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Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) txt Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) , text ebook Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) , adobe reader Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) , chapter 2 Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) , Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) 316453 Rabbit Hole Is The First Book In The Paradox Series Set In , Rabbit Hole Tells The Story Of The Partnership Of Rabbit Hole Time Travel The World S First Commercial Time Travel Company, And Paradox Force A Government Sanctioned Black Ops Organization Together They Race To Find And Defeat The Rippers A Shadowy Organization Determined To Use Stolen Time Travel Technology To Alter The Past To Gain Unlimited Power And WealthBrilliant Scientist Dr Nora Hamilton, CEO Of Rabbit Hole Time Travel, Teams Up With Former Special Forces Operative Nick Canton, Director Of Corrective Mission At Paradox Force They Rush To Locate And Rescue Nora S Mentor, Dr Marcus Locke, Who Has Been Kidnapped By The Rippers On The Way, They Must Also Correct Altered History Before It Can Do Irreparable Damage To The Present While Preserving Historic Moments That Shaped The World Today, They Travel Across Hundreds Of Years And To Locations Around The Globe As Nick And Nora S Romance Heats Up, They Recruit The Team That Will Follow Them Any Place, Any Time In The Process, They All Learn About Themselves And The Importance Of Trust And Teamwork

About the Author: Garrett Smith

When not traveling the country in their RV, husband and wife writing team, Michael C Smith and Cynthia K Garrett writing as Garrett Smith make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they live on an acreage with their two much loved dogs Michael owns TulsaWoodSmith, a fine furniture and cabinetry business Cynthia is an attorney in private practice.They are currently working on the second book in

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    The author gave me a free copy thank you of this fast paced, action packed debut that combines two of my favorite genre time travel and historical fiction There was much to like about this book In addition to the genre I mentioned, I thought the way the time travel was handled was very clever and in a manner I have not previously encountered I don t want to spoil it with the details you will have to read it to find out.I especially liked the historical fiction aspect of the story Going back to historical events and people and learning of actual history as opposed to a purely fictional angle was unique and educational Finding out how the bad guys altered true history through Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was ingenious and fun.I know that I didn t include much in terms of a formal storyline review but that s because that s not my style for two reasons One, I don t want to spoil the joy of reading it blind for my friends and two, because I think others can do a better job of that than me There are typically other reviews out there to be read if that information is desired I simply want to tease others interested in a fast moving, time travel thriller into checking out this Grumpus recommended book I can t wait for further adventures in subsequent books.

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    A Time Travel Thriller This book flows like a Dan Brown book with short very action packed chapters It lends itself to sitting down and knocking out just a few chapters if you only have a few minutes, however it pulls you in because you will not want to walk away from the action.Chapter 2 establishes the rules of the book I love the fact that the authors established rules of a fictional technology from the get go I love Brandon Sanderson for this reasonPeople have super powers but the powers are explained, logical and fit into the magical world he has created Some authors will use magic to get out of outrageous situations and if you have not established any rules whatsoever the tension and peril can be brought to nothing if the main character can freeze timeteleport out at anytime So establishing rules helps maintain tension and the feeling of peril being felt by the heroes.The book is very fast paced and I felt myself, latching upon both the female and male lead Any change in the timeline was being monitored by three computersDr Jekyll The good guy Dr Jekyll has a record of correct history Mr Hyde the bad guy has altered history The third computer simply called The Interface alerts the heroes that there is a discrapency between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.The heroes go on corrective missions usually in a millitaristic approach that turns the book into a Clancy feel Who is making changes to history What are their objectives in doing so The authors take pains to avoid paradoxical loops that are common in the time travel genre and the book flows linearly despite alterations and time travel To spice things up there is a mole in the heroes campTurns the plot into a mystery of various characters.I felt that near the middle that I was being introduced to extra characters simply because, I needed possibilities to suspect to drive the mystery of who is the mole.So action packed Militiaristic Well estblished believable time travel rules And a mystery with lots of suspectsAll brought to you in a short quick read of 252 pages

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    I had a hard time deciding whether or not to rate and or write a review of this book This book was written by a husband and wife writing team who not only are members of the Time Travel Group I moderate but who also live in my city As you can probably guess from the difficulties I had in writing a review, I did not enjoy the book The premise is an interesting one Time travel is a heavily regulated tourist business Great pains are made to avoid any changes to history through the means of 2 computers called Jekyll and Hyde Jekyll is in a time bubble and contains the original history of the world while Hyde reports the history as everyone remembers it If someone assassinated Adolph Hitler, that s the memory that everyone carries with them and the reality that Hyde reports However, Jekyll knows the truth, and a comparison between the data of the 2 computers allows government officials to see if anyone has attempted to illegally alter time It seems that the goal of the story is for our time travel team to find out who s been altering time and who kidnapped Marcus, the co creator of time travel It s obvious that the person who s altering time is the kidnapper And, in the end, we find out the identity of the kidnapper, but it s not anyone we know Or if we did meet him previously, he wasn t made a big enough part of the story to matter and I frankly didn t care to do a word search to find out There s no great reveal, gasp of astonishment, or feeling of closure at the end And since I never got to really know Marcus except to discover that he makes his own spaghetti sauce and plays piano , I sadly didn t care whether he got rescued or not.The book is written in the style of a Tom Clancy thriller However, it doesn t succeed on that level and could do with quite a bit of editing for content and style While thrillers aren t my favorite genre, I d not object to reading a well written one The characters we meet at the beginning of the novel don t seem to be the characters that we get to know later in the novel Great detail is given about matters of no consequence The book feels disjointed in many places with unpolished action scenes especially the final action scenes Some of the writing has potential, and there are a few quirky elements that could be carried out further However, those chapters and passages like the chapter about the person who developed the polio vaccine are few and far between The sex scene chapter is awkward and embarrassing The insertion of religious god has a plan asides seem out of place I kept reading awkward passages aloud to my husband, and he kept asking me why I kept reading such a poorly written novel Nothing compelled me to move forward in my reading other than the desire to finish it so I could move on to something better Several people have given this book 4 or 5 stars I think we must have all read a different book.

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    The concept of this idea, this plot, was very good But at the halfway point I didn t think it was leading up to my expectations By the time things started rolling in the second half, I had forgotten those thoughts It was a good combination of action, suspense, mystery, romance, and of course, time travel This was the writers first book and an exceptional start I look for even better things in the future.

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    It was the year 2025, and Rabbit Hole Time Travel was very popular with those who could afford the trip into the past Run by scientist Dr Nora Hamilton and her mentor and father figure, Dr Marcus Locke, they held the monopoly on time travel, having every security in place to keep the history of the past as it should be There were stringent rules when they took their travellers to the past no one was to remove anything, take souveniers, change the dynamic of history But on New Years Eve things began to change a trip to see the Hindenburg explosion had dramatic results That night Marcus was kidnapped by an evil group calling themselves the Rippers They wanted to take over everything in the time travel industry, changing history to suit themselves the riches they could imagine for their future made them greedy and dangerous Marcus was in a lot of danger Nora was saved from the kidnappers by Nick Canton, who turned out to be the director of Paradox Force, the highly trained government agency who made sure history remained as it should be He was an ex Marine and his security team and scientists were second to none.As the dangers escalated around their lives and the lives of their colleagues, both in the current day, and the past, Nick and Nora found they had to return to the past to change history back to the way it should be on than one occasion The damage which would be done to the future would be catastrophic if it was left as it was With the assistance of Jekyll and Hyde, plus the team of scientists from both Rabbit Hole and Paradox, they thought they might be one step ahead of the Rippers but were they Was it a trap Would they manage to rescue Marcus before it was too late for him I thoroughly enjoyed this book the element of fantasy and danger, time travel plus a slice of romance thrown in gave it an intriguing, highly entertaining feel A book I have no hesitation in recommending, and with it being the first in a new series, I m keen to read the next one.With thanks to the authors for my copy to read and review.

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    The authors generously sent two copies of their book free of charge to the O Fallon Public Library I enjoy the science fiction genre quite a bit, so I was the lucky librarian picked to review it.I loved the time travel aspect of this It was very clever and well done I thought that they explained the theoretical difficulties involved with moving through time without getting unnecessarily technical The bad guys time rippers had some interesting ideas about how to abuse time and I loved the imaginary timelines that the authors invented for this story I didn t believe the part about the incorruptible timeline database or Dr Jekyll because how would the characters be able to make a version of history without that history being altered before as they made it but I was able to suspend my disbelief on that part because otherwise there wouldn t have been a story Time would have changed without their knowledge and that would have been the end of it.The weak parts of this novel were the characterizations and dialogue I didn t believe the romantic relationship parts of the book felt rushed and I found myself skimming much of the dialogue because it wasn t inspired and fell a bit flat In my opinion, the climatic scene jumped around too much for the momentum of the moment The authors wanted to include, at least, four different points of view and it made the narrative cumbersome when it could have been clipping along if narrowed down to two viewpoints or just one The additional action could be added afterwards in a recap moment at the close or as flashbacks in the next books.Also, the authors made the decision to name some of the red shirts Star Trek reference, entirely mine in the story We were introduced to a guard mere pages before he was shot Unnecessary detail, to my mind Another weak moment that jumped out at me was on page 178 In that particular scene, the main characters are having a bonding moment and it says Nora told them about a vacation she took with her parents and Nick had them in stitches as he stood up and half acted out all the parts of a prank that his first MARSOC team played on him This is a book Please tell the stories within the story I d love to have heard it too and also would have enjoyed being in stitches.That being said, I enjoyed this book and was truly interested in what was going to happen as I read I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

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    I read this book as part of a GoodReads group read and appreciate the authors sharing their work.Rabbit Hole has a strong, simple premise Agents of a government operated time travel tourism agency go rogue and try to use the technology for personal gain Our heroes, the curvaceous Nora, and ex Marine, Nick, have to use the same technology to stop them and prevent history from being rewritten.The story is action packed and full of characters that battle on behalf of their respective branches for ultimate control of the time travel Bubble technology The paradoxical changes to time and their respective fixes provide some humorous alternate realities including Charlton Heston as president, a South American retiree Hitler, and other short lived switches The authors clearly had fun playing with the genre and its ability to tweak history as we know it We even get a few cameo appearances from famous names like Nikola Tesla.Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to like this book for its positives, it got bogged down by its deficiencies It read very much like a first or second draft of a story that got published before it got the editing it needed The descriptions are formulaic, with the introduction of each new character being followed by a block of description listing their height, age, weight and hair color The exposition relies heavily on backstory that often feels forced, such as when the heroine backs out of the parking space at her work that she has used for years and is inspired to go into a lengthy reflection on her office building, the history of the property, and how the company s corporate policies came about This is followed by her driving for an hour, so we get an entire chapter of backstory on the character at her destination The book also suffered from an extreme case of point of view swapping, where the reader is obligated to hop into different character s heads mid scene The result was often jarring.These sorts of style gaffs are not uncommon from first time authors, and as a new author myself I understand I am very much the pot critiquing the kettle, but the story definitely suffered from them and a diligent rewrite could smooth many of these lumps out I would also love to see the story ditch its hearty supply of adverbs, especially Nick smiled painfully, and No , Nora said flatly I took a few issues with the plot points as well, especially one in which a kidnapped character uses a piano to send a secret message via his captor s music player that he somehow predicts the villain will conveniently drop in front of the heroes Some cutthroat editing could elevate this story from the quagmire it s in now to a point where its otherwise solid elements could shine.At 0.99 cents, it was inexpensive, and the pacing kept it a quick read, but until it gets a little work, I imagine a lot of people will be putting the book down well before they reach the finale.

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    LOVED THE BOOK AND LOVED LOVED LOVED PREMISEThis book is about a commercial time travel company based in the future called Rabbit Hole, that takes it s customers on brief, interesting journeys to see important moments in the past but something goes wrong and they must act to stop the corruption of time and save people Time travel if done right is my ultimate favorite genre And this book was definitely done right This book grabbed me right from the beginning and wouldn t let go even after I finished I spent a month either sick or with company or riding in a car and all I did was read this book over and over again it never got boring It made me interested in several areas of history that I previously knew nothing about the way they weaved real history, with corrupted history and the future was really unique This was an incredible read and I can not wait until Paradox 2 comes out I miss Nora and Nick already

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    In general, I liked this book It was quick paced with lots of action It combined historical fiction with time travel What could be bad Rabbit Hole Time Travel is a commercial travel agency developed by a small group of scientistsfor the purpose of taking customers on trips to past events or times Who wouldn t want to be there to eyewitness some famous disaster or event, or experience the Titanic before the iceberg not in the book Unfortunately there are security problems The company founder is kidnapped and needs rescuing and the bad guys are changing history as we know it This is a book based on a what if premise What if the Watergate break in hadn t been discovered What if Pearl Harbor hadn t been bombed and the US never entered the war Or Bill Gates had taken a different path How different would the world be However, sometimes the dialogue was a bit false, like the authors wanted to say something profound and it just came out corny The characters were underdeveloped and I never got a real understanding of who the Rippers bad guys are or how they would personally gain from altering history Maybe the authors will explain that in future installments Overall, with its flaws, I would give it a 3 star rating.

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    Received from Goodreads First ReadsThe good It s a fun story about commercial time travel and what that could mean in the wrong hands I actually rally liked the idea of an organization keeping tabs on history as it happened and history as it as been altered and the corrective missions to restore original timelines I also really liked that the authors were careful to choose specific moments of time rather than a large scale event that took place over a long period of time They also chose instances that don t seem to be the most consequential but have long term implications rather than short term results Overall, the story was fun and interesting and there weren t an overwhelming number of characters to drag down the story since it wasn t very long.The cons In some places the dialogue felt a little stiff, not untrue or wrong, just formal than causal speech The only large issue I had was that it didn t quite feel like a complete story It s set in the future but since the larger setting isn t explained, the future feels the same just with commercial time travel It would have been nice to know a little about the context of the story.

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