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[Download] ➹ Nexis By A.L. Davroe – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Nexis, meaning Nexis, genre Nexis, book cover Nexis, flies Nexis, Nexis 56c76e6185f01 In The Domed City Of Evanescence, Appearance Is Everything A Natural Born Amongst Genetically Altered Aristocrats, All Ella Ever Wanted Was To Be Like Everyone Else Augmented, Sparkling, And Perfect Then The Crash Devastated By Her Father S Death And Struggling With Her New Physical Limitations, Ella Is Terrified To Learn She Is Not Just Alone, But Little Than A PrisonerHer Only Escape Is To Lose Herself In Nexis, The Hugely Popular Virtual Reality Game Her Father Created In Nexis She Meets Guster, A Senior Player Who Guides Ella Through The Strange And Compelling New World She Now Inhabits He Offers Ella Guidance, Friendship And Something Something That Allows Her To Forget About The Real World, And Makes Her Feel Whole AgainBut Nexis Isn T Quite The Game Everyone Thinks It IsAnd It S Been Waiting For Ella

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    Nexis is an unique and imaginative debut that keeps you guessing until the very end, leaves you greedy for answers with it s many tricks at every turn and an ending that makes you question everything you ve come to know.Nexis takes place in city called Evanescence, set in a post apocalyptic world with two very different type of people The Augmented and the Naturals The Augmented are simply flawless They are able to change their body, hair, even their laugh if they don t like it and instead become whatever they want to be Don t like that pesky mole Hate having to repeatedly shave your legs I actually do Wish for different coloured eyes Gone, gone and gone All of these alts and mods do not come cheap so only the upper class known as The Aristocrats have them, they re always sporting the latest trends Now Ella, our protagonist is a Natural and she s staying that way, although this isn t exactly her decision Her father won t allow her to have any body alterations of modifications, much to her humiliation Ella is a Natural living among Aristocrats and this is not easy The people of Evanescence have a flare for the dramatics when it comes to their appearance like my review of Winter in regards to the people of Luna, I was again reminded of The Hunger Games The Aristocrats were much like the people of the Capitol to fit in you ultimately have to stand out, the outrageous the better Ella s father is the creator of the hugely popular virtual reality game Nexis After a devastating accident that leaves Ella handicapped, she withdraws from reality and instead immerses herself in the world of Nexis It s here that she discovers that she can recreate herself, be anyone she wants and not be expected to follow in her father s footsteps but instead to accomplish her own dreams Nexis provides a much needed and welcome escape for Ella and what starts as a fun, easygoing game soon starts to crumble as reality and fantasy collide.Ella must complete her mission in Nexis but she soon becomes tangled in a web of lies and must choose a side and pledge her allegiance, but in a world where everything, even the people are a fantasy Who can be trusted It took me a few chapters to warm to Ella, her character arc is slow and gradual at first I felt really sorry for her but once she learned to accept herself and care less about pleasing others I was able to really get behind and root for her In Nexis she meets the mysterious Gus who takes her under his wing and shows her the wonderful world her father created and how to survive there She doesn t care who he is in the real world Aristocrat or not she has no intention of meeting him in real life after her accident but things don t exactly go to plan on that front.Overall this was such an interesting first book in the series, it s introduces you to this new dystopian world and virtual reality slowly and before long you can t get enough However the crown jewel of this book was the ending, it was amazing I absolutely flew through those last few chapters it was full of action, mystery and so much intrigue Identities were revealed, people were betrayed and just when I thought I had figured everything out another revelation managed to turn the book on it s head, which begs the question What the hell happened To say I need answers is an understatement Nexis shows no signs of slowing down after that explosive ending and I cannot wait to see what Davroe comes up with next Literary ly Obsessed

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    Ellani Drexel is from a domed city known as Evanescence She has grown up in a world where most members of the city do alterations and modifications on themselves to make them perfect Ella is what as known as a natural, she hasn t had any alts or mods done and her father prohibits her from getting any in order to protect a promise made to Ella s mother before she died Ella s father is the creator of a virtual reality game known as Nexis After being honored for the creation of Nexis, Ella and her father are in the middle of an argument about being modified when a pod crashes into their home killing her father instantly and leaving Ella wounded having lost her legs in the crash Ella s new caretaker locks her in her father s office with only the comfort of her nanny robot With the loss of her legs and being trapped she decides to try out the world of Nexis in the hopes of feeling closer to her father and being able to regain her legs in the virtual world Nexis is one of those books that drags you in and doesn t really want to let you go When finishing this first installment in this new series I just really want the next book right this instant to see where the story is going to go and what happens next I really can t even imagine what the author has in store for the rest of the series as the first book itself was quite complex with the different layers in this post apocalyptic society The city of Evanescence itself reminded me a lot of the Capitol in The Hunger Games series The residents are the elite in the world that spend their time in different indulgences and do strange things to themselves in the name of beauty While outside of the city you have what are known as the disfavored who seem to be the lower class citizens that aren t allowed into the dome with the clean air so they are dying off due to the pollution While the world building gave a good picture of the current state of things I did think it lacked a bit in explaining the disfavored but hopefully will be touched upon later in the series Nexis itself reminds me a lot of Ready, Player, One You have this game in which you are living through your avatar in your mind and when playing it seems like reality There were different places that Ella and her companions went to that modeled things in the past such as a land that seemed to be taking place in the sixties The story is switching between Ella s reality since the accident and what is going on with her and her participation and companions in the Nexis The middle of the book seemed to drag a bit with not giving much detail in either world as it was progressing which brought my rating down slightly But in the end of the story the things I d been questioning throughout did end up getting expanded upon with an amazing finish to this book I will definitely be looking forward to continuing this series as with the ending of this book the possibilities going forward in this YA dystopian post apocalyptic world seem to be endless Would definitely recommend checking it out I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews please visit

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley The Anansi child will catch them all by surprise She will inherit the earth This was an interesting sci fi story, but the pace was a little slow for me.Ella got a rough deal in this book, not only did she have to live with her father s death, but she also had to learn to live with physical disabilities, and face the news that things that she had always believed, were not necessarily the truth.The storyline in this had a few twists in it, but the pace was a little bit slow for me, and I wanted to know what was happening a lot faster than we did The whole middle portion of the story seemed to drag, and although the twists did make things interesting, the slow pace was a bit of a killer.There was some romance, and there was a bit of a twist when it came to that too.The ending to this was okay, but it did leave us with a bit of a cliff hanger over what Ella will do next.6 out of 10

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    May contain mild ish spoilers, but nothing you wouldn t already see in any other review P.S this is longSorry, LOL Nexis is a strange and unique book, both for me and for the genre It s a story within a story and there are a lot of layers shoved into these 300 some odd pages As any author might do, I encourage you to stop trying to figure it out and just read Immerse yourself like you were in a movie Drop your expectations, drop your preconceptions Just read and imagine Nexis is the sort of book that isn t going to appeal to everyone who reads it I m certain there is something for everyone in this book it s just that sort of book but, I purposely did things in this book that I KNOW some readers aren t going to like I m gonna start off by saying that you have every right to your opinion and if you don t like something in this book that s than okay I love reviews that can clearly and respectfully explain WHY people don t like a book It allows for the constructive criticism that we writers need to grow and that s wonderful I m aware that no one thing appeals to everyone in this world not even chocolate But, you as readers have the right to review as you see fit, I have the right to say I know, I did it on purpose, and explain to you why D This isn t everything, but some of the bigger ones So, here goes THE ARISTOCRACY A lot of people are asking if I got my inspiration for the Aristocrats s Mods and Alts from The Hunger Games s Capitol While, in retrospect, I can see where you are coming from, that s not actually where my inspiration for the Aristocrats or their Mods and Alts came from In all honesty, I drew inspiration for the city and the people who life in it from a strange combination of various anime series, the movie Bio Dome, Wall E, Batman Beyond, and Scott Westerfeld s Uglies series all of which, to be fair, existed before the Hunger Games did And I did start writing Nexis before I read The Hunger Games The thing I find most different between these people is that Aristocrats have a pretty clear initial reason for doing what they do They are literally so homogeneous that they need to stand out among each other and that s the real drive among the youth to initially start Moding and Alting After they get older, that s when they become bored and flamboyant I don t recall that being the case in The Capitol Correct me if I m wrong but I believe they were just really bored and flamboyant and had no underlying reason for being that way in the first place Also, the Aristocrats are not outwardly cruel to the Disfavored like the residents of The Capitol are toward the people of Panem The Aristocrats don t act violently toward the Disfavored, beat them down, enslave, or subjugate them They just don t CARE about the Disfavored In some ways, the Aristocrats see themselves as charitable to the Disfavored the Disfavored would not be alive if not for the Aristocrats occasional aid, the residual protection offered by the domed city, and the hiring of Dolls yes, Dolls are hired and can leave when they want, they are NOT slaves SEEN IT On the whole, it s not uncommon, after reading or watching a lot of things in the same genre for them to start to feel or look the same to consumers Like genes or molecules, books are made up of the same basic building blocks put together again and again in different combinations Take any one aspect and you ll find others like it There are only so many tropes for creative minds to work with and what matters most is how they take these same things and make them different from everything else building one thing upon another until they have a unique new product Over time that s going to make story lines complicated, that s just the nature of the beast I pride myself on this book being a combination of things not yet seen together Yes, some of the people seem like something else there are certain societies we like to advise against in dystopians , yes the technology might seem the same we authors do our homework and look at what is plausible and achievable , yes there are gaming books not enough of them in my humble opinion , and yes there are characters who lose parents, have newfound disabilities, or are downtrodden by society But, it s not so common to find them all together.ELLA The whole wait, she s so dumb, how can she be smart thing Rest assured, she s supposed to be a stupid genius These people do exist, believe it or not, especially when they re young and experiencing things for the first time Haven t you ever watched Big Bang Theory She s got book smarts not street smarts as one might say The beauty about her relationship with Guster is that they have complimentary smarts She s the book smarts and he s the street smarts That s not to say that either can t be smart in both areas at times Ella is flawed and I made her that way She is young, confused, under a lot of stress, makes dumb choices, and needs to be beaten over the head with things That s what makes her human She s supposed to annoy you at times I, as a writer, hate perfect characters and like to write slightly frustrating YA heroines because that s most likely how a majority of your parents feel felt about you at one time or another But, she s also brave More brave than I think a lot of people are And she s stronger than a lot of us as well So, she may be a PITA who runs away too much, can t figure out the simplest things, and possibly makes really stupid life shattering decisions but you have to at least respect her a little bit because she s learning from her mistakes and she s growing I have every intention of making her the sort of character who continues to develop throughout the series, so I hope you hang on for the ride THE DISFAVORED This is such a huge topic and I know I only shimmied the surface of it in Nexis Rest assured, you ll get a lot about the Disfavored in the books to come THE DRAG Many YA readers are going to think that, for a YA book, NEXIS needs a tummy tuck My opinion on that This isn t the internet I don t believe in instant gratification in a book I believe that world building, sensual experience, and emotional and psychological development are just as action packed as a fight scene This is my style as an author and it s totally okay that some of you feel like falling asleep Obviously, I m not the writer for you Some of you will love the middle of the book obviously, I m your writer, LOL I can tell you this, if I hadn t put the dragging tummy into this book, there would be a lot of unhappy readers the ones who wanted the game storyline This is a big, complicated world with dynamic systems and two full story arcs It s not something that s easy to action pack your way through without dissatisfying the main demographic this book was meant for the true SF F readers and gamers Trust me, this book was a lot larger and I already took out than I wanted to at the risk of taking away from some aspects of this story ahem, romantic development see below I had to choose what was most important to this story, and that was Ella s development This is her story how she grows as a person by overcoming ALL the trials and tribulations in her life via her growth in a game Both story lines are necessary.ROMANTIC DEVELOPMENT The insta love thing Okay, I really did go into this book insisting to myself that this was not gonna be an insta love book But, well, this is complicated by the need to focus on the genre SF over romance , the plot Ella s life journey not her love life, and also because I as the author know things you don t know yet as a reader It s hard to stay true to the reality of your characters while also entertaining readers But, I did TRY True or False There are some people in this life who are just gonna get you physically excited If you answered false, I truly believe you re either physically dead inside or just haven t met the right person yet Anyway, I believe those people exist And Guster is one of those characters It s not so much that he s physically gorgeous because he s not If you look closely, Ella initially mentally redesigns him to be better looking, but she stops herself She FORCES herself to find beauty in him finding certain aspects that she hyper focuses on and when she does she can easily find beauty as the hours tick by We do this every day The we know someone the beautiful they become to us We learn to accept their flaws in favor of their attributes Really, it s Guster s personality that she falls in love with His ease and confidence, his smirk, his physical bearing These are all subtle cues that make the reader think he s insta likable and I did this on purpose because he s a leader and manager someone people instantly find charismatic, likable, and trustworthy He s even so to Ella because he s one of the first guys that has ever actually paid any attention to her If you were completely ignored by the opposite sex and then some hottie came and started showing interest in you, you d start tripping over yourself too And why is Guster paying attention to Ella Well, you ll have to read possibly beyond Nexis and into the sequel to find out But, rest assured, he has a very good reason Yes, there is lots of chemistry between them and yes, I added MORE front end chemistry than I initially had because I had to cut so much romantic development Yes, there s not a lot of initial development in the love story because I had to cut it out because of saggy belly and no relevance to the plot at hand I DO encourage people to pay attention to the time stamps in this book In the book it feels like Ella kisses Gus kind of soon after meeting him BUT, there are plenty of people who kiss on the first date At this point she s been with Gus forat least 8 hours at this point That s at least two real world dates Also, this is the equivalent of going to college for these kids they are, for the first time, not being watched by parents or society so, they might be a little caught up in the going wild thing SoIt s safe for her to admit she wants to kiss him at this point, right Besides that, she does TRY to be smart, put the brakes on things, etc once she realizes they ARE insta loving And he s okay with that and respects her decision There are giant gaps of time between most of the in game chapters So, feels like insta love to you but really it s been months They spend 6 hours a day with each other That s plenty of time to take it slow, get to know each other, have romantic little moments, etc etc Just because you don t see it as a reader doesn t mean it s not happening.Okay, I think that wraps it up Hopefully this answers questions and clears things up Feel free to ask me anything else, I m always willing to chat Amanda

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    Im not a fan of YA at all, but I loved this book I was fortunate enough to get to read it once upon a time and it has stayed with me since The characters are vivid and completely realized, and the story is imaginative and wonderful This is one of those books that it doesn t matter what age its written for, it touches you and will hold a place in your heart I love this book with so much of all that is me.

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    Love, love, LOVED this one Review will be posted on my blog, Lisa Loves Literature tomorrow, as part of a blog tour

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    In a society where people are genetically and surgically modified to make themselves unique, nothing natural is considered beautiful, and nothing natural can be trusted Humanity destroyed the world and now must protect and hide itself.Enter Ellani, a girl kept Natural, trapped by a horrifying accident and then forced by circumstances into the program that brought fame to her father the virtual reality game known as Nexis Inside Nexis she finds a friend, and begins to truly understand what has been lost and what might yet be gained.This isn t typical dystopian fiction, nor is it typical SF, though it has elements of both This is about Ella s coming of age, with a hint of Cinderella to balance the trickster and enough truth to resonate while lessoning us all.Can t wait for the next book Disclaimer I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    WOW This book was exceptional Full review to come Updated 11 29 15 Thank you so much to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review To me, virtual reality stories are hidden gems in the science fiction genre As soon as I find one, I squeal with glee like a little child and immediately begin reading However, Nexis is not one that I had to find In fact, Nexis came to me, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was going to end up being yet another book that I loved I was right Nexis follows a girl named Ella Her father just created a virtual reality world in the future that they live in If you couldn t tell by the title, the game is called Nexis Basically, you can create a virtual character and be whoever you want and do whatever you want The only catch is that you can only play for six hours and then you have to take an eighteen hour break The game literally kicks you after six hours and won t let you log back on for another eighteen, which I feel our games today should do No, but really, I could still play Guitar Hero for 24 hours straight if my drowsiness never caught up with me Ella s father, after creating the game, wins an award and the two of them end up being part of the Aristocracy However, while the two of them are in their home that night, the pod crashes and Ella s father is killed Ella survives, though she lost her legs and finds herself alone in a room All she has is her robot whom she s known all her life Therefore she decides to play Nexis for once The book follows her adventures and discoveries while she s in the game, and outside the game Ella was an amazing character Despite her horrible loss, she somehow managed to say pretty strong and fight for herself, which I extremely respected I definitely felt horrible for her, though I won t go into details about exactly why because that may be a bit spoilery I think that my favorite character was definitely Gus He was just so caring and sweet towards Ella and he showed her what love really is The two of them were absolutely perfect together I loved the idea of the virtual reality called Nexis At one point, there was even a description about how everyone in the game can basically do what they want to do One person may be fulfilling their dream while another is just going on quests I found that just amazing It could also be used as a way to actually fall in love with someone, because the Aristocrats just married whom their parents said they d marry I also really loved the world that Davroe has created Honestly, a lot of dystopians have seemed kind of the same to me lately Nexis, however, has definitely stood out to me and that s why I think it s worth the read I definitely can t wait to see what happens in book two I just hope the wait isn t too long, because I need of Gus and Ella in my life ASAP

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    This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction Addiction Nexis is an innovative new YA sci fi dystopian set in the post apocalyptic future The Aristocrats have created their own perfect society, separate from the undesirables outside the walls Still, everyone needs a little outlet, right That s why they re all so excited about Ella s father s virtual reality video game a game so engrossing that he had to set a time limit so that people wouldn t just play indefinitely and live out the rest of their lives in the game Ella has always been resistant to the idea of Nexis because it kept her father so incredibly busy that he didn t have time for her But after an accident takes his life and her legs , Nexis is the only way she can get close to him And she starts to realize that her father meant the game for her all along What I enjoyed Altered In Ella s society, everyone is altered people genetically alter their offspring to be perfect and then everyone twists their own perfection with augmentations basically extreme forms of plastic surgery that allows everyone to follow the latest crazy fads so they can stand out from the crowd Ella is not only a Natural because she wasn t genetically altered, but her father also won t let her modify herself in any way, so she feels extremely out of place in society Her long dead mother was a naturalist, and Ella s father promised he would keep his daughter real This altered society setting was fascinating I could vividly imagine all of the crazy alterations that people had received and it made the society very unique and interesting Nexis The video game world itself was quite a surprise to me I loved that it was very realistic in many ways, but still so foreign to Ella And then there were the game elements I loved the little touches like the coins that you got when you killed someone in the game.Guster What s a video game world without a virtual love interest, right I loved the concept of people living completely separate lives in the game and in the outside world People would even get married and have kids in the game little virtual children who didn t really exist It s kind of mind boggling But, anyway, back to Guster He and Ella forge a real connection in the game and I was definitely invested in their relationship Because they spend a full year playing the game, the romance didn t feel rushed or unbelievable, even if they couldn t spend any of their real lives together There was some mystery about Guster s real life identity, and a few twists and turns there that I am VERY eager to see play out in the next book Twists and turns in the real world While Ella was playing the game, there were quite a few complications going on in her actual life Things got dicey and while there were a few twists that I predicted, I never expected how far it would all go Once again, I can t wait to see what Davroe has in store for us with the second book.The negatives Slight confusion Occasionally, the sci fi elements of this book went over my head There were some sequences in the video game where I thought, Wait, what just happened There were threads that did what And there were times when I wasn t clear what Ella thought the mission was that she was fighting so hard for But, for the most part, I have to confess that I just let those moments pass me by and didn t worry about them too much I d much rather have a unique and original sci fi premise that occasionally confuses me in small spots than a boring premise that I ve seen a hundred times before If you re a fan of mind bending sci fi, video games or dystopians in general, I d definitely pick this one up Then get ready to read a story that s unique and exhilarating I give this book 4 5 stars Disclosure I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own

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    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This book blew my mind I finished it in a little over 24 hours and that is only because I had to work Still, I just couldn t keep away If you re under the impression that the synopsis of the book is too revealing I was , wait until you read it, because it is not even coming close This book is like an onion ha ha , with hidden layers that show up in the most unexpected places Ellani is a girl with natural everything, her appearance wasn t changed or altered at all since her birth And she hates that about herself Everyone around her is showing off their Mods and Alts, and she s stuck with her boring tan skin and grey eyes But then a life shattering accident happens, leaving Ellani all on her own with her priorities in disarray, and with nothing to do except to venture into a virtual reality, Nexis, which is much much better than what real life can offer Matrix much.She discovers new world, works on her stamina, falls in love, goes on a lifechanging quest The Ella we meet in the first chapter shows us the society that is normal in her world, but after Nexis nothing stays the same.Through the story the main character goes through a lot of development She s somebody to cry with, to laugh with, to worry with, to love with I could see sense and purpose behind most of her actions and that makes her very believable and so loveable The love story in this book is mindblowing And that ending I mean, I don t know how I can survive till the next book comes out, and that s even before this one is out A.L Davroe s blog says she s 80% or done with the sequel, so that gives me so much hope Even so, I am on cloud nine right now In my opinion, this book will fly off the shelves because it s that good And these series could easily turn into an amazing motion picture series because they would look amazing on screen, and the dialogue is that brilliant 5 out of 5 stars and easily the most exciting read of 2015 for me Thank you A.L Davroe, for writing this book I am so glad this exists 3

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