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    I thought this might be an entertaining but erudite discussion of stardom and celebrity It s written in a scholarly, dry way, obviously a class text book There was nothing entertaining about it at all When the author was saying that a celebrity is just famous for being famous and a star has to have shown accomplishment, I thought that this just isn t going to be inline with my thinking There are many Hollywood and rock stars who have accomplished only having a brilliant production and pr team behind them and who have no talent for anything at all, witness their fast fading from the public eye when their face no longer fits Excuse me, I forgot that a faded star then becomes a Z list celebrity to appear on some kind of reality show or opening a new local supermarket store.Yawn to as to why Bill Clinton was a Rock Star but Ronald Reagan wasn t HIllary isn t either, Trump might be, depends on your definition Being a Rock Star is about celebrity, not whether you like them or not.Then there is the political influence of rock stars v celebrities This is ridiculous Have you ever heard Kim Kardashian interviewed Yet there she goes to the White House no doubt to have her plastic assets admired When Rock Stars mix in politics, they take themselves too seriously Too many yes men have made them feel that they are important, but the media will pay attention Not at their words, but because the star power of, say, Bono or Sting, will sell papers, will attract your attention to the ads right next to the article Just like the very unmodel looking children of the famous like the top model Lily Rose Depp nearly 5 3 and the miserable looking, 5 9 Brooklyn Beckham I thought even if this book gets to what it considers the meat and bones of it s thesis, we aren t going to agree Because at root, if the papparazzi can sell pics of you for lots of money then what you say, what you do, how you look, how you got there, isn t even relevant Your fame, be it ephemeral or enduring, is all that counts A discussion of whether Princess Diana was a Rock Star or a Celebrity is just irrelevant.So dnf d Also I didn t like the writing It was dry and frustrating to read.

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    Rock Star by David Shumway is a 2014 John Hopkins University Press Publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review From the beginning of the book, starting with the forward, I could tell this was not the ordinary pop culture book It was in the beginning, what amounted to a bunch of psychobabble about rock stars taking on the female sex symbol roles and marketing themselves as sexual objects While some of that marketing bit was probably true, the rest of it was ridiculous and didn t really make a lot of sense to me However, we finally moved past all that into the meat of the book You can t start off talking about rock stars without beginning with Elvis His impact was of enormous significance on how the public perceived musicians While Elvis didn t delve into politics, he was the clay that molded the future for rock musicians to become so powerful that rock stars became the status everyone wanted to achieve, even if they were not musicians People in politics, authors, actors, athletes are often compared to rock stars Authors are my rock stars , He was followed around like a rock star , You are my rock star How did rock stars manage to achieve this status I agreed with all of the choices the author made His examples were well chosen James Brown of course had political impact and was significant in stopping riots and keeping crowds calm during some very tense times Great choice I enjoyed the segment and found the ups and downs of James Brown inspirational at times and sad at other times Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, were great choices, Bob for obvious reasons and Joni for her fierce stance on women s rights and refusing to be labeled, something I applaud Other names like The Grateful Dead may not seem like a rock star type band, but if you think about the phenomenal impact this group had without much radio airplay and the low key type music they played, and their lack of style concerning their attire, it s incredible how loyal their fans were This group literally had people following them from town to town as they played live shows Not the typical female groupie , but bus loads of people, male and female I don t know if a band since then ever experienced that type of following Some stars sang about changes, some acted by example, some simply rode the waves The songs, the styles, the way people were swayed by their opinions is certainly something that politicians and figures of authority would never have predicted, but soon learned to take advantage of their power for their own means We dressed like our favorite singers, we hung on their every word, we emulated their hairstyles, and if they said vote for this or that, we would without question A rock star meeting the president in the white to discuss the issues the star was passionate about is mind boggling Really How can your power get any greater However, as we moved out of the turbulent sixties and seventies, the war over, and times gentle, the rock star still had all power over other types of fame or celebrity, but as we creeped into the nineties, the climate begin to change, slowly at first, but when Kurt Cobain committed suicide, it seemed the rock star symbol died along with him Not since his death has there really been another true rock star emerge that demanded we follow their style or their passion Soon rock music was completely overtaken by hip hop artist and the big studios stranglehold was finally killed The landscape changed forever with the advent of digital content Now, here the author and I disagree I prefer the smaller success to the household name thing The music stays pure, the musicians humble and the edgy stay that way Not all that spit and polish that ruins music once the studios take charge It s not all as negative as the author paints it out to be Staying hungry and trying to please the fans instead of a studio is what will keep music as an art form I for one do not believe making millions and flaunting the power these people once held is all that healthy We put way to high a premium on entertainment When these guys pull babies out of burning buildings, when they fight to keep our country safe, when the teach our future generations, when they find a cure for cancer, then yes, they should be recognized as having rock star status Until then, I think things are the way they should be for the most part I like the changes No, it s not perfect by any means, but maybe it was time for the rock star to come down to earth and walk among us mere mortals So, while the author lost me here and there by delving into some psychological bull from time to time, this was an interesting study of how rock stars rose to such almighty power The book was well thought out and researched and achieved it s goal Pop culture enthusiast will enjoy this one for being a little off the beaten path and giving the reader a lot of food for thought Overall , this one is 4 stars.

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    Shumway identifies people and a couple of groups as stars musicians who transcended a single medium and, whether on their own volition or through the careful crafting of their record companies, embodied an ethos that their audiences embraced as than entertainment.

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Rock Star summary pdf Rock Star , summary chapter 2 Rock Star , sparknotes Rock Star , Rock Star f881673 All Stars Are Celebrities, But Not All Celebrities Are Stars, States David Shumway In The Introduction To Rock Star,an Informal History Of Rock Stardom This Deceptively Simple Statement Belies The Complex Definition And Meaning Of Stardom And Specifically Of Rock Icons Shumway Looks At The Careers And Cultural Legacies Of Seven Rock Stars In The Context Of Popular Music And Culture Elvis Presley, James Brown, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, And Bruce Springsteen Granted, There Are Many Names That Fall Into The Rock Icon Category And That Might Rightfully Appear On This List Partly, That Is The Point Rock Star Is A Familiar And Desired Category But Also A Contested OneShumway Investigates The Rock Star As A Particular Kind Of Cultural Construction, Different From Mere Celebrity After The Golden Age Of Moviemaking, Media Exposure Allowed Rock Stars Political Sway Than Hollywood S Studio Stars, And Rock Stars Gradually Replaced Movie Stars As Key Cultural Heroes Because Of Changes In American Society And The Media Industries, Rock Stars Have Become Much Explicitly Political Figures Than Were The Stars Of Hollywood S Studio Era Rock Stars, Over, Are Icons Of Change, Though Not Always Progressive, Whose Public Personas Read Like Texts Produced Collaboratively By The Performers Themselves, Their Managers, And Record Companies These Stars Thrive In A Variety Of Media, Including Recorded Music, Concert Performance, Dress, Staging, Cover Art, Films, Television, Video, Print, And OthersFilled With Memorable Photographs, Rock Star Will Appeal To Anyone Interested In Modern American Popular Culture Or Music History

  • Hardcover
  • 244 pages
  • Rock Star
  • David R. Shumway
  • English
  • 09 January 2017
  • 9781421413921

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