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    4,75 stars English Ebook Quote from the book I was genuinely glad that I had confidents in Philip the day my handbag had fallen of the chair, spelling its contents The emmbarrasment of that I was facing right now I heard a rustle in my handbag and then the magical empty music staff paper appeared in front of me Here s a pencil aswell Manny and I will give you a moment WoW what a lead character and so well put into the story that you all ready know what here reaction to situations and people will be A story that has a bigginging, middle and end A story that not only builds up the story line but also build up the chararecters and the inter action between them.

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    You can read other reviews to get a sense of what is good about the book a unique main character and perspective, complex story, etc I wanted to mention the things which I didn t like about it.The first is a minor one Genevieve claims to have had sex before, but since she makes such a big deal about Colin being the first person whom she doesn t mind breaking her 50cm distance rule, this seemed very improbable.The second is major, but not deal breaking at the end of the book, Genevieve acts completely out of character by trying to turn into a super spy and chase the bad guy down herself At this point the book fell into the large cliche of dumb girl lets curiosity get the best of her and must be rescued by her love interest It was a bit of a let down given that the rest of the story wasn t so cliche ridden and that Genevieve had been so careful and cautious before.The third issue accounts for one missing star itself Genevieve thinks and speaks of men as if they re an alien species Not only did I find her repeated comments about alpha male posturing and the like a bit sexist after all, wouldn t a female cop and con woman have similarly angry reactions to having to work together , but it seemed out of character as well Genevieve is supposed to be the well studied objective genius It seems awfully simplistic to assume every time a man gets angry, it s because of testosterone and manifestations of animalistic group behaviors There are not very many other female characters in the story, but I somehow doubt she d attribute everything they do to estrogen and a need to nurture.

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says Murdered artists Masterful forgeries.Art crime at its worst.A straightforward murder investigation quickly turns into a quagmire of stolen Eurocorps weapons, a money laundering charity, forged art and high ranking EU officials abusing their power.As an insurance investigator and world renowned expert in nonverbal communication, Dr Genevieve Lenard faces the daily challenge of living a successful, independent life Particularly because she has to deal with her high functioning Autism Nothing not her studies, her high IQ or her astounding analytical skills prepared her for the changes about to take place in her life.It started as a favour to help her boss acerbic friend look into the murder of a young artist, but soon it proves to be far complex Forced out of her predictable routines, safe environment and limited social interaction, Genevieve is thrown into exploring the meaning of friendship, expanding her social definitions, and for the first time in her life be part of a team in a race to stop artists from being murdered.My Review The Doubleday UK meme, a book a day for July 2014, is the goad I m using to get through my snit based unwritten reviews Today s prompt is to discuss a beach read, a novel perfect for an afternoon under a beach umbrella sipping drinks with silly names brought by hotties clad in as few clothes as local law allows.Ahem Well Isn t that how everyone spends a day at the beach The Gauguin Connection has many sterling qualities, like a wonderful main character, and a completely beguiling cast of supporting characters I convinced my Gentleman Caller to read this by saying he reminded me of Vinnie To my relief, he found that touching and endearing, worth reading a stupid mystery novel for What makes this such a good beach read is simply that The interplay of the characters Dr Lenard isn t consistently drawn, the art crime plot seems very slapdash to me, and so on and so on All those quibbles aside, I loved these characters and wanted to sit quietly in the room while they did what they do Which is mostly sit around computers in different rooms and bicker amusingly.I mean to tell you, though, if savoring the interplay of high level snark with pomposity, the collision of wit with literal mindedness, doesn t sound compelling to you, horseman, pass on I found it deeply funny at times, and snortingly amusing all the time So download it onto your Kindle for free, put the Kindle in a quart sized Ziploc, seal it, and head for the sand Tip the hottie well, and in advance, for the best drinks service Relax into bliss with the wacky crew of Strasbourg based art crime solvers This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    I bought the book last night thinking that it looked interesting, something different Little did I know that I was not going to sleep much Genevieve pulled me into her life from the first page and would not let go I loved the dynamics between all the characters, but it was Manny and Vinnie that really got to me.This book is intelligently written, has great character development and a very intricate plot There is a good balance between the mystery and the characters to keep driving the story forward The characters were not the cut out types you find in all the other books of this genre This is a fresh voice and I hope there will be books from Ms Ryan.I loved it Highly recommended reading.

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    I chose this book based on the high reviews, but I was overall disappointed with it I felt that it was Girl With the Dragon Tattoo meets White Collar, but instead of being entertaining, suspenseful and well developed, it was a fairly flat narrative of the events This book has a ton of potential and could be a fantastic story, but it is poorly executed It is an easy read, but many times I wanted to put it down because the author never succeeded in creating any suspense or tension I finished the book only because I wanted to know who Piros was and how the art forgeries were related to murders and the theft of weapons We learn who Piros is and it s no surprise but none of the other aspects of the case are ever fully resolved The whole ending is very anti climactic.The writing and storytelling were weak at best Quirks of Genevieve s become redundant and as a reader I wanted to scream STOP I know You ve told me about the orbicularis oculi muscles about a hundred times And those little muscles let me tell you Genevieve can tell everything about you from them Genevieve uses cues from these muscles to read people and the author uses it as a means to dismiss suspicion of new characters without having to actually develop the character and provide a basis for their trustworthiness We are also reminded with nearly every encounter about Genevieve s aversion to physical contact, and also reminded repetitively every time Colin touches her that she is surprised at how much she doesn t mind him touching her.Genevieve is autistic and does not understand the euphemisms, metaphors, and figures of speech that are used by the other characters This woman who holds a Ph.D., yet somehow hasn t learned the most common phrases and sayings I find it extremely unlikely that after all that education she wouldn t have learned what these phrases mean to others even if she finds them meaningless She knows a lot about reading people based upon body language, but knows seemingly nothing about the spoken word Contradicting this character trait is the fact that the book is narrated in the first person by Genevieve, who uses many complex and less common figures of speech than the ones she gets stumped by when others use them For example, Genevieve is clueless when the following phrases are used My boss is riding my arse, I could kiss you right now when someone was thrilled with her work and she does not know what a goon is, what being anal means, or what it means to be sweet on you However, she uses phrases like Relief stole my breath, bring me down a peg or two, cruising for a bruising, and above board The worst one from this Ph.D educated woman is on page 192 Were they primates, they might have started beating their chests Uh, sweetie, humans are primates.

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    And then Estelle Ryan said What if my main character was a high functioning autistic woman with a weird quirk she uses to settle down I M ON TO SOMETHING And then she wrote this book She was not on to something This book would have been better served making the main character a perfectly normal person who s job it is to read body language work out fraud, instead of a high functioning autistic woman who gasp does not understand social situations and takes everything literally Those last two things become EXTREMELY wearing over the course of this novel, which is why I say it would have been better served with a less quirky person as the main character This is a pity, because I found the actual mystery story to be compelling and interesting But the main character was so defined by her autism that I got annoyed, and will not read any of the follow ups I couldn t take it At least it was free for the Kindle.

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    How does a book like this get so many four star or better ratings I had to force myself to keep reading through the repetitive and irritating dialogue Granted, we are given an attractive and exotic for many setting Strasbourg, France although everyone mostly speaks English and 80% of the narrative takes place in an apartment in front of three computer screens Granted, also, that there is the structure for a pleasingly complicated and intricately connected conspiracy to uncover, intertwining the worlds of fine art auctions, international business, illegal arms deals, the economic, political, and espionage components of the European Union, the Russian Mafia, international philanthropy, and cybercrime Central to the book, the author s clever little invention that is supposed to make this so compelling and innovative, is a heroine investigator who is a high functioning autistic We are supposed to pity her, empathize with her, and cheer her on to triumph Think a feminine version of Sheldon Cooper who looks like Catherine Deneuve Now surround her with flat character stereotypes of alpha males we are reminded they are all alpha males every few paragraphs in these four variants the daddy figure, the bodyguard hunk figure, the crusty curmudgeon that s really a sweetie figure, and the James Bond rapscallion figure This last one is the love interest, though they all are bedazzled and smitten with her, fighting for her honor, scrambling over each other to please her, always putting her needs and wants first.Hey, I think I just hit upon why so many female readers like this book.I found the characters to all be too shallow, and the heroine s constant inability to recognize or understand any slang, simile, or metaphor so that the others have to chuckle and explain the meaning to her got old really fast and moved on to obnoxious She has brilliant recall, incredible precision, and her great gift is reading nonverbal body cues for intent and purpose If she can memorize and speak several languages, couldn t she have perused a book explaining idiomatic expressions at some point so we wouldn t have to go through her learning them every other paragraph And lest I appear cruel or insensitive to those on the spectrum, let me be clear Some works attempting to share such a perspective can be powerful and compelling The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime comes to mind This novel is not It would have been much better if it had been edited way down the heroine could remain incredibly adept at reading human behavior and lack social skills without making her so extreme at one end of the spectrum then later in the book, when she rushes in to take charge in a moment of crisis, at least it would have been a bit believable.I see this is the first in a long series I do not plan to continue to read .

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    According to the officers he shouted, The red will end all twenty seven daffodils We will just have to sit back and watch No one will escape the red who is all powerful Still fighting the urge to grab the clean sheets of paper and write some Mozart, Dr Genevieve Lenard listens to her boss friend, Manny Millard sum up what clearly seems to be a straightforward murder case The World renowned nonverbal specialist and art fraud investigator doesn t understand why the EDA needs her help Soon, she ll understand that nothing in this case is simple And Dr Genevieve likes simplicity, order, and patterns She has the gift of a very high IQ, but her social skills are below, very below the norms Her doctorate in psychology hasn t helped in that arena She is a high functioning Autistic woman with OCD tendencies who only sees black and white She ll also learn to live in the grey area, be part of a team, and learn she has a big emotional heart as she discovers that this simple murder of a young artist is much The murder also attracts the attention of Colin Frey, also world renowned He is an art thief Many artist friends have been killed The weapons had been stolen from Eurocorps Manny and his friend are working that case But Genevieve and Colin start to see patterns The two cases are one, and the case grows to include money laundering through a respected European Charity, gun running, and the corruption of high placed EU Officials But will Genevieve and Colin survive and catch the megalomaniac Piros before he adds their names to his murderous list I received this free from a BookBub recommendation and I m happy to say that I loved this novel The Gauguin Connection A Genevieve Lenard Novel kept me on the edge of my seat, eagerly turning the pages Estelle Ryan is easy to read and mixes humour into the suspense she fine tunes Genevieve s complete honesty to her criminals kept me chuckling Not laughing at her of course because Genevieve doesn t really have a mean bone in her body She just doesn t understand slang and the concept of teamwork and friendship She grows before the reader s eyes and it is wonderful to see Her criminals are gentle with her and are her fiercest protectors They are very patient with Jen girl and I loved them for that This is one the best books that I have accidentally read in a while.

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    This book was truly marvelous A real delight to read A true gem that I am so glad to have found thanks Fire Department eBooks Mysteries especially murder mysteries can be so hackneyed I ve read and watched my fair share to know that after a certain point, there are only so many protagonists, law enforcement agencies, motives, crimes, and crazy twists that you can incorporate before it either becomes boring or completely unbelievable The Gauguin Connection defies that unfortunate reality It is neither boring nor unbelievable On the contrary, it is wonderfully fresh and cerebral It is an exceptionally intelligent book warning not for idiots that weaves a web of details that are often complex, complicated, and convoluted But that is part of the charm of the book It requires you to stay on your toes at all times, to be on guard for connections, and to open your mind to the intricacies of transnational crime And none of this detracts from its thrilling and intriguing character The drama is created by means of the discoveries made through research and analysis and it is just as rewarding as the execution of a search warrant on a house, for example As the fuzzy picture of criss crossing lines tying people, places, and events together slowly becomes clearer, the tension levels build up to a grand finale that, in comparison to other books would be anticlimactic or low key, but fit perfectly with the cerebral aspect of the book The Gauguin Connection is a smart book Not necessarily smart in the sense that you have to be intelligent even though you really kinda do but smart in the sense of creased lines and crisp pages Everything is in its place not a word is superfluous and everything comes together like an origami swan It was the most refreshing book I have read in some time and I hope there will be many, many adventures with Genevieve Lenard.

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    I loved the characters Genevieve is different from all the characters we normally find in mysteries thrillers crime novels It was well written, easy to read, difficult to put down Loads of conflict to keep the pace tight Complex storyline, but easy to follow I did not get confused even though there were a lot of factors involved in the murder of that young student The secondary characters were great Colin, Vinnie and Manny were so clearly depicted that I know exactly what they look like I hope that Ms Ryan will write a follow up book and that we will learn about Francine she sounded very interesting All in all I really recommend this book You won t go wrong with this one

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The Gauguin Connection download The Gauguin Connection, read online The Gauguin Connection, kindle ebook The Gauguin Connection, The Gauguin Connection f42a0bb03d65 ASIN Moved From Less Recent Edition HereMurdered Artists Masterful Forgeries Art Crime At Its WorstA Straightforward Murder Investigation Quickly Turns Into A Quagmire Of Stolen Eurocorps Weapons, A Money Laundering Charity, Forged Art And High Ranking EU Officials Abusing Their PowerAs An Insurance Investigator And World Renowned Expert In Nonverbal Communication, Dr Genevieve Lenard Faces The Daily Challenge Of Living A Successful, Independent Life Particularly Because She Has To Deal With Her High Functioning Autism Nothing Not Her Studies, Her High IQ Or Her Astounding Analytical Skills Prepared Her For The Changes About To Take Place In Her LifeIt Started As A Favour To Help Her Boss Acerbic Friend Look Into The Murder Of A Young Artist, But Soon It Proves To Be Far Complex Forced Out Of Her Predictable Routines, Safe Environment And Limited Social Interaction, Genevieve Is Thrown Into Exploring The Meaning Of Friendship, Expanding Her Social Definitions, And For The First Time In Her Life Be Part Of A Team In A Race To Stop Artists From Being Murdered