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    I ve never read anything like C.E Medford s Magic America, where a headstrong fairy godmother can be found in the most unexpected places as a family In a city where a blind eye has been turned on corporate greed, environmental abuse, and disregard for human life, we get to see some of the most profound integrity and courage in its underdogs This is an engrossing novel with keen observations on growing up, being poor, being alone, and choosing to fight in a world that wants you to feel powerless The greatest lesson I learned in reading Magic America is how to actively love people It can be said of many characters in this novel, by many characters in this novel, I had a good life, and one of the main reasons I did is because of you I couldn t put it down.

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    My America became Magic with this book It s spoken to me with the voice I love a girl, who wants to make it in the world, who wants to live her dream but also keep her spirit I love this girl, Hope I follow the choices she makes, and I trust her completely She takes me on the road and I enjoy every curve, every stop And she does it with style, the powerful mixture of vulnerability, strength and magic.

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    Magic America is an enchanting dance between real and surreal, with characters you want to find waiting for you every day on your front steps It s a wonderful demonstration of how everyone s broken in some way, and that getting healed or fixed often just means borrowing what you need from others who aren t broken in quite the same way I thoroughly enjoyed C.E Medford s writing and especially the way she is able to capture, in a single sentence, the width and depth of a moment, whether somber or comical For example, it never occurred to me that a pit bull could have a bad day.

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    I really enjoyed this little gem of a book, which defies classification It s a coming of age story, sure, but it s also a little bit magical and a little bit surreal and a whole lot charming Biker gangs, congenital tattoos, toxic waste, wolf dogs and romance it s utterly unique.

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    C.E Medford is a gifted story teller Magic America is an enticing blend of fantasy and gritty reality I kept finding myself rushing through the book to find out what happens next then catching myself going back slowly to enjoy the words Great Book

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    C.E Medford says of her writing There must be story, and breathless moments colour and fire There must be characters I want to know, who become so real to me that I miss them when I am not writing Better than anything else I can say about it, these words sum up perfectly the effect her book Magic America had on me I began reading it with no idea really what to expect The synopsis promised a story about coming of age in fluorescent, urbo suburban, magic realism America I was intrigued, but within the first few pages I became utterly mesmerised I soon came to love the narrator, Hope, with her unique voice, her plucky, rebellious attitude to life, her innate sense of morality and her capacity for empathy and compassion As Hope grew through adolescence, I became increasingly absorbed in her story and the saga of all the colourful, extraordinary members of her biker family My heart went out to her troubled mom, who all the way though did her best to create a better life for herself and her daughter, and I admired Rooster, who was everything a dad should be, even though he wasn t really her dad All the characters in the book leapt from within the pages with a convincing authenticity, and although this was an alternative world, it was completely believable, for all its eccentricities This world was not so different from the one we recognise, where the voices of those most grievously affected by chemical pollution are so often ignored C.E Medford manages skilfully to weave into her story vital issues to do with protecting the environment from the wanton indifference of big business corporations interested only in profits, allowing her characters to fight the good fight and eventually, after some degree of poignant personal loss, to bring about a resolution I know when a book will remain memorable for me when I find myself truly caring about what happens to the people in it There were moments when I found myself unexpectedly touched and tearful, especially towards the end, and others where I laughed aloud I was totally engaged to the extent that I had to leave everything else for the whole of yesterday afternoon and just read on to the very last paragraph This is a beautiful story, beautifully written, and I look forward to reading anything C.E Medford writes 5 and a big thankyou for such an entertaining read.

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    This bookWhat to say about a story like this It is one tinged with magic, with hope and wishing With fight and strength Love, family, regrets and promise.This book made me cry, made me smile, made me angry and laugh and hope right along with Hope, who is not only one of the most steadfast and dimensional characters I ve had the pleasure of reading about, but also one of the brightest Her courage and heart carried me through her years growing up in Trenton New Jersey with her adopted family of conventionally eccentric or weird people, but the kind of people I would love to make my own adopted family.No, really, let s amend that Family period From Rooster to Freak Eddie to Billy Regret and the swoonworthy Rick, I love every bit of Hope s family, and even so her flawed, but full of love and fight, mother Angela The other ladies also touched my heart, not least of all the impeccably feisty and fierce Ivka Ripinka.Read this book and it ll keep your head in the clouds and give you the urge to set off across America on the back of your own bike one day.

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    Added to my best fiction books about pollution blog page Magic America is like My Chemical Mountain and Shampoo Planet combined it s a surreal, nostalgic trip through an alternative 1980 s urban world where a chemical plant threatens to destroy all that Hope the main character and her family find important It s an amazing self pubbed book and I highly recommend it.

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    i really needed to read something wonderful and yet modern something to reassure me that great writing didn t end when the new millennium rolled around something that didn t shy away from using modern points of reference but didn t specifically focus on them to demonstrate how cool the book is magic america was exactly what i needed to read

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    Very pleasantly surprisedFound this book for quite friend, and turned out I read it myselfin one day Great characters truly written Lovely.

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