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Second Helpings pdf Second Helpings, ebook Second Helpings, epub Second Helpings, doc Second Helpings, e-pub Second Helpings, Second Helpings 8668f00e769 Jessica Darling Is Up In Arms Again In This Much Anticipated, Hilarious Sequel To Sloppy Firsts This Time, The Hyperobservant, Angst Ridden Teenager Is Going Through The Social And Emotional Ordeal Of Her Senior Year At Pineville High Not Only Does The Mysterious And Oh So Compelling Marcus Flutie Continue To Distract Jessica, But Her Best Friend, Hope, Still Lives In Another State, And She Can T Seem To Escape The Clutches Of The Clueless Crew, Her Annoying So Called Friends To Top It Off, Jessica S Parents Won T Get Off Her Butt About Choosing A College, And Her Sister Bethany S Pregnancy Is Causing A Big Stir In The Darling HouseholdWith Keen Intelligence, Sardonic Wit, And Ingenious Comedic Timing, Megan McCafferty Again Re Creates The Tumultuous World Of Today S Fast Moving And Sophisticated Teens Fans Of Sloppy Firsts Will Be Reunited With Their Favorite Characters And Also Introduced To The Fresh New Faces That Have Entered Jess S Life, Including The Hot Creative Writing Teacher At Her Summer College Prep Program And Her Feisty, Tell It Like It Is Grandmother Gladdie But Most Of All, Readers Will Finally Have The Answers To All Of Their Burgeoning Questions, And Then Some Will Jessica Crack Under The Pressure Of Senioritis Will Her Unresolved Feelings For Marcus Wreak Havoc On Her Love Life Will Hope Ever Come Back To Pineville Fall In Love With Saucy, Irreverent Jessica All Over Again In This Wonderful Sequel To A Book That Critics And Readers Alike Hailed As The Best High School Novel In Years

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    Reasons I enjoyed Second Helpings than Sloppy Firsts Reading it in English Really, the humour and especially the play on words just doesn t translate too well I had much fun reading the original Jessica s voice felt authentic.It had Marcus Flutie Enough said I loved that Jessica started to make friends with someone she only felt mild annoyance for in book one Her relationship with Bridget grew and she acknowledged that while it wasn t the same as with Hope, it was still valuable I also liked Pepe, the French class guy.Jessica standing up to Paul Parliapiano I am writing is name from memory I hope it s spelled correctly because I m too lazy to look it up Somehow, every time I read his surname, I almost had my tongue tied in a knot , her old time high school crush Priceless.Grandma Gladdie and the other guys from Silver Meadows They were so much fun to read about, and I loved how Gladdie always had the right piece of advice for Jessica, supported her in her decisions and called Marcus Tutti Flutie view spoiler and tried to mend his and Jessica s relationship Which wasn t revealed until the end, but I had kind of guessed it I was so sad when Gladdie died at the end She was one of my favourite characters in the book hide spoiler

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    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE This was fun fun fun I had trouble deciding on a rating, though.I kept changing it from 4 stars to 5 stars to 4 stars to 5 stars and now, finally, I settled on a 4 stars rating which is actually like a 4.5 stars rating To my surprise, I liked Second Helpings better than Sloppy Firsts It was funnier somehow and there were swoon worthy moments Boy, am I crushing hard on Marcus Flutie When I checked the reviews for this book and the Jessica Darling series in general I was quite worried, because obviously people are rather torn when it comes to this series There are a lot of negative reviews on here and I have to say that now, after having read the second installment in this series, I understand why some people don t like these books Basically, it all boils down to whether you can relate to Jessica or not She is sarcastic, snarky and quite the pessimist Sometimes she s too rash in judging things or people and the way she talks about the observations she makes might come across as harsh and arrogant but she has friends who call her out on it and she realizes that she has to work on herself I can see why there are people who don t like her I, however, can relate to her pretty well, seeing as I used to be like this, too I am still snarky and sarcastic but I dropped the negative attitude Believe me, 16 year old me wasn t always fun to be around What makes me relate to Jessica to an almost creepy extent, makes others dislike her.The second thing that makes this book sometimes difficult to like is the writing It s rather complicated and a little too wordy at times Some of the descriptions just drag on and on So, what else is there to say Second Helpings was pretty much focused on Jessica s love life, which I didn t mind, because it was just so much fun Marcus is a great character, I adore him and I really hope that everything works out between him and Jess I also loved all the parts about Bridget and Pepe, Skank and Skankier, Scotty, the Pinevile Low editions and Len even though I wanted to rip his balls off All in all, a really great read

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    I have to admit it Sloppy Firsts was better Yet, that doesn t mean that Second Helpings wasn t a brilliant follow up novel, because it was Jessica Darling is back and this time, she s about to start her senior year of high school Hope, her best friend, is still miles away from her, her mother still wants her to find a boyfriend, her sister is now expecting a baby, her relationship with her father continues to get worse, and to make matters worse, it s time to apply for college If that wasn t enough on her plate, Jessica wants to can t think of Marcus Flutie not after what happened before Thus, Jessica s last year of high school starts and if you thought Jessica had things figured out after Sloppy Firsts, think again So, why was Second Helpings not as good as Sloppy Firsts It has the same quirky and hilarious narration, the same unforgettable characters, the same high school problems so what changed Well, I guess in one word, it would be Jessica I still love Jessica Darling to death and she seriously is my literary soul sister, but Jessica s thoughts begin to change in this one For one, she begins to think about sex way too much Nope, she isn t having sex, she s just thinking about it on practically every other page, which is not only vastly unrealistic, but became rather annoying too I felt as if some of the discussions she had about sex were even repeated from time to time and was rather confused about this new direction of thought Further, there was one rather predictable mystery in this story that Jessica took awhile to pick up on, so while it didn t ruin the story in the least, it was a little disappointing to see such an intelligent character fail to see something this obvious Nevertheless, those petty qualms aside, I devoured Second Helpings in a matter of hours Jessica is still struggling between being who she is and fitting in at high school a conflict I found equally as compelling in this sequel I really liked that despite her growth, Jessica still had so much to learn, not only in school, but from her family at home too McCafferty shows us this so perfectly that we can t help but love Jessica, even for all her flaws and mistakes in this book Marcus Flutie cue swoons also plays a larger role in this novel, but perhaps not as large as some readers would have liked Yet, I loved this aspect of the book Once again, the most influential people in Jessica s life are absent, so whenever Marcus did make an appearance in this book, it was like a wonderful treat I ve never been a big fan of sexual tension or cheesiness, but I ate up the sexual tension in this one and grinned like an idiot at the eventual cheesiness at the end of this I know, I know, Marcus Flutie has made me into a pile of gush, but I can t even bring myself to care I love the guy and even than that, I love how McCafferty makes you see just how right these two are for each other Second Helpings has so much going on in it, but it s a wonderful follow up to Sloppy Firsts It also has a conclusion that wraps everything up beautifully and leaves the reader utterly satisfied, so it will definitely be awhile before I pick up the next Jessica Darling book, Charmed Thirds Still, I know that when I do read it, it ll be like meeting an old friend all over again McCafferty s book are absolutely wonderful and I think part of the reason why I love them so much is because my best friend and I attend different schools as well, yet, she is still the most influential person in my life and I can connect with and understand Jessica on a deeper level because of it Don t worry though Jessica has a little bit of everyone in her and there is no way you cannot fall in love with this series Marcus Flutie will ensure that, even if Jessica doesn t I really can t recommend these books enough as they are absolutely hilarious and wonderfully quick reads at the same time, so I know this is one series I will constantly re visit, even as I grow old Yup, it s just that good You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.

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    As much as I loved Sloppy Firsts, as much as I admired Jessica Darling and identified with her in that book, I just couldn t bring myself to give this sequel than 2 stars, simply because I didn t like how this story unfolded.For one, I thought Jessica digressed in this installment I no longer found her funny and spazzy, I found her immature, whiny, and, for all her school smarts, dumb I didn t like her relationship with Len, I thoroughly hated her sudden obsession with losing her virginity to just about anyone Where did her self respect and idealism go But even , I disliked the direction Jessica s relationship with Marcus took I couldn t believe that Marcus would do so little to win her back and she, in her turn, would be so dense I didn t like that their relationship was almost non existent for almost a year and a half and then escalated within hours and culminated in fade into black.Having said all this, I have to note that Second Helpings was not a complete waste There were some funny bits, some sweet moments and some sexy poetry However, as of right now I am not as excited about this series as I was after reading Sloppy First and will have to take a long break before I attempt reading the next book if it ever happens.

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    4.5 Stars.Originally reviewed here.If I m ever found dead and all signs point to the cause being extreme anxiety, and everyone keeps saying I don t know what happened, she was always so laid back , you insist on searching all end tables and my Kindle to find out what I was reading when I keeled over Chances are, it was a Jessica Darling book.Second Helpings may not have left me on the verge of a panic attack in its ending like Sloppy Firsts managed too, but there was enough angst leading up to one fantastic ending to leave me huddled in the corner eating my hair and hoping that I will one day again have a decent night s sleep where I don t wake up in a cold sweat of panic over the lives of Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie Seriously, if we still talked about women having weak constitutions , anyone seeing me near this book would use the phrase to describe me, and while I did enjoy Second Helpings, I am utterly terrified to continue on with the series.When I picked up Second Helpings, I kind of assumed that it would pick up right where Sloppy Firsts let off, but it doesn t Second Helpings starts at the beginning of the summer, where our girl Jessica is headed to an artistic camp to work on writing There, while on a field trip, she has a run in with the infamous Paul Parlapiano yes, the Paul Palapiano of epic crush definitely gay she puked on his shoes renown who drags her to the Columbia campus, and gets Jessica s mind brewing about a whole new college experience Of course, her parents will never approve, so she then has to spend the school year stressing about Columbia, friends, boyfriends, and of course HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED Though let s be honest here, a year stressing about Lord Voldemort would probably be less angst ridden and nerve wracking than a year stressing about Marcus Flutie Marcus, as always, playing mind games or is he Marcus, who Jessica thought she had something than friendship with until that fateful night when she told him to eff off, and he listened Marcus, who is either an evil genius, or the heartthrob of high school history.So did anyone else, upon starting this book, FLIP OUT when they read that Jessica DESTROYED HER JOURNALS And yes, welcome to my review of Second Helpings, I am going to CAPSLOCK ALL OVER IT I mean I just about had to drop the book and find a paper bag to breathe into thinking about all of those EPIC MOMENTS that were lost Then I calmly reminded myself that Sloppy Firsts is a BOOK and not a REAL LIVE JOURNAL and I can still obtain these thoughts and memories without having to slap Jessica into recounting them all again on paper.I adored watching Jessica s resolve crumble throughout Second Helpings, even as she grew into a somewhat mature, thoughtful, calm snort right and confident individual At the beginning, she s totally resolved not to even mention Marcus by name Heck, she s resolved not to write any angsty journal entries period We can all guess about how long that lasts She does, for those of you who were annoyed at her lack of letting go of Hope in Sloppy Firsts, move on a bit She doesn t lose Hope s friendship, but she realizes that there are other friendships out there to be had Not every friend is going to be something akin to a soul mate, but that doesn t make them worthless.I ll be honest, I found Jessica to be trying my nerves quite a bit in this installment I got so sick of hearing her obsessing over sex I guess some teens probably do obsess over sex, but I certainly wasn t one of them In Jessica s world, she assumed everyone other than herself had had sex When I was a teen, I kind of assumed no one had Neither of us were correct, but I did get awfully sick of hearing her obsess about losing her virginity I kind of feel like if you care enough to wait for someone you really care about, you should care enough not to freak out about being a virgin.I also wanted to slap both Jessica and Marcus for their utter stupidity Seriously, how many AWESOME things in this life are wasted by stubbornness Being incredibly pig headed myself, I can hardly say this is unheard of, but seriously kids I DON T LIKE WHITE KNUCKLING BOOKS I got about four hours of sleep the day I tried to read this, because of course I started it at 9 00 pm and then couldn t sleep because of the ANXIETY So, important note to self Plan ahead Do not start a Jessica Darling novel unless you have ample time to finish it in a single sitting.I did feel that Marcus veered over into the cheesy side of things for me in this one, but I m cool with that, as I m not sure anything else would have worked I love that Marcus and Jessica really get one another in a way that no one else can, even if they often don t realize or appreciate it I don t want to talk much of the plot or my AMPLE FEELINGS as I ve rambled plenty, and want to steer clear of spoiler territory, but really Jessica Darling easily holds a place as one of my all time favorite contemporaries, and I couldn t recommend it .

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    As I found myself with very little time lately and therefore being unable to concentrate my poor brain on anything, including a new book, I decided to go back to an old classic so fear not, Joe Abercrombie, the only reason I put your delicious book on hold is because I don t want to ruin it by reading one sentence out of two.It s been some time I wanted to go back to Jessica Darling s tremendous high school years and the planets finally aligned to permit that blissful reunion this summer The two first books of this series should be mandatory read for well, for everyone Including adults Especially adults 4 reasons why it s even better to read this YA series as an adult If you re born in the right decade s , the 80 s and 90 s references will make you happy and gettin jiggy wit it in case you forgot, it will remind you what it is to be a teenager with both hormones and a completely functioning brain even if Jessica is not always the average teenage girl you have now what Jessica s mother desperately tries to inculcate in her daughter perspective And it will make you laugh twice harder if you had known about Marcus Flutie as a young adult, your love life would have been irrevocably ruined as he d have crushed and buried six feet underground any other real male walking this earth, condemning you to a life of celibate in favour of his unknowing but eternal fictional love The asterisk where there is text inside the brackets than out of it I only and will ever read the first two books of this five books series The fact that the action then moves from Pineville, NJ, to someplace else is too much for me to handle which is ironic, considering getting out of Pineville is Jessica s 1 life goal , and way out of my comfort zone Even if it s logical for JD story to move on or you know, just stop at the end of book 2, which would have probably been okay , I like some routine I mean, I almost had a fit when JK Rowling let slip that HP7 would barely take place at Hogwarts I did had a fit, but very privately in my own room with shutter closed, which makes it almost I m also pretty sure that what I enjoyed in the JD series was the Pinveville High sized closed trial and not the Prada soundalike vibes I got from the opinion of many reviewers, pointing to don t read the rest , and I m completely fine fine it I was surprised to get so into my rereading of these two books as much as you can be with a demanding 5 months old anyway and I didn t expect to obsess over it that much When I wasn t reading it, I was constantly thinking about it The portrayal of Jessica s peers, her family, her crush es and her unforgettable grandmother are golden, smart, sometimes mean in this very honest way teenagers tend to think they got it all solved, but always hilarious the chilled second asteriskI will never EVER get over that introduction of Paul Parlipiano in book 1, nor the dialogue inner dialogue Jess has with Bridget and herself when she sees Marcus again at the first day of school in book 2 I laughed to tears This part of a series is definitely one of the two contemporary YA that I will recommend over and over again, to anybody who d listen no matter the age and, I dare to hope, the gender, even if I m well aware these books probably speak much to girls than they d do with guys But guys, you d definitely learn some stuff the sober last asterisk the other one being, obviously, the great Melina Marchetta Go have some fun with the Brainiac, the Beauty Queen and the Nonconformist, I highly doubt you ll regret it.

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    This was as good as the first book in all the right ways I enjoyed Jessica s voice and her frank and often witty observations I liked even better her growing maturity without having to regress from the progress in the first book Marcus development was as engaging, even if most of it was off screen And I particularly liked that Megan McCafferty took some interesting turns and difficult decisions in the course of the book that denied easy answers or simple options.It wasn t perfect The indecision and misreads in her relationship with Marcus dragged on in the latter part of the book And Jessica s casual, comprehensive dismissal of conservative politics was as ignorant as it was lazy She stung some liberal politics worse and in depth, so I m not actually griping about political slant, here, so much as that the conservative take down was lazy and unexamined which was somewhat out of character for Jess, really.Minor weaknesses aside, I was as charmed by the wit, humor, and emotional engagement as I was with the first And the ending of this book was pretty near perfect.

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    If the first and second book had been written into one without so many pages , I d make that book into my chick lit fav of all time.The second one has considerably Marcus Flutie, but I rated it 1 star less than Sloppy Firsts If we were to compare the chemistry in both, Second Helpings has a great deal Then what contributed to the demise of that one star That effin obsessive talk about the protagonist s virginity.What is wrong with chick lit From The Princess Diaries to Perfect Chemistry to Anna and the French Kiss and hundreds of others I can think of , there s this forever present whining about the main character s virginity.What is this, Red and Black You know what, fine, I get it, you want to lose your virginity STAT to the One does anyone notice the irony here Don t shove it in my face My poor face has nothing to do with you losing your virginity Jessica Darling s compulsive need to have sex comes in only second to Mia Thermopolis Princess Diaries , whose I Need 2 Have Sex Disorder IN2HD for short stretches over the span of maybe 4 books.But Jessica Darling is supposed to be my cynical, angsty, sporty and smartass y heroine Where s she gone It s sad how every chick lit book feels compelled to address the issue of one s virginity Really I can understand the kissing in the rain trope, but this Nuh uh This just promotes whining.

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    Ok, I haven t wanted to stop reading to write a review for a while, but I feel these books deserve my attention My lord, do I love Jessica Darling This girl has such a fresh and entertaining voice, I m amazed at Megan McCafferty s writing skills I know the concept of this series is nothing new, girl writes in journal a la Bridget Jones but I couldn t put it down Jess s take on life is so refreshing and funny, here s a couple of quotes that had me giggling On her sister s extravagant lifestyle Only their idea of simplicity is expensive Bethany s letter was probably written with ink hand squeezed out of an imported Indian Ocean squid on thick linen paper cushiony enough to wipe even the most hyperallergenic ass.On her ex friend Manda, the class skank This coming from a girl whose moral compass is in the form of two erect nipples pointing toward the nearest penis. I mean, correct me if I m wrong, but that is funny shit I m very happy this is a 5 book series and look forward to sharing Jessica s uni experience, I hope she can keep this level of awesome up A very big thank you to the lovely Nic, who sent me a copy overnight She s just like having a book fairy

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    I loved the book so much than the first one Marcus is so sexy I want him badly Damn fictional characters why can t they be real and why can t this be my life.

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