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Game Over files Game Over , read online Game Over , free Game Over , free Game Over , Game Over 5c111e5eb Winter Ramos, One Of The Drama Filled Faces Of Love And Hip Hop New York, Season Delivers A Brazen And Unabashed Memoir Of Her Life In The World Of Hip Hop In Game Over, Winter Puts All Of Her Emotions On The Page Leaving No Experience, Emotional Abuse, Or Former Lover Uncovered From Her Days As Assistant To Rapper, Fabolous And Friend To Jada Kiss, To Appearing On Love And Hip Hop And Being Creative Costume Designer For Flavor Unit Films, Winter Delivers A Tell All Book On Her Famous Ex Lovers And Experiences In The Music Industry As The Chick That Was Always In The Mix And Cool With Everyone, Winter Was Privy To The Cray Beyond The Videos, Private Flights, And Limos That The Cameras Caught For Us Her Reality And Theirs Was No Game Game Over Is Winter S Cautionary Tale For The Next Generation Of Young Women Who Believe That The Fabulous Lives Of Celebrities Unveiled In Blogs And On Reality Television Shows Are All FIRE Stay Tuned, Because This GAME Is About To Get Real

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    To be honest, The only reason that the book was anything, was because she slutted herself out, under the delusion that she was using them, when in fact, she was being used This book was a guilty pleasure of mine, but as I reached the end I realized that she was even delusional than I thought She put herself in situations and positions that made me question if she really had it all together like she kept saying throughout the book Although you have juicy gossip, and surprising hook ups,she fails to do what she intends to do, which is WARN A cautionary tale would have some kind of consequence to it Right

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    Not worth the cost A waste of my money

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    This book,was a superhead miss winter was so full of herself cussing out her mom at 3 years old didn t seem believable And just because you don t take cash assistance living in the projects is PUBLIC ASSISTANCE FYI she claims that she s not naive, but every dude does the same exact thing to her.she claims that she s not naive, but every dude does the same exact thing to her.Winter also got mad at Lore l for fucking for free with Jae Millz but she was doing the same thing with Slim from Cash Money The book had Nothing to do with hip hop imo just jumping from dudes from hip hop It would ve had been interesting if she actually gained something from these dudes besides an egg on her face I lost count of how many men she slept with after the game chapter borrow if you REALLY want to read it don t buy it

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    Wowwwwww Ok, Winter, I m feeling your words, no matter how crazy I feel you are for having written a book about the famous rappers and athletes you ve been with, but that doesn t change how I feel about the book.This was a well written book in many respects First, regardless what others may think of Winter, I believe what she s written The stuff she s been through is so damn chaotic that it has to be true chuckle Winter was definitely a money motivated woman with her own hidden agendas, so just as she was used, she played the same games.It appears as though she s grown up a whole lot, but I feel she still has quite a ways to go Some of the names she dropped in this novel had my jaw dropping, especially what she revealed of some of their lovemaking skills She certainly had no problem kissing and telling that s for sure, and I just hope she has some security around her because girlfriend is gonna need it I wish her all the best If you love memoirs, you ll love this book YOU will keep turning the pages, that s for damn sure

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    Winter Ramos should be ashamed of herself She writes it her book how she used men with deep pockets to get material things She had no problem having sex with them She judged men and talks about the size of their penis Men who are famous rappers today that are mentioned in Ms Ramos book are probably so ashamed You cant take the Ghetto out of Ms Ramos thats for sure If I wasn t on an airplane I would have thrown the book in the garbage.

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    Hmmm this book was okay After going through Karrine Steffans books, I guess I just expected a little from Winter s tell all The book was just okay, nothing to write home about or recommend to others.

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    this book DOES NOT live up to the hype It was not as good as i thought it would Winter.have several seats please

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    This was alright

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    this book is so depressing i can only read a few pages here there terribly written, but what makes it sad is that this girl apparently doesnt see that sleeping with men for shopping sprees apartments just makes her a prostitute she lets guys treat her like garbage but thinks shes on top because they are rappers it makes me sad what wouldve made a better story is how she grew up in the projects but worked hard became a stylist to some of hip hops biggest names this book is basically garbage a bummer.

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    Great title for this book now that she has shown the world who is really is, how far she was willing to go, and who she used to get there not to mention what she was willing to do just for a new bag or a pair of shoes Now, The Game is surely over for her The Game must have already been over for her to be this desperate for a few bucks Does she even realize what she has divulged Does she realize she has written a tell all book not against rappers and the hip hop world but against herself Is she proud of the life she has lead I really do not understand why any women especially a new mother whose child will read this book one day would tell others about her life as a whore Because no matter how u describe the whys it is what it is can t sugar coat that And, does she realize she was only one of millions It s not like she accomplished anything but how to be a whore Also, in her book title she lists her love for Hip Hop no it was her love for dick I hate to use that word but I can t say just sex because it was important to her how big or little each man was and how good or bad in bed using his male part and her willingness to sleep with anyone with bucks in the Hip Hop world It seems she is proud of this fact throughout her book and in the interviews concerning her book Does she also realize these men laughed about her Used her Girls like her r not the marrying kind And one day, that abortion she talks so nonchalantly about will need to be explained to the children she did decide to keep If she didn t want children at that time in her life and instead of blaming those men that didn t like to wear condoms sleeping with every Tom, Dick, and Harry that would sleep with her that she could benefit from seems like she had the responsibility to cover that situation and avoid this from happening not blaming then getting rid of an innocent baby It was sure to happen I have made many bad choices throughout my life but mistakes are things we do that we don t realize the consequences for at the time she can not call these mistakes Or bad decisions she willing did what she did she knew it was very wrong but continued to do them until The Game ran out

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