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    I read this book as part of research for my next tv show that I m prepping It was a fun read, not only because of all the cool photos, but also due to The Roots drummer uestlove s conversational style He s not a professional scholar or historian so the book is mostly personal reflections about the show and its impact It makes for a less academic approach to the material and something a bit casual, but still very informative So if a strictly scholastic approach to Soul Train s history is what you re looking for, this might not be it But if you re looking for a piece of informative appreciation written by a big fan, check this one out For me, not being a fan of reading non fiction, this one was right up my alley.

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    Lovely, plush coffee table book treatment for this institution of African American culture but valuable mostly for the photos and iconic imagery Questlove s accompanying text is largely a personal, facile take on Soul Train rather than an authoritative overview or analysis There s virtually no insight into the behind the scenes machinations of the show and obvious things like indices of guest artists, hosts, famous alumni dancers etc are curiously absent This is an ok book but it should have been great Missed opportunity.

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    I absolutely LOVED Soul Train My dad and I planned our Saturday fun around who was singing that week The photos bring back so many memories The commentary is a trivia lovers dream This book is all that I thought it would be and I plan to purchase several copies to give to my music loving friends.

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    The Hippest Trip In America

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    I ve never seen an episode, and I don t know a lot of the names, but there s nothing better than reading an author who s truly, deeply in love with their subject Questlove bangs it out in short bursts, giving you a history of black music from Motown to LL Cool J It seems like if you search any song he mentions in here, you ll recognize it from a sample in hip hop especially Bad Boy songs Yep, this gave me a musical education It also gave me a look into the pre hip hop world where hardness wasn t the rule, where innocence and fun were on display I can t tell you how many times I stopped reading to youtube a Soul Train episode he was talking about.The book does start to get a little repetitive in it s short profiles and constant episode recaps, but like I said, it s done with so much love it s still a joy to read.

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    Soul Train was a big part of my Saturday afternoons as a child although I didn t tune in as much as a teen This book brought back so many memories and was quite a nostalgic read This book is a new favorite of mine my only complaint is I wish the photos were larger and easier to view on Kindle Hope to see a revival of Soul Train soon as mentioned at the end of the book.

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    It is a fantastic book First of all, because Questlove is an awesome person, and because he has a photographic memory, like me, and can remember every episode of Soul Train Secondly, because I was his editor, and we spent a lot of time on the phone going episode by episode, and photo by photo I learned a great deal working on this book, which is why I love being an editor

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    This is an absolutely gorgeous book It has over 350 huge color photographs from the 1970s through 1990s An amazing chronicle of a wildly influential piece of popular culture I would definitely recommend it for anyone with an interest in music, dance, or fashion.

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    Good bookI enjoyed this Now I want to search for a box set of the shows Pictures were great So many memories.

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    This is a coffee table book and of course these books are dependent on the photographs than written text I have the digital copy of this book, and of course in this case that s hardly a comparison to nice glossy paper photographs However, the digital book was a lot of fun to thumb through and the pictures were very nice, mostly in color, and the information is organized into sections, reminding readers of many fond memories The book covers the performers, highlighting standouts and influencers Naturally, the dancers are featured prominently, as well has the clothing and hairstyle trends Overall, this was fun book to thumb through, but I m sure the hardcover is the way to go in this case A must for the hardcore Soul Train fan 3 stars

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