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Rising Strong files Rising Strong, read online Rising Strong, free Rising Strong, free Rising Strong, Rising Strong 7c8013b84 The Physics Of Vulnerability Is Simple If We Are Brave Enough Often Enough, We Will Fall The Author Of Daring Greatly And The Gifts Of Imperfection Tells Us What It Takes To Get Back Up, And How Owning Our Stories Of Disappointment, Failure, And Heartbreak Gives Us The Power To Write A Daring New Ending Struggle, Bren Brown Writes, Can Be Our Greatest Call To Courage, And Rising Strong Our Clearest Path To Deeper Meaning, Wisdom, And Hope

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    I finally had to give up on this book I was going to try to make it to the end but I couldn t do it any after I got through the second to last chapter of this tiresome volume of 100 proof arrogance Brown s Rising purports to be a self help book about getting over life s adversities but it never delivers Instead, Brown writes a series of non event anecdotes from her boring, privileged life as a social work teacher at the University of Houston she s married to a pediatrician , including such episodes as being upset when she couldn t get a book deal right away, being irritated by a woman who wrote a snippy email to her after a speaking engagement, getting into inconsequential arguments with her husband and accidentally picking up a pile of trash that had, well, than trash in it She also tells us about how she cries in her therapist s office a lot.She takes about 300 pages to get across an important, but very simple point don t be afraid of your feelings Huge epiphany You d have to be the most spiritually, emotionally repressed person on earth to think this book is revelatory in any way.Here s my favorite quote from the book Do I believe serial killers and terrorists are doing the best they can Yes You really don t need to read the whole book now It s possible Brown s other books and TED talks were really good otherwise, I don t see how this one would have gotten published If they were on par with this one, there s no way we d even know who she is.

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    I scored this off of NetGalley I was unsure how I d feel about reading a Brene Brown book since I have only watched her TED Talks and listened to The Power of Vulnerability which is a series of workshop courses she gave.I shouldn t have wondered Brown s voice grabbed me from the moment I read the introduction In fact, early in the book Brown s realization that you can t skip Act 2 a reference that will be clear if you read the book was revelatory for my husband and me in a work situation that we re slogging through at the moment It didn t change our point on the map, so to speak, so much as to point out where we were and that we weren t really lost in the Slough of Despond just working our way through it to Act 3.I like the way Brown has our innate connection to storytelling as a parallel thread On one hand, it defines ways we can recognize and recover from dangerous trajectories On the other, just reading what she s found about us as storytelling beings hits a note that interested and connected with me.The reason I only gave this three stars is that the last third of the book somehow felt very different, much self help oriented than what preceded it Suddenly there were a lot of acronyms, bullet pointed lists to consider and work through, open ended questions to ask yourself, and a couple of case studies that seemed very unnecessary My eyes glaze over at that sort of thing which is why I ve enjoyed Brown s talks so much because they are necessarily free from such items I haven t actually read one of her other books so she may have followed this pattern before It may work for everyone else in which case the problem is mine alone At any rate, I still recommend the book It allowed me to make a lot of connections in my own life between my behavior, internal logic, and how to avoid or recover personally from falling hard when taking a risk.

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    I thought I would have a lot to say after listening to this audiobook However, Rebecca Foster already wrote A PERFECT REVIEW Everything she wrote fits my experience I enjoyed LISTENING to this book while walking My guess is I would not have enjoyed reading it half as much I might have been too judgmental Personal things I m looking at from this book TIMES I HIDE OUT and SHUT down in front of my mother in law and my brother in law Isn t that enough to look at I think so End of review REBECCA FOSTER S REVIEW which expresses 100% how I feel Brown, a qualitative researcher in the field of social work, encourages readers to embrace vulnerability and transform failure and shame through a simple process of re evaluating the stories we tell ourselves The gimmicky terminology and frequent self referencing grated on me a bit, but I appreciated how the book made me re consider events from my own life Its the ideas that carry Rising Strong , soas long as you come to it expecting a useful tool rather than a literaryexperience you shouldn t be disappointed.Genuinely helpful self help THANK YOU, Rebecca Valuable tools for being an emotionally present human being for our toolbox

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    Transformative This book is a way with handling emotions that come up in life When we feel an emotion like anger or shame, there is something behind this being triggered This is a way of working through those emotions Brene is an excellent storyteller She has done a ton of research on the issues and collected 1,000s of stories from her life and others over the years In this one, she talks of an experience at Pixar It was a neat story She talks about the 2nd act of a story It s dark and usually not fun and we can t skip it It s difficult and hard to go through She says the protagonist tries everything to solve the problem in their life from a comfortable place By the 3rd act, the protagonist realizes that they have to face the problem in a place that is not comfortable We have to embrace discomfort to finally solve the problem What a big lesson that is I am pretty normal in the fact that I do everything to avoid discomfort and dealing with it I try and put things off and not deal head on with a problem until I simply have to It is not the spiritual way to deal with life s issues She also speaks of Joseph Campbell s Hero of a 1,000 Faces I want to read this book and I love this idea of myths Our life story is a hero s journey.She also speaks to bravery Being brave is facing our shame and dealing with our emotions Going to this dark place and letting these emotions speak to us this is bravery and courage I would agree with her She has so much in this book I mean there is good stuff in this book I need to read this book about 5 times at least to let it sink in I love her work and I need to learn this I am so stressed with school right now and I m emotionally having a difficult time with everything I m having to do I need to do some work like this to help move some inner stuff I feel very stagnant on the inside and emotionally I need to move this and get it out I think that is why I need goodreads I write about 3 reviews or less a day and it is a way I can get some things out at times like this email Much of the things she speaks to in this book are issues I m dealing with right now I really needed this story at this time It was just what I needed I hope I can put into place some of what she spoke too I need to start journaling again and getting things out so my pain and story doesn t own me I don t want own my pain, I want to discharge it and move on I feel like this work has religious overtimes All the great religions in the world are working with these themes Forgiveness and loving yourself They are trying to get at what Brene is talking about from a research perspective This is a lovely book and anyone looking for personal growth can find this helpful.

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    There are books that meet you at just the right time, when you most need and are open to their messages I can well imagine encountering the warm Texan embrace of Bren Brown s brand of social psychology at other times of my life and being turned off by its fierceness, volume and confidence I may have looked askance at the cult of Bren Brown, with legions of devotees who discovered her through her TED talk gone viral, read her previous works, taken her Oprah endorsed self actualization workshops, or listened to her CD series on vulnerability and shame Rising Strong is in fact my first encounter with Bren Brown s work It was pressed into the hand of the person who gave it to me as a gift last Christmas, the bookstore clerk assuring him it was a life changing read, and now I will be the one to press it into everyone else s hands So yes, let s just get it out there the subtitled theme of Rising Strong, this triumvirate of Reckoning Rumble Revolution is schticky and looks like pop psychology gone wild It will likely turn off others who rely exclusively on data and peer reviewed research to support social science theory and prescriptive methodology What I came to love about Brown s narrative is the marriage of research and inspiration, her ability to take grounded theory and apply it to art the art of emotion, the art of knowledge, the art of faith What is this book about exactly It s about surviving hurt, acknowledging shame, embracing vulnerability, learning how to tell our stories, and getting back up to do it all over again, with courage and determination The emphasis on personal narrative touched me deeply As a writer, I believe we are wired for story and my greatest healing has come by turning to the page, not only in telling my own stories, as I do when spilling my guts in my journal, or constructing a personal essay that is meant to reveal universal truths, but in creating fictional worlds with characters who are born of my heart, my emotions, and in a tangential way, my experiences So Brown s insistence that we use the physical act of writing out our narratives as a way to achieve truth and emotional release resonates deeply Only in writing our stories can we examine what s real and what isn t, when we ve conflated nostalgia with memory, when our memories have failed us and we fill in the gaps with drama or denial, where there is room for change or a different way of looking at the past that has shaped us There are too many components of this book that touched me, made me nod or tear up with recognition, made me turn to my partner and read aloud Just too many Here are a few The destructive nature of comparative suffering The phenomenon of chandeliering , when we ve packed down hurt so tightly that a seemingly innocuous comment can send us straight up to the chandelier with an emotional reaction well out of proportion to the situation The need to sustain our creative souls The idea that everyone is simply doing the best they can and recalibrating your responses accordingly Creating boundaries to access compassion Courage is contagious Hope as a learning process, not a fly by emotion Embracing regret as a path toward empathy and how trauma leads to shame, and unacknowledged shame prevents us from being vulnerable Although I found many of the anecdotes that led to the development of theories and the concrete plans for personal engagement a bit trite, the approach to change Brown offers like both hands extended to lift the reader up is ripe and right, with practical, actionable guidance I m on board All in Let s do this.

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    I come at this book from a few perspectives First, I saw a librarian make a presentation on vulnerability in the classroom, and he quoted Brene s earlier book, Daring Greatly How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, as the basis for his experiments with students I think both he and the author herself would have recommended I read that book instead of this book Why Well, even the author makes frequent references to it It made me wonder if this book really had enough content to warrant an entire book It is highly repetitive yet lingo saturated, making it unpleasant to listen to in large doses In fact, I put it on hold for a while and decided to go back to it.Don t you want to rumble with your MFD s and rise up Yeah, I just don t like to have to speak in code It makes it feel like you spend half the time learning her lingo and not focusing as much on the ideas themselves The other perspective I come from in reading this is in my work, where I lead a team, one I feel protective of I want them to be creative and work together and not to feel discouraged when we fail or are told we can t do an idea that we planned for I needed something uplifting after a stressful December To that end I appreciated the sections on story filters and creativity There are a few pieces I will bring up because they were useful From a personal perspective, I always need to hear that pushing through the difficult middle of any situation has rewards.After reading quite a bit about how Brown s therapist helped her make some of these realizations, I think I d like to read her therapist s book And one final thank you for getting THIS song back in my head for endless days I received a review copy of this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review The author does a fine job reading, but I found I had to consult the print to look back at a few points I wanted to hold on to.

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    When I read a self help book, I realize not all of it will apply to me or I will take what I need at that moment This book is no different BUT I took a lot of notes It was intriguing and interesting The book is full of stories to help the reader see the point Brene is trying to make I used some of her ideas the next day and honestly felt better about my day and communication with the people around me I grew up in a home that did not deal with emotions nor did we talk about hard things at all Now I m married, I need to be able to understand my emotions that I tend to keep buried and safe and I need to communicate better with my husband and children I would recommend this book just for the help of thinking in a different way 4 1 2 STARSThanks netgalley for the read

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    Brown, a qualitative researcher in the field of social work, encourages readers to embrace vulnerability and transform failure and shame through a simple process of re evaluating the stories we tell ourselves The gimmicky terminology and frequent self referencing grated on me a bit, but I appreciated how the book made me reconsider events from my own life It s the ideas that carry Rising Strong, so as long as you come to it expecting a useful tool rather than a literary experience you shouldn t be disappointed Genuinely helpful self help.See my full review at The Bookbag.Related reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

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    I m definitely an outlier here, as I feel like this is an overly long rehashing of all that I already know everything is not about me and practice Using terms like rumbling makes it a bit too precious Drat.

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    I love Brene Brown Of all the self help, crunchy, inner peace books I ve read and there have been a few , Brown s The Gifts of Imperfection is still my favorite Reading it was a life changing experience Rising Strong is equally good, and different from her other books in all the right ways Rising Strong is much personal Brown uses many examples from her own life and her marriage in particular to illustrate her points, and the topic vulnerability is still so relevant and important Daring Greatly discussed vulnerability in terms of courage and shame, but in Rising Strong, she talks about it as an essential ingredient for any forward momentum in our lives For interpersonal conflict, workplace tension, or any number of other pain points in our lives, Rising Strong stresses vulnerability and emotion as being key to solving those issues Brown is straight forward about how we fail at this we act out hurt instead of feeling it We try to guess what people are thinking or feeling and blame them for it writing their stories for them instead of staying in our own lane She talks about the challenge some people have in asking for connection as part of a healing process Their tendency is to become closed off and hidden, assuming that means safety The book also talks about compassion, how reaching out costs us nothing Empathy is not finite, and compassion is not a pizza with eight slices When you practice empathy and compassion with someone, there is not less of these qualities to go around There s Really beautiful, inspiring words, and it was good to read them this time of year too Marking the change of seasons with something a trip, a book, a ritual is always nice and this book was perfect for it Thank you to Random House for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review.

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