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Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland pdf Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland, ebook Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland, epub Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland, doc Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland, e-pub Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland, Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland f0c78284870 The SICKEST Steampunk Horror Book Ever Written It S Like Lewis Carroll, H P Lovecraft, Jules Verne, Walt Disney And The Marquis De Sade Threw An Orgy Murder Party And You Re Invited The Best Written Trash You Will Ever Read Exactly What It Sounds Like And Much Worse Than You Think You Will Be Ashamed For Loving It It S Tentacular Try The Insanity, It S Delicious Out Of SpaceOut Of TimeOut Of ControlThe Book Contains Over Illustrations, Pictures, And Graphics All Images Are SFW, It S Just The Story That Is Morally Reprehensible All The Sex And Violence That Was Missing From The Original Alice In Wonderland Is Now Here Alice The Chrononaut Falls Down An Unmarked Dimensional Rift, Or Rabbit Hole, Which Transports Her To The Wondrous Lands As Imagined By Author Lewis Carroll But This Is A Very Real Place, As Any Parallel Reality That Can Be Thought Of Can Be Created Wonderland Is Being Torn Apart By Warring Kingdoms, Cruel Monarchs, Cosmic Corporations, Odd Gods, And The Forces Of Cthulhu Characters From Both Alice S Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There Are Joined By A Cast Of Disney Like Talking Animals As Well As Fantastical Creatures Such As Mermaids, Faeries, Trolls, And Minotaurs And Then The Fighting And Fornicating Ensues Available In Paperback Or Kindle EbookSIT AND ORDER THROUGH ChainsawAliceThe Author Makes That Way

10 thoughts on “Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland

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    This re telling of Alice in Wonderland was okay There was a lot of sex in the book, and a lot of carnage, so if you re not into that sort of thing I wouldn t read this book Alice was a total badass with her chainsaw.

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    Frabjous Tentacular Some sick, twisted stuff Love it

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    This was a poor attempt at a cash in The writing is high school level and I found most of the characters hokey and ridiculous Just no Couldn t even finish it and I ve finished some stinkers.

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    Too much and not enoughThis has some clever wordplay here and there but for the most part it reads like a description of a long role playing game session, in that the characters mainly progress from one battle to another I wish it were of a parody of the original book.

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