imagine the detective being made of granite and you ll have an idea of what Grudge Punk is about.The weirdness level is extremely high in Grudge Punk but all of it is fairly logical and doesn t stray into the realm of absurdity or being weird for the sake of being weird The world has its own internal logical and all the short stories in this collection are linked and build upon one another until the final tale.By far, my favorite part of the mythology McNee has established is the ongoing war between Grudgehaven s two crime lords, the King of Eyes and the King of Broken Glass I d read a whole novel detailing the decades long conflict.It s hard to review a book of short stories without giving too much away Suffice to say, if you like weird detective fiction, you won t want to miss this.

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    This book has got everything that spells out great beginnings GrudgePunk introduced me to John McNeeA great author with vivid imagination and vision An architect of worlds with words A mechanic of the character Bizarro FictionAn entirely new genre for me I still don t know on which of my shelves to put this book, so I m just keeping it on the nightstand for now It might very well stay there, and that s saying something If my books would come alive during the night, that s the place they d all be vying for The book throne, so to speak Book Story Quest for the Nightstand Winner GrudgePunk, the one that just didn t belong I hope Disney is reading this The city of GrudgehavenA dark place A cold place Think Gotham City , only smellier, weirder and infinitely interesting At first sight, this is a collection of short stories with a singular focus on the bizarre The first page introduces one of the protagonists as speaking with whining springs in his brass plated jaw, while someone in the back is clearing their throat, sounding like sewage churning up through a drain It gets weirder You start to wonder if the people from the city of Grudgehaven are, in fact, people, because as you go further through the pages you see something is off Natural skin is considered as extravagant beauty, it s healthier to smoke a refreshing cigarette rather than breathe in the air and acid rainstorms are just another occasion to get rid of those dead bodies you piled up in your garage There s to GrudgePunk than the weird factor and this is than just a series of short stories You immediately feel they re part of something bigger, part of the story that is Grudgehaven John McNee manages, in very few pages, to make an entire city come alive Every district, every street, every corner has got life in it Every filth smeared window has got a story lurking behind The stories are all very engaging, some with surprising twists, all with an astounding cast of characters Just to mention one The King of Broken Glass Now you tell me with a straight face that this name doesn t intrigue you The protagonist of one short story can be a simple passer by in the next, the villain of one chapter the hero of the other Plenty of perspectives are used and the result is a city teeming with life Is this book perfect I can t say yes But I can say yeah, sure Not sure if that makes sense, but I guess it will just have to do I think this is a debut stand alone publication with a publisher that allows an author some wiggle room for experimentation, and you ve simply got to love publishers like Bizarro Press You got to I insist.Thank you puts away dangerous looking metallic devices Anyway, the prose is very simple and clear, really nothing fancy about it, so don t expect some steampunk Charles Dickens McNee sometimes uses the first person perspective or the third, depending on the characters Some situations aren t described as neatly, and at one instance there was suddenly a character that popped up in a room without any introduction and without it making sense she was there But these are such minor gripes I actually feel ashamed mentioning them They re a tiny speck on an otherwise perfectly green and fresh apple.To be perfectly honest, I don t think the book backflap is doing this collection a whole lot of justice Yes, it s weird Yes, it s brutal and deals with the underworld But there is also warmth in these stories And humour And things supremely human Just check out the quote with which I ll close Then you ll simply go buy this book immediately after you re done reading this review I trust no dangerous metallic devices will be necessary Read the weirdness Read the darkness Read the warmth Read all there is to read about Grudgehaven and hope and pray that there will be much much to come The following quote is about a mobster gone taxi driver attending to his sick wife Too exhausted to protest, she settled down while I got to work, unscrewing the lead plate in her side and exposing an interlocking network of skinny pipes and pistons Installation instructions were printed on the inside of the filter head s box and I was careful to follow them as I identified and unscrewed the old part I had to put in a little effort than should have been necessary working it free, and when it finally slid out of its hole I saw that the open end had been worn down to the nub I tossed it and pressed down on the nearest valve Black bile bubbled out of the hole in a long, guzzling stream and poured into the lid The stink of it like rotting meat and vinegar was ferocious, but I held my breath and turned my head to the side, trying not to let my revulsion show Marianne was deeply embarrassed by the smells of her sickness.I pressed the valves a few times to clean out the tubes, scrubbed away the crusted grime around the opening, then inserted the fresh part, gleaming with its factory fresh newness It secured into place with a neat click.That done, I put the lead plate back, slid out the lid now brimming with bile and brought my face up to hers to tell her what a great job I d done She was asleep I kissed her forehead, finding it cold and dappled with condensation, then left the room Rejoice The sequel has arrived

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    Call me conventional, but I don t typically read books unless there s reason to suspect I ll enjoy them I probably seem to toss out an inordinate amount of 4 and 5 star reviews as a result, but that could be just because I choose my books so wisely, see I m not sure if it was the cover, the title, the description, or a combination thereof that convinced me to take a chance on this one, but Grudge Punk by John McNee just so happens to be the latest in my winning streak of wise choices to date.What can I say Lady Luck continues to shower her favors upon me I couldn t say the same for most of McNee s characters, thoroughly mired in this roiling cesspit, the surface of which we re content to skim as tourists So pull up a stool, buy us a round of motor oil, and don t forget to tip the lizard man behind the bar Never mind the unkempt diesel dames or the severed hand crawling up your leg Just kick back, relax, and let me tell you all about this place called the Grudge.Dark, dirty, and teeming with the same kind of action, let s just say that Grudgehaven won t be appearing on any best cities to raise children lists any time soon On the other hand, it would be a shoe in for best city to live in horrid squalor, abort your broken dreams, or die a slow and painful death Either way, you get the picture After a day or two in the Grudge, you ll be longing for the good old days of steam power and soot in this city dominated by the internal combustion engine, where even the people run on fossil fuels If you thought hurricanes were bad, you won t after surviving a category 5 acid storm That is IF you surviveThis world sets the stage for McNee s perverse brand of noir, replete with gear driven gangsters, fragmented femme fatales, copper plated crooked cops, and a host of other antiheroes so flawed readers cannot help but root for them Interwoven throughout their overlapping narratives are dual threads of hope and despair desperate men and women on the verge of something big, a second chance, or one last score In the cog eat cog world of Grudgehaven, your best friend is your foe and your biggest enemy is yourself, a losing battle on all fronts to make it big or simply survive.As alluded to above, my reviews tend to focus on my own subjective experience with books, rather than any kind of pseudo objective critique which I definitely got my fill of back in grad school That said, Grudge Punk earns a full five stars not only for its appealing style and subject matter, but also for how well the book is written McNee packs each story tight with lurid descriptions and dialogue, splashes them with kerosene, lights the fuse on the whole damned bundle and walks away The bomb will blow, and as the dust settles and the sirens wail, you ll behold the twisted debris and marvel at just how well its piecemeal parts were once cobbled together.

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    You are now entering the Grudge Only fools come clean If you were to browse my shelves, you would probably notice that they are not rife with noir, horror, dieselpunk or bizarro books No You d probably see a bunch of pomo novels and dusty old classics I ll just go out on a limb here and say that I am probably not the target audience for a book like Grudge Punk So why did I read it Well, see, I read it because John The Scourge McNee has it You know, that indescribable something that needs no explanation It just is, and if you have it, baby, that s all you need I knew instantly that McNee had it when I read his story In the Flesh published in Tall Tales With Short Cocks This was my introduction to Grudgehaven, and also the first story to appear in Grudge Punk I was so excited to revisit his Grudge world when another of his stories was published in Tall Tales With Short Cocks II It was A Hand Walks Into a Bar , and it got me hooked Sounds like the opening line of a dumb joke, am I right I was all set to dismiss it for that reason But the title makes no difference, you know why That s right It. I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for this collection of short stories to come out because I couldn t wait to see what The Scourge would do with Grudgehaven and its band of nefarious citizens I even got mad at my friend when he waited an entire week to tell me that the paperback had been released okay, so not mad, but at least a little miffed.Doesn t matter because it was than worth the wait I couldn t have imagined that it would be so perfect If you don t believe me, read it yourself You re guaranteed to enjoy it from start to finish you know why uh huh it It has universal appeal and it will blow your mind You ll be chasing the mechanical dragon, begging for And the great thing about it is, if the author is so inclined, there are endless stories that can be spun from here on out And since we are all in on the ground floor, I for one have high, high hopes for the future of Grudge Haven in the able hands of John McNee I would venture to say that we have not heard the last of The Grudge. She will rise, like a phoenix from the flame Keep the story going, Scourge Your fan s have spoken Now leaving the Grudge Take your sins and secrets with you

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    This is easily one of the best books I ve read this year It s labeled as Bizarro fiction, but I wouldn t categorize it that way In my mind, this falls in line with what folks a few years back were calling New Weird It s the perfect blend of science fiction, fantasy and horror that manages to be none of those things It s like the film Sin City set in some town in Mieville s Bas Lag, where the citizens are all comprised of meat, metal, fiberglass, and random junkyard scraps It s a work of gritty noir fiction Not the hard boiled detective variety, but rather the type concerned with the criminals, the scammers, the low lifes, and the creeps It s like Pulp Fiction as directed by David Cronenberg Speaking of Cronenberg, if you like his nastier works especially Naked Lunch and eXistenZ and like your noir with some extra grit, then you ll like this book.Highly recommended.

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    My musings on Grudge Punk by John McNee I m going to try reviewing this compilation as I go along because I have Christmas brain very similar to zombie brain, really and can t seem to remember anything from one moment to the next Firstly, In the Flesh is icky, icky awesomeness There is something wondrous strange about a short story set within a world or rather corner of the world where flesh is foreign and coveted and not in a Damn, I d like to hit that kind of way Long forgotten by the greased and mechanised population, set back on a street from a time long passed, there is a palace of flesh and blood I m not sure what fetish laden world McNee is living in exactly but it s an interesting little excursion to visit wherever there is just don t try to take the walls with you Onward to A Hand Walks Into the Bar Same creepy world, new elements of strange In this one we get a glimpse of the higher calibre lifestyle within Grudgehaven A hand scuttles into the bar, interrupting an interaction between Rhino and a female with lovely bronze legs that he can see himself in sexy, right and ammonia on her breath not so sexy , the hand belongs to a notorious pimp, dun dun dun Off we go on an adventure of bizarrity McNee is hilariously perverse here and I couldn t help but snort chuckle to the visual of Rhino walking a hand on a leash down the street like an old lady may well walk a poodle, where does he come up with this shit Love it Gutter Politics, in a world of such broken, scattered humanity what must their politicians be like Thankfully, John McNee answers that in this short, disturbing read about Eddie Coll, future mayor of Grudgehaven You think our politicians are bad view spoiler This is the prodigal son of sewage hide spoiler

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    If you ve read Tall Tales With Short Cocks or Tall Tales with Short Cocks Vol 2 then you ve already read part of this book, and chances are you re pretty excited about it If you haven t, well let me give you a taste of what s to come.Grudgehaven is not a nice place It s being blown apart by a bitter Mob war, and nobody is safe from the shrapnel Being part noir, part horror, and part bizarro it s a difficult world to explain It s citizens are made out of everything from granite to spare machine parts Everything from flesh to fleshless skeletons that don t exist any, and if you see one you won t either.My favorite character is The King of Broken Glass He s an evil and sadistic son of a bitch who has no mercy for anybody, especially not the innocents between him and his renewed rise to power.It reminds me of Sin City, or a hard boiled Dick Tracey It s not for the squeamish McNee sentences most of his characters to death, and not the die in your sleep kind of death The violently tortured kind of death.

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    Not since Mi ville s world of Bas Lag in his New Crobuzon trilogy have I been completely drawn to an author s world of amazing creation Like the descriptions of the denizens of Bas Lag, reading McNee s tales of beings nefarious, broken and unpredictable are hair raising to the point of anything goes Remember the first time you saw Resevoir Dogs and the feeling you had when the camera panned away from the switchblade to cop violence Yeah, like that Over and over.The first story in this brilliant collection sets the tone my first exposure and anthologized in Tall Tales With Short Cocks for what is in store But each story of Grudgehaven is unique, every character rich in their development, and the way McNee ties them all together by the last sentence of the final story is just fucking brilliant.And yes, this collection deserves the 5 stars, the 100 stars, the Galaxy it deserves But selfishly, can I please have some , sir

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    Grudge Punk Is it a book A genre A living, breathing universe in and of itself The answer is yes To all three of these questions Grudge Punk is the title John McNee has given to this collection of interconnected short stories, but also, it s a glimpse into a parallel dimension Let me explain The residents of Grudgehaven are a patchwork of sorts Pieced together by flesh, garbage and arcane robotics The Grudge itself is a city where Skid Row pretty much extends its breadth where freaks and criminals rule the streets The stories McNee tells all take place in this city and although each tale has its own beginning, middle and end there are many overt and covert crossovers in regards to characters and places And despite the preternatural happenings in this book the bizarro aesthetic that seems to lurk just below the surface of these stories the elements of character crossover is extraordinarily effective in creating what feels like a real world A place that continues to exist beyond the pages it s written on And if McNee feels like channeling this world once again, I KNOW there are dozens of stories this place has left to tell The stories themselves employ a noir style narrative Traditionally, I am not much a fan of noir I sometimes find the prose a tad too matter of fact But when you re dealing with stuff like view spoiler a crime kingpin s tortured living hallway, a Frankenstein style religious robot prostitute, or a serial murderer hiding inside a woman s husband s body hide spoiler

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    This is my first Bizzarro I blame it on Shamus I commented on one of his pictures, the comment section on said picture with him and many others got completely insane I ll neve eat peanut butter again , him and I had a conversation and I ended up with this book I m not really sure if it s considered r2r I mean, he gave it to me I m sure he would like me to review it I m sure he just wants me to say that I really loved it So, basically, Shamus popped my cherry.Did I love it I don t think love is a strong enough word for how I feel about this book And John oh my God he s a god haha I can only imagine what it must be like in this man s head and I m sure conversations with him are quite entertaining and intriguing I loved every part of this book, but I have to say that my favorite stories of them all are In the Flesh, Gutter Politics and The Corridors of Power.This book has definitely made it to my top 5 favorite books of the year probably top 20 favorite in my lifetime and I read a LOT of books and I m only sorry that it took me so long to finally sit down and read it I have only one suggestion for you Let your fingers do the walking by immediately heading online to your favorite book establishment you should also check out Rooster Republic Press and purchase a copy of this book Once it is downloaded on to whatever e reader you use, put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, turn off the cell phone and anything else that is going to distract you, send your family on vacation and make yourself comfortable This is definitely a book you ll want to give yourself time to fully enjoy.

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