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➥ [Ebook] ➠ The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3)  By William Rasmussen ➯ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3) , meaning The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3) , genre The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3) , book cover The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3) , flies The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3) , The First Commune (Thunder Valley Trilogy #3) ec42c13252015 William Did Not Tell His Daughter Eowyn The Entire Truth About The First Commune He Was Embarrassed About Many Of The Things He And Her Mother Jane Did More Importantly, He Felt So Guilty About His Causing Jane S Death Besides, Eowyn Was Mentally Damaged But She Thought She Understood Enough To Write About The First Commune In The Fictional Book The Final World Order However, She Was Wrong About Almost Everything.You Do Not Have To Read The First Two Books Of The Thunder Valley Trilogy The End Of The Computer And The Final World Order To Enjoy The First Commune.As Long As You Know About Triples.There Is A Small Segment Of Humanity Which Has A Natural Mutation Of An Additional, Third Strand In Their DNA Helix Disease Organisms Are Baffled By Their Physical Makeup, So Their Bodies Remain Strong And Vital During An Exceptionally Long Lifetime.There Is One Significant Difference Triple Women Require A Donation From Two Men At The Same Time To Get Pregnant That Both Complicates Their Lives, And Makes One Thing A Lot Simple They Tend To Have An Overabundance Of Sex Hormones, But They Can T Get Pregnant Unless They Really Work At It So Triple Women Tend To Gravitate To The World S Oldest Profession.Thus The Genesis Of The First Commune In The 60 S.The 1860 S.Quite Naturally, This Book Is Full Of Bawdy Sexuality Some Would Call It Explicit In A Few Places Personally, I Think Those Places Are Just An Honest Look At Various Aspects Of Human Sexuality I M Sure The Authors Looked At It That Way, Especially Since They Experienced It For Themselves.Yet This Book Is Overarchingly And Almost Achingly About A Great Love Between Two Exceptionally Deep People Well, Perhaps Between Four Exceptionally Deep People Or You Could Say Six.It Takes Over A Hundred Years An A Lot Of Grand Mistakes Before The Ones Who Survive Finally Get Things Right.Anyway, Reader Discretion Is Advised, And No One Who Is Not Truly Adult Should Read This Book Under Any Circumstances.

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    This book was incredible I had not previously read any of the books in this series but I had no trouble at all jumping right into the storyline The characters are written in such a vivid life like manner that I almost forget it was a fictional story The interpersonal dynamics between the core group of characters, Adolf, Chenglei and William really forges a strong bond with the reader early on The further you read the you want to know, and it was hard to put down The relationships the core characters form with their lovers and the settlers of the first commune are both beautiful and heartbreaking I will admit I shed a few tears throughout this book and when it was done I was left aching to know I am now quite eager to read the first two books and become even acquainted with these amazing triples and the tragedies and triumphs they experience throughout their long lives I could go on but my advice is just buy it and read it, and you will see for yourself You will not be disappointed I want to go live in Thunder Valley

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    I have read the other two books in the Thunder Valley Trilogy and they had me on the edge of my seat There was no way that I was going to miss out on The First Commune I was certainly not disappointed This book was filled with just as much action and adventure as the first two books but it also introduced triples which I found to be a fun new twist Triples are women that can only get pregnant by than one partner which certainly makes romantic entanglements a little interesting I really enjoyed watching the relationships unfold and seeing how these characters deal with such a complicated lifestyle over hundreds of years I can t wait to see what happens in the next book in the series and have a feeling I will be finding out very shortly.

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    Lighting has struck the same place three times Shall we encourage a fourth YES.An engaging story or, almost, set of stories that comes from an unexpected direction.With impressive speed, editor Pat Conner has done it again he s presented us with a book that s extremely difficult to put down, and that demands at least one re reading to gather all the nuances to feel all the textures and perceive all the colors of his wonderfully woven tapestry.Though the practice of present future past in writing is not in any way a new idea, this series has a special twist each successive book has been written by a new pair of persons And each book is certainly written by different people than the last For one author to accomplish this, to switch voices so very effectively, is almost as impressive and pleasing as the depth of the characters and the very real existence of the places he writes of.A word of warning this is, certainly, a book for adults Not just due to the frank representation of sexuality contained within it s pages, but because one of an immature nature will not see the changes in the characters through the healthy and healing and believable lens through which they are presented.That being said, it s really a good ride it fills out the pasts of the characters from the first two books a bit, introduces us to new people and new ideas I find the details surrounding the Triples totally fascinating , and takes us back to a place I truly wish existed in real life.Welcome back to Le Vall e de Tonnerre you re welcome to have a sit and stay a spell.

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    I guess everyone wants perfect love and perfect sex life, this book amazingly throws light on both aspects of life in totally different ways which is absolutely sensational, a must read book.

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