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    I really enjoyed this book It was so good, I thought about plagiarizing it, but then I thought, Nah Better not.

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    4.5 stars The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else.What now The Year We Fell Down is the first book in Sarina Bowen s The Ivy Years series It s also the first Sarina Bowen book I ve read After reading, I can say for certain I m a fan I absolutely adored this friends to lovers college romance Corey and Hartley were fantastic characters and their story touched me Corey Callahan s entire life changed after a hockey accident left her in a wheelchair This is not how she expected to start her freshman year of college She expected to be playing hockey, but now, that is an impossibility Adam Hartley happens to be in the same dorm as Corey He s not a freshman, but he had an injury that left him on crutches and unable to handle a lot of stairs Corey and Hartley bond over their injuries.Hartley and Corey were both extremely likable characters Watching their friendship turn into a romance was beautiful There were frustrating moments I had with Hartley, but later in the book, I understood him a little better and why he did some of the things he did I loved the romance between Hartley and Corey I loved their friendship, too I also loved Hartley s best friend, Bridger I m so excited his book is next I m diving in right away I listened to this book on audible and I have to say, the narration is wonderful I m looking forward to listening to all of them If you love New Adult romance, friends to lovers stories, and books about overcoming obstacles, this is one I highly recommend 4.5 stars

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    Update May 2016 This was the start of my love affair with Sarina Bowen s writing and series As you will see, it had a major impact on me with how our gal handled life and growth through adversity We read so much and some books are for pleasure, for introspection, for things we don t even know whyThis is a book to read for all of those things Do it and I promise you won t be sorry.May 15, 20154.5 NA Gold, Pause to Make You Think Stars 1 2Everyday we have moments it is up to us to pay attention We may have a perfect exchange with a friend laughing and giggling about some little thing and after it happens we just feel really good Like all the air used during the process cleaned us out and made us fresh We could be on the treadmill at the gym, jogging along and decide to up the speed a tad go a little faster than you may have before and after you feel you did a personal best Or it could be as mundane as parallel parking your car and doing it right without a thought These moments happen all the time but what if they were taken away from youwhat if you lost your ability to hear or to use your legs or arms in a moment all of what you knew how to do would be gone You would have to adjust develop new skills and hopefully be able to find yourself Become the new youaccept things were never going to be the same and somehow deal with it Because if you didn t adjust adapt you would miss out on living your life.Corey Callahan had one of those momentsshe was a talented ice hockey star ready to take advantage of her college scholarship at a Prestigious Ivy League college when she is hit and thrown during a game She is now coming to school in a wheelchairso not only will she need to adjust to college life, new friendships and dealing with the freshman 15 she has to do it in the chair.She went through all of the phases as best she could handled the physical therapy, learned the tricks she needed to dress herself, etc but her parents have been hovering and making things hard..Dad was her hockey coach, her brother played for the college she is going toand mom worries all the time Corey does luck out she has an amazing roommate, a very cool housing suite and the added bonus of Hartley He is an out of commission Hockey player he messed up his leg and ankle so he needed the same type of housing accommodations Only problem is, he is cute, friendly and has a snob princess for a girlfriend The saving grace is she will be away for a semester leaving Hartley out there having to manage his crutches and no ice, alone Corey and Hartley are thrown togetherbecome the Gimp Squad going to classes and lunch time together.What happen in this book is actually magical in many ways because although the major focus of Corey s situation is always there as a reader you sort of forget and experience all that happens when you are of that age the wanting to fit in the figuring out your place and who to make friends with Yes, there is the disability and it is never gone yet Corey s personality is so strong and clear it is easy to want to be friends with her.We love Hartley He is ever crush waiting to happen He is saddled with a girlfriend from hell and although there are some sparks between Corey and Hartley we don t feel as if Hartley ever was connected to his girlfriend she isn t on campus and she seems to be having friends in Italy while she is thereWe learn in the story much about Hartley and how he is wired we learn of the emotional weight he carries and understand what motivated him This book is such a winner from so many aspects it clearly gives us the college experience warts and all It educates us about Hockey and spinal chord injuries It made me think about moments in life and how we should be paying attention all the time and live as if things are fleeting because they are There is just so much there it is a delight to know there is another part of the series coming soon What I love most is something which was a moment for me I reviewed a book which was hockey based Ms Bowen commented on itopening the door to a conversation Because she took that moment, I was able to have this experience of reading this book proving everything can happen in a moment and we just need to pay attention Thank you Ms Bowen The Year We Fell Downhttps www.goodreads.com review show Falling from the Sky Gravity, 2 Blonde Date The Ivy Years, 2.5 The Understatement of the Year The Ivy Years 3 The Shameless Hour The Ivy Years, 4 The Fifteenth Minute The Ivy Years, 5 gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review. For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    2.5 StarsMy problem with The Year We Fell Down is, I couldn t connect with the romantic aspect The characters are actually likeable and I have no problem with that, but the way the romance was delivered, it was kinda off I love friends to lovers tropes, unfortunately this one didn t get me Perhaps it s just me but I feel no chemistry between the two.The story centers around Corey Callahan, a college girl who became handicapped after an ice hockey accident She met the gorgeous ice hockey player Adam Hartley in a dorm room and instantly became friends with him since the guy also had a minor accident and at that time, had an injury They shared a platonic relationship, even though deep down inside Corey slowly fell for him But because Hartley already has a girlfriend, this attraction is clearly a complication.What I loved about this book was Corey s character development and strength I loved how she eventually accepted her condition and delved into a different sport when she realized that ice hockey is not for her Despite her condition, she was able to live normally and I think that s really awe inspiring.There was also no insta love involved so it was good However, I wish it didn t took Hartley a while to realize that he s wasting his time on his bratty girlfriend I would still love to read the rest of the books of this series since a lot of reviews say that they re much, much better, so let s see

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    Re read January 2020RATING 4.5 Updated to 5 Sweet HEARTS 3 DEvery time I re read this story, I fall in love with the characters, the world, the romance, and feel all the emotions all over again The Year We Fell Down is a delightful friends to lovers romance, taking all of us on a journey full of laughter and heat without weighing us down with unnecessary drama and conflict The thing is, we re all fragile It s just that most of our friends are lucky enough not to know it yet Corey is a young woman who continually inspires throughout with her ability to handle herself both emotionally and physically despite being paralyzed from the knees down Though she has moments of self doubt, she never turns maudlin, instead she acknowledges her situation while never allowing her physical difference to rob her of her witty, outgoing personality Given that, what makes this new adult romance so unique is the emphasis Ms Bowen gives to the struggles that people with disabilities face, brilliantly detailed for us through Corey s every impaired step Adam is the good guy with the heart of gold and comic relief of this read despite carrying his past with him in the form of his self centered girlfriend although for way too long IMO The romance between him and Corey is gorgeously slow, sweet companionship that gradually builds in trust and respect until it turns to love and has us swooning left and right Hartley II can t just be a hookup Maybe some girls can pull that off, but He put two fingers over my lips You have me, Callahan His hand slid to cup my cheek, and I leaned into its warmth You re the first person I want to talk to in the morning, and the last thing I want to see at night Overall, The Year We Fell Down is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, with just a kiss of angst to ensure we re emotionally invested in our couple s happiness, leaving us smiling, content and warm Posted July 12, 2016

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    Spoilers Alert This book was very painful to read I could not enjoy this book as much as I wanted to, because the author left for too long at about 75% for the hero to realized how bid of a mistake he was making by sticking out with his girlfriend I waited and waited for him to WAKE UP ASSHOLE but I never got that sense from him showing the reader his true affections for his best friend heroineAt a very crucial points where heroes POV was to be expected to have some clarification of what was he feeling at that particular intense moments. like being intimate with his girlfriend other woman we never got his POV and I was disappointedand because of that I could not really believe in his sincerity for the feelings he supposedly should have for the heroine.I was having a hard time feeling comfortable and that affected my level of enjoyment reading it because whilst the author was tormenting me with a painful scenes after another where heroine had to watch the man she was in love with kissing another woman in front of her and not oncethere was no retribution for the wrongs hereHeroine did not called him on all the times when she had to watch him kissing his girlfriend and how much painful that was for her and I felt that she suffered so much but he just got away with his callus and disregarding behaviourfor 75% of the book and all he said for his justification I tortured us didn t I.is that all he had to say to compensate all the excruciating pain the heroine had to go through on a daily basis wouldn t he at least explained himself in a credible way WHY he acted in a manner that was very cruel as we had not been provided with some of his POV on the most crucial scenes with the OW and what he felt after whilst being separated from the heroinewith those scenes I had not been given enough reasons to believe HE REALLY WAS IN LOVE WITH HERthere was not enough focus on his character growth to make him a worthy hero at least not worthy of the heroine in this book.The author put me through reading agony with those descriptive scenes with OW view spoiler including doing him a blowjob hide spoiler

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    4.25 stars Everybody has their shit to shovel, Callahan Everybody Now, yours is right up front where everybody can see it I don t envy you that But everybody has some, whether you can see it or not After losing mobility in her legs after a tragic hockey accident college freshman Corey starts college in a wheel chair While she isn t completely paralyzed, she uses a wheel chair and has been taking physical therapy to slowly start walking again Corey and her roommate are placed across the hall from junior and all around hottie Adam Hartley Hartley broke his leg over the summer and has to sit out on the hockey season Both relegated to a handicap dorm, Hartley and Corey form a fast friendship over video games and hockey.Pretty quickly Corey develops what appears to be a one sided crush on Hartley, who has a girlfriend who is studying abroad that semester But as time goes by, the lines of friendship become blurred and Corey must make a choice, to keep Hartley in her life as a friend or to let him go Why would you complicate our friendship Like it s so simple now I really enjoyed this book When Geri told me it was full of angst and unrequited love I was totally on board Plus this had been sitting on my kindle forever, so it was like I was being productive by reading this.This book was filled with the kind of angst I love Oh my gosh I ate it up But, it was not overly angsty I think it had just the right amount of angst for all of you angst avoiders out there I loved the amount of research and reality that went into the book about handicap access I ve read other New Adult books that gloss over those parts, but it does an injustice to do so because many people don t consider how hard it is just to go and get food when there are three little steps you cannot climb The author was obviously very conscious of this issue and it really helped develop her book and her characters The friends to lovers romance was great, I loved seeing the development between Corey and Hartley, but I struggled with a few things near the end I get why Hartley dated his horrid girlfriend, I do But when he began to pursue Corey, he didn t actually pursue her He just basically said I want you and she went to him That sort of ticked me off, I wanted her to make him work for it But I was also just happy they weren t pussyfooting around any so I ll pick my battles elsewhere.This is what a college NA romance is supposed to be like, enjoyable with angst, a little bit of steam and a nice guy I wish I had discovered Ms Bowen much sooner I was perfect, I said And I didn t even know No, he whispered into my ear No, no Perfect isn t real I took a deep shaky breath and the feel of his strong arms around me began to feel steadying There s no perfect, Callahan Now there s only really damned good

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    I read this book because Tammara Webber author of one of my favorite healthy romances recommended it And the sex scenes in this book were definitely good a lot of consent and communication but everything around it and the entire rest of the book was messy Firstly, this book is ableist I haven t been able to locate a review from an ownvoices reviewer, but I was bothered by the language of this book a lot It s as if it s written by an able bodied person for other able bodied people In other words, Corey s disability felt like a plot device rather than a character trait I understand that Corey became disabled at age 18 so there s a lot of anger and emotion to work through as she processes the change, but the author didn t spare any descriptions of Corey being angry about her condition, calling herself a gimp literally every page, and sometimes in variations such as calling herself and Adam the gimp parade She made fun of disability services such as having a van drive you to class which she calls the gimp mobile , saying it s for losers She talked about herself and her disability all the time as if she were a burden, which is something she learns to shed by the end of the book, but it still went unchallenged This book did bring up a great discussion about public accessibility, though If anything, I like how this book showed that Corey wasn t limited by being in a wheelchair and she wouldn t tolerate anyone treating her lesser than someone who could walk The second major downfall of this book is that there s cheating Adam s girlfriend is off in Europe for the entire first semester, so everything that happens between the MC and LI is cheating for half of the book And a lot happens At first it s just uncomfy things like Adam calling her beautiful and babe, but then it progresses to touching and forehead kissing, and then for Corey s birthday, Adam bought her a VIBRATOR Like, come on That s so disgusting for a person with a girlfriend to gift someone else.The girlfriend finally coming back into the book wasn t even helpful, because her presence only solidified the fact that this book made a clear divide between athletic girls versus popular girls Several times, Corey considers herself to be competing with Adam s girlfriend for his attention, which is gross in general because it enforces the not like other girls trope, but doubly so because she considers herself less desirable since she s in a wheelchair There was so much shade thrown at girls who like to wear makeup and girls who like shopping, and Adam was always praising other girls who like sports and going to games rather than being interested in any of that, as if girls aren t capable of liking both, or girls who like makeup are dumb One of the lines that stuck out to me in this book was when Adam described his girlfriend and said She was tall and yet somehow still curvy, as if tall girls can t be curvy Because God forbid tall girls fail to satisfy the male gaze Additionally, Adam would call his girlfriend hottie, but he would call Corey beautiful, which was gross because 1 he was flirting with another girl while he had a girlfriend and 2 it perpetuated the idea that hot girls are bitchy, materialistic, obsessed with their looks, and deserve to be cheater on because they re lesser than.The one redeeming quality in this is that the sex scenes are actually really nicely done There is a lot of discussion of consent and a big focus on her pleasure, which was sweet I just couldn t get over the fact that it was all cheating, and it happened while they were drunk It just ruined that scene for me Beyond that, the dialogue and writing was just completely clich and you could read better in different books There was nothing special about the characters or story other than the actual sex scenes were better written than a lot of other books because it was actually realistic But that in itself isn t enough to recommend this because I think negative attitude toward this girl s disability being thrown around literally every page was harmful and distasteful.

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    4.5 Uplifting Stars The sport she loves is out of reach The boy she loves has someone else.What now This was a very sweet friends to lovers read Very uplifting, very inspiring Callahan Corey is a hockey player It s in her blood It s her life, it s her love Until one day, it s not A tragic accident on the ice leaves her unable to feel her legs Corey is starting her freshman year of college, moving in to the wheelchair accessible dorms when she meets her neighbor Hartley Adam Corey and Adam bond over their love of hockey and eventually become friends.Adam has a girlfriend though A very vile girlfriend I did not like Stacia And I never really understood why Adam was with her to begin with She spends the first semester of school abroad and that is when Adam and Corey s relationship develops Yes, there is cheating, sort ofbut I wasn t bothered by it.Corey was a fantastic heroine that didn t let her disability get in the way of living her life, despite what she d been through Her strength was admirable and I couldn t help but root for her to get a well deserved HEA It might have taken Adam a little longer to figure out how great Corey is..but in the end he recognizes what s in front of him and goes after the girl The Year We Fell Down was Corey s journey Of moving on after her imjury Making new friends Falling in love Believing in herself and seeing the good I just wish I could give you the original me Not the broken one This was a really enjoyable read for me.it wasn t too steamy just a few scenes but well worth the read I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series

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The Year We Fell Down download The Year We Fell Down, read online The Year We Fell Down, kindle ebook The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Fell Down 5119ab1e3744 The Sport She Loves Is Out Of Reach The Boy She Loves Has Someone Else What Now She Expected To Start Harkness College As A Varsity Ice Hockey Player But A Serious Accident Means That Corey Callahan Will Start School In A Wheelchair InsteadAcross The Hall, In The Other Handicapped Accessible Dorm Room, Lives The Too Delicious To Be Real Adam Hartley, Another Would Be Hockey Star With His Leg Broken In Two Places He S Way Out Of Corey S League Also, He S TakenNevertheless, An Unlikely Alliance Blooms Between Corey And Hartley In The Gimp Ghetto Of McHerrin Hall Over Tequila, Perilously Balanced Dining Hall Trays, And Video Games, The Two Cope With Disappointments That Nobody Else Understands They Re Just Friends, Of Course, Until One Night When Things Fall Apart Or Fall Together All Corey Knows Is That She S Falling Hard But Will Hartley Set Aside His Trophy Girl To Love Someone As Broken As Corey If He Won T, She Will Need To Find The Courage To Make A Life For Herself At Harkness One Which Does Not Revolve Around The Sport She Can No Longer Play, Or The Brown Eyed Boy Who S Afraid To Love Her Back I Not Only Bought This Book And Devoured It, I Bought And Read This Entire NA Series The Ivy Years In A WEEK It Is OMG Awesome NA At Its Finest Tammara Webber, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Easy I Absolutely Loved It And I Can T Wait To Read The Rest Of Her Books Colleen Hoover, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Hopeless It S A Terrific Read I Ve Spent The Weekend Recommending It Jane Litte Of Dear Author This Page Turner Will Have Readers Eagerly Awaiting Bowen S Next Book Publisher S Weekly I Loved This Book, I Want To Hold It Up On A Cliff, Like In The Lion King It Will Be A Shining Beacon Of Inspiration For Romance Novelists Everywhere Rita Of Snarky Romance Recs Ok, You Know That Amazingly Wonderful, Heart Fluttering Feeling You Get When You Start A Book And You Just Love The Set Up, And The Characters, And Everything About It That Was Totally The Feeling I Got Here Aestas Of Aestas Book Blog Bowen Has Blown Me Away With This One And Her Amazing Cast Of Characters And Equally Amazing Storyline Blown Away Gone It Is Definitely One I Will Remember For A Long Time Mandy Of I Read Indie