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The Musubi Murder (Professor Molly Mysteries, #1) quotes The Musubi Murder (Professor Molly Mysteries, #1) , litcharts The Musubi Murder (Professor Molly Mysteries, #1) , symbolism The Musubi Murder (Professor Molly Mysteries, #1) , summary shmoop The Musubi Murder (Professor Molly Mysteries, #1) , The Musubi Murder (Professor Molly Mysteries, #1) f612aded The Musubi Murder Is Hawaii S First Campus Murder MysteryNewly Single And Far From Home, Professor Molly Barda Wants To Focus On Her Job And Stay Out Of Trouble Until She Gets Tenure At Remote Mahina State University But Her Life Is Upended When Fast Food Entrepreneur Jimmy Tanaka, Founder Of Merrie Musubis, Pledges A Huge Donation To Molly S College, And Then Disappears Molly S Bottom Line Obsessed Dean Tasks Her With Locating The Missing Musubi Mogul, A Quest That Lands Her In A Stew Of Old Grudges, Whispered Scandals, And Murder Along The Way, Molly Starts To Fall For Tanaka S Competitor, The Too Good To Be True Donnie Gonsalves Donnie Seems To Like Her For All The Wrong Reasons And Has A Few Secrets Of His OwnThe Musubi Murder Is For Mystery LoversHawaii Expatriatesdisillusioned Academicsanyone Who Fancies Spam The Meat What Is A Musubi Pronounced Moo Soo BEE The Spam Musubi, Hawaii S Favorite Snack And Merrie Musubis Signature Dish, Is A Cube Of Sticky Rice Topped With A Slice Of Fried Spam, And Then Wrapped In A Strip Of Dried Seaweed From A Distance, Musubis Look A Lot Like Oversized Pieces Of Sushi

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    A masterwork, a tour de force, utterly delightful You should buy it right now The Musubi Murder, the first of the Molly Barda Mysteries, is available now on Kindle, at Audible.com, and on iTunes.

    The hardcover comes out August 5 at Powell sBN

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    I found this book quite by accident I listen to audiobooks when I m traveling from place to place on Oahu in my MINI or hanging out at the pool or the beach I was cruising Audible.com one day recently and the title jumped right off the monitor and the book went into my various devices.More than a few writers have tried to place mysteries in Hawaii but few get it right Frankie Bow has a good ear for the nuances of local speak If you listen carefully, you can tell early on that the book is set on the Big Island and not in Honolulu She also has a very good eye for the elements of local culture and can translate adeptly these images into prose.The behind the scenes descriptions of university politics are hilarious The depictions of the academic quicksands of funding, tenure, political maneuvering, academic dis honesty, and political correctness Office of Student Retention are spot on.I won t add any spoilers other than to say that the story takes some very entertaining twists and turns and the reader should prepare for some surprises.One aspect of the audiobook that I really appreciated was that the reader, Ms Gose, is local to Hawaii and understands how to walk a very fine line between remaining true to local language while at the same time, being comprehensible to a wider audience This is something of a challenge for any author who wants to set a piece in Hawaii but still be understood by readers elsewhere Wot Boddah you Like beef ah wot E, pahkin lot brah

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    The Musubi Murder by Frankie Bow is the first book in the Professor Molly Barda Mystery series University donor and fast food entrepreneur Jimmy Tanaka fails to attend a dinner in his honour and it is found that a skull served with the buffet is his Set on Hawaii s Big Island, the book gives us a nice insight into Hawaiian and small time University culture A fun book with quirky and engaging characters and a light mystery with some gruesome moments I listened to this on Audible and I loved the various character voices A fast paced, yet laid back, totally enjoyable book.

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    An enjoyable witty cozy mystery I read this book in audio format This is a great book for audio as it is set in Hawaii and the narrator delivers authentic Hawaiian voices I loved this book This story The Musubi Murder Is a fun, quirky murder mystery It has a great plot, suspense and comedy I listened to this book in one sitting I didn t want to turn it off.Follow along with Molly, a college professor as she solves a murder at a campus in Hawaii We were listening to this book today while at the dinner table and we had many laughs We were at the part where Molly was complaining about 25% of the students plagiarizing their papers This book is very enjoyable and family oriented Lots of danger too The author, Frankie Bow did a great job writing this story This is my first read by this author and I found her writing style to be quite witty and up with the times The plot was great, the killer had me baffled until the end The narrator, Nicole Gose did a fantastic job delivering this story to us I loved all her voices and witty Hawaiian accents The voices sounder very authentic too I honestly felt like I was listening to a movie Good job to you both.

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    I m not a huge fan of mystery murder stories as I usually figure it out before the reveal, but not with this novel Set in Hawaii I enjoyed the local color and as a retired educator I laughed with comedy of the politics and paperwork of teaching I listened to the audio version with delight that I could easily distinguish the various character s speech and understand the Hawaiian accents As it is the first in a series, I will have no hesitation of reading or listening to of Molly s situations I received a copy of the audible book for review from LibraryThing.

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    Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of fun As the author says herself this is cozy crime The plot meanders along and in fact is secondary to the humour, cultural detail who knew what musubi and coqui were , and highly engaging vernacular The setting and sub plots of the small time university life are true to life,and the characters with their odd ball relationships are engaging.

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    I love this book The characters captured me from sentence one Molly Barda s dry running commentary on everything she encounters, along with the plot s clever twists, kept me delightedly captivated throughout I couldn t put this marvelous mystery down.

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    I received this audiobook free from the author A wonderfully fun mystery Frankie Bow has produced an entertaining cozy filled with well developed, zany characters who are, in turn, masterfully interpreted by Nicole Gose for listeners.

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    nice one..i really liked the book

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    I received an audio book in return for a honest review Here it isI liked the lady who narrated it alot.It was a cute story, funny too I would read of her books.

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