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Halo quotes Halo , litcharts Halo , symbolism Halo , summary shmoop Halo , Halo 0e11c2a1 It Is , Than Two Years After The Master Chief Went Missing In Action Following A Decisive Conflict On Installation The Massive, Extragalactic Forerunner Construct Known As The Ark As Part Of The Final Chapter In Humanity S Bloody Thirty Year Struggle Against The Overwhelming Forces Of The Covenant Now, As A Tenuous Peace Exists Between The Humans And The Elites, A Startling Scientific Discovery Is Made And The Riddle Behind Its Forerunner Origins Could Very Well Seal The Fate Of The Entire Galaxy Within A Matter Of Weeks In Order To Unravel These Dangerous Secrets, A Heroic, Hastily Formed Coalition Of Humans And Elites Must Attempt To Overcome Their Differences As They Embark On A Covert Mission Back To The Ark An Astonishing, Enigmatic Place Beyond Comprehension From Which Few Have Returned And Where Mortal Danger Awaits Them All

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    This is my favorite novel of the series Looking back on it, ok, it has its problems These stand alone novels always feel like they should be longer, especially when they are introducing new characters almost every time As such, the characters in this are far from fleshed out and there are far too many main characters, or at least characters of which we are privy to their internal thoughts Perhaps if they had removed Richards sections and replaced them with Olympia Luther it would have been better Other issues The relationship between Kodiak and N Tho was actually quite entertaining, but it was kind of obvious how it ended Besides, why was Kodiak pissed He has a sweet robotic arm Bobby Come on, out of all the people in the universe, it was view spoiler Kodiak s brother who was a at the Arc and b survived the animal attack hide spoiler

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    There are only so many stories one can watch read play in any given franchise before, eventually, the plots all start to threaten to run together into one giant narrative muck and unfortunately, I think I ve reached that point with Halo Don t get me wrong Hunters in the Dark, on its own terms, is a solid enough novel, telling a story that s set primarily in or around the Ark post Halo 3 It s a great setting for a story, and writer Peter David, to his credit, does yeoman s work exploiting the setting for all it s worth it also doesn t hurt that he s populated it with a cast of characters that are genuinely interesting and well paired with one another We care about this cadre of individuals, and we genuinely want to see them make it out of this treacerhous terrain, which goes a long way towards imbuing the novel with a sense of genuine stakes.The problem and really, it s not a problem so much with Hunters in the Dark as it is the broader Halo franchise in general is that these stories have begun to feel very, VERY familiar There s only so many books or comics that follow the same general trajectory characters pursue and or conflict over ancient Forerunner technology that one can read before a sense of narrative fatigue begins to set in Maybe the issue is less that the series is going through the same motions as it is that I ve just happened to read too many Halo stories in too much proximity to one another who knows Regardless, I still can t help but hope that the Halo franchise starts to take some risks with the types of stories that it s telling, because as things are now the series is starting to feel just a wee bit stale.

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    There are countless other references to events and characters throughout the book, available for any lore fan to pluck at Importantly though, Hunters in the Dark still stands on its own as a novel Despite the wealth of canon that it draws from, it s not bogged down in references nor does it feel like a rip off of other Halo media No other Halo novel is required to understand or follow Hunters in the Dark owns its story and owns its characters.A core theme of Hunters in the Dark seems to be reconciliation In contrast to the Kilo Five trilogy, which highlighted where even the best intentions can fail, Hunters shows that conjoined efforts can push through deep rooted animosity Hunters also seems to stress that for reconciliation to work, there has to be a change of heart s , not just outward appearances.In Genreflecting 7th edition , Science fiction is defined as the literature of what if Author Philip K Dick probably put it best The SF writer sees not just possibilities but while possibilities It s not just what if it s My God what if, in frenzy and hysteria The Martians are always coming Genre, pp 340 This is a positive spin on the what if What if these species were able to reconcile What if they were capable of working together What if humanity was no longer alone in this aggressive universe This positive spin makes Hunters in the Dark the most optimistic of the Halo novels, and that s very refreshing From my analysis on Halo Archive

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    Promises not deliveredThe book had a very good set up to begin with but lacked the development of plot and characters Blending of two species was praiseworthy though All in all disappointed

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    Having played the Halo games, I never ventured into Halo novels, until now In Hunters in the Dark, Peter David sets up an adventure story with a mixed, colorful cast of characters as they go through the portal on Earth to the remnants of the Ark There they must stop a demented monitor from wiping out all sentient life in the universe For so a daring mission, the human and Covenant forces send a team of Spartans, Elites and scientists to find the Ark and the cause for the trouble Alas, the story falls short of delivering a fun and entertaining read Peter David s prowse, plotting and characterizations run shallow, predictable and mundane It loses a lot of steam once they reach the Ark, and the story never manages regain that level of interest This is certainly a book you can skip Fair warning, plenty of spoilers after this point.Oddly enough, the beginning of the story focused on a pair of intellectuals One of the primary characters is an expert on the Forerunners named Luther His companion is an engineer named Henry who also focuses on Forerunner technology There is a good amount of page time spent with these two as they explore the mysteries of the Forerunners, the Halo rings, and eventually the Ark However, while that could have been a good thing, none of those mysteries are ever intended for the reader They re simply plot hurdles for the characters, and after some hand waving, the obstacles disappear Thus the mysteries of the Forerunners remain mysteries to the readers, even if the characters themselves supposedly learned something It s just one of numerous missed opportunities that could have made the story better.Complementing the scientists, the story throws in a pair of Spartans and a pair of Elites Now playing through the Halo games, the Spartans are fairly impressive warriors The Master Chief creates a mythos to them that sadly the two Spartans in this book do little to warrant Spartan Kodiak is simple minded warrior who still holds a grudge against the Covenant even though the war is over He lost an arm to an Elite named N tho Sraom and a brother to a secret mission to the Ark That sums up the entirety of his character The other Spartan is a guy named Holt who unabashedly, and unexplainably, grovels over Olympia Vale, even though she s married and show no interest in him He s chatty than Kodiak, but he gets even less character development In fact, her gets zero character development Where he starts is where he finishes There s absolutely no character evolution for him at all.The two Elites are almost mirrors of the Spartans Usze Taham gets a nice little passage in the beginning when hunts down a heretic, but after that, he s just a throwaway piece of scenery that occasional stabs things and says some unimaginative piece of action dialog The other Elite is of course N tho, which does add some nice tension to the story N tho and Kodiak fight each other and come to an uneasy working agreement to do their jobs Regrettably the tension had potential than what was actually done in the story All four characters become pretty boring after a while when it becomes evident that there isn t much to any of them Of the four, Kodiak gets the most character development simply because he gets over his hatred for N tho and manages to find his brother But even that isn t saying much since there isn t a whole lot for readers to attach on to.Rounding out the cast, there is a Huragok named Drifts Randomly, a USNC captain named Annabelle Richards, and a language expert named Olympia Vale who is sent to mediate between the humans and the Sangheili on the mission Drifts Randomly remains a side character for the entire book and shows up whenever the plot requires some hand waving to remove an obstacle or heal and injury Captain Richards starts out with a prominent role being in charge of the human force, but is quickly taken down a peg when the Elites forcibly take control of the mission and sideline her and her authority As if that wasn t bad enough, she then gets injured as it completely sidelined from the story Vale on the other had is probably the oddest character in the book She can fluently speak Sangheili, so she is sent along to help maintain cooperation during the mission However she never mediates anything between the two sides Instead Kodiak and N tho, and Captain Richards and N tho all work out their differences by themselves Eventually Vale conveniently gets mind controlled, captured by the monitor, and unsuccessfully tries to talk the monitor out of destroying Earth At the end of the book, they of course are triumphant and save the day, but Vale is upset that she was unable to to mediate with the monitor She gets one fight scene which warrants a compliment from Kodiak who says she should become a Spartan All in all it s a very underwhelming character journey for her.Just to clarify some of the flaws with the story, let me provide some examples For instance, there s Spartan Holt, who in his once chance of character insight reveals his greatest strength is having no imagination Seriously, he says this in the story elaborating how not being able to creatively think gives him an edge in battle I m still not sure how any reader on the entire planet is suppose to believe that one Then there s the N tho the Sangheili Elite who commands his ship in battle It s a great moment to showcase his leadership abilities However, what happens is he orders his crew Fire on that vessel Then fire on that vessel Eventually he comes up with a grand idea to really underline his tactical brilliance, ram the ship It was easily the worst dialog I ve ever read of a ship captain commanding a vessel On top of all this, the ONI, which is suppose to be the intelligence force for the humans, sends to prejudiced operatives on the joint task force to save the universe The story takes great pride in pointing this out, showcasing how Kodiak can barely contain his hatred for the Sangheili, and Captain Richards complete disdain for the Sangheili Yet even with all of that, I think the worst element of the story was when the author used mind control on Vale to take her out of picture and put her in captivity It completely undermined the strength of her character and weakened the entire story Add to it Kodiak s hatred toward N tho undermining the strength of his character, Richards getting sidelined, and a handful of shallow warriors, and you get a very uninspiring cast of characters.In the end, Hunters in the Dark is a weak story with a weak plot and weak characters As my first foray into Halo literature, it was a terrible experience I m not prepared to give up on the franchise yet as a bad book is often the fault of a bad writer and not a bad setting Thus I ll try a couple Halo books before I give up on it That said, it s unlikely I ll ever read another book by Peter David I give this one two out of five metal bikinis While it wasn t a completely awful book, it s certainly not a story I d recommend to anyone.

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    When this book was announced, I was immediately excited about it I have read a few other books by Peter David, and he is a quality Sci Fi author I m glad he was able to get a foot in the Halo franchise I know he has helped with some of the comic books, but I m glad he got a chance at a full length novel The book definitely delivers on what I believe 343 wanted to push in preparation for Halo 5 Guardians The introduction of Olympia Vale was extremely well done Her character is very intriguing, and I definitely want to learn about how she ends up becoming a Spartan who joins Locke s team.The setup for the story was phenomenal Fans of Halo 3 will get all nostalgic in many places as they return to familiar places within the structures residing on the Ark We also get to see some old familiar faces, like Admiral Hood and the Arbiter The new characters were well done, too Vale, obviously was great Luther Mann was also a fun guy to read about N tho ended up being one of my favorites Even Kodiak s character was created and executed well for the most part I also enjoyed reading Tragic Solitude was also intriguing, but my biggest issue with this book resides around him More to come on that The other characters were a lot a of meh to me Henry Lamb, who had potential in the beginning, didn t amount to much in my eyes, view spoiler and so when he ended up dying, I didn t affect me very much hide spoiler

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    A solid read, even if you don t know much about the world of HALO.

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    Oh mein Gott.Diese Spannung Actual Review will follow

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    I wanted to love this one I was ready to love it I did not love it.Things start off really prominently I love the Elites they re my favorite aspect of the Halo universe and to see them in a prominent role was an excellent beginning Even exciting and proof for how much of a nerd I am , I quickly recognized that Uzse Taham and N tho Sroam were the names of the Elite characters you would play as in four player co op mode in Halo 3 s campaign How cool is that Very cool, for the Sangheili inclined.Then you have Olympia Vale, who s going to be a part of the upcoming Halo 5 game and voiced by fan favorite VA Laura Bailey , so getting introduced to her character also feels promising And we re going back to the Ark So much potential Other characters just feel off Luther Mann, scientist, sharpshooter, sometimes badass Or Captain Richards, who basically disappears for the bulk of the plot despite being introduced and developed as though she s going to be a major character Here s the problem we re given this tantalizing scenario the Halos have come online again and are going to fire We get a diverse cast together to deal with the problem We had back to the Ark, which we the audience haven t seen since Halo 3 in 2007.And then nothing really comes of it The plot feels disconnected, with too much walking from place to place The antagonist s motivations don t feel authentic or fully conceived and things are resolved too quickly and too easily A fleet of Forerunner robots swarms earth and are defeated in about twenty pages Wait, what Most of all, though, is the problem that this book just didn t feel Halo to me Obviously, each writer is going to put his or her own unique spin on a shared universe, but I didn t get a sense that the author really got this universe I could easily imagine everything about this story having the Halo serial numbers filed off and it would translate seamlessly to another universe Which means we re dealing with some pretty generic space based science fiction And that s too bad, because I felt like there was a lot of potential here.

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    I criticized a couple of Halo books in the past but this was the first one that I was genuinely disappointed with I was excited when I first started reading it I thought it was interesting, had a lot of promise, and I could not wait to read on But as the book advanced I became concerned as I noticed how far it had come and yet nothing significant had been addressed.It is like the plot promised you a wonderful three course meal and then just forgot to serve them It would not be a big problem, if the book was just the first in a series but being just a stand alone novel, the story takes too long to setup and when it finally gets going seems like the author no longer had enough space to give the story the attention it deserved.It runs short, as it were, with a clear need to wrap everything up that just does a disservice to the original plot there are too many unanswered questions that the author just has to quickly wrap up, and with simply too many characters for most of them to ever develop or have a purpose in the story Many of the characters are simply just a name on the page, with zero personality.The book has all the necessary pieces to be a good addition to the Halo universe but somehow they they never come together, and just appear like impostors a poorly constructed stage where the movie audience can easily see how the filmmakers cheated.

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