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On the Edge of Gone quotes On the Edge of Gone, litcharts On the Edge of Gone, symbolism On the Edge of Gone, summary shmoop On the Edge of Gone, On the Edge of Gone 5f344f77 January , That S The Day The Comet Is Scheduled To Hit The Big One Denise And Her Mother And Sister, Iris, Have Been Assigned To A Temporary Shelter Near Their Hometown Of Amsterdam To Wait Out The Blast, But Iris Is Nowhere To Be Found, And At The Rate Denise S Drug Addicted Mother Is Going, They Ll Never Reach The Shelter In TimeThen A Last Minute Encounter Leads Them To Something Better Than A Temporary Shelter A Generation Ship That S Scheduled To Leave Earth Behind And Colonize New Worlds After The Comet Hits But Each Passenger Must Have A Practical Skill To Contribute Denise Is Autistic And Fears That She Ll Never Be Allowed To Stay Can She Obtain A Spot Before The Ship Takes Flight What About Her Mother And Sister When The Future Of The Human Race Is At Stake, Whose Lives Matter Most

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    The first time my future vanished was July 19, 2034 On the Edge of Gone does a lot of really great things and, for the first 25%, I thought it was going to be a new favourite Perhaps I expected all the wrong things from it, and maybe this review will prevent others from doing the same.Let s start with all the positive stuff Duyvis opens with a writing style that draws you in Her narrator an autistic, mixed race, Dutch girl has an immediately sympathetic and likable narrative voice Set before, during and after the apocalypse a comet colliding with Earth , the stakes are huge from the very beginning as Denise attempts to find a safe place for herself, her mother and sister on a generation ship, scheduled to leave Earth.The book is exceptionally diverse I long for the day when people will look back at reviews like this one and think how strange it is that I had to point out diversity, but it is sadly still uncommon In On the Edge of Gone, we have our mixed race, autistic narrator, a bisexual trans black girl, as well as other gay, Muslim and Jewish characters.Duyvis draws from her own experiences for this tale, choosing to set it in her home country The Netherlands and portraying autism with the honesty and sensitivity of someone autistic herself.I also really like the complex relationships Particularly Denise s struggle to understand and sympathize with her drug addict mother, whom she finds frustrating All characters in this book are allowed to be selfish and make decisions we may not necessarily like, which feels like a realistic part of the end of the world.So what went wrong Well at 200 pages in I made a quick note saying we re 200 pages in and nothing has really happened When I passed the 300 page marker, I changed it to 300 pages in and the story hasn t gotten off the ground When I got to 400 pages and still felt the same way, I realised this book actually wasn t going anywhere.I feel like I need to stress this, because On the Edge of Gone belongs in the hands of readers who know what they re getting It is not a fast paced dystopian novel, or a space adventure In fact, if you re looking for space, look elsewhere right now.What it is, however, is a very technical survival story It has diverse characters and interesting relationships, but plot wise it doesn t offer much The book follows Denise as she tries to convince the captain of the generation ship that she is needed She goes from collecting supplies to engineering, trying to find a place for herself.And, if I m being honest, nearly 500 pages of nothing happening was too much for me No matter how much I loved the diversity and the relationships No matter how much I wanted to rate it 5 stars.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    Some quick details people have been curious about Yes, the whole thing is set in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Nothing like destroying your hometown in a book.Yes, there s a generation ship, but no, the book is not set in space The generation ship is still firmly planted on Earth, getting ready to leave.No, it s not a dystopian The government is no or less dodgy than it is right now, and the book is set only eighteen years into the future.Whether it s post apocalyptic depends on your definition I call it straight up apocalyptic, given that the comet hits in the first few chapters and the book covers the immediate aftermath.Yes, it s sci fi, purely by virtue of there being a spaceship and the book being set in the future There s some advanced tech to account for the fact that twenty years have passed, but this tech doesn t play a huge role, and several readers said the book felt very contemporary to them.Yes, it s a standalone There is a companion short story in Defying Doomsday The short story stands alone as well They can be read in either order Yes, the protagonist is autistic As am I She s also biracial, identifying as part Dutch part Surinamese Black girl The story also features a prominent bisexual trans Black girl, as well as lesbian, Muslim, and Jewish characters, among others.Anything else you want to know Hit me up

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    A comet is going to hit Earth and Denise, her mom and her sister have to survive Denise is autistic and I feel sorry for her to have to go through the world possibly ending But let me tell you, Denise is smart as a whip and figures so many things out and she is freaking awesome She saves people, she figures things out to save people She is smart as a whip Denise s mom is a drug addict which sucks, especially right now They are supposed to get to a temporary shelter that s supposed to withstand the comet hitting Denise doesn t know where her sister Iris is and she s freaking out because her and her mom are late to the shelter They do come into contact with some people one of whom Denise knows and they end up on board the Nassau, it s a generation ship The Nassau was supposed to have already left but they are working on some mechanics They tell Denise and her mom that they can t stay because you have to be on a lottery or be very useful to stay on the ship Only so many can be on board They tell Denise and her mom they can stay until after the comet hits and then they have to get out I would have done keeled over so it wouldn t matter one way or the other The comet hits As you can imagine, stuff is totaled but they are safe inside the ship After a couple of days they are allowed to go back out and start working on the ship again Denise and her mom are sent on their way They end up staying at the airport Denise made some friends from the ship and she ends up helping them salvage for stuff to see if she can get back on the ship Well, when she saves most of them from the tsunami, she is back on board Denise starts going back out looking for her sister, first in a raft and then she trades with some people for a water scooter Denise is just so smart I know I already said that but still She gets a lot of things done for the people and the ship I won t say, I will let you enjoy reading about that I just really loved Denise and she found a way for her family to get on board but one of them decided to stay on Earth and try to get things going there again Denise talks the commander of the ship into doing something pretty cool so that they don t have to leave Earth totally alone I really enjoyed this book as it was so different There isn t a lot of stuff going on and sometimes you want to smack people Okay, you want to smack people quite a lot but overall it s good I give all the starts to Denise When we ve broken through the dust, when gravity releases its hold on the ship and then latches back on, we unstrap ourselves and stumble onto the walkways, into the park, into the crop fields ringing the ship We look up We cheer at the sun We send videos and invitations into the far black, to the ships that went before us It s February 13, 2035We welcome our future, whatever it may be.MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    Most apocalypse writers know that the readers who enjoy the end of the world are looking for stories about survival, either individual or communal On the Edge of Gone sidesteps this and focuses on Denise and her mom trying to get accepted on a generation ship, which will offer the opportunity to escape the meteor wrought destruction on Earth It s an intriguing premise, but in this case, the apocalypse is a backdrop than an integrated setting.One of the issues for me could be that the story is told from Denise s point of view Denise is sixteen and she is focused on three things coping with the disaster which means a place on the ship once they discover it dealing with her mother, a drug addict and finding her missing sister, Iris She s also autistic, and I can t decide if Duyvis is brilliant or limited, because it allows Denise to be hyper concerned with her topics of choice and incurious about others It also allows for info dumping during the few moments Denise needs to share information about the comet or generation ships or view spoiler tsunamis hide spoiler

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    Fast paced, well written and kept me gripped to the end whilst making me ask some very pointed questions about the value of life Opening minutes before the big comet hits, this book makes you a very different look at the apocalypse and what it means to survive In fact, my overwhelming sense of this book was that it asks you to think beyond the binary of so many disaster stories There is no tale of pre disaster panic and preparation, but nor is it the story of survival in a post apocalyptic wasteland This is the vast grey inbetween This is not a story that ends in fire This is not the survivor s tale, spoken in noble but tragic isolation as they leave behind the dead earth and the humanity that was unable to escape Those stories are easy to tell, easy to cry a poignant tear over the death of millions when you re boldly going where no man has gone before.Instead this story keeps us on earth and asks us to imagine that maybe the end of a civilization doesn t necessarily mean the end of life It asks difficult questions about the ease with which we accept that the survival of the lucky must come at the price of the complete sacrifice of all others It asks what it means to survive if there is no place for help, for community, for a middle road And this large scale struggle is replicated in the smaller story of Denise and her family, and the decisions she must make to stay alive, to protect her family, and to protect herself from her family It s a fascinating book where the plot keeps you flying through but the ideas stick with you long after you ve finished reading All in all, a damn fine read.

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    The Earth is about to be hit by a comet, which will drastically change the face of the planet A few lucky people secure places in permanent shelters or on generation ships headed away from the devastation For most people, like autistic Denise and her drug addicted mother, the best they can hope for is a temporary shelter during the impact and for a few days following.But Denise her mother don t even make it as far as their temporary shelter on time They are delayed, first because they are waiting for Denise s sister Iris, who has failed to return home, and then when they stop to help a pair of ailing women on the road who can t make it to their own shelter without assistance It turns out that the women are in fact headed for a generation ship whose take off has been delayed As Denise tries to make herself useful and convince the Captain of the generation ship to let them stay aboard she is confronted with the failings of her mother as both a parent, and a person totally unable to cope with the reality of their new situation Over and over again the calculus of human worth is brought up, and for a young woman who is only just learning to find value in who she is, it is a stuggle she has to come to terms with very quickly Whether someone is useful only matters if you value people by their use.Obviously a generation ship needs young people, but what does a young autistic woman still in high school bring to the table What about a transgendered woman with no special technical skills A drug addicted mother who could not hold down a job Why these three and not three other people The question of how to measure value in people and make choices in times of scarcity is not new and the issues are familiar Told from Denise s point of view, the book takes these issues and gives them a fresh perspective It does a good job of portraying one individual s experience of autism without suggesting that this is what autism looks like for everyone in every circumstance The family and social dynamics give the story a sense of painful realism, but still coveys hope Overall I was impressed with my first book by Corrine Duyvis, and I ll be looking to read from her.

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    There s a comet coming The end of the world is here So when you re an autistic half Dutch half Surinamese girl in a country that averages metres below sea level, and you re mother is a drug addict, things aren t exactly looking up.In this version of 2035 there are spaceships and artificial gravity and a lot of people have already fled the Earth on hastily built generation ships So when Denise and her mother, on their way to an impact shelter, come across the last generation ship that hasn t taken off yet, they re very surprised.But is there a place for an autistic girl Or her family Setting expectations here this isn t a space book This is Denise s story It s about her trying to save herself, her family and ultimately anyone she can, while just having to deal with her problems while in the middle of an apocalypse Denise s autism is told from an authentic viewpoint as the author is on the spectrum as well I got a very similar sense of this variance as I did with the character in Planetfall who also shared a condition with its author.Denise is a compelling character She has a terrific voice and is single minded about the things she needs which constantly puts her in situations that conventional wisdom would say she shouldn t be able to cope with And sometimes she doesn t, and that feels authentic too.Highly recommended.

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    This one is just a beautiful character study, full of hope and heartbreak amidst chaos.

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    Tof en spannend post apocalyptisch verhaal dat zich afspeelt in Amsterdam Een zeer onvoorspelbaar plot, een fijne schrijfstijl en levensechte personages maken Op de rand van het niets tot een heerlijk boek Mijn complete recensie lees je op

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    This book was sent to me for review by Abrams, the publisher, but that in no way affects my opinions I was happy to accept this when asked to review it as I have recently been reading and enjoying a lot of YA sci fi and this was no exception to that rule This book is set at the start of the end of the world in a highly advanced society, but one which is doomed We follow the character of Denise and her family her mother and the search for her sister over the course of the book Whilst the family is split up an incoming comet is announced and Earth is not as prepared as they could have been Denise and her mother are waiting for her sister Iris to come back instead of heading to their temporary shelter, but they know that they are running a big, big risk and that they, along with millions of others, will die if they do not get to safetyThe story of this book did not take me long to read, I read this in two sessions on two separate days and it was intense and filled with drama both times What I liked about this was the diversity we have shown in the characters and the set up Instead of this being an escape from the planet, quick scenario as you may expect, this turns into a search and rescue for people all around where Denise and her mother end up I fully enjoyed seeing some of the realisations our main character has, and also seeing the way that she sees and thinks about this disaster Earth faces.The characters are diverse, as I mentioned We have LGBTQ characters, autistic characters, drug addicted characters and people from all sorts of backgrounds This is also set in the Netherlands rather than the UK or US, which made for a nice change from the typical Western book setting I thought all of these themes were well integrated into the book as part of the story, and I felt as though it actually had some great messages about understanding and effort needed to connect with others It s got some great messages, and it s a well written read right from page 1 Overall this book gripped me The story pulled me and and made me excited to keep reading, and the characters and format kept me listening I felt for the survivors of such a huge disaster, and I was rooting for them to just be okay and get through the end of the world quite a big ask This book was wonderful, and I definitely want to pick up by Duyvis as I have no doubt that she s a fabulous writer I would certainly recommend this, particularly if you do want to see a book with good representation of some of these diverse characters 4 s overall.

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