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    This was an enjoyable and unusual read I was intrigued by the title, and blurb and needed to find out about evil teddy bears stealing women during a terrible storm It s told through first person perspective, which draws the reader in quickly The main character is an ex Nam soldier He is easily spooked, and has trouble sleeping, but his problems with sleep preceded his service in the army So the poor man can only endure the terrible storm within the safety of his wife s arms.What follows is insidious and surprising.This is a short story, and can be read in one sitting Apart from an over use of exclamation marks, it s a story worth reading It has made me look at teddy bears in a different light.

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    This short story is no innocent teddy bears picnic This is a creepy and well written tale The language used carries you along through the actions of the main character and the consequences of the storm Some people may think that teddies can t be scary This author has the ability to create fear in a reader through their ability to make their characters fear radiate through a kindle screen If you like reading horror and short stories, then I suggest you read this book Just don t have any cuddly toys near you when you do

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    Review soon

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    I loved both stories I would love to see the second story developed into a full length novel There is an enjoyable darkness in the characters The ideas may come from Sahara s husband, but the writing which is fresh and clear and engaging, is a pleasure to read By the way, I will never look at a Teddy Bear again and not feel a frisson of fear

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    This book is a really dark thriller More to come..

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    I love dark thrillers and creepy settings This book has it all.

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    Ah ha, Ms Foley, not a cute teddy bear story but, instead, a great horror story You did it again

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    I love Sahara Foley s horror stories They will make you sleep with your lights on Loved this one too

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    An excellent thriller I will read again

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    Horror at its finest

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  • Bear of a Storm
  • Sahara Foley
  • English
  • 18 September 2019

About the Author: Sahara Foley

Born and raised in Omaha Ne I met the love of my life here and we were together for 30 years before he passed on 12 25 12 The stories that I m publishing are his brain children He loved writing, but never had any luck getting his stories published back in the late 1980 s and early 1990 s.So now, with the advent of self publishing and him glaring over my shoulder, I m finally able to bring his c