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Kidnapped To Be Married pdf Kidnapped To Be Married, ebook Kidnapped To Be Married, epub Kidnapped To Be Married, doc Kidnapped To Be Married, e-pub Kidnapped To Be Married, Kidnapped To Be Married 7a8cc51a793 Imagine This I Was At My Friend S Party, Partly Drunk And Wasted When Suddenly A Person With A Ski Mask Covered My Mouth And Pointed The Gun At My Head No One Could Hear Me Because Of The Music And He Drugged Me Now I Woke Up At Some Grand Mansion Wondering Where The Hell I Am And That S When Mason Aspen My Kidnapper The School S Bad Boy, Telling Me You And I Are To Be Married It S Hard To Resist A Bad Boy Who S A Good Man

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    This book is soooo good This is one of the best books ever but then I started reading her other books and fell in love I am currently rereading this book since it is so good Okay, the story line Mason who is a player Not only is he a player, he is also rich and drop dead handsome Think of Francisco Lachowski when reading this, he is soo hot Well also guess what He was also Julienne s first crush When Julienne attended a party, dragged by her best friend, Angel, she was reluctant to go but finally decided to go At the party, she had a little chit chat session with Mason until Mason leaned in on her and she decided she had to go use the bathroom Only, when she came out, a hand covered her mouth She struggled and asked, who are you Her kidnapper replied, your fiance Then she blacked out.I love this book to death If you are someone who loves romance novels with humor AND a romance novel that will make you cry, this book is perfect I also read this book in a day, stayed up all night to read it

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    Another Wattpad discovery I discovered so many amazing books written by these amazing authors I enjoyed reading this book so much So many plot twist that caught me off guard I couldn t even get my head around this book even after I finished reading it I had so many, HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE kind of moments while reading this book I CAN T EVEN HAHAHAHA You will know what I mean when you read this

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    This book is one of my all time favorite books For those of you who hate it, keep it to yourself Just because you re jealous that you can t do something as amazing as this doesn t mean you need to put other people down so that they DON T do any amazing writing this I personally can not wait for it to be published so that I can own my own copy to share with friends and read when I need a pick me up She is an amazing author and should write I hope she writes a sequel so that i can read it to I know that i would buy any book she wrote, because if this one was only her first the others will be even better She warned readers that it would have bad grammar and be unrealistic, but I didn t see anything bad about it compared to other published works I loved the craziness of it and it kept me on my toes the whole time If you haven t read this yet, you should you are bound to love it It will KIDNAP your attention winkwink It is hilarious and will bring you to tears from laughing If you re anything like me you ll feel like you are right there living it with the characters, and their emotions will become your emotions You may even fall in love with one of the characters It s not your typical bad boy good girl story..IT S WAY BETTER The characters are amazing and they develop so well I have yet to read something this good from anyone younger than 30, and she s only 15 Read this book, I promise you won t regret it I read a lot of books, and I still say this is one of the best ever.

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    Yes, the revised version even made sense In a way, you have somehow proved a few of us wrong It still has mistakes errors, but that could be easily fixed Forget all those kids who are only in the internet to crituqe and review They don t even know how to critique one The term freedom of speech is too overused Kudos to you, though it might need a little bit of a work Anyway, good luck

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    The author wrote at the start of the story W A R N I N G If you hate grammar mistakes spellings clicheness and oh place skip hopping where the character skips to another place right away then this isn t the book for you as I m still fixing and editing it English isn t my mother tongue and I m only fifteen so don t expect too much in this book This is unrealistic and it requires heavy editing and revisions If you think you can help me edit, feel free to message me Don t be a bitch because I m a greater bitch See My grammar sucks Guess I should ve taken the warning But, I didn t I still read the story.KTBM was really annoying at some parts Julienne was weak and I did not like her character Mason Julian whatever his name is was annoying too Too cocky and just like Narcissus Find s himself really handsome Pffft, who cares The only part that I liked was their vows in the Superman Wedding aka the mini wedding The book was okay but I don t think it s good enough to be published But, the author thinks otherwise She s thinking of dividing her story into three parts and publishing it as a trilogy Somebody please stop her No amount of complains will make me change my review

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    Beautiful The revised version has even gotten better.People will be insecure of you, jealous of you, but that s that Don t let them get into you If they wanted to win, that only proved how much of an immature they are.

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    I m not gonna rate this, it s just sad Initially I thought of alot of things to write in this review but then I was like, nope, not worth it I read the whole thing in under an hour last night and this was my face throughout the whole thing _ _ _._ _ _ D this is because it finally ended when it s usually like this o_o 0_o 0_0 O_O 0_o _ _ _ O_O _ _ _ this is because it was beautiful but it ended If I go on to elaborate on the finer points then fans and or the author would come on to attack the review like what happened to a friend of mine the other day So, to the author,Suck it up and take it like a man You gonna make mistakes Okay, I m cool with that But, get yourself of a goddamn editor Or come to people on Goodreads, there are plenty of writers here and at least three ordinary users will be able to help you rectify all your mistakes I mean seriously,good dear God rolls eyes

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    1st of all Amazing book Just a little , and I m sure you ll be able to hit it off Not everyone will like it, so ignore the hell out of them They haven t proven themselves worthy Your book may lack of something, but that s your first It s okay to make mistakes Mason may be way too full of himself, but that s what you wanted to do about his attitude It just meant that not all bad boys are for everyone Like hell, if you re looking for someone who s perfect and nice, then this book isn t the one for you But listen this guy has another side you ll never know because you judged too quickly The revised chapters have been better, truly You have improved I m sure you ll be able to achieve things in the future People may disagree with what I m saying right now, but dude, you ve made progress Earth is full of stupid people You, yourself, isn t perfect They ll critique you and hurt your feelings I can see that you have changed for the better At least this will serve as a lesson KtbM may not be the best book, but it is refreshing to read Well done I know you still have to give I ll wait for your upcoming masterpiece There s still something inside you that will flair up that bright, little mind Think of all the possibilities Pretend that you re not famous and popular Pretend that you re just you See even I can t make my grammar perfect You write to express, not to impress Don t let it get to you I ve never seen anyone struggle so hard just to make the story okay, and not to let people down I found myself curious of you As for the hater Woah, is that what Rick Riordan s teaching Noodar How to be some sort of witty aHole Oh, and btw, if you re truly a librarian, you ll know how to respect the author She s a newbie Sure, she s all sentimental and all, but it s her first time And, you, directing all your hate to the author because you re also hurt Wow I m fvcking speechless, dude Anyway, the social internet is not for kids I can agree with your review, but she has done a great job of editing it Believe it or not, she actually stands a chance Don t get offended This is freedom of speech, right Ha ha What you gave wasn t even constructive criticism Karma will bite you in the ass someday She s only saying her thoughts I just think that every story deserves to be published and then you attack, and she attack boom drama All of you are not mature I just expected something better from a librarian Clearly, I am mistaken Goodreads should check their librarians first.For other haters take a coffee and calm the hell down Suggest ways to improve, not ways to start a drama.Geez, so much for the whole author and hater stuff I m sure all the grammar nazi s will correct my grammar soon But you know what I don t really care The term freedom of speech has been too much abused I ll stop here Try and stop me and hate me, don t really care Good luck to you, Author The change in attitude suits you Enjoy.

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    The revised version was so much better Of course it s a rough draft I know how insecure you feel to have your book be in here It s such a sad thing to know that people will tell you they hate it because it has not even been revised yet I wish I can help you take it off I know you felt like people will think of the worst of you But no worries Kids shouldn t be even using the internet c p.s Some authors are sentimental because you guys write to express It s okay to make mistakes, you re still a newbie, and I could see that you have changed so much You have learned to accept all your flaws while others cannot coughs

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    I think the author did a great job for someone who was 15 when writing this she did amazing no many people could pull that off I m happy for he author that she is getting this published u even left a comment saying she would publish this and I would love to buy a copy as I found the book interesting with lots of twist plus it was quite funny

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