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    The latest installment of The Thunder Valley Trilogy is out, and for fans of Solonitsyn s previous work, the exciting second book promises not to disappoint The Final World Order, a continuation of the saga surrounding the end of the world and its only chance at salvation, is an exceptionally well crafted science fiction piece that builds upon earlier installments by Russian born author Andre Solonitsyn and his wife, Nadezhda The book is exciting, clear, and clever in its approach to the potential global threats of experimentation with genetically modified organisms With the threat of total self destruction seeming imminent, the best and brightest minds of Earth must come together in an effort to circumvent the extinction of our species, but many challenges lie ahead of these brave new kings and queens of the world as their second plan unfolds Will this plan be better than their first failed attempt The survival of our species depends on it in The Final World Order by Andre Solonitsyn, which is out now and ideal for any avid reader of science fiction, especially predictive style fiction that explores the ramifications of our scientific developments.

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    A while back, I had the opportunity to read The End of the Computer, the first book in the Thunder Valley Trilogy It was an explosively interesting read, filled with intrigue and science fiction that could have been dangerously close to fact The Final World Order picks up some time after, where the world has predictably changed quite a bit Jay, the supercomputer, has not just leveled the playing field he s created an entirely new one And in a world where his very existence is being challenged, his creators his family know that they need to be at the top of the pecking order And so the quest to become leaders of the new world is established.As such, the tone is somewhat changed especially with the addition of a new author a subtle wink there, perhaps But even with this new tone, new characters and, indeed, this new world, the scope is just a grand, the banter just as witty, and the spectacle just as amazing It does a nice job of fulfilling the legacy of The End of the Computer, and also serves wonderfully as a reason to continue with this great series.

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    I just had to pick up The Final World Order after reading the first book in this series After failing once the people in Thunder Valley have only one chance to save their world This intense nail biting book had me on the edge of my seat and rooting for them the entire way through The characters become even developed you the author does an amazing job of making you know exactly what they are thinking and feeling at every turn Thunder Valley is so well described you can almost picture that you are right there with them which in turn is a bit frightening There are several super steamy erotic scenes in this novel that managed to get my heart racing big time The final chapter was incredibly intense and left me wanting I will definitely be checking out the next book in this series.

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    Taking the image of a woman on fire or a woman AS fire is an inspired cover for this book.The second book in a trilogy can sometimes be a let down, but The Final World Order delivers not only did I learn a lot about the characters I totally fell in love with from the first book, I had brain bending moments of realization that what this book talks about actually matters in our real lives The politics are never boring, the tense moments had me reaching for my nail file, and I killed a whole box of tissues at the end.The story of the Thunder Valley residents continues here, and they re going to do everything they can think of, everything that is within their not inconsiderable power, to steer the world from the utterly destructive path it s on I hate spoilers, so I really can t say much but it s a good, rough ride.This is a great second book in this trilogy and I can t wait the read the third

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    This second book in the Thunder Valley series again did not disappoint I got to visit with some old friends and see them all give up thier own happiness in order to save mankind by becoming the kings and queens of the world The book takes some very beloved characters to some extremely dark places I was not sure if any of them would be able to come out the other side and return back to the zen life of the valley It was an intense and unnerving ride through politics, the evil that lurks in shadows , and the very core of what makes us all human I needed to keep a box of tisses handy I suggest you do the same.

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    What a fantastic ride I loved it This book ride will be long remembered, thunder valley is upto expectations

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    Most people will probably like this second instalment as much as the first, but I found its loving, detailed attention to weapons, violence and depravity boring It seems pretty much every sci fi writer these days goes down this dark path, congratulating themselves for drawing our attention to the problems of the world But I don t need any discussion about what s wrong with humanity I m interested in what s right and what s possible I loved the first book in this series for imagining wonderful and brilliant solutions so will likely check out the others, but this one left me disappointed.

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    I ll not read the 3rd volume.

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    I loved the first book, I really did It was so full of excitement and thrills that it was hard to stop thinking about it.But this one got weird, which is never a good sign.For a series that seems to want to present a non fiction front, I find it very hard to believe the strangeness that goes on in this one Sex superpowers Triple string DNA Seriously, what the hell A book breaking the fourth wall I can handle, if I can just kind of skip that But breaking its own format and internal rules Very hard to accept.The characters were great, right up until they were completely OOC, and I couldn t reconcile them any.I m thinking maybe I should have stopped at the first book.Nevertheless, the hook at the end has sold me I m going to wait for the third one to be released before I bemoan the series destruction This book could have been so much , starting as strongly as it did, but I hold out hope for 3 Bring the miracles on

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    This book, The Final World Order is a page turner Right from the start I was hooked Author Solonitsyn opens with a wild pursuit through Guernieville and the Russian River Valley in Northern California of a motorcycle by two CHP officers in a souped up Crown Victoria The adrenaline starts pumping and although the pace slows a bit after that, the story is solid and kept my interest.The writer continues to build on the complex characters from the first book of the series Towards the end, the book takes on a somber tone, and I found myself holding tears back Writer Solonitsyn does a great job eliciting from the reader through his prose a wide array of emotions.

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The Final World Order (Thunder Valley Trilogy #2) download The Final World Order (Thunder Valley Trilogy #2) , read online The Final World Order (Thunder Valley Trilogy #2) , kindle ebook The Final World Order (Thunder Valley Trilogy #2) , The Final World Order (Thunder Valley Trilogy #2) 1cfb316fc56b Time Is Short The World Is About To End, Unless The Second Plan Of The Best And The Brightest Of Humanity Does Not Fail As Their First Plan Did This Is Their Last Chance And It S A Hell Of A RideWhat Do The President Of The United States, The Premier Of China, The President Of Russia, The Prime Minister Of Israel, The King Of England, And The Drug King Of Afghanistan Have In Common They Are Now All People Who Have Been Hiding From The World In Exquisitely Beautiful Thunder Valley Given No Choice, This Cadre Of Loving, Brilliant Men And Women Of The Valley Must Become The Kings And Queens Of The World In Order To Save It But That S Not All Behind The Scenes, Two Brave Women Try To Infiltrate The Bastions Of Hell To Protect The Rest The Chances Of Success Are Slim The Odds That They Will All Lose Their Souls In The Attempt Are Frighteningly High Some Will DieBut However Intense It Gets It Is An Extremely Exciting And Intense Book Don T Stop Reading Until The Final Resolution Of The Final World Order On The Very Last Page It Is What Made Writing This Book PossibleThe Final World Order Is The Second Book Of The Thunder Valley Trilogy The Truly Fine People Of The End Of The Computer, First Book Of The Trilogy, Are Back In Action, This Time In A Book Of Fiction Or As Andre Speculates, Perhaps Future History, Or Predictive Fiction It Seems All Too Real, Because We Are Living Parts Of It Now, In Real TimeIn This Second Book, Eowyn S Secrets Are Revealed As Far As She Knows The Truth Of Them The Full Reality About Her, Her Mother, Her Fathers, And The First Commune Of The Valley Remain In The Shadows Until The Third Book Of The Trilogy The First Commune UPDATE The Third Book Has Been Written And Edited, And Will Be Published About July, In The First Book, The End Of The Computer, Available For Just Cents Now, You Can Read The Genesis Of The People Of The Valley, Discover How They Evolved From The Frothy Urbanites Of Moscow And Berkeley Into The Much Wiser People They Became On Their Frightening Journey To Thunder Valley Discover How Computer Artificial Intelligence, Done Correctly, Turns Out To Be Something Someone Who Is Perhaps The Scariest And Yet The Kindest Person On The PlanetYou Ll Like The People You Meet In The End Of The Computer Whether You Will Still Like Them In The Final World Order Is A Very Deep, Dark Question