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Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) pdf Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) , ebook Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) , epub Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) , doc Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) , e-pub Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) , Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1) 45f7ca4ed25 Alex Bryant Thinks The Most Exciting Thing That Will Happen To Him At The Ultra Exclusive Club, Sanctuary, Will Be To Score Some Booze And Dance The Night Away But All His Preconceptions Begin To Go Sideways The Moment He Catches Sight Of Sanctuary S Owner, Demetrius Black What Alex Doesn T Know Is That Demetrius Is An Ancient Master Vampire, Using The Club As A Front To Feed Himself And His Fledglings As His Hypersensitivity Has Made Him A Virtual Prisoner From The World Alex And Demetrius Meeting Ends Up Being Than Fortuitous For The Young Man As Circumstances Soon Thrust Him From The World He Knows Into The Dark And Dangerous Night Status Complete The First Chapters Are Free For Non Members

10 thoughts on “Sanctuary (The Sanctuary Universe #1)

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    Now this one definitely needs a future sequel, I want to know what happens later down the road for everyone.

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    Very good Loved the characters and a great story without it being too predictable A nice touch of romance.

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    Hot Vamps, who doesn t love them

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    This was a wonderful story The romance and the risk was all very interesting and very real It felt like this story had even family involvement than others and it was truly fascinating The problems that were happening were not based on vampirism at the first they were actually based on a kid having to deal with problems with abusive men that his mother was with The core was such a real story that it was so amazing Even from the vampire POV much of the story was about family for Demetrius and all that it can mean Family was such a core element and it was wonderfully done.I have to hesitate from five stars simply because of how this story ended It was wonderful but then skewed towards so many questions in those last five chapters Then ending it off following the Nomad with a promise of to come there s no real indication that those answers will ever be pursued The Nomad is going to be in a separate story after this, one seemingly unrelated to the questions posed So when will those questions ever be answered If the next story delves into it this could be wonderful After all there is a Winter Haven connection present that could cross over in other stories maybe Nathaniel Whitney knows some answers but if these questions are never looked at this story is simply too open ended to be a recommendation for me.

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    2.5 stars

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    Was ultimately rather average, characters aren t particularly believable, timescales are off In the end not a terrible book but not a particularly great one either.

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    I loved this book so much

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