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    Stoner Spaz is a wonderfully unapologetic and brash contemporary study about well two self explanatory characters Spaz is Ben Bancroft, an uptight, Grandmother raised boy who is nicknamed so because of his cerebral palsy Stoner is Collen Minou, the high school bad girl who is perpetually drugged out, hence the nickname.Told from Ben s point of view, the novel is primarily driven almost entirely via dialogue, which in this case, works really well because the dialogue is a joy to read full of wry American humour I could almost see one of those cool, talky talk talk indie movies playing in my head as I read this Ben is withdrawn and all he knows about are old films, while Colleen is fairly clueless but not dumb so conversation between them would go something like this Ben Did you ever see My Left Foot Colleen Looks at his shoe Ben I mean the movie Colleen Those are fucked by the wayBen My grandma buys my shoes okay They initially meet in a run down movie theatre and their friendship relationship blossoms from there, Colleen needing help with homework and Ben for the first time in his life is living it up as he hangs out with Collen in some well set up scenarios I love how the novel doesn t pass judgment, just presenting these two outcasts as an endearing dysfunctional pair I absolutely adored Colleen and her awesome wardrobe which consists of fluro mini skirts and torn lace over Clash t shirts.The loose and not really that existent plot revolves around Ben wanting to make this student film about their high school, which I was yeah whatever with as I was pretty happy with the character study alone I just wanted the relationship to take the necessary route, I would probably see some of the answers of the universe within its unfolding and think it beautiful and enough to be hunky dory.Unfortunately 2 3 of the way in, the wheels completely fall off this novel The build up and the story progression stops In fact the novel seems to even stop reading like a novel I would say that the last 1 3 of this book consists of what appears to be disconnected notes, unrelated scenes, jumps in time and rough sketches I would go as far as to say that the last 1 3 reads like a draft and shouldn t have made it into published form And the ending I would criticise it for being poorly written, if I could actually make sense of what was actually happening The ending took me entirely by surprise So much so, I had flipped the page and was reading a plug for a different book and I thought I was still reading the novel I have no idea what happened to such a promising story I have noted that the publishing notes says part of the novel was published in anthology form which may explain why the earlier chapters are much polished Maybe the author just quickly hashed up enough words to make a novel I don t know.This novel deserves 2 stars because it badly needs an editor, but I am going to overlook that and give it 3 stars cos the writing is enjoyable and I really like the overall scope and what it s trying to do.Will I read the sequel Now Playing Stoner Spaz II I can t think of anything witty to say, so I ll just say no.I m sorry Ron Koertge Your writing is ace, but you need a new editor Shoot the old one and we ll talk

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    I chose this book because like the protagonist I have spastic cerebal palsy, also similar to Ben it affects only one side of my body I was interested to see how a non handicap author portrays a disabled person There are multiple levels of CP ranging from the very mild to very severe Ben and I are similar in our capabilities although his is slightly worse I only have slight difficulty getting dressed and I am able to drive Overall, Koertge did a exemplary job with both main characters I loved the fact that Ben had a great sense of humor and although he, of course, isn t happy about his situation he accepts it for what it is Colleen is the polar opposite of Ben with her wild side and drug addiction, but as true to life opposites attract.

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    This awkwardly covered book follows a teenager with cerebral palsy around while he attempts to break free a bit from the strict rules his grandmother enforces He befriends a popular girl at school who exposes him to the wonderful worlds of dance clubs, drugs, and making out I liked the book as a character study and I wasn t expecting to happen but the author adds in a storyline about Ben s interest in filmmaking that overwhelms the second half of the book and changed the flow for me though there is a second book and it looks to be about filmmaking The dialogue is funny and Ben s addiction to going to the movies where no one judges him was endearing, but I lost all my attachment to this book as the story went on It went from a 4 star book to a 2.5 5 stars This mini review was part of a series of 7 mini reviews of short YA books I wrote for a post over at our blog, The Readventurer.

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    Who would have thought that a love story between a boy with cerebral palsy and a manic pixie drug addict would make me sigh Aww in my head at least 20,000 times This book is so damn cute.

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    This was a book that I unexpectedly really enjoyed I didn t realize how few books about disability narratives I ve read And this one was pretty dang good Ben has CP, which has significantly affected his life But one day, when he s at a movie, the local stoner Colleen lays her head against his shoulder and thus a friendship is born She treats him as a person, and openly discusses his CP rather than denying its existence or ignoring it AND we as the reader get to experience Ben having his first sexual experience which seems weird to say, except for the fact that it is SO important that disabled characters are allowed sexuality.This book is funny, shocking, and at times heartbreaking Many events happen off page, which make it just the realistic Well, hopefully I m able bodied, so I m not exactly one to gauge how realistic this novel is, but coming from that standpoint, it seemed realistic and entertaining while being respectful at the same time Overall, this was an interesting book which delves into how those with CP live their lives and how much different their lives both are and aren t depending on their own selves and the actions of those around them.Review cross listed here

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    An movie buff teen disabled with CP meets a girl who actually treats him like a human being without CP the only trouble is that she was so stoned she can barely remember their encounter Still, a friendship develops, one that means changes in both their lives Terrific dialogue is a highlight in this story, another is Koertge s ability to spin a great tale with interesting characters that leaves one wondering about their fates Good thing there is a sequel

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    Well written and quite funny even though it s dated, because technology has shot off the chart since this book was written I liked the characters and thought they were well drawn The only thing that felt unrealistic was when Ben decides to try smoking pot and gets stoned off one hit No matter how good Colleen s shit was, that would never happen But storywise, it s a fun, fast read.

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    Personal ResponseI really enjoyed the book Stoner and Spaz written by Ron Koertge This book had a great amount of action combined perfectly with drama to create a very good book I did not want to stop reading this book, and I was quite fascinated by the plot and the events that took place I am very glad that I found this book well I was looking around in the library This book is my favorite book of 2016, so far Plot summaryBen, the main character in this book, suffers from C.P This is a disorder in which one of your body parts does not function correctly The bottom part of Ben s leg is whats suffering from this He was at a carnival, walking past the games, when a girl that he knew approached She wanted money Generous Ben then gave it to her, and then they rode on the Ferris wheel together This girl was named Colleen She did drugs and had a boyfriend named Ed Ed is the man that started all of her problems He influenced her negatively and did not care about her She usually enjoyed this feeling, and got all of her drugs for free She was very addicted, and kept talking about how good Ed s drugs were Ben really cared about Colleen Ben, then offered a ride home to Colleen She accepted it, and got in his grandma s car She then said please roll down the window and threw up outside of the window Ben s grandma was disgusted in her behavior, and did not enjoy Colleen She did not want Ben to be around her Ben on the other hand, really enjoyed her Ben went to the movies alone, and saw Colleen alone He said hi, and they talked She then began to smoke weed and offered Ben some He accepted her invite She cuddled up next to him, and they both fell asleep to the end of the movie He then calls his grandma to give her a ride home He is really into Colleen She doesn t know what to think because she has never been shown love before Neither Ed nor her parents have shown her love He calls her to say goodnight and tell them to meet up in the alley the next morning They meet up, with Colleen stoned She tells Ben that he is such a nice guy and then they start making out This is his first time ever kissing a girl This makes Ben absolutely attracted to her In school, he sat alone at lunch Today, Colleen appears to sit with him This makes him mad happy After school, Ben calls up Colleen She says that she is busy and with Ed This makes Ben upset Ed and Colleen are still dating, but she has been totally different ever since Ben has entered her life Today was an acceptation She was on so many types of drugs that she could not feel her body Ben said that this was enough, and went up to Ed He said that Colleen is now his and he needs to stop Ed laughs and says he is giving Colleen to him Ben tells Colleen that she needs to sober up He basically carries her all the way home She is living a good sober lifestyle, but tells Ben that she doesn t completely like the new her Today, she had started smoking again She agreed to only a few puffs a day and only one joint This was better than before The next day, Ben sees his girl in the alley She says she cannot live like this any, and gets into her friend Nick s Car This means that Ben and Colleen are done Colleen could not retain the sober lifestyle, and Ben was also hurt by her actions.Review and Recommendation I think that this was a great book I feel like there were some lessons taught in this book For example, one is people are going to live how they want You can try to change it, but they will end up overcoming your powers The next lesson, is to not judge people I would recommend this book to boys and girls ages 14 and up I feel that both genders would be amused by the drama and action inside of this book Kids younger would most likely not understand the concept of this book Overall, I give this book a five stars it was a very good book.

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    My Teen Book Club chose this one to read, otherwise I probably would have never picked it up This book grew on me as it went For the first half I was kinda meh about it I wasn t a huge fan of the sorta stereotypical way the characters were portrayed nerdy loner movie lover and TOTAL mess hot drug addict manic pixie dream girl , but as it went on, I warmed up to it My Teen Book Club tends to pick fantasy or genre fiction in general, so it was a good experience, I think, for them to read a gritty, raw, realistic fiction book When we talked about it, none of the kids seemed particularly impressed by the writing, but I was It was the exact kind of writing I like Spare and succinct and economical, with amazing little bursts of profundity without needing eloquence I really liked how the characters developed in the second half, how your expectations about them were shattered, how you really questioned whether Ben and Colleen were good for each other It was really interesting to read about a relationship that probably SHOULDN T be happening because it really is kinda toxic, but still really understand how these people could be attracted to each other, and why.I really liked the ambiguous ending I m a little sad there s a sequel, actually.

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    Ben s life has been tough to say the least His parents are gone, he has Cerebral Palsy, and to say his grandmother is overprotective would be an understatement Everyone treats him differently, except for Colleen When he runs into her at an old movie theater, he tries to avoid her Who wants to hang out with a drug addict anyway The she hangs around, the he want to see her She talks to him like he is normal, she touches him like he is normal, she just overall treats him like a normal 16 year old kid Isn t that what he has always wanted This book was short, simple, and to the point, without being simple at all The nuances of high school feelings and relationships are well thought out and documented, however, I wasn t really drawn to the book I wasn t really into the characters, they were so extreme I understand that the point is that very different people can relate and become friends I also understand people exist that are similar to both of these characters However, I am neither of them, and thus had a hard time relating I also have a hard time of deciding who I would recommend the book That being said, I know that the book has huge hype among teenagers Next time I find one who loves it, I will be sure to pick their brain

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Stoner & Spaz download Stoner & Spaz, read online Stoner & Spaz, kindle ebook Stoner & Spaz, Stoner & Spaz 4def73b3ee94 For Sixteen Year Old Ben Bancroft A Kid With Cerebral Palsy, No Parents, And An Overprotective Grandmother The Closest Thing To Happiness Is Hunkering Alone In The Back Of The Rialto Theatre And Watching Bride Of Frankenstein For The Umpteenth Time The Last Person He Wants To Run Into Is Drugged Up Colleen Minou, Resplendent In Ripped Tights, Neon Miniskirt, And An Impressive Array Of Tattoos But When Colleen Climbs Into The Seat Beside Him And Rests A Woozy Head On His Shoulder, Ben Has That Unmistakable Feeling That His Life Is About To Change With Unsparing Humor And A Keen Flair For Dialogue, Ron Koertge Captures The Rare Repartee Between Two Lonely Teenagers On Opposite Sides Of The Social Divide His Smart, Self Deprecating Protagonist Learns That Kindred Spirits May Be Found For The Looking And That The Resolve To Follow Your Passion Can Be Strengthened By Something As Simple As A Human Touch