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    Have you ever read a book and not realised you were expecting it to be bad until it s actually pretty good and you re surprised That s how I felt about this.There s been a lot of hype and starred reviews for Not If I See You First, but I think I had it in the back of my mind that it would be yet another The Fault in Our Stars style book I was subconsciously predicting that this would be to blindness what TFiOS was to cancer and All the Bright Places was to suicide A contrived, forcefully philosophical novel with characters that feel like incarnations of John Green.But it was actually pretty damn good.I m seeing two main criticisms of this book floating around one being that the romance is not that good, the other being that the main character is unlikable Strangely, though, these are the two things I liked most about it.I honestly really liked that Parker was quite unlikable, outspoken and selfish at times, in a way that I personally thought was realistic and relatable How annoying it would have been if she had simply been portrayed as a one dimensional blind girl who can do no wrong Instead, she is given a layered personality, flaws, and a sharp tongue that made for some funny moments.And most romance fans won t like this romance because it s just not that much of a romance In The Fault in Our Stars, it is easy to distinguish the two main characters as Hazel and Gus But this book s main characters are not simply a guy and a girl In fact, Parker s girlfriends play a much bigger part in this story For me, it was about friendship than romance.The romantic side is less about getting the two teens together, and a lesson on growing up, changing and learning to listen Or it was to me Which is why I am one of the few people who liked the atypical ending.Lots of diverse female friendship, low on the melodrama and philosophical messages, and nowhere near as neat and cute as I d imagined it would be If I were to issue one warning, it s that the book is a little quieter than many readers might like But it was fun and insightful to read a book from such a different perspective, whilst also having the author treat Parker like a human being.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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    I really enjoyed this read It had a nice balance of light heartedness and intensity I had never read a novel with a blind protagonist before, but I believe it was a perfect introduction.Parker is a badass An absolute badass Her narration was the highlight of the story I just loved how unapologetically herself she is I also loved watching her grow and heal after her father s death It was a unique and complex journey and I feel it was executed well I obviously cannot speak for the blind representation, but it s clear the author did extensive research by interacting with the blind community working with professionals I am definitely pleased that Parker s blindness is never viewed as something that prevents her from living to the fullest If anything, she weighs the hardships she experiences AND the advantages she has found fairly equally She felt like a whole, complete character and I just loved her so much.Overall I enjoyed my time reading this story I sped through it and ultimately had a good time, but there were pieces that were somewhat disappointing Firstly, this book had been sold to me as blind girl joins her school track team which is what really drew me to the story Unfortunately, the running track team parts of the story are really only prominent in the beginning and the end of the story The middle is mostly about Parker coping with her father s death and dealing with the return of an ex who betrayed her in the past I was really looking forward to Parker training, competing at meets, but it really was not as significant as I was expecting.Additionally, Scott, Parker s ex, was a really underdeveloped character in my opinion We essentially only learn about him through hearsay, he doesn t play an active role in the story until the very end despite being a large part of the story I just couldn t care about him because I don t feel like I really knew him I knew Parker was hurt by him but still felt some attachment to him, but he fell very flat for me It made the book a little underwhelming because so much of it was focused on Parker and Scott, even though Scott was a very minimal character in my opinion I definitely am already suffering from the disappointment of there not being as much track running as I wanted, but the bulk of the story that replaced the expected track parts wasn t as engaging.All in all, this was a nice read I have my personal critiques, but when I think of Not If I See You First, I m going to think of how much I enjoyed my time reading it.

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    Find all of my reviews at m always on the lookout for YA books with a fresh approach When Not If I See You First popped up, I thought maybe it would be something special I appreciated that the blurb clearly pointed out there was potential for some romance in the storyline, and the double bonus was it was clear that Parker would be going through some grown up stuff mainly the fact that her father just died and that she is blind Sadly, this book ended up being the same old tired out crap that leaves an old lady like me feeling kind of like Okay, I ll be realistic My reaction probably looks a little like this The problem The MC was sooooooo unlikeable She was such a selfish asshole, I just couldn t route yep Ron I just couldn t follow the course of direction for her at all In fact, I wished her BFF, or her cousin, or a frenemy, or someone would just Things that are awesome Not judging a book by its cover i.e., not giving a shit what color or size someone is or what kind of clothes they wear before becoming friends with them.Things that make you an asshole Not caring enough about your friends to know what color they are or their size or what kind of clothes they like to wear These types of things come up in conversation without specific and or insulting questions being asked You should know your friend is a bit chubby because she has made some sort of comment about it NOT because she breathes weird sometimes Same regarding clothing A friend who wears sweatpants every day will probably mention while on the phone at school somewhere that she can t wait to get out of her tight blue jeans on the days she wears them Not knowing much of anything about your supposed friends after an accident made you blind almost 10 YEARS AGO is definitely NOT their fault Of course there was a redemption arc at some point, but in the immortal words of one Roger Murtaugh I m getting too old for this shit There s enough assholery in my day to day life, I just don t have the patience to tolerate it in my fiction at this point To the target demographic you ll probably like this one just fine As for me I ll keep trying, because there are some amazing YA books constantly being released ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, NetGalley

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    Over ten Goodreads friends recommended this book to me after seeing me read so many contemporaries, so I really had no choice but to give it a try And I m than happy I did because this was a surprising delight.It is realistic from start to finish and a very approachable read I wouldn t be surprised if most people were able to read it in one sitting there is no info dumping or any lengthy, unnecessary descriptions that make you question the right use of language Parker is blind But that doesn t mean she s stupid Don t talk to her as though she s a child Don t underestimate her learning abilities Don t assume she does nothing but stand still and listen She is not just an actor in her own life she s the director, too I loved Parker She has issues, definitely, one of them being burying her grief over her father who died three months ago instead of dealing with it She also doesn t know what to do about her ex boyfriend coming to her school after the OUTRAGEOUS things he s done to her But all of these things that make her imperfect make her very relatable to us.This is a teachable story It teaches you what real friendship and love should be like, not just look like It teaches you to trust your instincts and give the people that care about you the benefit of the doubt It teaches you to go after your dreams, whatever they are and whatever your condition after all, blindness did not keep Parker away from running to her heart s content Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I m so pleasantly surprised by this book I wasn t sure what to expect when I started it but Not If I See You First is definitely one of my favorite of 2015 I love the writing of this book It s written really realistically The dialogue and characters are very real and honest I liked Parker a lot She wasn t always likable but it was realistic She had her ups and downs but who doesn t I just loved reading about her And her character development was great It was a little rushed at on point in the book, but that s just a little thing.My favorite thing about this book is it wasn t romance driven It wasn t about Parker finding a boyfriend It was about Parker and her life How she lives her life without her parents How she copes with high school and her friendships Sure, it has some romance but it wasn t the main point of the plot And that s why I loved this book so much I wasn t exactly pleased with the last %4 of this book I thought it was a little too late in the game though throw that kind of a curve ball But it really didn t affect my opinion of this book I think it s of something that readers can have a discussion about than something that can majorly affected a readers thoughts on the book Overall, I loved this book and I highly recommend it It s really well written and different from any other book that I ve read It has great character development and I loved the plot.

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    wowow i read a whole ass book and i didn t even update it on goodreadsi totally forgot when has that EVER happened who even am i i don t know myself.reading this was an extremely odd experience, and actually i m just going to link to Cait Paper Fury s review b c it is perfect and completely covers my thoughts and then i ll just rehash some of them here i guess for the sake of actually writing a review, kind of or whatever.but really, again you should just read Cait s.so Not If I See You First follows a blind girl named Parker Parker s dad just died and her aunt co including two cousins moved into her house b c it was nicer than their old one yikes anyway Parker is a bit of ahow you sayuminsufferable meanie honestly it s a whole lot to deal with anyway it s the first day of school how exciting yay school supplies yay a nice new outfit don t you love it august just end already god i m excited and Parker s old high school is joinin up with a different high school in the area and long story short PARKER S EX BOYFRIEND IS IN HER GOSH DAMN CLASS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.this ex boyfriend Wronged Her Severely but no spoilers view spoiler okay but if you want spoilers lil 13 year old Parker was making out with Ex Bf in a classroom and then suddenly BOY LAUGHTER and omg Ex Bf told his dumb jock friends they d be there kissing thus taking advantage of Parker s disability and UTTERLY HUMILIATING HER hide spoiler

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins UK, Children s and NetGalley Rule 8 Don t treat me like I m stupid or a child Blind doesn t mean brain damaged.This was a YA story about a blind girl, with a dash of romance.Parker was quite a prickly person really, and her rules were pretty unforgiving no second chances with this girl because obviously she never makes mistakes I actually felt quite sorry for her friends and family who did their best to make things a bit easier for her and got it thrown back in their faces See Rule 4 Don t help me unless I ask Otherwise you re just getting in my way or bothering me.The storyline in this was about Parker and her day to day life, as well as a bit of romance, partly in the form of a cute guy called Jason, and her ex boyfriend Scott, who was in trouble for breaking rule 1 Don t deceive me Ever And thus fell under rule INFINITY There are no second chances Pretty harsh when all the guy did was tell someone where they d be making out at lunchtime Anyway, the pace dragged in this quite a bit, Parker was a bit snarky, and I did think her rules were a bit harsh I also felt like the romance was a bit wishy washy did she like Jason, or did she like Scott Would she ever make up her mind The ending to this was then okay, but was left slightly open to interpretation.6 out of 10

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    If there s anyone who has the right to be a snobbish, self centered bitch, it s Parker Grant and true to her form, she was very consistent to the title up to about 75% mark of the book and I honestly respect her for it Her mom got herself and seven year old Parker in a fatal accident causing the then little girl not only the loss of her eyesight but a mother as well I doubt anyone will be sweet as an angel after that Ever since, she has been surviving and coping, living her life as perfectly as she could without her eyesight and has generally been defensive by creating all these stern rules to protect herself from further hurting physically, but especially emotionally after another recent tragic loss and after an incident she thought betrayed her entire trust to a person She s been playing it cool, trying to act normal until like a dam, she explodes and crashes due to pent up emotions and realizes that she may not be right all the time and that the ability to see isn t necessarily the same as being able to understand and that most of the time, she s an even capable person than those who have the sense of sight and therefore making her realize that not everything is about her Just because others could see and Parker couldn t doesn t have to mean she is at a disadvantage all the time because there are things people get to understand deeper without seeing The story is a nice reminder of people s physical and emotional differences and that every person loses something valuable all the time It doesn t give us the right to be mean to other people though or be so defensive We have to accept and learn that everyone needs help and I m very glad that as soon as Parker realizes this, she opens herself up to people who genuinely care about her.

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    3.75 Not If I See You First was funny, adorable and heartbreaking, whilst also being continuously informative and enlightening to someone who hasn t experienced being blind, nor read a book with a blind protagonist which is something I definitely need to read of I really enjoyed Parker as a character, she was a tough, honest, witty teenage with flaws Yes, my heart broke for her, due to everything she d had to deal with, but it also cheered her on She was definitely frustrating at times but despite that, I couldn t dislike her She was delightfully cynical and kickass but also vulnerable and desperately trying to hold herself together, which I think is a feeling a lot of people can to relate to I absolutely adored the multiple friendship dynamics They all came from different friendship groups and had their ups and downs but were their for each other despite their differences They fought for each other, against each other but most of all they communicated, which was so lovely to read Although the romance did fall a little flat for me, I ended up really appreciating it It wasn t a sweep you off your feet or a heart broken on the floor dramatic love but it felt refreshingly low key Plus the ending made my heart incredibly happy My main criticism of this was the occasional but nonetheless clear and harmful body shaming fatphobic language This is something that always frustrates me to no end and unfortunately did somewhat taint my reading experience Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable, heartwarming and easy read discussing grief, blindness, friendship, family and so much .TW discussion of possible suicide drug overdose body shaming fatphobic language.

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    Have enough courage to trust love one time and always one time Maya AngelouEric Lindstrom, an American author, has penned a terrific debut young adult contemporary fiction called, Not If I See You First that revolves around a blind teenage girl, who recently lost her father and since then she hasn t cried at all, and she loves to play by her strict rule book, and if anyone breaks those rules, then there is no second chance for that person, but lately, this girl is finding it real hard to stop herself from falling in love with someone who once broke her heart and all her emotions are welling up on the inside upon learning some secrets from the past that she has buried.Synopsis The Rules Don t deceive me Ever Especially using my blindness Especially in public.Don t help me unless I ask Otherwise you re just getting in my way or bothering me.Don t be weird Seriously, other than having my eyes closed all the time, I m just like you only smarter Parker Grant doesn t need 20 20 vision to see right through you That s why she created the Rules Don t treat her any differently just because she s blind, and never take advantage There will be no second chances Just ask Scott Kilpatrick, the boy who broke her heart.When Scott suddenly reappears in her life after being gone for years, Parker knows there s only one way to react shun him so hard it hurts She has enough on her mind already, like trying out for the track team that s right, her eyes don t work but her legs still do , doling out tough love advice to her painfully naive classmates, and giving herself gold stars for every day she hasn t cried since her dad s death three months ago But avoiding her past quickly proves impossible, and the Parker learns about what really happened both with Scott, and her dad the she starts to question if things are always as they seem Maybe, just maybe, some Rules are meant to be broken Parker Grant, the high school teenager, is a blind girl whose other senses work better than normal teenagers and hence no one dares to mess up with her in school and not to mention, she has a set of strict rules that everyone including herself needs to abide by and if they don t, there is no forgiveness or second chances for that person Parker is a nonsense teenager, who advises her peers about the reality behind teenage love stories, but lately she herself can t escape from cupid s arrow when she finds herself feeling smitten over Jason and his charm, adding fuel to that fire is Scott, who broke her heart long time ago and now is back again to steal her heart Even though she hasn t shed a single tear drop after her father s death and is learning to cope with her new life amongst her aunt and her cousin, yet she is bending the rules of her own for the first time ever, when she learns the ugly truth behind her father s death This is the first time that I read any teenage fiction which is quite profound and not cliched in any possible way This book has exceeded all my expectations and turned out to be so brilliantly charming as well as thought provocative Nowadays, the YA market is full of cliched and melodramatic teenage love stories, where the hero or the heroine is flawed because of their mental illness or some fatal illness, and is finding love with someone flawless, instead this one turned out to be a fresh read for me And I m glad that I picked up a copy of this book The best thing is that the author has kept the story line light yet he has managed to touch bases with some real life teenage problems vividly The writing is fresh and coherent enough to let the readers comprehend with its eloquent prose The emotions aren t too deep yet it will strike the readers with its force at the right places The narrative is catchy and flows freely through the story line, and is laced with realism all throughout The pacing is moderate, as there aren t much drama, but readers will follow around the life of the protagonist who goes through transition period after learning certain truths about her past The characters are well developed, here I would like to say only the main character takes the center stage and from her perspective, the readers will get to learn about the supporting cast, which fails to leave an impression on it s readers minds Parker is a great protagonist, who will inspire the young minds with her ordeal through life Parker has a smart mouth, speaks honestly and that might annoy few readers for Parker being too selfish and frank, both at the same time And gradually the readers can see the soft side of Parker which exists under layers of pain and grief that she has never shared, but eventually she learns to cope with everything, her feelings and all and that will make the readers fall for her The romance remains in the backseat of this whole story thank god for that pretty much the entire length of this novel, as the author majorly focuses on teenage female friendships and the value of those who matter to us, despite not being related by blood, and also Parker s self growth from being too cynical to being thoughtful and mature And that sums up the entire novel, where Parker learns to bend her own rules In a nutshell, the author promotes self love through this book, even though the main character suffers from a disability, yet she is depicted as brave and someone who needs no saving from anyone A smart and fearless take on teenage friendships and dealings with grief and loss.Verdict A highly entertaining and an enlightening novel about a blind girl and her take on this world Courtesy Thanks to the publishers from Harper Collins India for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book

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Not If I See You First download Not If I See You First, read online Not If I See You First, kindle ebook Not If I See You First, Not If I See You First 0c4e14c9489a The Rules Don T Deceive Me Ever Especially Using My Blindness Especially In Public Don T Help Me Unless I Ask Otherwise You Re Just Getting In My Way Or Bothering Me Don T Be Weird Seriously, Other Than Having My Eyes Closed All The Time, I M Just Like You Only SmarterParker Grant Doesn T Need Vision To See Right Through You That S Why She Created The Rules Don T Treat Her Any Differently Just Because She S Blind, And Never Take Advantage There Will Be No Second Chances Just Ask Scott Kilpatrick, The Boy Who Broke Her Heart When Scott Suddenly Reappears In Her Life After Being Gone For Years, Parker Knows There S Only One Way To React Shun Him So Hard It Hurts She Has Enough On Her Mind Already, Like Trying Out For The Track Team That S Right, Her Eyes Don T Work But Her Legs Still Do , Doling Out Tough Love Advice To Her Painfully Naive Classmates, And Giving Herself Gold Stars For Every Day She Hasn T Cried Since Her Dad S Death Three Months Ago But Avoiding Her Past Quickly Proves Impossible, And The Parker Learns About What Really Happened Both With Scott, And Her Dad The She Starts To Question If Things Are Always As They Seem Maybe, Just Maybe, Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken Combining A Fiercely Engaging Voice With True Heart, Debut Author Eric Lindstrom S Not If I See You First Illuminates Those Blind Spots That We All Have In Life, Whether Visually Impaired Or Not