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Almost Royalty pdf Almost Royalty , ebook Almost Royalty , epub Almost Royalty , doc Almost Royalty , e-pub Almost Royalty , Almost Royalty a534a920734 A Post Hollywood Novel And A Really Intelligent And Satirical Take On The Vanity Of Wealth And The Alienation Of Privilege Kindleman A Hilarious, Scathing Tale Of LA Life Kirkus Reviews Courtney Hamilton Is A Velveeta Loving Attorney Driven To Distraction By A City That Seethes With Soul Sucking Status Seekers When Her Friend Marcie Formulates An Impossibly Detailed Rating System For Acceptable Men The Los Angeles Eco Chain Of Dating Courtney Goes On A Self Destructive Binge That Doesn T Stop Until She Gets Thrown Out Of Group Therapy For Insulting A Former Child ActressCourtney Is Mortified As She Watches Her Best Friends Give Up Stellar Careers In Law And The Arts To Marry Entertainment Royalty And Civilian Overachievers Worse, They Expect Courtney To Do The Same So They Hatch Plots To Get Her To Give Up Her Career, Break Her Addiction To Fake Cheese, Marry Into High Orbit Wealth And Rule The Stratosphere Alongside ThemBut Courtney Resists She Doesn T Want To Be A Poster Child For The Opt Out Generation And She Certainly Doesn T Want To Be Molded Into Date Bait For The Top Rung Of LA Society All Courtney Wants Is To Be Left Alone So She Can Search Beneath The Surface For A Meaningful Life But Between A Meddling, Narcissistic Mother, A Self Absorbed Therapist And Friends Trying To Send Her To Dating Re Education Camps, It Seems That Fake Cheese Is The Only Genuine Thing Left In The City Social Ambition Combats Self Actualization In This Biting Tale Of One Woman S Search For Certainty In A City Full Of Mirages

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    Courtney, The main character in Courtney Hamilton s Almost Royalty, is on my level I have no idea what level that is on the L.A Eco Chain of Dating, but I think I ll be ok if I never find out.Almost Royalty tells stories throughout Courtney s time in L.A right after she broke up with her second fianc It s a romantic comedy of sorts, but with a dark side Luckily, though, that dark side is real and funny.Courtney and I live in the same reality, which appears to be on a different plane than most of Courtney s friends and suitors Marcie and Bettina are the best friends you never asked for because it s too exhausting to deal with their backhanded compliments and social rules And Courtney s dates may be cute even if her fianc s aren t , but they are concerned with their reflection than her happiness Where Courtney works to pay the bills and takes comfort in junk food, her friends take on debt to fit in with the Ivy Elite and wouldn t be caught dead eating anything heavier than a salad.Almost Royalty may exaggerate some of their worst qualities, but I recognize features of Courtney s friends in some people from my own life Haven t we all met these insecure, social status climbing, sometimes hilarious people I have, and like Courtney, eventually it made me weary.Like the rest of us, Courtney is trying to figure it all out Because she s grounded in reality, her point of view is a bit different than her social status conscious pals This contrast is also why Courtney hits on some hilarious truths However, Andre s revenge techniques were the classic male pattern His intention was to make me believe I was a mess You still think too much, he said If that wasn t the classic line that every guy used when his attempt to hustle a girl were going south.And when did you decide that your help included ignoring my feelings, pushing me to date stalkers, or celebrating my perceived inadequacies Courtney s struggle to find her way resonates Her people might be worse than mine thank god but the mistakes she makes are all too familiar It s a fun ride for the reader at least, maybe not for Courtney , and when she starts to get things together, I m cheering for her.Almost Royalty, by Courtney Hamilton, comes out May 29, just in time to become your next beach read.

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    Hysterically funny and well written.I read an advance review copy of this extremely funny, penetrating, and heart warming novel about a young native Californian woman who survives a constant barrage of ill conceived advice from her misguided friends, her narcissistic mother, and the men she dates who are afflicted with testosterone poisoning The backdrop to this well written drama is an authentic depiction of daily life in Los Angeles tainted by the explosions of abysmal celebrity and immigrant behavior the immigrants being New York and San Francisco transplants, each of whom has their own version of elitist disdain for the City of Angeles Courtney s Los Angeles is full of petty, competitive friction from everyone around her, except for one angel who we gradually get to know by the end of the book.For anyone wondering what life is like from the perspective of a young, intelligent woman in Los Angeles, or any metropolis, this is an authentic, hysterical and heart breaking novel I highly recommend Almost Royalty to women everywhere, and to men in Los Angeles who would like to know what their date and or partner spouse has been through.

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    Hilarious A savvy, sophisticated, spot on satire of characters with upscale lifestyles who are intent on climbing, or scrambling, ever higher on the ladder of success and self importance.Courtney Hamilton combines wry observation with witty analysis to offer insightful glimpses into the self centered, self assured, self appointed world of entitlement She has a sharp eye and peels away appearances to reveal her characters interior thoughts and ulterior motives as she cleverly exposes their failings and foibles Thackeray would be amused at her account of a modern day Vanity Fair I read an advance copy and couldn t put it down It s a most entertaining, enjoyable, stylish new novel.I highly recommend it You will be richly rewarded by the author s sense of humor and good sense.

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    Courtney Hamilton is also the name of the fictitious heroine of this satirical novel based on postmodern Los Angeles society Courtney is a single professional woman at 35 years old She s on the prowl for a husband that stations her into the proper place in the caste system that exists Meanwhile, she s trying to balance her career, physical fitness training for a marathon , friends, dating and caring for her cat Abyss whilst perfecting the melting of her favorite food staple Velveeta, in various recipes.The book is very well written, in describing the absolutely ridiculous hierarchical society of L.A., the rules for dating, the smug engaged and or married couples who never seem satisfied with what they have, the over the top qualification process for private schools, the unbelievable amounts of gossip and dysfunction in group therapy or local coffee shops Altogether there were some great laugh out loud and witty moments Finally, there s a fairly satisfying cast of colorful characters and a conclusion that leads the reader to a satisfying place, albeit one that still resides in the complicated landscape of Los Angeles rich elite society One simply knows without being told that Ms Hamilton s issues are far from over, but perhaps a new adventure is just about to take shape at the end My only beef is that the book wasn t properly edited before it was put into an ARC format However, I can t fault the author or the book for that, as I am reading before publication All in all, I would definitely recommend this book for other women who enjoy a little social commentary or humor If you enjoyed Where d You Go, Bernadette , you might like this one I think we can all identify with the pitfalls of trying to live one s life for one s own comfort and happiness, versus trying to meet the expectations of society and or our peer groups.

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    A crack up of what life is like when you are just a normal girl living in Los Angelos I simply adored this story and how well it was told This was about Courtney a girl who makes it as a lawyer but lives a simple life in Los Angelos She still believes in things like working, taking care of yourself and being a good person OH MY How could she Especially when she is living so near Hollywood A funny take on what it is like to be surrounded by people, some even friends that feel this need to constantly impress and one up each other I found this story so incredibly funny I honestly couldn t stop laughing Some of the stories the author tells are even relateable to people who aren t living in Hollywood but can still relate to those people who feel the need to be better than the next person There was a story about Courtney s therapist who seems to never be satisfied with anything she says A story of the men she dates that seem to just want to know when they will end up in bed So laugh out loud funny, I couldn t put this one down

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    I m a fan of romantic comedies and chick lit, so I was excited to read a novel that was described as both The story is told from the point of view of Courtney Hamilton also the name of the author , a professional woman who is trying to figure out her priorities in life while watching the world around her through a slightly cynical and snarky lens Her hesitation to join the married with children set makes her an outcast among her peers, including two vapid friends who try to dictate her dating life based on an L.A Eco Chain of Dating it s a very involved, very shallow system As she navigates around her selfish mother, a pretentious therapist, self absorbed friends, and men who either want to use her for her income or stalk her, Courtney is a hot mess but she s a hot mess who s funny and fairly independent, even when she doesn t have it all together It took me a couple chapters to realize that I couldn t approach this as a typical narrative type story because the scenes jump around Once I started reading each chapter as its own short vignette, I was able to find my pace and really get immersed in the story The writing was solid, though a little over detailed in a few areas, and even though several of the characters were similar, I enjoyed the tiny details of personality that the author gave most of them to set them apart as original and funny What I particularly liked was that through the small scenes and antidotes, the full story unfolded in such a way that by the end I felt like I d developed with the main character Though her thoughts and opinions weren t always made clear, her actions and voice were entertaining and I found myself both relating to her and rooting for her.Thought not without a few flaws, I loved this book I love that it didn t fit the mold of my normal chick lit fare, and even though I m a sucker for romance, I love that the romantic aspect took second seat to a story about a real woman trying to come to terms with who she is and what she really wants out of life.

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    A witty novel about Courtney, a young, single woman living in socially stratified Los Angeles This city has as its own celebrity royalty a complex and occasionally feral group Courtney manages to pull her life together while dealing with non supportive friends, a narcissist mother, a crazy therapist and some unfortunate boyfriend choices from various links of the dating eco chain Hamilton makes wry observations about Hollywood, the Los Angeles dating scene, and dysfunctional families In a beguiling mix of humor, insight, sass and satire that reads almost like a sitcom, Hamilton delivers a steady flow of laugh out loud moments I highly recommend this book to readers who liked Where d You Go Bernadette or other funny, satirical novels.

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    When I started this book I didn t have high expectations, thought it would be an average book about a done many times story I was so wrong Courtney is a gifted and funny writer, the forward movement of the story never slows down The main figure in the story is very familiar, 30ish, single career woman with snarky friends and a series of loser boyfriends It s Ms Hamilton s writing style that sets this book so far apart from any other I ve read for a long time I was sorry when the book ended and I hope there s a sequel Recommend this book to anyone who likes a funny many times laugh out loud, story about a person most of us will be very familiar with.

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    Quirky and funny chick lit tale of a woman trying to find herself, and her perfect mate, in LA the land of Almost Royalty, and ruled by a pseudo caste system among potential dating partners This book is told in a series of vignettes Each chapter could be read independently, but together they tell a cohesive story The writing style took a bit to draw me in, but once I understood what the author was doing, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone seeking a non traditional chick lit read.

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    Check out my other reviews at Little Miss BookmarkI m sure you can tell by my one star rating that this one really missed the mark for me This is not a book that was made for me or anyone that likes having money, for that matter I know that sounds really weird who doesn t like money Or at least who doesn t like what money can buy like food and stuff From the very first page, I got this distinct feeling that the main character in the book hated money Or the author hates money Someone either within the pages or outside of them HATES money Now, was this written No, it was just the feeling I got just from reading I just felt a lot of hatred from this one the character hates her friends, her fiance, her chosen career and basically herself She just seems really bitter and although the pages really go out of their way to say that the main character isn t jealous but every other sentence is just laced with an underlying hatred of pretty much everyone and everything around her Maybe Almost Royalty isn t subliminally about hating money Maybe it s intended to be wittily sarcastic or darkly funny Maybe I just read the book wrong When I got about halfway through the book, I went back to the beginning and reread the first chapter I was just hoping that I would get a different feeling or something would click and make the rest of the novel slide into the fun chick lit genre that I had initially categorized it Unfortunately, that click never happened If anything, my rereading the beginning just kind of cemented my initial take Now, this is just my opinion Take it with a grain of salt This novel is wildly popular on Goodreads right now and I m hoping that is how it stays I d rather be in the minority with my negative reviews than be surrounded by a bunch of other party poopers, like myself.

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