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The Descent summary The Descent, series The Descent, book The Descent, pdf The Descent, The Descent d70f347916 We Are Not Alone In A Cave In The Himalayas, A Guide Discovers A Self Mutilated Body With The Warning Satan Exists In The Kalahari Desert, A Nun Unearths Evidence Of A Proto Human Species And A Deity Called Older Than Old In Bosnia, Something Has Been Feeding Upon The Dead In A Mass Grave So Begins Mankind S Most Shocking Realization That The Underworld Is A Vast Geological Labyrinth Populated By Another Race Of Beings Some Call Them Devils Or Demons But They Are Real They Are Down There And They Are Waiting For Us To Find Them

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    This is the second book I had to put in the microwave in order to get to sleep Because we all know that if you leave a scary book, a pants shittingly scary book by your bedside, as you sleep the monsters inside will ooze from between the pages and come into full being beside you and eat your face while you dream It s just a fact.Throughout the novel there are terrible things, unthinkable torture, mass graves, thoughtless destruction and an actual descent into hell It s huge and all over the place too many concepts all being pursued at once, I m impressed that he found a way to pull them into cohesion but the reader is provided with a few calm centers to focus on Satan, Ali and Ike.That idea, the thought of one calm center in the middle of a terrible storm, is what drew me to and what I got from this book Religion, obsession, a person or the sheer act of survival everyone needs something to hold onto.

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    I m not sure what the etiquette is for dropping f bombs in a review, so I m just going to phrase it as gently as I know how fuck this book.1 Holy racism, Batman Enough of the Italian stallions, the ever unsympathetic, mind gangster stereotypes, the brutish non white others, and oh my God, that second chapter, what was that even Oh, those poor, uncivilized Africans and their violent superstitions and their helpless childish minds and cultures, but at least they have given the nice, white, USAmerican nun a greater understanding of her own life I also very much enjoyed this bit from the third chapter in which USA army major Elias Branch contemplates the war and genocide in Bosnia Branch did not want to save them, for they were savage and did not want to be saved By enjoyed, I mean I wanted to rip the book in half.2 Science does not work that way.3 The narrative structure and the pacing of this book are equivalent disasters.4 I seriously cannot break down all the ways in which I hate this book It is a disaster It is a mess It is racist It scrabbles toward and mimics meaning, but ultimately contains none Stuffed with interesting concepts and engaging suggestions, it fails to adequately develop or explore any of them, leaving behind a superficial and pocked whole.5 Seriously, fuck this book.

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    In the preface to Long s _The Descent_, the author expresses his regret that although his friends gave him a lot of scientific advice, the science in the book would probably not please them.I should have taken this as a sign.I can t remember having read a book so deliberately bad The dialogue is embarrassing, the science atrocious none of it gathered, sadly, from actual scientists, just random articles and a whole lot of conjecture and handwaving Long had a hundred ideas and shoved EVERY ONE OF THEM into his story without giving any of them enough time to germinate.The horror isn t even scary by the end, there s so much randomness and silliness going on that the moments that SHOULD be scary just blend into the background.So, why two stars instead of one for this five car pileup of a novel It was at least interesting enough for me to read the entire book While Jules Verne may have pioneered the notion of deep exploration, Long takes it five steps further, and for all the chaos it s certainly not predictable.Lastly lepers without lips can t pronounce labials Sorry, fella It s common sense.

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    I am just going to come out and say it I loved this book And yet, I fully understand why others didn t Let me explain.For the entirety of their existence, humans have not been alone Unbeknownst to the surface world, an unfathomable subterranean domain lies beneath their feet and it is not uninhabited The Descent is exactly what it says on the tin a story in which humanity descends to the bowels of the earth and battles for its very survival with the horrifying creatures which reside there And yet, it is so much than this Jeff Long explores unsettling notions with this multi layered novel which are likely to play on your subconscious long after you finish it How much influence have these beings had in the evolution and development of the human species And how closely are they related to us These are but a few of the intriguing concepts raised in The Descent Despite my 5 stars, I do want to address the shortcomings of this novel Not only do I recognise that this book has numerous flaws, I can easily identify them I think the main issue with The Descent is that it tries to be too many things all rolled into one, and each genre is depicted with heavy and overwhelming detail Just when the reader becomes comfortable with the topic of spelunking, a comprehensive account of another subject such as religion, anatomy, the ecosystem the list is endless assaults them and this continues consistently throughout the story The complexity and vastness of the authors narrative is extremely impressive, but also confusing and overpowering and I can see why this was a turn off for many readers And whilst I don t claim to possess an extensive knowledge of the science behind the subterranean world that Long creates, even I can see that there is a whole host of discrepancies and scientific inaccuracies.Now that the negativity is well and truly out of the way, let s review exactly why I found this book to be such a gem and it isn t just because of my absurd nature to go against the grain From the first page I was hooked, and I can t say that about many other books the lure of adventure was immediate and Long does a brilliant job of establishing the scene of his innovative and menacing world And yes, before you ask, I am a huge fan of Jules Verne s Journey to the Centre of the Earth The adventure aspect of this book was what truly captivated me, and I admit that whilst the other themes of the book did interest me, they paled in comparison with the immersive exploration of the underground His creation of the substantial world beneath our feet and the terrible creatures which inhabit it is so credible science aside that it gave me genuine chills And for me, the convincing details surrounding these fictional events worked immeasurably in the books favour so much so I slept with the light on for the next few days after undertaking this read Following on from this, the first chapter of The Descent was without doubt the most epic and terrifying opening chapter in any book I have ever read it could easily thrive as an independent short story.At the risk of repeating myself, I fully recognise the blemishes in this imperfect novel, but for me personally they could not detract from the superb sense of adventure I felt whilst reading this In other words I wholeheartedly recommend this book, but don t say I didn t warn you.

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    El Descenso es un libro que nos va a narrar como el mundo entero descubre que hay unos seres que habitan dentro de La Tierra, quienes al parecer tienen intenciones muy hostiles con la raza humana La poblaci n mundial se da cuenta de esto debido a que comienzan a suceder casos aislados en varios puntos diferentes del mapa Los gobiernos y las fuerzas armadas deciden iniciar una exploraci n al subplaneta para poder comprender mejor esta situaci n, qui nes son estos seres que habitan en el interior y qu es lo que quieren.El libro est dividido en tres partes, la primera es la presentaci n del conflicto y de los protagonistas, la novela los ira describiendo uno por uno en cap tulos separados La segunda parte es la convergencia de todos ellos y por ultimo, la tercera parte es la resoluci n de la trama principal.Opini n personal el libro me genero varias sensaciones distintas El inicio de la historia me parece sumamente atrapante, de hecho un excelente comienzo que te dan ganas de leer m s y m s Pero est sensaci n me dur solo las primeras treinta p ginas, ya que despu s la novela cambia por completo su esencia Lo que en un principio parec a ser una prometedora historia de terror se convierte en una novela de ciencia ficci n, y no necesariamente de las mejores Desde mi punto de vista, la novela empieza a decaer a partir de este punto La narrativa del libro se me hizo innecesariamente cargada, los cap tulos extensos, sin fuerza, que terminan aburriendo Ni hablar de los personajes, el autor los presenta uno por uno en cap tulos distintos, pero ninguno de ellos me pareci un personaje bien delineado, todos me resultaron intrascendentes, sin personalidad, los di logos dentro de libro son monosil bicos, sin ning n carisma, todos directo al olvido.Si hablamos de los personajes secundarios, lo mismo Un equipo elite de Marines que tienen la misma valent a que un ni o de 5 a os Cient ficos expertos en la materia, los mejores del pa s, que solo realizan conjeturas est pidas y suposiciones sin ning n tipo de fundamento o l gica El di logo entre ellos roza lo absurdo y lo hace todo muy poco cre ble, gracioso por momentos La escritura de libro, por momentos me pareci desprolija, hay situaciones y hechos que suceden de forma inexplicable , forzadas por el autor para que encajen Luego del comienzo, que realmente me pareci muy bueno y prometedor, todo se empieza a diluir, los cap tulos se hacen largos y poco interesantes, la historia se va para cualquier lado, el autor quizo hacer una gran ensalada de elementos y cosas que no encajaban, a veces parecia un libro de Tom Clancy, en otras repentinamente un Codigo Da Vinci o un Viaje al centro de la tierra de Julio Verne, todo se me hizo innesesario, creo que si hubiese seguido una linea principal con algunas variaciones hubiese sido m s interesante.Por la informaci n que hay sobre Jeff Long, es un hombre que est relacionado con el monta ismo, se nota que el autor tiene conocimiento del tema y lo aplic en el libro, pero sent que lo nico que hizo fue volcar sobre la novela, art culos y art culos sobre la materia, con t rminos, conceptos y teor as sobre la geolog a que realmente hac an el libro aun mas pesado C mo puede ser que personas comunes y corrientes que no sepan de estas cosas, comprendan la capacidad lum nica de las rocas, la capa de basalto y t rminos realmente espec ficos todo me pareci demasiado forzado para tratar de darle sentido a la trama Considero que el autor tuvo una idea muy interesante en las manos, pero que no la supo aplicar y volc todo, absolutamente todo creando un mix de elementos y argumentos que desde el inicio no deja bien en claro hacia donde quiere ir Jeff Long con la historia.El libro no me gust , lo le porque he escuchado tantas referencias del mismo, y al no haber mucha informaci n al respecto creo que hay un misterio sobre l, muchos lo catalogan como un excelente libro de horror Habiendo le do bastante terror, este libro no pertenece al g nero, a mi forma de pensar, es un libro de ciencia ficci n, que a mi parecer hubiese sido mejor si la historia se ejecutaba desde otra perspectiva.El final Me pareci completamente absurdo.

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    1.5Este libro contiene CanibalismoTorturas y mutilaciones muy gr ficasAbusos y violaciones grupales a menores de 14 a os de ambos sexos S que el horror muchas veces busca horrorizar m s que asustar, y en mi caso El Descenso muchas veces lo logr Pero no fue tanto por el efecto que me pudo producir lo que se contaba, sino por el pensar que a un autor se le puedan ocurrir esas atrocidades y decida escribirlas Y que al final no aporten nada a la historia m s que morbo y gore.El argumento de El Descenso es b sicamente el descenso al centro de la tierra Luego de la aparici n de unos seres monstruosos salidos de cuevas subterr neas, la gente llega a la conclusi n por razones poco claras en las que Dante tiene algo que ver que el famoso infierno est en el centro de la tierra Obviamente los humanos van a ir derechito a investigarlo, y a ver si encuentran al diablo.Llamar a a este libro Viaje al centro de la tierra 2.0 , si no fuera porque la novela original de hecho me gust y menos mal que la le , porque ac se cuenta el final Por ir nico que pueda ser, El Descenso se me hizo muy cuesta arriba.Empieza bien, no lo voy a negar La verdad es que con los primeros cap tulos estaba intrigada y muy atrapada, la historia promet a ser algo diferente y bastante t trico, y me gustaba que el autor manejara esa dosis de horror con peque os detalles inexplicables e inesperados, por simples que fueran, como una huella de un pie no humano en lo m s profundo de un laberinto de cuevas subterr neas, o la insinuaci n de un ser oscuro y maligno.Eso sin embargo no dur Bastante al inicio hay un giro argumental tan abrupto como para mi gusto mal ejecutado que me hizo perder el inter s casi por completo La historia deja de ser de horror para convertirse en ciencia ficci n, cualquier atisbo de algo sobrenatural se evapora, y con l la posibilidad de asustar A partir de ahora simplemente se va a dedicar a horrorizar con escenas innecesarias de torturas tan detalladas, que lo que me perturb fue la mente del autor y no el momento en s.Es una pena porque la idea que tuvo no es mala, simplemente la malgast.Pero a pesar de todo, eso no fue lo que hizo que este libro no me gustara Mi gran problema fue que me empec a aburrir, y hasta perd el inter s por los dos personajes que me gustaban.Algo para lo que no tengo paciencia jam s es para los di logos monograf a Me molestan Quiero argumento, no un compilado de los art culos cient ficos religiosos que ley el autor, y que ahora vemos disfrazados de di logos que intentan ser controversiales Y entonces el libro de ciencia ficci n se vuelve una especie de El c digo DaVinci.Con este libro he descubierto que la geolog a no est entre mis principales intereses, y que leer una novela sobre un grupo de cient ficos maravillados con unas rocas no es mi idea de lectura amena.Hacia el final parec a que mejoraba, pero cada vez que mas o menos volv a a sentir inter s volv an las monograf as.Otra cosa que no ayud es que el estilo del autor es bastante desorganizado y desprolijo Y tambi n creo haber notado ciertos momentos que rozan el racismo.A veces no me quedaba claro qui n estaba hablando, hay cosas que ocurren simplemente porque s y nunca se explican o retoman, hay muchos di logos donde discuten una y otra vez lo mismo sin llegar a nada, y me llam mucho la atenci n que un grupo de personas que se supone que son expertos en sus materias cometan errores de principiante imb ciles me tienen harta los personajes que firman contratos sin leerlos , as como un curioso grupo de mercenarios y ex militares que viven asustados El final tampoco me pareci gran cosa.Lo nico que s quisiera rescatar, y que espero que haya sido la intenci n del autor y no simplemente que mi aburrimiento me hizo sobreanalizar, es que los humanos toman como bestiales a los seres de las cuevas subterr neas, y al final del d a los civilizados pueden llegar a ser tanto o m s salvajes que ellos Aunque no necesitaba que me lo mostrara con tanto lujo de detalles, sinceramente Rese a de Fantas a M gica

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    Last month I watched two movies with my wife Sanctum and The Descent which has no relation with this book Sure, the casting and dialogues left a lot to be desired, but in retrospection it dawned on me that it didn t really matter in the end as the real Hero antagonist of these movies was The Darkness itself The Claustrophobic Depths The Subterranean Hell.After watching those movies, my wife told me that she would never go on a cave exploration adventure even if it was in reality a tourist spot with all the safety features and she would never let me go anyplace like that either I agreed wholeheartedly and promised that the only type of caves that I would ever go exploring would be like Ajanta and Ellora where, you know, I wouldn t be than a minute away from the open skies and sunlight 30 seconds at the most, if I ran quick enough I wouldn t go in a vertical cave, never Thank you very much And I will bet you a trillion Zimbabwean Dollars that you wouldn t go either No, I am not claustrophobic At least I am not when I am above the surface of the earth And no, I am not unadventurous either You want me to climb Mt Everest with you I am ready Let s go tomorrow Maybe I will lose my toes at 2000 metres and my nose at 2001 metres and maybe I will die at 2010 metres But at least, I will die in the open Above surface In the sunlight And if it is overcast as in England , I can at least die looking at the grey clouds Not the bloody darkness Real Fact Ever wondered why the British don t worship the Sun It is because it is a relatively new discovery for them They saw it the first time when the East India Company came to India Only after 1947 when the sun began to shine for 10 minutes once in a week in the UK, they left Okay then Now about this book It really lives up to its name I have to give it that much The Descent The first chapter is excellent But then the quality keeps descending unflaggingly right till the end But my extreme fear of all things subterranean kept me going Jeff Long s writing style is choppy at the best So much so that I had to read certain sentences twice just to comprehend what the hell was happening and who was talking to whom The book started off as science fiction much to my delight , but by the middle it drifted off towards science fantasy and by the end it became pure fantasy It clearly didn t know where it wanted to go But who am I to blame it Because in the deep, one can t possibly see Anywho, I had high hopes And while it didn t totally disappoint, it didn t impress tremendously either So, an in between 3 stars.

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    I gave this 5 stars not because it was perfect, but because it did what any good book should do it made me want to keep reading One night I read it until 3.30am, I just couldn t stop Other times I would find time to read a chapter rather than do something else Only a minority of books have this effect on me, so it deserves the highest praise.The opening chapter is the best one in the book Mystery, twists, economical writing, and a descent into tension and then really convincing horror This is a high mark it obviously can t be this good for the whole book, but the novel goes on to take you in directions you didn t expect, and you still want to read on If anything, the horror element fades out slightly the we learn about the Hadals, the less scary they become, and in comparison the humans seem and to be the monsters It s a nice twist, but switches the novel from horror to thriller Still compelling, but less likely to give you nightmares.As other reviewers have noted, the novel is full of themes and subjects, an ambitious amount that few authors would try to incorporate into a single work And, generally, it works well It is part of the unexpected nature of the novel, with the twists and abrupt changes almost representing the twisting and broken tunnels beneath the earth Inevitably, tying up the loose ends is tricky but the author does it well The novel does leave many questions though What happened to major characters like January Why was Branch turned part Hadal in a very short space of time even though he d never been underground and had less exposure to them than lots of other characters in the novel who weren t affected What was the weird sexual disease a character gets What happens in detail between Ike hiding in chapter 1 and his rediscovery later I can understand why this was not dealt with narratively, but at the same time we are left on the edge of our seats, terrified and wanting to know what happens next at the end of chapter one we re sold on the product, but then it is taken away and we just get glimpses of it from time to time later, which feels like a bit of a con We identify with Ike and want to find out how we would deal with whatever happened next I also thought the character of Isaac was confusing, since the implication is that he goes from corpse like being to some kind of battle ogre because there is a gap in the narrative after chapter one his character and relationship to that chapter left me puzzled And one minor thing an RAF man would have added the tattoo favoured cosset not favored Since the wording is being quoted it would be in UK English.Despite elements that felt like they were added to the meal then not fully digested, the overall impression is of a stacked plate of unpredictable flavours Details are convincing, there are many great scenes, and the alternation between discoveries and degradation human or Hadal strikes an interesting balance This is Journey To The Centre Of The Earth crossed with the 2005 film The Descent and hints of The Omen film trilogy in the subplot about discovering Satan s identity If you like horror that can zoom out to give a bigger picture, rather than staying tightly within a character, then you ll love this Try the first chapter and see if you aren t captured too.

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    Creepy and deeply unsettling book Love it

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    I wanted to enjoy this book, and Long gave a lot of early indications that the book was going to be a fun ride the whole way through Unfortunately the promise the book has early on goes nowhere and the end of the book is so disappointing and anti climactic that I had to check if my copy was missing pages Long does some neat things, particularly his tying the story into the the study of proto languages and the struggles in the Balkans However by the time the Shroud of Turin comes in he s demonstrated that he isn t going to give you a worthwile explanation of anything.Maybe the sequel will actually fill in all the stuff that is lacking in the first one.

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