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Lone Wolf Rising summary Lone Wolf Rising, series Lone Wolf Rising, book Lone Wolf Rising, pdf Lone Wolf Rising, Lone Wolf Rising 5c6a120bb1 Book In The Winters Saga Series Begins With Lone Wolf Rising Revenge Has Deadly Consequences Seventeen Year Old Rebecca Winters Main Goal For Ten Years Has Been To Graduate High School And Take Down The People Who Killed Her Parents When She Stumbled Upon A Werewolf Pack In The Middle Of Phoenix, She Knew She D Found A Way To Make Her Dream Come True Instead Of Getting Vengeance, An Act Of War Has Put Her Into A Position Of Power And Forces Her To Put Her Thirst For Family Justice On A Temporary Hold He Is Duty Bound To Protect Her Lucian Lucky Lamont Is A Member Of The Protectors, An Elite Supernatural Police Force Who Works For The Authority Their Main Goal Is To Keep Humans In The Dark About The Creatures Who Live Among Them Lucky Is Assigned To Protect And Manage Rebecca, Despite Her Refusal Of Help His Cover Is Simple He Poses As The Dutiful Pretend Boyfriend In Order To Keep An Eye On The New Alpha Wolf She Is His Mate Gabriel Black Though Taking His Pack Back From The Witch Who Was Chosen As The New Alpha Would Be Simple He Thought Wrong His Entire World Was Turned Upside Down The Moment He Met Rebecca At The Authority Council Meeting And He Was Hooked The Moment He Kissed Her To Prove She Wasn T Dating His Best Friend, Lucky It S Like Being Torn Between Two Lovers Rebecca Is Pulled In Hundreds Of Different Directions While She Attempts To Find A Way To Survive The Supernatural World, Protect Her Family, And Discover Who Massacred Her Entire Pack Days Before Her First Transformation She Doesn T Have Time For Romance But The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants And The Wolf Gets What The Wolf Wants Or So Her Alpha Believes While Rebecca Manages To Keep Her Head Above Water As She Unlocks Political And Family Secrets Which Could Destroy Her, She Loses Sight Of The Most Important People In Her Life And One Of Them Pays The Ultimate Price

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    This is the type of genre that holds my attention and it does not let go until I am at the last page I love fantasy, sci fi and great adventure The author Jami Brumfield combines all that in this volume, and I fell in love with it The main heroine Rebecca is a strong, wonderful and a very likable character She is also a very complicated individual trying to handle the conflict between being a human and a wolf Her transformation and the radical effects will leave you breathless The author did an amazing job in intertwining the plot cleverly in a magical way that sends the reader through twists and turns that they are totally unexpected I love being intrigued by the relationship between Rebecca and two hot hot supernatural men, Lucky and Gabriel that are her decision helpers Rebecca is bestowed the responsibility of being the leader and protector of the local wolf pack I kept changing my mind constantly about which one she should end up with, and I just could not come up to a final decision I think the reason is that I love both men Lone Wolf Rising is an enthralling and exciting book that kept me eagerly turning the pages to find out the outcome of the conflicts between wolfs and vampires, and Rebecca s choice between Lucky and Gabriel I am an avid reader and I know that I will follow Jami Brumfield s work She is a delightful author and I am hooked I already purchased her next book and I am eager to start If you love excitement, paranormal and thrill this book will be perfect for you I will recommend the book to all my paranormal friends and followers.

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    If you enjoy YA paranormal romance with lots of angst and adventure, you are bound to like Lone Wolf Rising by Jami Brumfield A brand new alpha High school senior Rebecca Winters, her twin sister Savvy, and her younger brother, Hunter, live with their grandmother after being orphaned 10 years earlier when their parents were murdered To gain power to protect her family and help solve her parents murders, Rebecca voluntarily submits to being changed into a werewolf Difficult decisions As a brand new werewolf she learns that her entire pack has been wiped out, leaving her the sole survivor and the new pack alpha The governing agency of supernaturals, the Authority, appoints a charismatic nephilim named Lucien Lucky to teach Rebecca some survival skills and the basics of paranormal society She also becomes allied with Gabriel, a rogue werewolf and former member of her pack Two heroic protectors Problems quickly multiply Someone is following Rebecca and spying on her home She must protect her family but cannot reveal that she is a werewolf Rebecca is drawn to both Lucky and Gabe, both of whom vie for her affection Several different types of supernaturals seek alliances with the new alpha, but it is difficult to know friend from foe Rebecca is repeatedly warned to quit pursuing the mystery of her parents murders, so she knows that she is on to something One impossible choice YA is not my usual genre, and I almost quit reading 20 percent into the book At about 25 percent in, the romance and the plot really took off, and the book became one that I could not put down The writing is smooth and not in present tense The occasional switches in point of view are very clear There a few editing issues wrong word spelling , but not so many that it detracted from the story The lives of her family and her pack are on the line There is lots of romance and angst, but only kissing no explicit scenes Although Lone Wolf Rising is a full length novel, the ending sets it up as a serial type story no HEA, yet that you must continue reading to get closure It is NOT a cliff hanger, however I will continue reading the The Winter Series because of all the great paranormal action and because I have to know whether it is Gabriel or Lucky who gets the girl

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    Lone Wolf Rising By Jami Brumfield is a wonderful breath of fresh supernatural air Okay, the subject matter has been done to death by Twilight Series and Sookie Stackhouse Series, or so I thought Jami has revitalised the teen supernatural genre with fresh blood by the gallons and has actually surpassed those illustrious famous series by a mile, no make that a light year This YA Paranormal novel is an absolute must read for all fans of werewolf, shapeshifter, vampire and witches.Orphan Becca is a 17 year old wolf attending school in Arizona Life is abruptly turned on its head when her pack is wiped out in a war with vampires Now Becca is the new Alpha, so says the Authority, the rulers of the supernatural world.Becca s life becomes even complicated when she discovers she has two suitors for her love, Lucky and Gabriel All this at 17 It s too much too soon for poor Becca, but she must handle it Together they and Becca s siblings vow to avenge the death of the Arizona pack and Becca s parents ten years before.Another revelation from Becca s grandmother adds spice to the wonderful story telling her she is also a witch spellbound against using her powers that will keep the reader turning pages as fast as their need to discover the ending which in true brilliant fashion will leave the reader sighing for .So this reader and all like me are now champing at the bit for .This FIVE STAR Werewolffest with a classy difference is highly recommended and is a must read Bring it on

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    Rebecca has just transformed into a werewolf and is trying to keep it a secret at home, despite her twin sister s inquisitive nature When she learns her entire pack has been murdered, she has to establish new alliances in the supernatural community and determine who she can trust This situation is compounded by internal conflict between her human personality and her wolf personality, sizzling attraction that she has for two hot male supernaturals, worry for her siblings safety, and her desire to avenge her parents mysterious murders.This is a well crafted story with compelling characters and multiple twists and turns The internal dialogue between Rebecca and her wolf are very entertaining I am chomping at the bit for the sequel to come out

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    My exposure to YA paranormal romance has been limited, but I found this book better than the few mainstream publishing titles I have had occasion to pick up in this genre It starts rather abruptly with a letter to the reader explaining the premise in a manner that reads like a sequel than a first novel All that is missing are the words previously on Lone Werewolf Once you get into the world, however, you find yourself genuinely liking and caring about the main character whose name, I have to point out, is Becca painfully close to Bella but the similarity ends there or, well, it ends with the fact that she is a high school student from Arizona well, not quite, it ends with the fact that she s living with an estranged relative whom she barely knew until her parents died and who is completely seemingly oblivious to the supernatural world in which Becca is embroiled.I joke about the similarities, but the differences are there and they make the book a whole heck of a lot better than the Twilight Series It is a better written and compelling story, with characters and a plot structure that are vastly complex The writing is structured and practiced than Stephanie Meyer s.The book also has stakes, dealing with interesting and provocative concepts right from the get go For example no spoilers in the very first chapter, a gay character is introduced something quite refreshing and a conflict is set up he is closeted and preparing to come out to his father Oh, and there s a werewolf vampire war and the main character is a werewolf witch and her parents died when she was young after spellbinding her and her siblings.These are just some examples of that the author gives us to play with in this book Giving her character the ability to talk with her creepy wolf alter ego is another interesting move that lends a psychological quirkiness to the story arc.At 450 pages, you get your money s worth in length The book is thick but it doesn t drag Fans of Deborah Harkness might find this book stimulating I m of a David Wellington Frostbite guy, but this book has its humor and its bold characters to keep you reading all the way to the end.

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    I read quite of paranormal genre books, not so often I read YA, but this one captivate me from the beginning The strength in Rebecca choosing to be a wolf, her determination to know the truth about her parents death, and the added difficulty of two suitors trying to get to her heart, is refreshing and sticks to the story Rebecca, 17 years old, recently became a wolf and discovered that her pack has been annihilated Lucky, a protector that make her legs wobble, a grandmother witch, vampires, dream walkers, trolls and Gabriel, who is convinced she is his mate, the Authority all a new world of supernatural beings and responsibilities, that could bring death or war if she mistakes a decision And all wrap up with an alpha wolf with a strong conscience deep inside her mind, who sometimes makes her nuts, but usually has it right All ingredients for an excellent series I only hope she choses right in life and in love.

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    I got a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for a review.I LOVED THIS BOOK When I saw this book in the giveaways section, I was hesitant about asking to read because I have read so any meaningless and boring supernatural novels these past few months This book was the complete opposite So this book starts off rather abruptly when she is retching up blood Yup you heard me right I for one was mortified by the fact that Jami was starting this book off on that note, but I didn t let that stop me from reading the book That there is a tip I have for you when reading this book no matter how affronted you are, JUST KEEP READING So back to the book.The main character in this book is a teenage girl, with an awesome enhancement that is torn between two guys It turns out that even werewolves suffer from the normal teenage angst P I find that the characters in this book are developed wonderfully and give off a multi personality that people in real life have So kudos to Jami for making that happen with her writing I find that the plot, while a little cliche, is actually really good The way that the storyline is written just gives it the perfect feel of a little adult and a little YA I recommend this book to readers of YA supernatural fiction and to those looking for a light, quircky, quick read Liked this review Follow my blog at www.thelastpageatmidnight.blogspot.ca

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    I love paranormal thrillers and Lone Wolf Rising is one of my favorites It kept me hooked from the very beginning I couldn t put it down I immediately fell in love with the main characters and absolutely can t wait for book 2 Jami Brumfield is creative and imaginative To future readersyou won t be able to put it down

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    This is a remarkably well written book It is very difficult to take this genre and make it seem real, but Jami Brumfield has done it The characters are people you might want to know and be friends withif you didn t know the truth about some of them The ending was a real shocker, couldn t have surprised me , and I ve already started on the sequel.

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    Indie Author Jami Brumfield has written a great story of a girl who suddenly finds herself the alpha of a werewolf pack after the pack is brutally slaughtered by.aw, no spoilers here The story definitely draws the reader in and makes you care about the characters.

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