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Reports of Certain Events in London explained Reports of Certain Events in London, review Reports of Certain Events in London, trailer Reports of Certain Events in London, box office Reports of Certain Events in London, analysis Reports of Certain Events in London, Reports of Certain Events in London abc5 This Short Story, In The Form Of A Collection Of Fictional Documents Supposedly Received By The Author, Presents The Idea That There Exist Certain Autonomous Streets Which Phase In And Out Of Existence, Living Complex And Mysterious Lives Of Their Own, And Even Having Romances And Violent Feuds Amongst Their Alley Selves The Street That Is The Focus Of The Story Varmin Way Is Also Mentioned In Un Lun Dun Brieflyso Published Collected In Looking For Jake And Other Stories In

  • Audiobook
  • Reports of Certain Events in London
  • China Miéville
  • 21 July 2019

10 thoughts on “Reports of Certain Events in London

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    This short story is definitely one of the weirder ones I ve read I m also not sure if I really understood it or how to even rate it tbh

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    Well, I have to say this is the weirdest short story I ve ever read so far It s not surprising though, as the work is considered in the genre New Weird The word certain doesn t only suggest the events insignificance, but also tells the author s inability to understand what these events are up about just like us.The story is simply written as a record of the author supposedly China Mi ville himself who has received a set of documents in the mail I can, indeed, understand the author s confusion while reading these documents as they contains the information of spying on several streets in several places At first, I questioned these streets to be actual people, but the story has a proof as a collection of photos to confirm that no, we literally are spying on the streets These streets are, of course, not ordinary They are able to move around, doing their business, living their lives, getting marriage, having kids as a new street of course popping here and there One interesting thing is that the documents are presented very officially and seriously, but ironically, the information they are talking about is very unreal and fictional because how can streets have kids right But, it actually gets me thinking about a different dimension where these things might actually exist I m not good on science but everything is possible nowadays so I m taking that into consideration To take it realistically, the organization might represents a group of people whom we considered weird Like, they might believe that streets can move and it s the truth for them, but for us it s just a bedtime story Anyway, this mocking and satirical story is uncanny and puzzling for the reader who is still new to the Post Human genre However, I found this piece of story very interesting and very fresh It s quite hilarious and ridiculous to imagine that there s a group of people who like peeping on the streets and even creates a serious organization to investigate on the matter I mean, the main point of the story is not to take anything seriously anyway So, enjoy.

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    3.75 stars

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