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Risking Exposure explained Risking Exposure , review Risking Exposure , trailer Risking Exposure , box office Risking Exposure , analysis Risking Exposure , Risking Exposure 3fad Munich, Germany, The Nazis Are In Power And War Is On The Horizon Timid Sophie Adler Is A Member Of Hitler Youth And A Talented Amateur Photographer When She Contracts Polio, Her Youth Leader Supplies Her With Film Photographs She Takes Of Fellow Polio Patients Are Turned Into Propaganda, Mocking People With Disabilities, People Just Like Her Sophie S New Disability Has Changed Her Status She Has Joined The Ranks Of The Outsiders, Targets Of Nazi Scorn And Possible Persecution Her Only Weapon Is Her CameraThis Book Is An Indie BRAG Medallion Honoree For Historical FictionThe Story Concludes In The Path Divided

  • Paperback
  • 202 pages
  • Risking Exposure
  • Jeanne Moran
  • English
  • 18 October 2019
  • 9781492179825

About the Author: Jeanne Moran

Challenge and change energize me.In my career as a pediatric physical therapist, I ve helped hundreds of children gain strength and motor skills That left me spare time ha to teach Sunday School, direct an after school program, organize an international student athlete exchange, and help plan and implement construction of a new community playground Along the way, I ve learned a bit about tang

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    We are proud to announce that Risking Exposure by Jeanne Moran is a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

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    Risking Exposure shines a light on Nazi Germany not often explored the treatment of the disabled by the Nazis Sophie Alder is a deeply compelling character and her struggle to find courage within herself was engaging.This book is perfect for young readers and would make an excellent addition to World War II centered curriculum.

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    A quick meaningful read, but I felt as if it ended abruptly I wanted to know how things would turn out for Sophie Perhaps there will be a second book

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    We re so used to having our freedom Have you ever wondered what you d do if a time machine took you back to 1938 Nazi Germany and you were only fourteen years old If you were a German, you d automatically be considered one of Hitler s Youth Hitlerjugend , expected to contribute your support to the Fatherland Germany Early in this story, Scharfuhrer Werner Mueller Master Sergeant for Hitler s Youth , instructed Sophie Adler to photograph a tiny puppy whose hind leg was deformed They used photography to show the weak from the strong The term for the weak was useless eater As nature would have it, even its mother pushed it away so the healthy pups could nurse The deformed pup was a useless eater.When Sophie contracted polio and had to be hospitalized, she began to worry that she too would be considered a useless eater When she had regained some strength, she was able to resume photography a way to show herself useful for the Fatherland While she was recuperating, she discovered that her father, owner of a bakery and also a photographer, was being watched they opened and read his letters before she could have them Eventually, he was arrested and formally charged with treason Sophie s father had always taught her to follow her heart and tell the truth, the full story, through her photography She prayed for courage to do just that She began taking pictures that would show the true story and the ugliness of Nazi Germany.Although Sophie Adler is fictional, she feels very real to me She inspires me to seek justice and do the right thing regardless of the cost The novel is geared toward ages 11 18, but as an adult, I found myself enjoying it very much The pace of the story quickly carries the reader from chapter to chapter several months of Sophie s life with no time for boredom to set in The story is true to history and would be ideal for a classroom studying this time period Discussion questions can be found on the author s webpage The ending didn t give as much closure as I would have liked I understand from the author that there will be a sequel to Risking Exposure I rated the novel at 4.5 out of 5.

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    Sophie is a normal, fourteen year old girl, who following the law, takes her place in the Hitler Youth Her talent as a photographer promises her a special role in the group, one she s proud of until she realizes what that really means Her doubts in the Reich s intentions deepen when she contracts polio and finds herself facing life as a cripple The growing rumors surrounding her father aren t helping matters either.Sophie grabs from the very first page with her natural personality, a little self doubt and a good gut feeling when things aren t as they should be Although fourteen, there s still a bit of kid in her and her friends, which makes her simply easy to like Her character doesn t come across as old fashioned or out of date, but rather seems as ordinary as a girl today Her reactions and fears are very realistic, and the danger of the world around her hangs like a darkening shadow the entire way through without becoming overwhelming It s simply a perfect mix.This may be placed in the past, but the historic scenes come to life with descriptions which pull in but never weigh down Although foreign, the settings are easy to picture and nothing seems forced or out of place This is a world familiar enough to dive into and become a part of Every now and then, a German word is thrown in, just enough to grab attention without ever causing confusion To help out with the foreign terms and as a fun language extra , a short glossary is also added at the very end There are several important messages in the pages Although the horrid circumstances surrounding the Jews is touched upon, this book focuses in on another group disliked by the Nazi regime the useless eater It also focuses on courage, learning to accept ones self, and standing up for what is right In other words, this book is packed and leaves the reader with something to think about long after the book is set down It s a historical fiction kids will get immersed in and enjoy, and is even fitting for a classroom situation.But even with all of this, the book is simply a wonderful read that never has a boring moment and keeps a reader glued to the pages the entire way through I can highly recommend it.

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    Hi D I m holding an ebook giveaway of Risking Exposure, one of my favourite books of all time The author generously offered 2 copies of the book to give away to lucky winners D Simply click here to visit the blog post only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because the story felt a little incomplete and could have been elaborated upon , in order to be a fulfilling read But please don t refer to it as the quality of the work it is a beautiful, concisely written story exploring a lesser known part of Nazi Germany the disabled, and how they were treated I understand the author wanted the ending to be open, but a lot of strings were left untied such as view spoiler what happened to the Jewish girl I understand she was part of the whole guilt factor for Sophie, but it was left untouched after the initial mention hide spoiler

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    I thought this was a very enjoyable read It s short, can be read in one nice lazy day And that s not a bad thing I get tired of door stops Its shortness, however, does not detract from the importance of the moral it imparts, nor does it take away from the seriousness of the history within The writing is also stellar, balancing historical facts with an engrossing story, ensuring that you won t soon forget the history you re learning.The moral isthat being a silent bystander is just as bad as being a perpetrator In this novel, we meet Sophie in 1938 Germany She s in the Hitler Youth and she likes photography, just like her father But whereas she used to be proud to be German, lately she s witnessing propaganda that has not feeling so proud And when she contracts polio, the reality begins to hit much closer to home They ve gotten rid of the Jews They ve gotten rid of the church How soon before they come and get rid of the useless mouths Sophie s family winds up in trouble and Sophie is faced with a difficult choice run and hide, or expose the truth I really enjoyed reading about Sophie s battle both with her feelings and her polio Her time in the hospital was both sad and inspiring The author gives us an intriguing cast of characters both adults and pre teens There are the confused German Youth, the mean, the silent, the helpful, the scared The girl in the hospital doing ballet with her crutchtouched something in me There s something for everyone in this story While I d suggest it be offered in every middle school library, I also think adults will be just as moved by it all I was.http wwwbookbabe.blogspot.com 2015

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    Sophie Adler is 14 years old and part of the Hitler Youth program She s a photographer like her father and is given a camera so she can record events Her father is a brave man who tells her to photograph the truth and it takes her a while to understand what that means.She contracts polio and learns how some of the strong and able view the disabled When one of her photos is used for propaganda, she figures out what her true purpose is and becomes determined to tell the truth the only way she knows how.I loved Sophie She s trusting and innocent in the beginning and her eyes are opened to the realities of what s happening around her She shows courage and bravery in the face of seemingly impossible odds to do what she feels is the right thing There are some great side characters that add to her story and she needs to decide who she can trust.I enjoy WWII stories and thought this was a refreshing take since it dealt with the youth program that was in place and brings what was happening there to light I was interested in Sophie s story the entire time but it moved quickly towards the end and that s when I couldn t put it down I m glad to hear there s a sequel because this book does end abruptly and there are lots of loose ends I am definitely looking forward to reading I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my own.Mel s Shelves

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    Risking Exposure is an amazing book about a girl named Sophie who is faced with an impossible decision during the Nazi s rise to power in Germany Within a few paragraphs I was enveloped in Sophie s world Moran s smart and addictive writing made the story impossible to put down The historical aspect of Nazi Germany, almost prehistoric seeming medical treatment, and Sophie as a young adult were woven together seamlessly Even than just being a good read, I think that Risking Exposure would be a perfect book to introduce WWII and the Holocaust to a younger audience So many of the books concentrate on only the Jewish aspect of WWII that it is easy to forget that this was a dangerous time for the general German populace as well Of course this is not to detract from the Jewish aspect I feel that studying social history from all angles is extremely important and that Risking Exposure would be an ideal way to do this The book isn t graphic and while there is some violence it isn t anything than what is shown on the evening news Perfect for a younger audience who you wouldn t want to give the impression that the entirety of a population at a specific time was evil Instead, Risking Exposure shows that there are good and bad people in every situation I couldn t recommend or praise this book Risking Exposure is an excellent read, both for pleasure and education.

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    I won this book in the Goodreads giveaway I really enjoyed it It is a story about Germany during the Hitler years is from the perspective of a young German girl who doesn t like what the Hitler Youth do Sophie however, must be a member of the Hitler Youth do what they tell her or her family would be targeted The story is also about how the sick injured German citizens were treated during Hitler s reign that is something I was not aware of I love learning from good books Sophie Alder is a wonderful character with courage that she is unaware that she possesses Her relationships with her father best friend Rennie are wonderful I love that Sophie realizes what true friendship is the sacrifices true friends will make.I was disappointed with the ending though, because I felt a little cheated I wanted the book to keep going tell me about what happened to Sophie those who touched her life Rennie, her parents, Erich etc Don t get me wrong, it was a beautifully written book, I just wanted .My son read it after me that is why I waited to write this review I wanted a 12 year old s opinion as well He really enjoyed it It made him sad but he asked questions it made for great discussions This book is great for young readers and adults.

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