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    I think the most interesting thing that will come of this series might be a new word A word readers will forever use to describe a series, that while compelling and wonderful at it s inception, faltered under the weight of an irrational author You can say The author Harrised the series Or, the book was Harrised, would be acceptable too It is with great sadness I have to report, history did prove the predictor of fate, and the three preceding books delineated into the final wet slap on the pavement Another of Harris literary turds was birthed But TS Eliot was not right, the Sookie Stackhouse Universe did not end with a whimper It was an apathetic shrug.There are spoilers ahead, many, many, spoilers.I know there are forensic psychologists, and forensic accountants, and forensic anthropologists, and well it goes on and on Are there forensic editors Or would it be a forensic novelist Maybe we need just a plain ol detective Because I don t know how you go from writing a great paranormal romance, beloved by millions, to this piece of crap novel There has to be some covert, publishing house, HBO royalties, agreement, kind of reason, to make any logical sense of this bookI just can t understand why she ended it the way she did This is Pulp Fiction Not Marquez Not Franzen Hell, it s not even George R R Martin Am I crazy There is a social contract between the readers buyers of romance novels and the novelists who write them It s this the girl ends up with the guy about whom and for which legions of fans have been pining It s the reason we pick up romance novels in the first place We want to read about a coupling so intense, it speaks to a deep place inside of us, an atavistic need to be consumed by lust, passion and love That is the social contractSo why at the end of this pulp romance series did I feel like I was reading The White Hotel It Was Awkward and creepy Just to warn you, there is a sex scene It s bad Like we should report it to the school s psychologist bad I mean, I see how Ms Harris painted herself into a corner with Sookie and Eric, but that s the beauty of fiction, especially pulp fiction you can paint yourself right out There s no shame in it, because we already know it s crap fiction But it s fun crap fiction, so it s okay, there s no judgement HERE WATCH ME DO IT Oh hey Sookie, It s me, Niall, I m back I heard that you used that magic fairy thing I gave you in a selfless act So guess what Here s another Because you re so cute And blonde Now you can wish that all vampires revert back to their human state Which, by the way, would have been the kindest thing for which any person could have wished Oh really, great grand daddy, thanks, now Eric s not shooting blanks and we can make many, many babies together And we can watch a bunch of thousand year old people try to revert back into their humanity Which would have been way interesting than reading about me and Sam going FUCKING LINE DANCING As for a review here goes It s another bad story Very thin plot with so many holes There is a whole villain in this novel that goes totally unrevealed Literally Harris forgets about him remember the devil that wasn t Claude, right Um there are a lot of casseroles again Poor fashion choices A lot of Goodbyes, I guess, Harris is using this book to say a final goodbye to all of these characters So for that reason there are a lot of scenes that do nothing to advance the thread of a story There is some other stuff, butitwastoo boring to remember If you want my advice on whether or not to read it, I say do I mean if you read the first 12, you should finish what you started and finish the series A least you can accomplish something that the author couldn t.but borrow the book.

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    UpdateOkay So after that ending, who wants to egg Harris s house with me Obviously sarcastic people I could spend hours complaining about how this series went down hill, how this should of happened, how that should of went, etc Yet, overall, I thought this would of been better than it was I was even starting to root for Bill And I know what you re thinking.Yes, it was THAT bad Here is something simple You have Eric You take away Eric That s it It s ALL gone Nothing is left About than half of the fan base is for Eric If you pay attention, the books sales obviously will drop End of story If I wrote the book 1 Sookie would shut the fuck up about Bill It didn t work out for a reason Said reason being that he never loved you and that you fooled yourself otherwise.2 All of Sookie s past relationships would finally be placed in the past Where they belong, women That means her forgetting about Quinn, Sam, BILL, Alcide, Nick, Harry, whatever and whomever They all vanish And so fucking help me, I mean all of them 3 This may seem not as big to anyone, but she sure as hell better form a new fashion sense because really Going through thirteen books of her wearing a banana clip and Mary Janes, I m going to fucking shoot myself She must have some rack because how the hell does she keep getting all these men Oh that s right It s a book Pardon my fucking French.4 Sookie would turn into a vampire Think about it everyone she really ever was close to, Gran and Jason, is either a dead or b magically damaged She being a human Depressing Her husband is already dead, her friend Pam is already dead, the annoying fucking thing called Bill is dead 5 Sookie basically fucked herself with the entire hey, my husband is marrying some other chick and the only thing I can do to stop it is to use this magic thing that I am planning on using to save my boss Seriously What The Fuck Women You know, I m interested to see how Harris is planning on saving that mess Eric, I hope you like your new wife I hope she s not as fucking stupid as the one you have now Read at your own risk I warned you

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    Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert I ve read thirteen books to find out which man would be Sookie s HEA This is what I wanted I would have settled for this But, This is what I got Sookie was just as surprised as I was Jason is just as lost as I am I just feel I wasted my time reading this And I m a tad bit upset My review had originally ended here, but my friend, Sunny, wanted details I hate to give any time to this book, but Sunny Rocks, so here you go hun oDComplete Cliff Notes for those of you who refuse to read this book view spoiler The Devil meets with a mysterious man, who we later find out is Amelia s dad, cause he owes the guy a favor The guy requests a cluviel dor He specifically wants Sookie s The devil goes to get it, but Sookie uses it to save Sam before he can steal it from her He tells the guy that he can t have it, that Sookie has used it Amelia s dad gets so pissed that he vows to kill Sookie There are multiple attempts by this man and his crew, but they all fail Sookie ends up shot eventually but she never dies But Ameilia s dad does.Sookie and Eric are not speaking since she saved Sam Eric texts her with cryptic messages saying that he wants to be with her and talk to her but he is being watched All communication between them is via text or thru one of his henchmen He eventually requests her presence at his bar When she arrives, he tells her not to believe anything he says, that s it s all a show They then have a meeting with the King of Louisiana, Arkansas, Nevada, and I can t remember all of his states Freyda, Queen of Oklahoma, and Pam Eric states that he wants to end his marriage to Sookie, she is sad and shocked, but goes thru with the ceremony She is then told not to ever come to Fangtasia again She doesn t cry, but is very hurt by Eric s actions.Arleen gets out of jail, only to end up in cahoots with Amelia s dad and gets talked into breaking into Sookie s house and stealing one of her scarfs Arleen is then found dead in a dumpter behind Merlott s bar in a dumpster, with Sookie s scarf Making Sookie suspect 1 Someone places a spell on the local cop making him SURE of Sookie s guilt so he arrests her Eventually the charm that is making the cop act crazy is discovered in the final 10% of the book and he stops thinking that Sookie is a killer But before that happens, bail is set at 30k and Eric bails her out We learn in the final 20 pages that Eric didn t bail her out out of love But because Sam had asked for his help to get her out of jail Eric makes a rule that Sam can not court Sookie So he spends 80% of the book avoiding Sookie and acting stupid strange EVERY friend that Sookie had through out the entire series comes to support her and make sure she is OK I mean EVERY FRIEND It was too much Eric and Sookie have a big fight and talk a lot of shit to each other about 50% thru the book and they officially end things It comes out that he was tempted to change her against her will to be a vamp He tells her that her dislike of vamps hurts him, because he is one They Yell and Scream He later sends his day man to get his stuff and Eric moves to Oklahoma with his new queen and is not allowed to take Pam or his other child, Karin with him Sookie is also not allowed to ever set foot in Oklahoma Eric s marriage contract is a 200 year contract He leaves, never to be seen again Pam is made Sheriff of the area She assures Sookie that she thinks of her as a friend and that Eric did what was in his best interest, and that is how he will always function.Sam confesses to Sook that he regrets his dating choices and that he has dated women he would be afraid to take around his family That he just enjoyed the hot sex He says that he wanted to court her, but couldn t due to his deal with Eric Sookie and Sam kiss in the final 20 pages of the book and that turns into sex Very unemotional, scratching an itch type of sex Sookie decides they should take things slowly and date She gets kidnapped on their first date by Claude He tries to kill her but she gets rescued and that is how the book ends Very lackluster Original Review, posted last year after reading book 12 I m afraid after the ending of the last book that Eric will NOT be Sookie s HEA I hope that I am wrong But I have a strong feeling that Sam will win Sookie s love Which will make the last 12 books a total waste of time because I loved the idea of Eric and Sookie Charlaine Harris built it up so perfectly, just to screw Eric and me, the hopeful fan hide spoiler

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    I m different than everyone else in that I think she will end up with Sam He s her best friend and constant and has never tried to selfishly use her for her gifts That i can remember, anyway He adores her and is her protector It only makes sense to me that she would end up with him, thus allowing her to have someone to grow old with Someone who accepts her for who and what she is A Sup If she ended up with Eric, she would have to give up a part of herself to be with him And, she would be used as a toy and pawn to further the Vamp world In book 12 Harris wrapped up all the past characters and love interests with a pretty red bow, telling us how they were, what they were doing basically showing us why they wouldn t be with Sookie Her natural instinct to save Sam showed her true love for him not the stupid lustful crap she had with Eric and Bill Sure the sex was great with them, but there is so much to a relationship than sex Eric is narcissistic and selfish He will never be able to put Sookie first Which is why I hope she ends up with Sam Let the tomato tossing begin.

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    C 65% Almost Satisfactory Notes Former supporting players form a mystery solving super team, reminisce, run about, while the mystery solves itself.

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    Alisha The fan who is neither crazy, nor entitled rantsUpdate So I ve been on , watching the reactions Lots of sock puppets and rabid Charlaine fans giving this turd 5 stars Even Anne Rice is weighing in I m uber suspicious of all reviews that say, She tied this up nicely, way to go Ms Harris and I look forward to reading the Coda in October Gotta hand it to Penguin, they are on top of this Hey everyone Look over here Disregard the bad reviews Those people are CRAZY There s been a lot said about this final installment of Sookie There have been angry fans, sad fans, furious bloggers, and Charlaine sheeple Fans of Charlaine and maybe free speech are calling the upset masses entitled and crazy If you didn t like the book, you are a crazy Eric Sookie shipper Just check out the Wall Street Journal s crap article, How to Kill a Vampire Series if you don t believe me It s a mess In the end, this will sell plenty of books, but a good portion of readers will remember that their emotional trust was broken Say what you will, that is a legitimate feeling. There is a relationship between reader and writer and that is built on trust When a writer chooses not to just add a twist, but to twist a knife into the reader, it s sometimes permanent view spoiler The world of Sookie has changed I ve thought a lot about why Harris would write an arc that heavily favored Eric, then dismantle the entire work in three books hide spoiler

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    I knew CH would break my heart with DEA I was prepared, I swear, but this all of it Low blow.Read DUD how appropriate and then DEA You won t miss a thing Why read 12 books about a Southern gal breaking up with her suitors to get in the 13th with the random guy Why bother with all the fillers That s right All the nice words, all the angst, all the times Sookie had been one step away from dying Why learn that you re better off to square one That everything you ve been through was for naught That the idea that people from different races could find common interest and love against all odds is utter bullshit That love is not what matters That after 12 books you realized that maybe reading the thoughts of your partner isn t that big a deal after all That it s okay to end a character s story arc by selling him into slavery after he d been abused for years in the past And to place the rapist as her friend and confidant Well, don t bother Just don t.I was reading the wrong story all along.I didn t really care who Sookie ended up with That was not the important part of the series Not really But if she ends up with X or Y give me a good reason to believe it It s not the WHO that bothers me, but the WHY and the way it was done At this point, I wish Eric and Pam had died in Rhodes At least I would have gotten the chance to see Sookie falling in love with the right man for her The author intended to kill Bill in Dead and Gone but didn t because he had story to tell What was that story, excuse my curiosity To bring Bubba to Fangtasia to distract Victor while they try to kill him To rat on Eric to Sookie with information we have no clue how he got a hold of , and lurk in her woods for all eternity What an amazing story Harris said she knew how she would end the series by the second book Too bad she didn t end it by the third SPOILER Right then, Sam might have made a little sense I guess But after 10 books of hearing crickets where Sam was concerned it was pulled right out of her ass end of SPOILER How unfair to Sookie How unfair to Pam How cruel to Eric How lame for Bill.Sookie was way off in this book She s not even True Blood Sookie And believe me, that s saying something Everyone was acting OOC, this was a horrible ending for many characters, just a massacre, but Sookie was a real disappointment Because I thought that since the author fucked up Eric s story, she at least would be fair to Sookie No such luck Never again, CH Never again.And to top it all off, let the bad guys win Peachy.

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    Check out my blog Scott Reads It It s really upsetting how quickly one of my favorite series became absolutely horrible Books 1 9 were a ton of fun, they were definitely my guilty pleasure They weren t exactly sophisticated but they were extremely entertaining Then came along books 10 13, each book felt excruciating and terrible than the last one The most recent Stackhouse books are at best subpar, why did Harris have to unnecessarily stretch out this series I feel like Charlaine Harris didn t put any effort into the last 5 books and that she was just in it for the money In my mind, the Sookie Stackhouse series ended at book 9, it s ridiculous but that s how I feel The last 5 books are pointless to the series and didn t really provide me with any closure Sorry for rambling, I just had to let out my feelings about this series Dead Ever After was absolutely dreadful, this is definitely the worst conclusion to a series I ever read Everything about it is poorly executed and it was an ordeal to finish this book I easily could have went on Goodreads and found out who Sookie ended up with yet I continued to read in hopes that this book would somehow redeem itself after the poor quality of the past few books I just wanted to get this series over and done with so I wouldn t feel bad about leaving it unfinished Truthfully if I had known how low this series would sink, I probably would have never started this series from the get go Dead Ever After is extremely tedious and lacks anything compelling I could have just tossed the book out the window and I wouldn t have had any urge to continue There was nothing that kept me turning the pages and I had to suppress the urge to toss the book across the room multiple times For starters, this book s plot is extremely diluted and feels like one huge drawn out mess You would think it would be relatively easy to tie up all the loose ends in this series, considering how little has happened in the last 4 books Yet Charlaine Harris does a poor job of wrapping up plot points and she tries to add conflicts to this book There was one plot point that was supposed to be over books ago and it randomly made a reappearance Do you like to read a book about a woman who cleans Do you want to spend pages on reading Sookie doing chores Do you want to listen to Sookie drone on and on about moisturizing her legs If so, then you most likely will love this book Truthfully I didn t care about Sookie s legs or how she moisturized her legs The plot of this book is literally Sookie doing chores with a badly executed mystery in the background While people were dying in Bon Temps, Sookie doesn t really care and all she cares about is herself Seriously who cares about people dying Let s go to a random boutique and harass one of the workers there and be a total jerk Sookie was so rude to this saleswoman in one of these little boutiques where she was shopping Even when Sookie is danger, she doesn t even care at all When she is danger with the vampires, all she cares about the table in Eric s house She even says that she hates a vampire she doesn t even know because she walked on the table Why the hell do you care so much about this table Even in the last book, Sookie was constantly obsessing over Eric s furniture A better ending to this series would have been if Sookie married that table because she is so obsessed with it Seriously I wouldn t have been surprised if that happened because her obsession with the table is so peculiar Sookie acts so stupid during this book that I wondered if Harris forgot to write her a brain When Sookie gets arrested for these murders, she isn t even slightly bothered by the fact that someone is accusing her of murder All she cares about how she doesn t look good in orange, honey no one cares whether you look good in orange or not At one point in the novel Sookie is having a conversation and she randomly suggests Maybe I should write a rap song called Flanked By His Flankies Where did that even come from Please don t write a rap song for the reader s sake The old Sookie would never have been so unsympathetic, stupid, and she would have never suggested writing a rap song Sookie doesn t get any better throughout the novel and she says cliche things throughout the entire book like How could people so in love judge each other Give me a break, you re stupidity made me feel like I was going to lose brain cells The so called romance in this book is absurd and is a disgrace to books everywhere I could tell early on what Harris s formula for this book s romance was She devoted an entire chapter to each guy Sookie was involved with and she made the guy look like a douche bag Why would Quinn and Alcide randomly just pop in to Sookie s life Harris tried to intertwine the plot with the romance but it was an epic fail I think Harris was trying to make readers comfortable with who she chose but it was a lame tactic on her part I knew who she was going to choose for Sookie long ago because she made it so obvious Let s just say that I m not happy at all with who she chose and how she made all the men Sookie was involved with Worst case scenario I would have been happier if Sookie decided that maybe none of the guys in her life were right for her Seriously Harris turned all the guys into such jerks and yet Sookie continues to chase after them and obsess over them Sookie, you don t need a man to support you The ending of this book was such a cop out and was so terrible I hated the ending so much and this is easily the worst conclusion to a series The ending made me so angry and I felt like I had wasted my time reading this entire series The ending was cheesy, cliche and absolutely predictable I wouldn t recommend reading this book at all and it was torturous to read this book Unless you re a die hard Sookie fan or you need to know what happens, I wouldn t even bother picking up this book There s nothing redeeming about this final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and it was such a cash cow scheme I can t believe there s an epilogue coming out in the fall and I wouldn t be surprised if Harris added another 5 books to cash in even on this series This book is possibly one of the worst books I ve read in so long and someone on Twitter tweeted me a blessing when they heard I was reading this book Yes it was that bad that some random follower who I don t know blessed me after hearing I was reading this book I refuse to pick up another Harris book ever again and I intend to keep this promise Honestly I don t think this book even deserves 1 star

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    I am never buying anything from Charlaine Harris againYes she spoiled my investment in her seriesI really wanted Eric and Sookie to end up together Forgive me for being a die hard romance reader but that was the only interest I ever held for her books Besides the romance element of the book, there were so many inconsistencies between character s personalities and their actions I don t understand, did you do this for fun Like yah thats right, they don t control me and it just makes my job interesting Why build it up Oh that s right money.By the way I was hoping Sookie would make the right decision however we all know she is a fictional character whom is ultimately controlled by her puppet masterbut she still must be destroyedOn that note Charlaine

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    Dear Ms Harris,I refuse to read this book I did not read Deadlocked and I will not read this one I have no clue what would possess you to alienate your fans like this, but that is exactly what you did You wonder why we all love Eric You wonder why we all wanted Eric and Sookie to have a HEA You wrote the books, you created the characters, you created the arc, the narrative, and we followed you for 13 years You managed to destroy their story in the last three books After the bond was broken that was it for me I decided Book 11 would be the last book I would read in this series I am so upset by the ending of this series that I refuse to read the last two books I will turn to fanfiction and pretend this nightmare never occurred Eric Northman will forever be a beloved character I wish I could say the same for Sookie You managed to make me dislike your heroine You could have had Sookie end up alone, but instead you put her with a character she has shown ZERO interest in since Book 1 Not only that, but you have her banished from Eric for 200 years So not only did you split them up, but you did it for all eternity I am so shocked by this ending I feared it, I thought it, but I never thought it would come to fruition To have invested 13 years in a series to feel this duped by the author is devastating I m not sure the SVM community will ever recover from this No wonder you decided not to tour with this book I know people say that these are your books and your characters and I couldn t agree Having said that, why even introduce us to Eric Northman Why make us fall in love with him if in the end all you were going to do is destroy him Why write 13 books only to end up where we began I am so confused I cannot see straight.

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