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    What would it take to bring a vibrant and bustling Metropolis to its very knees The simple answer to this question is not very much Any type of civilization takes a great deal of time and industry to create, but precious little effort to destroy Poor choices or a series of unfortunate events can lead to catastrophic consequences When you throw in the inherent fragility of the human psyche, it seems as though we have all the ingredients for the perfect storm If such concepts intrigue you, then The Zoo An Allegorical Adventure by author Stephen Black, may be a tale which will garner your attention Indeed, readers who enjoy dystopian themes which are peppered with satire may very well find what they are seeking in this unique novella.The actual story begins with a boy and his grandfather visiting a once booming city which now lies in ruins How did this possibly come to be As readers, we soon find out the answer to this question through a story told by the grandfather It is not your typical tale however It is told by looking back at the lives of the various zoo inhabitants It is through the description of these animals, and examination of their individual motivations and desires, that the answer to the mystery of the ruined city is eventually revealed Could the various animals really have caused such a devastating event Or is there to this story than meets the eye There are a variety of intriguing themes which are explored throughout this novella Perhaps the most pressing one however is that of cause and effect In short, how our choices can have a dramatic impact upon our own future, and inevitably the lives of others as well Does the term Butterfly Effect ring a bell It is essentially a moralistic satire which examines the cause and effect of human behavior by using animals to portray the former I found it to be a fresh and imaginative concept which brings to mind other works such as Animal Farm by George Orwell Be that as it may, the plot of the tale does drag on in parts It seems as though effort is spent on presenting the moralistic message than is on letting the story unfold naturally This pedantic nature tends to stifle what is otherwise a wonderful storyline.As for the characters, I felt the author did a very good job at developing them The reader is able to easily visualize the various zoo creatures and then associate them with actual humans they have encountered It is exceptionally easy to make such connections with our current society and politicians in mind The ego driven Larry the Monkey, high strung Nadine the Parrot and attention seeking Karl the Donkey to name a few Larry was certainly developed in the most detail, and his portrayal was very similar to the rise and fall which occurs with many celebrities and politicians In my personal opinion, the animal characters in this book are its strongest trait.Overall, The Zoo is a story which has many positive aspects Intriguing themes, interesting characters, and a dystopian setting which is quite easily visualized in the mind Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks as well For instance, the plot development does not have a very smooth flow as it gets sidetracked with depicting the moralistic message The reader wants the story to reveal the message through actual events rather than pontification Also, there is a need for a proofreader with this novella Typically, I ignore the mechanics when I am reviewing a book, unless it ultimately distracts from the story In this particular case it does.3 out of 5 Anthropomorphic stars for this one

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    This book is just awful I got it free as an offer from Kindle, and I think Kindle should have offered to pay me just to read it I taught writing for 30 years to college seniors, and if this book had been turned in to my class, I d tell the writer to start over or take a different class and I m a very supportive instructor.The most elementary rules of punctuation are disregarded throughout Every time there s a quote, it reads like This is really interesting he said There s supposed to be a comma before the attribution, not a period The author also uses a plethora of exclamation points, which makes the writing seem urgent and breathless Also, most verbs of attribution he said, she said, etc are so showy that they take the emphasis off the quote If the guy s excited when he says the quote, that should be inherent in the quote itself and not have to be indicated by frothy punctuation Also, putting an adverb in the attribution This is really interesting he said wonderingly is even stupider.All the animals in this zoo are labored caricatures, including the clown, who is never distinguished from the animals, as if he just lives his life at the zoo and drinks out of water troughs The whole book is supposed to be some kind of parable or allegory, but it s painful and self conscious, and I finally couldn t finish it.Unless you like to read continual, subtle depictions of the clouds and colors in the sky, I would avoid this book It has no merit I guess you get what you pay for Or what you don t have to pay for is something you don t want.

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    I received a complimentary copy of The Zoo An Allegorical Adventure in exchange for my promise to write a review.I had expected this to be something along the lines of George Orwell s Animal Farm It is not A man and his grandson journey to a ruined city As they explore the long abandoned ruins, the man tells the boy the story of what had happened there He tells him all about the animals in the zoo, describing each by name, Larry the Monkey, Victor the Bear, Nadine the Parrot, and so forth view spoiler When the animals all escape from the zoo, it causes traffic gridlock in the morning rush hour The city is paralyzed People abandon their cars Uncollected garbage builds up Unsanitary conditions prevail It takes two weeks to get things back to normal Meanwhile, an unknown deadly disease crops up for which there is no effective treatment The disease spreads and becomes a local epidemic Federal authorities quarantine the city After several weeks, the government, whose leaders are described as psychopaths, determines that the only way to save the country from the spread of the dread disease is to annihilate the city and all its inhabitants Bombers lay waste to the city Those few people who survive the disease and the bombing eventually succumb to starvation Ultimately there are no survivors and no escapees, except apparently the grandfather, who lived to tell the tale to his grandson hide spoiler

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    this book is pure crap don t even bother.

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    Interesting, but not very engaging It felt like the author was trying too hard to make his point rather than just telling the story and allowing the subtle nuances of the story make the point I don t regret reading it and I am slightly curious about the next book, but I don t know if that will be enough to encourage me to get it.

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    GreatCouldn t put book down Loved it Well written Took you imagination from the very beginning to the last word Wonderful

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    This is a good book to put in your pocket for a short flight You can t help but think that we are talking about a metropolitan American city as you begin to read Of course, it is easy to associate the characters with the present day politicians We all seem to think that nothing like this could happen in our society, but there are so many followers today and so few real good leaders, that this could in fact happen, and from my point of view, having been born in the late 30 s that it is in fact taking place today Each day that passes, we give away and of our values and virtues We all just keep on following the Pied Piper I couldn t help but compare this book to a movie that was a must see for most college students back in the 60 s The King of Hearts The theme being that this person walks into a society where all the citizens are nuts and living in the asylum He spends some time there and then spends some time in the streets with the populace The final scene depicts him, standing naked banging on the gates of the asylum wanting to get in because the inhabitants are saner than the people in the streets.This book kind of spells it out for you that if you just stand idly by and don t make an effort to contribute, the Pied Piper will lead us over the cliff The book is a quick read and stimulating.Fred Melin

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    This is a novella about a grandfather who takes his grandson on a journey to a once thriving cosmopolitan city that is now a mass of rubble This fall of a Zoo and it s inhabitants has a ripple effect that causes great harm to neighbouring areas causing mass destruction further afield A moralistic tale that shows how quickly things can turn very bad and how the choices we make effects then just ourselves If you are a fan of Animal Farm or dystopian books then this book is likely to appeal to you, Interesting characters and a fun short read I received this from the author for review.

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    The book itself was a written in a straightforward fashion where descriptions ran parallel with spelled out interpretations For example instead of letting the reader interpret rusty, time ruined metal framework of a forgotten city, the author describes the building as having metal that is old and had been abandoned The author keeps the reader anticipating how a story of the zoo and its animals with their unique characters led to the city being abandoned The last couple of chapters really pick up and pull from a variety of dystopian scenarios.

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    I received The Zoo by Stephen Black for free through the Goodreads First Read Program I promised to give an honest review so I gave it three stars.I feel that this book is a good YA book The animals in the Zoo show characteristics of human behavior Their actions lead to the downfall of a wonderful city I liked the book but I feel that it needs a little fleshing out and details about what caused the downfall.

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The Zoo download The Zoo , read online The Zoo , kindle ebook The Zoo , The Zoo 7e633887fd61 Have You Ever Thought About Stepping Into The Past Of A Dynamic And Vibrant Metropolitan City, Right Before It Came To A State Of Mass Destruction And Annihilation How Could Such A Thing Happen And Who Were The Characters That Precipitated Its Decline What Were Their Motivations And How Did They Behave The Zoo Is An Adventure That Takes You On This Treacherous Journey Filled With Suspense, Tension And Thought Provoking Themes, This Witty Story Is A Page Turner That Will Keep You On Edge Until The Very Last PageIn The Book, You Travel On An Intrepid Three Day Adventure Exploring The Remains Of A Once Energetic, But Now Desolated And Uninhabited Metropolis You Ll Hear About The Comical, Yet Tragic Cast Of Characters Zoo Animals That Caused The Devastation Through A Chain Of Unanticipated Events You Will Experience The Deep Conflict Between Larry The Monkey And Victor The Bear That Set The Wheels In Motion For The Catastrophic Events That Follow You Ll Also Come Across A Few Principled Characters That Tried Their Best To Prevent Such Happenings In Addition, For The Clever Reader There Is A Challenge To Determine Which Major Metropolitan City The Book S Setting Was Modeled AfterIn A Metaphorical Way, You May Even Find A Certain Resemblance To Our Own Modern Day State Of Affairs At The Core, The Zoo Is A Dystopian Satire That Provides Keen Insights Into Human Behavior Written In A Classical Tone And Style Reminiscent Of Animal Farm And War Of The Worlds, This Is A Book That Will Certainly Cause You To See The World With A Different Perspective