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    Note This book was provided to me for free by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review Driven By Destiny by Desi Daasi is an ambitious historical epic set the the 7th century mainly along the Indus River at the border of two great empires It is a time of aggression and war and killing in the name of religion a time when alliances are tenuous, where men seek riches and power and women are pawns sought mostly for their value It is the story of irresistibly beautiful Padmini, a Hindu princess, who, at her peril, is the most sought after treasure of all It is the story of noble Muslim Akbar, conquering his way into new lands for his kingdom.This book is like five parts historical fiction, two parts war fiction, three parts sex romp, and one part fairy tale Half way through the book I needed at least four hands to keep track of all the characters There is A LOT going on And wondrously, even with all the non western names and my inherent idiocy, Ms Desi kept all the moving parts in nice order I never found myself asking, Now, who was this person and flipping back What an incredible and marvelous effort by an amateur author I was pulled through the book by a sense of peril This is only book one, so that sense of peril is still hanging there.The historical story stands well on its own, but, yes, there is a lot of explicit sex Indeed, the book is awash in bodily fluids One note even with the varying backgrounds of the women in the book, there is a certain homogeneity of the bedroom activities The emphasis seems to be worship your man which could be offputting to some Luckily, there is a bit of FF loving for people like me If you are looking for something only for arousal s sake, this is not the book for you If you are looking for a compelling plot as well, this book has it Be warned though, this is about war and aggression, not all sex scenes are happy Some characters submit to grim circumstances.In the end though, this is an amateur effort There are spelling and punctuation errors and the formatting on my Kindle had some issues from time to time These errors did not distract me too badly though The storytelling, while crisp, felt a little informal I appreciated some of the historical explanations in the book, but perhaps they should have been footnotes This book builds and builds and the text runs out even though the story is still building I guess I ll need to wait for book two There were small character arcs in this book I think that I would have liked a bigger arc in there somewhere I assume that they will continue into the next volume.On the whole, I enjoyed the book I learned a lot I even began to peruse wikipedia about some of the characters in the book until I realized that my research might result in spoilers Excellent job The price point on 5.99 is fair, but the reader should match their expectations Personally, I will be interested to read the next volume and I would enjoy reading by Ms Desi.

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    Desi Daasi s book, Driven by Destiny , is a beautiful, sexy story of submission, destiny, war, betrayal, and true love, mostly set against the historical backdrop of 7th Century India.In the name of faith, a war has begun, a war that s left casualties on both sides, a war that shows little chance of letting up soon, due to the stakes involved and the cruelty of some of the leaders Akbar, the son of the Caliph, is sent into the fray, to settle the conflict as quickly and peaceably as possible.He rides to war on a missionbut, never expects to find his soulmate in the processFrom the moment I picked up this book, it was almost impossible to put down Daasi immediately captures the reader s interest with intense moments of passion, quickly followed by two unexpected twists that completely suck you in.Lovers of BDSM, slave fantasies, submissive women, and scenes of humiliation will love the explicit sex scenes, with lots of moments geared toward using the women as property One of my personal favorite scenes involved a slave being led naked through the streets, totally stripped of clothing and dignity as her Master offered her body to strangersThere s no lack of variety, either, with pairings ranging from M F, F F, and even some M F F, all of which are written and described in detail.But, this novel isn t just about the sex.At the heart of it, it is a love story, and shows the true beauty of a submissive woman The female protagonist, Padmini, is beautiful, inside and out She knows that, than anything, she wants to submit to a man the right man, that the gods will send to her Her prayers in the temple of Shiva Shakti made me tear up her gentle and caring spirit made her easy to relate to and easier to cheer for, a great example of what it means to serve in a 24 7 consensual slavery relationship.The main characters are given special attention, but all of the characters are wonderfully written, with their own personalities, goals, and back stories The plot, too, is well done, with lots of hints and subtle twists that always kept me excited to turn the digital page Without giving too much awayThe last few chapters were perfect, a great blend of sweet and sexual.If I had any complaint with this book at all, it s a very minor one There are a few spots, early on, where the focus is heavily centered on the history and background of the area, which weren t the most exciting However, I understand that those places were important, to set the groundwork of the rest of the story that I loved so much.Still, it wasn t enough to detract from the overall appeal of the book I d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting, hot historical fiction, especially if you re into BDSM I m genuinely looking forward to Daasi s next book, and can t wait to see what happens Bre

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    First I would like to say Historical Erotic Romance is my favorite genre This is an Historical BDSM Erotic Romance book with a TPE theme In the beginning of the book I felt like there was a lot of history information and I think the author knew her history However, there was way to much current slang in this book, the one that keeps coming back to me is the phrase the ball is in your court most often I can look past things like that but they happened repeatedly Two civilizations confront each other on the banks of the River Indus in 7th century India Their world views could not be different I feel like war is the wrong word for what happened between the two faiths because the Hindu faith prohibited hurting killing of any living thing It was like the Muslims invaded there town and took what they wanted by force The illegitimate prince of the Muslims was sent to lead the war by his father to protect his mother s friends and to bring it to an end as peaceably as possible.There were a lot of people in this book so it was a bit confusing in the beginning to keep it all straight and to see where it all was heading but again by the end it really started to pick up but then it was the end.I have mixed feelings about this book however, I will definitely read the next book in this series.This book was provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

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    This was an interesting historical erotic romance novel There was a lot of effort put in to involve the reader by immersing them in the details of the region at that time.The novel touched on many aspects of the day to day life for both cultures involved in the main conflict including religion, fasting, marriage ceremonies, etc It was fascinating to read about The one drawback of this well spring of information was that sometimes I felt like I was reading a history book as opposed to a fictional novel I wished that the information could be built into the writing seamlessly That being said the other slight issue I noted was the abundant use of current day language patterns There were a lot of slang words that I wouldn t have expected to find in this type of novel.There was a great variety of sexual situations My favourite part of the book was the last couple chapters They were written very well Some of the character interaction felt a little stilted but it was easy to follow the many different characters introduced throughout the course of the novel.Overall, a good start to the series It seems that there is still a lot to expect from this story book provided by the Author through CARE NaUBA group Author Reader Exchange

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    Received as a holiday gift I m giving this an extra star as I m considering the translation issues Not just language, but pacing and characterizations The premise of this story is grand in scope Set in the Middle Ages when Muslims out of Persia are on the rise, and India is an established power as well As India defends her borders, multiple deceptions complicate the warfare In the middle of all of this are a couple of beautiful women who become pivot points for the plot.Because of the large distances involved and the number of characters, the scenes change too abruptly And once in a while, there is some pretty hot sex But in the next scene, the girl might be dead It was difficult to become invested in the characters, as not enough time is spent with them.So while my real rating is 2 , I m adding one for audacity and differing cultures.

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    I did not like the book While some aspects of the submissive behavior and authoring were good, the overall context was poorly chosen It is against the sentiments of other religions and reflects poor judgement especially in today s context where the ISIS militants are making slaves out of various other religions Yazidis, Kurds The author should have chosen a different context.

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    Won as part of the 2013 Holiday Party in the

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Driven by Destiny (The Protector, #1) download Driven by Destiny (The Protector, #1) , read online Driven by Destiny (The Protector, #1) , kindle ebook Driven by Destiny (The Protector, #1) , Driven by Destiny (The Protector, #1) 8897270e0cd6 Two Civilizations Confront Each Other On The Banks Of The River Indus In Th Century India Their World Views Could Not Be Different One Is An Ancient Civilization With Many Esoteric Rituals And Beliefs That Have Evolved Over Thousands Of Years The Other Is Less Than Hundred Years Old With A Singular Belief In The Supremacy Of Its One True God One Has A Glorious Past But An Uncertain Future The Other S Future Is Filled With Promise And Opportunities One Is Polytheistic, And Extols Pluralism The Other Is Ardently Monotheistic And Insists On Submission To The One True FaithThese World Views Are Irreconcilable And In The Th Century There Is Only One Way To Harmonize Such Disparate Viewpoints War War Is Ugly It Is Costly It Destroys People S Humanity And Wrecks Vengeance On The Innocent Yet It Is Also A Crucible For Change And Provides An Opportunity For A Fresh Start Under Its Intense Pressure A Piece Of Coal Can Turn Into A DiamondThe Result Of This War, Will Forever Alter The History Of This Subcontinent And Inexorably Change The Lives Of Two PeopleOn One Side Of This Conflict Is A Beautiful Princess Her Grace, Charm, Beauty And Kindness Make Her The Darling Of Her Kingdom Her Innocent Demeanor And Spirit Of Service Bring Warmth To Her Subjects Hearts Every Prince In The Surrounding Kingdoms Has Dreamed Of Winning Her Hand In Marriage Yet She Has A Dark Past And Pursues An Improbable Dream She Yearns For A Certain Kind Of Soul Mate, One Who Has Been Foretold To Complete Her Spiritually, A Strong Dominant Stranger Who Will Release Her Dormant Submissiveness So She May Fulfill Her Destiny She Has Waited Patiently For Four Years And Prayed Everyday For HimRiding On The Wings Of This Calamitous War A Stranger Approaches Will He Fulfill The Princess S Destiny Or Will He Be An Usurper Who Rapes And Pillages His Way Into The Forgotten Pages Of History Can He Temper His Dominance With Justice And Compassion Or Will Power Corrupt Him Completely Will He See The Humanity Of The Other Or Are They Just Pawns In His Game Of Domination Will History Recognize Him As The Protector Or Despise Him As The Annihilator